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adidas Tennis Camp: Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, Illinois

By Roger Cox, Editor

NIU women's tennis coach Tanya Gombera, a former standout at the University of Akron, directs these camps using the campus's 13 hard courts, dorms, and cafeteria. 

Season: July 17-22, 2016

Ages: 9-18

Masons Tennis

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Rates and Reservations

For information and reservations:

adidas Tennis Camps
1700 Post Road, Suite D-5
Fairfield, CT 06824
Phone: 800-944-7112

July 17-22, 2016
See website for details, dates, prices, and programs

adidas Tennis Camp: Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL
Toll-free: 800-944-7112
Fax: 203-254-0259
Web Link: adidas Tennis Camp: Northern Illinois University

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Masons Tennis

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