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Coach Ed Krass' College Tennis Exposure Camp: USF

Tampa, Florida

By Roger Cox, Editor

Founded in 1989 by former Harvard University tennis coach Ed Krass, the College Tennis Exposure Camp now offers summer camps in four locations: Tampa, FL; Charlottesville, VA; Bethelem, PA; and Waltham, MA. These are open to high school varsity and junior tournament players, ages 15-18, who intend to play college tennis. Each of the camps is exclusively taught by head college tennis coaches. The days are divided into morning sessions, during which players train with the coaches and thus get a sense of college practices and coaching styles, and afternoon sessions devoted to match-play competition in college-tennis format, which includes on-court coaching. There is a minimum of five hours of on-court work daily. In addition, the daily lunch is accompanied by a seminar on college-tennis recruiting practices and on how to prepare for a college tennis career. Resident campers stay in fully supervised dormitories on their respective campuses.

Season: June 15-17, 2016

Ages: 15-18

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Rates and Reservations

For information and reservations, contact:

College Tennis Academy
P.O. Box 456
Brandon, FL 33509-0456
Phone: 813-684-9031

June 15-17, 2016
See website for details, dates, prices, and programs

Coach Ed Krass' College Tennis Exposure Camp: USF
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
Toll-free: 800-446-2238
Web Link: Coach Ed Krass' College Tennis Exposure Camp: USF

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Masons Tennis

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