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Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp: Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island

By Roger Cox, Editor

Paul Wardlaw, the head women's tennis coach at Brown, directs this camp, which utilizes the university's 8 outdoor and 4 indoor courts. Designed for top juniors, the sessions focus on advanced strategies and point construction. Daily workouts run 5.5 to 6 hours, with social activities and recreation to follow. Campers stay in the residence housing. All but one of the sessions are for girls only.

Season: June 24-July 27, 2016

Ages: 12-18

Masons Tennis

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Rates and Reservations

There are four weekend sessions for girls only, and one Sun.-Thurs. session that is coed. For reservations, contact:

Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps | Premier Sports Camps
4885 Shackelford Ct.
Columbus, OH 43220


June 24-July 27, 2016
See website for details, dates, prices, and programs

Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp: Brown University
Providence, RI

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