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Windridge Tennis Camp at Teela-Wooket

Roxbury, Vermont

By Roger Cox, Editor

Teela-Wooket was founded as a Vermont riding camp in 1913. In 1985, Ted Hoehn, well-known Windridge Tennis Camp at Teela-Wooket as a top player in the US Master's division purchased the camp, which has been recognized since 1968 for the quality of its tennis camps.
The camp has 21 clay tennis courts outdoors and one indoor and a tennis staff of 25 instructors. The camper-to-coach ratio is 4:1, which ensures an abundance of attention. Campers are placed in groups first by ability, then by age and size. Together they work on their stroke preparation, footwork and correct body mechanics to prepare for match play. Campers can sign up for as many as 4 hours of daily instruction as well as take advantage of Early Bird tennis before breakfast. Private lessons are scheduled on Sundays. On- and off-camp matches are arranged weekly. Windridge also offers other majors in sports such as soccer, horseback riding, and golf. Campers may elect to participate in 1 sport up to four hours per day and then fill the rest of their day enjoying our many elective activities. These include: mountain biking, basketball, volleyball, arts & crafts, dance and drama, archery, swimming, lacrosse, ropes course and more.

Season: June 18-Aug. 13, 2016

Ages: 7-15

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Rates and Reservations

Rates include all meals and lodging, group and private instruction, arts and crafts supplies, camp trips, laundry service, a Windridge t-shirt, and more.

For information and reservations:

Windridge Tennis Camp
Box 4501
Burlington, VT 05406
Phone: 802-860-2005
Fax: 802-860-2004

There are 2- and 3-week sessions as well as shorter rookie sessions, the last for ages 7-10.

June 18-July 7 & July 9-28, 2016
$4,500 (20 days)

July 30-Aug. 13, 2016
$3,375 (15 days)

Rookie Camp (ages 7-10): June 18-27 & July 9-18
$2,250 (10 days)

Rookie Camp (ages 7-10): July 30-Aug. 8, 2016
$2,250 (10 days)


Windridge Tennis Camp at Teela-Wooket
1215 Roxbury Road
Roxbury, VT 05669
Fax: 802-860-2004
Web Link: Windridge Tennis Camp at Teela-Wooket

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Here's what others have had to say about Windridge Tennis Camp at Teela-Wooket.

  • 5-Ball Rating "We've sent our son to Windridge for 3 years and our daughter for 2. Our son is an avid tennis player and also loves soccer. Our daughter is an avid horseback rider and beginner/intermediate tennis player. They cannot wait to get back each year. They have made great friends and formed lasting bonds with their counselors. I cannot say enough good things about this camp."—D.C., Adv. Int., April 2011

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