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63 Reviews on “Emilio Sanchez Academy - Florida”

63 reviews
  • Avatar XF

    I had an incomparable weekend at Emilio Sanchez Academy. I will definitely come again. Very high level of their coaches and overflowing kindness in all workers.

  • Avatar HS

    Emilio Sanchez is by far the best tennis instruction in Naples and their academy training is one of the top globally. I’ve been several times and met many other repeat clients.

  • Avatar FA

    The Adult Tennis Camp is minimal. No attempt is made to separate the participants into skill levels. The teaching staff assigned to Adults is novice. Be clear that this is a Junior program, and the Adult program is neglected.

  • Avatar RN

    One of the finest tennis academies I have ever attended. Super competent and accomplished tennis professional instruction. Super friendly staff and support. And very easy and flexible options for scheduling

  • Avatar BT

    The best place ever. Been here a while gets better every year

  • Avatar KK

    I love ES!

  • Avatar AB

    it is a great place to go, amazing staff amazing family atmosphere and the athletes are great people.They also have a school onsite, no weakness on my end they are great.

  • Avatar ZA

    Sixth visit to Sánchez academy. Did 4 days 3 hours per day. Great instruction and as intense as you would like it to be. Special shout out to Max Jofre and Rodrigo Will be back

  • Avatar EB

    The Emilio Sanchez Academy is a great place to develop as a person and player. Students and players create strong bonds with each other and push each other to be better. Overall, a great place for people to develop and enjoy the sport.

  • Avatar PM

    Really good experience during the summer and also during the year as a annual student athlete.

  • Avatar VS

    It’s a great experience, and would recommend coming.

  • Avatar HM

    Strengths: Strong sense of humor within the community Outstanding effort from all the coaches, Coach Charles especially helped me with all aspects of my game Located in a nice neighborhood and city of Naples Spending time under beautiful environment and weather

  • Avatar VS

    The best academy in the world, would go back and repeat my high school years. Improved on and off the court, best coaches and the most excellent tennis and school program. Great location, very relaxing place to focus in school and tennis every day.

  • Avatar CG

    This academy is the strongest in the world overall. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to the physical, technical, tactical, and mental components of all their players. No matter what age or skill level you are, they have a place for you to come and get better.

  • Avatar LA

    Amazing environment and great people all over. Very welcoming and warm atmosphere. Always love coming back here. Multicultural.

  • Avatar NT

    Amazing place, very welcoming to all different level players. Always loved coming back here, staff is excellent especially coach Charles as he took very good care of me. Always a pleasure to come back to this place!

  • Avatar PB

    I love ASC’s adult tennis clinics and wish they were offered all year round.

  • Avatar JF

    Great teaching and administrative staff. Will work to satisfy any program you want. They are still recovering from hurricane Irma, so you will have to excuse some of their appearance.

  • Avatar JB

    Top notch performance tennis academy with family environment and professional staff

  • Avatar CT

    Instruction was topnotch. Facilities world class. Food was very good. Physical fitness training session was very low key and dissappointing.

  • Avatar GM

    It was my first time ar ASC and the experience was fantastic. They customized the experience for our group, thee instructions was top notch, with interesting and varied drills over the 4 days we trained, and with very clear focus from the techincal point of view. We were pampered with drinks and snacks courtside and a very fresh lunch after morning play. The quality of the courts was excellent as week. I can’t think of any weaknesses of areas to improve, it was a great experience.

  • Avatar MW

    Great tennis instruction. Wish there was a way to arrange playing singles or doubles w other players. Staff is great, always very helpful. Facilities are ok. Pool is great.

  • Avatar PZ

    Love this place , professional coach and beautiful resort , we went in 2018 e 2019 e we are coming in 2020 , if you like to play tennis ?? i advice you to come to ASC the best place ever , Emilio Sanchez and His Staff are Amazing ????

  • Avatar SD

    Great place to enjoy tennis in a very friendly environment with the best coaches. Great place for kids to learn and become better all-around players.

  • Avatar CN

    Great coaches, great place. The perfect Tennis Academy. We’ve been coming every year for five years and will keep coming back for many more years. It feels like a family. The coaches have a great attitude and values. The camps are super organised. Our children love coming to ASC. Naples is also a great place.

  • Avatar TD

    Excellent service and beautiful grounds

  • Avatar RL

    We have been members at Sanchez-Casal for many years and enjoy the facilities, which have continued to improve, very much. We especially like the Friday evening tennis matches with some of the best Naples players, followed by a reasonable and delicious dinner.

  • Avatar KL

    My third adult tennis camp at ASC was a good as ever. The program is about tennis. This isn’t a resort but more like a super-sized club and clinic. The courts are in amazing shape, and the facilities are more than good for serious players seeking instruction. I’ve done both the integrated program with an hour of workout/warmup and without it. The guys I travel with don’t think it’s worth the time and money, but if I was alone I’d go for it. This year they are adding mental training which I think I’d also get a lot out of… next time for sure! The instruction is focused on the the total player, starting from the feet to stroke production itself. While most pros are ESL they have command enough of the language to make it work, And they are truly awesome as coaches and people. Very diligent, caring and approachable. We feel we’re in a coaching relationship with one pro in particular (Lazaro). The coaches modulate the intensity of the workout to your conditioning and the weather, with a focus on learning that you can take home. Can’t more highly recommend ASC. Naples area is a lot of fun compared to Saddlebrook at Wesley Chapel, though that program also is one of our favorites. A very different experience off-court (remote). Naples restaurants, beach and night life are compelling reasons we’ve been to Naples four years in a row.

  • Avatar LB

    Looking at coaching in various countries and well known academies. Sanchez was very uniquely seperated. The coaching and ine in one attention was more than just what other academies offer. Their program took into consideration the person and what they can and cannot achieve and works closely with every student to bring out talent and develop what ever they have arrived with. The staff are very friendly and give you individual attention, yoi are not just another number. For Adults it is a very relaxing environment, from the beautiful courts to tje amazing people you meet on daily basis. When it comes to Sanchez i would classify it as propably the world number one Tennis resort and defiantly second to none for development of any level.

  • Avatar KG

    Great facility, beautiful courts, and professional top notch pros.

  • Avatar PJ

    Beautiful campus, top notch instruction, multilingual staff and plenty of accommodations What more could a tennis player want? Great food! Got that too. Nothing is missing at Sanchez-Casals.

  • Avatar DS

    Excellent resort. Staff very courteous. Love the area.

  • Avatar MD

    What a great week at this academy. Professional and courtesy from Emilio Sanchez and his staff. Fantastic academy with high level of structure (courts, clubhouse and restaurant). The weekly program was perfect and not easy to leave and back home. To be back !

  • Avatar AB

    The best place for vacation or business event on earth. Top notch facility with the best hospitality. I love warm atmosphere and the Professional Staff. Facility has everything what you need for week of vacation unlimited court time great coaching and beautiful relaxing area with pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, massage. After day of tennis you have the best dinning with the glass of wine. Also is fantastic to see professional players and owner of operation Emilio Sanchez everyday in resort. Higly recomended place for lovers of the tennis game.

  • Avatar AH

    We traveled to Florida from Belgium to have my daughter do some camps. We are quiet spoiled in Belgium. So many top academies here. My daughter trains at Kim Clijsters and at the Federation. But, Sanchez-Casal in Naples is top notch. Fantastic to have the opportunity to train with the great Emilio. Best experience ever. Go and see this academy, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Avatar JS

    The best TENNIS ACADEMY to send KIDS from any age. I sent my granddaughter several times from 12 AND UNDER TO 18 AND UNDER, Every time She learned from Coaches like EMILIO SANCHEZ VICARIO World Rank single and doubles, with teaching experience for many years. Also many Coaches as dedicated as Him. The SECURITY We felt leaving our GIRL in good hands. The times She spent in the Academy She was able to practice her SPANISH in the summer. All year taking theory and in the summer bilingual training. SPAIN IN NAPLES FLORIDA. For Us SAFETY was real important, She flew from Chicago to Fort Meyers, a Coach waited for Her and transported to ACADEMY. ACADEMIA SANCHEZ CASAL BECAME A SECOND HOME.

  • Avatar BA

    Beautiful grounds, excellent coaches, helpful and wonderful staff. This is the second time our son attended camp there and the level of tennis, coaching expertise and the organized staff who set up his schedule were exceptional. We will be back!

  • Avatar JM

    Academia Sanchez Casal Florida is, by far, the BEST! Not only is the location great, the instruction is super! Games are easily arranged, and the staff is excellent! Someone is always available. This facility is very desirable as a teaching source as well as a place for recreation! Visit! You will have the time of your life! An unforgettable experience!

  • Avatar KA

    Highy recommend the junior program ! It is a winning situation for a junior player , to work with Emilio Sanchez on court , and his highly trained staff .

  • Avatar JP

    Well maintained facilities….superior courts (hard and clay)….enthusiastic and personable pros and staff….variety of programs….in a picture postcard setting/environment…

  • Avatar MG

    We spent time at the resort, and are extremely pleased with the amenities, the tennis, the food and most important, the friendly, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Avatar RA

    My son experience at ASC – Naples was outstanding.

  • Avatar MG

    Sanchez-Casal probably has more available har-tru tennis courts than any other club in the nation. In my entire visit, I never had difficulty reserving a court, even at the last moment, early in the morning. It is ideal for a tennis retreat among friends. The pool, gym, and health club are also nice. The only possible disadvantage is the refusal of many of the condo owners to rent for less than two weeks. The condos are generally attractive and spacious —- at least the few we saw, but they are seldom rentable. It is necessary most of the time to find a place outside (and they do exist at affordable rates)

  • Avatar JC

    Excellent private attention by all the coaches. I was there one week after Thanksgiving as a 4.5 NTRP player. Lots of Har-Tru green clay with lots of great private instruction offerings. The food in the dining hall is great and was $12 for lunch. A heavy workout on court by the end of the day, but it improves you legs so much. When I go back to hard courts, it seems so effortless now. The Junior Academy is its main crowning achievement. It maintains a small “private school” feel environment. It has much more personalized attention than the mega-academy “Boot Camps” which sometimes kids will get lost in the 50+ kid mob if they are not the top performer. Specialty coaches are available to every student to help each player work on Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical aspects of their athletic and tennis games. It’s a great Family tennis vacation especially if you have a child interested in playing for HS or College. It’s academy mixes in kids of many ages and skill levels so there’s always a competitive match.

  • Avatar NR

    I spend one week with Sánchez-Casal team in Florida and it was very great and productive week. I will repeat for sure.

  • Avatar BP

    We live at this location as residents. It is amazing how much improved Sanchez has made the existing facilities and is now drawing pros for tournament play. The kids from all over the world are friendly, polite, and good players with international rankings. Located in beautiful Naples, Fl. this is paradise with lots of tennis yr. round.

  • Avatar DG

    I had a great time at Academia Sanchez Casal. The coaches were very good teachers and the apartment more than met my needs. Naples offers great dining options, but it was also good to hit the clubhouse’s buffet. I plan to return next year.

  • Avatar TF

    I selected their “Bronze” program, which is 2 hours of instruction per day for 5 days. It’s pretty no-frills, meaning the 2 hours of tennis is about all you get. No meals, no t-shirt, no fruit breaks, etc. There’s cold water on the court, but that’s it. All of that was actually pretty OK with me – just letting you know what to expect. The instruction was quite good. The pro’s were excellent players and very good teachers. Everyone around the complex was pleasant. If I were to return (and I almost certainly will) the only thing I would do differently is take a buddy! I was the only one attending this week – the first week of August – and being the only one running the drills in the 90+ degree heat was very intense. I’m used to playing singles in the heat, but this camp kicked my butt but good. There is plenty to do around Naples and SW Florida in general, so if you go with non-tennis playing family or friends there’s lots for them to do. And if you go with tennis buddies, I’m sure the club will give you complementary court time to play after the drill sessions are over. If you’re going to be in SW Florida and want a tennis camp, I think this is your best choice.

  • Avatar GP

    We just finished up a fantastic stay at AS-C Florida in the beautiful beach town of Naples. Our son participated in the high performance junior program and experienced a level of coaching we have never seen before. The student population is diverse, both in terms of nationalities and experience. Our son was exposed to a very high level of competition but always with a friendly spirit. We were particularly impressed with the students who train there year round. It is obvious that this annual program is producing very talented and respectful kids who really embrace the spirit of the game.
    The staff was unbelievably helpful and truly made this a wonderful experience for us. Taylor in admissions answered our many phone calls and emails with patience and grace. Once we arrived the front desk consistently went out of their way to accommodate us. The coaches worked diligently with our son to gave him the tools he needs, both physically and mentally, to get to the next level of his game. They never tried to change him as a player, instead really working with his existing strengths. Our son particularly enjoyed the fitness portion with Derek, who focused on injury prevention and really made fitness enjoyable for him.
    The clubhouse itself is nestled away in a lush neighborhood of Naples, very close to the highway, restaurants, and shopping. It was a lovely getaway with lots to see and do while our son was on court.
    We couldn’t recommend this academy highly enough to anyone interested.

  • Avatar MP

    My children (daughter- age 15 and son- age 9) attended Sanchez-Casal in February for a week. My wife and I were very impressed with the facility, the training, and the commitment of the professionals at Sanchez-Casal. The very small group instruction was excellent. We got to meet Emilio and spend a fair amount of time with him and to understand his vision for the academy. It is very impressive indeed. Both of our children improved significantly in the week they were there- and they loved the experience! We were so happy with the program that we’re coming back in April.

  • Avatar PS

    Great tennis requires great movement on court– and that’s precisely what the Academia Sanchez-Casal excels in helping students of all ages achieve. While ACS is relatively new to Florida and focuses primarily on junior development, it also offers serious adult recreational players the rare opportunity to access the same top-tier coaching that the academy’s juniors get. What also sets the ACS apart is the strong focus on tennis-specific fitness; adults who come through the academy are urged to get to the gym just like juniors to help perform better on court and avoid injury.
    For passionate adult tennis players serious about taking their game to the next level, that is a gift. So is the opportunity to work directly with the great Emilio Sanchez himself, who now lives at the academy in Florida with his family and is one of the most personable, down-to-earth tennis stars you’ll ever meet. Emilio genuinely cares about every student who passes through his academy’s doors, and it shows.
    Over time I hope to see the academy expand its program for adults to include options that involve more time training on-court each day (important to us hardcore adults used to camps that offer 4+ hours a day). But even with the current structure, a trip to Naples to train in the “Spanish Method” is well worth the investment for any adult player aiming to achieve their personal best.

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