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49 Reviews on “Four Seasons Resort Lanai”

49 reviews
  • Avatar MF

    I took some lessons with Ryan Winters, and he is so encouraging and positive! Coaching this good is a rarity! Ryan reviewed my strokes, gave me multiple tips and how-tos, and basically showed me how I’m going to easily take my game to the next level. I can’t wait to get home and play with my pals, but I’ll miss the beauty of Lanai. What a wonderful experience! I’ll be back!

  • Avatar MD

    _ Great Resort; _ Excellent Staff; _ Best Weather conditions;

  • Avatar HH

    Amazing facility with incredible staff who tend to yourr every need

  • Avatar MH

    Ryan winters is simply the best tennis instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve played tennis since I was 7 and have over 25 years of experience. My game has improved considerably in the time I’ve worked with ryan and I am sure to stop by every time I’m in Hawaii. Unrelated to tennis the island is a pristine paradise and the perfect getaway from the rat race.

  • Avatar AB

    Having previously worked with 4 different tennis coaches, I wondered what else Coach Ryan could teach me. It turns out, A LOT! If his teaching style is indicative of PBI, then I will be seeking out other PBI coaches in the future. Ryan works with you on making only those changes needed to make YOUR game better. He doesn’t force old fashioned cliche techniques on you and instead uses methods that actually improve your game. In just 3 lessons, he fixed my topspin contact, my backhand slice (which was non-existent, but fixed in less than 5 minutes), and my foot work…among MANY other things. I highly recommend this tennis resort for players of any level. Any negatives? Well, it does get hot quickly, so pick an early or late day lesson/court time, or opt for the cooler courts at the sister Koele resort. Also, coaching rates are typically higher than I have paid before ($85 an hour) but certainly worth every penny. If you don’t need lessons, you can just rent a court, and/or the ball machine. No need to bring a racquet or tennis shoes as those are provided for free. A great tennis resort and one that I will definitely return to in the future!

  • Avatar CJ

    Highly recommend the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai! I am staying at the Koele location which is at a higher elevation and much cooler than the beach side Manele Bay location. It is beautiful and quiet up here, food is truly amazing, however if you want the convenience of joining a clinic, the Manele Bay location might be more convenient (shuttles between the 2 locations do not operate mid day). There are 3 courts here, so if you come with a playing partner I recommend the Koele location. Definitely plan to return!
    The tennis pro at the Manele Bay location, Ryan, is fabulous! Very patient and encouraging with the players who attended the open clinic.

  • Avatar RK

    Lanai is paradise on earth and an incredible place to play some tennis

  • Avatar DM

    Brilliant tennis coach, very good classes. The PBI coach! Ryan Winters, is very focused on teaching a few points very well in each lesson and is extremely positive and encouraging. Superb location as part of the Four Seasons in Lanai

  • Avatar CB

    Ryan Winters was extremely knowledgable. Not only with the fundamentals of tennis but also how to make tennis fun. He left my wife and I with the skills needed to be able to really play. And really enjoy tennis together. I also loved the kitty squeakers who helped us pick up the tennis balls!

  • Avatar DM

    We played at a free clinic run by Ryan at the four seasons manele bay. Ryan was an incredibly friendly and competent coach. Very fun session and particularly enjoyed the use of a ball machine to work on both ground stroke wings. Courts were superb and although clubhouse facilities for tennis at the resort were on a small scale this did not negatively impact our experience. Thansk again Ryan for the session and for your kind wishes for the rest of our married life together! (We were on honeymoon).

  • Avatar HM

    We had a fabulous experience at the Four Seasons Manelle Bay tennis facility. The resort is truly world class and getting better under Mr. Ellisons ownership. A very exclusive and calming experience. We went for a tennis lesson our instructor was Ryan Winter and what a pleasure. Could not have asked for a more helpful lesson and so easy going. Ryan we look forward to returning to Lanai and hope to find you there. Aloha.

  • Avatar LU

    I have been playing tennis for over 30 years for fun but have never taken a lesson so I was both excited and a little intimidated when I was told I would be the only guest signed up for an hour lesson with tennis pro Ryan Winters. I had nothing to worry about; Ryan put me at ease from the beginning and will be put the tips he gave me to good use in my everyday play. I highly recommend Ryan for anyone and can’t wait until I go back to Lanai to take another lesson with him. And not to mention, every inch of Manele Bay Resort and the Lodge are breathtaking, the restaurants are great and so are the employees.

  • Avatar NH

    Wonderful experience. Tennis pro very friendly and skilled. Showed up for a clinic and was the only one in attendance. He did not cancel but instead worked with me the entire hour! I wa s impressed with his generosity. The rest of the tennis staff treated me like a V.i.p. Following day attended a tennis social where local residents joined in. It was a. Fun time and would love to go back.

  • Avatar SZ

    While staying at The Four Seasons Resort, my fiance, our friends and I decided to hit the courts for a few games. Ryan came out while we were playing and got us outfitted into new shoes and then gave us pointers on how to improve our game. After we rallied a few times, he offered to give my friend and me a lesson. We went back the following day and spent a good hour or so working on our backhand and forehand. Afterwards, we attempted to play our partners again and we had a ton of fun. Ryan made it a memorable experience and we hope to one day go back and play some more!

  • Avatar JA

    Ryan was fantastic!! He was so encouraging to all of us and made us feel like we were the real deal. From getting us fitted in demo shoes, to the endless water bottle fill ups…it was an amazing experience. He reminded us of how fun tennis is, we can’t wait to get home and keep playing!

  • Avatar CR

    Ryan was simply wonderful. He made my whole family feel engaged and energized. He did a great job of being able to instruct all levels of play at the same time (i.e. from a 10 year old to a 52 year old) while making them have a great time. Ryan was one of the best parts of Manele Bay! Thanks so much!

  • Avatar MH

    One word: Wow I won’t take a lot of time talking about the amazing scenery and memorable experiences to be had at the Four Seasons Resort Lana’i. Instead I will talk about the PBI Professional there, Mr. Ryan Winters. I was there for 4 weeks, mostly business and Ryan talked me into a all levels open Tennis clinic/mixer. One of the best choices of my life. Ryan is a phenomenal instructor who was able to easily address and engage a variety of levels of talent simultaneously, addressing each players growing areas individually, while we all ‘played’ together simultaneously. He took someone like me, who hasn’t really ever had a lesson, but plays on occasion and in four weeks time whipped me into shape where I almost placed in a tournament he put together for guests of the Four Seasons and its affiliated residential club. Ryan was so phenomenal that I’ve already made arrangements to return with my daughter so that she may learn from such an excellent instructor.
    To summarize, Ryan is a high energy, extremely positive teacher who is able to find common ground and connect with his students at a wide variety of levels. I feel fortunate to have connected with him. In a resort with such breathtaking scenery, services, not to mention two world class golf courses it would be easy to overlook the hidden gem that is Ryan’s Tennis program.

  • Avatar AF

    Thank you, Ryan for all great lessons . My husband, myself and our daughter had so much fun and learned a great deal with you! Wish you all the best,

  • Avatar AF

    Coach Ryan Winters is fantastic. Very enthusiastic, very friendly. In just a few sessions he improved our game significantly. We had a lot of fun.

  • Avatar DB

    The new Pro, Ryan Winters, was an excellent instructor. He was enthusiastic and knowledgable. My wife and I had a great tennis clinic with him. He will be an excellent addition to the resort staff and a source of tennis knowledge for years.

  • Avatar NM

    Had a great lesson with Ryan during my stay at Manele Bay. Great tennis coach, in a beautiful setting – highly recommended.

  • Avatar HM

    We spent some days at Lanai and had 2 days at the Tennis Centre. The new pro Ryan Winters is excellent. I had a lesson and learned how to improve my serve. Ryan has a very pleasant personality and great teaching skills. He enjoys his work at Lanai.

  • Avatar VM

    We had one of the best vacations at Lanai, specially tennis pro Ryan Winters lessons are outstanding. He managed correcting my mistakes in only 2 sessions and gave me so many hints, that I fill happy. Aloha, and God bless you Ryan

  • Avatar SC

    Ryan Winters is the new PBI tennis coach at Manele Bay as of 2014. He’s an exceptional teacher, both skilled and kind, the perfect combination. I’m taking home great new skills that he made easy and fun to learn. Anyone would enjoy learning from Ryan–kids, older adults, beginners, and seasoned athletes. I highly recommend Ryan. And, if you’ve never been to Lanai, hurry! In a few years this will be the hottest resort in the islands. Manele Bay is fantastic!

  • Avatar CM

    Great tennis facility. Superb tennis weather. Helpful, cheerful, professional staff for all playing levels including children.

  • Avatar NJ

    Robert LeBuhn is an outstanding coach – my wife is a beginner and within our lesson he was brilliant at building self-confidence in a very well organised class. As a tennis player of many years i was impressed by the great progress my wife made in such a short space of time. Thank you Robert – a highly recommended venue here at Manele Bay – paradise found.

  • Avatar MC

    When you combine the exceptional facilities, the courteous staff and the world-class instruction of Rob LeBuhn, the Four Seasons at Manele Bay is a can’t miss for tennis lovers. I took a private lesson with Rob that was simply the most beneficial hour I’ve ever spent on a tennis court – his calm demeanor, passion for the game and simplified coaching skills were really impressive. I can’t wait to come back!

  • Avatar NT

    Rob LeBuhn made our honeymoon even more enjoyable by adding informative tennis instruction and a fun competitive environment for two different ability levels. I can only imagine how difficult a task it would be to make a lesson meaningful to (i) newlyweds and (ii) newlyweds who having different abilities. Despite those challenges, Rob was professional, accommodating to both of our activity filled schedules, and extremely fun to learn from. We highly recommend lessons with Rob from beginner to advanced abilities as well as for those extremely competitive couples as Rob not only improved our games in fun manner but we also left Lana’i feeling that we definitely made a new friend.

  • Avatar CM

    What a fantastic tennis experience we had the Four Season Lanai and it was all because of the incredible “aloha spirit” and expertise of tennis pro, Rob LeBuhn! Rob really went the extra mile in talking with me in advance of our trip and describing the beauty of Lanai and assuring me that my 4.5 level tennis fanatic husband would find enough tennis at the resort. Rob’s kindness and knowledgeable is the reason we booked our vacation at Lanai.
    When we arrived he went way out of his way to welcome us with a bottle of wine and delicious cheese platter…what a wonderful surprise!! Then, starting the next morning he gave my husband a great tennis workout and great advice on how to improve his game. My husband played college tennis at University of Oregon and still plays competitive and rarely finds tennis advice on vacation but Rob’s expertise and knowledge was a huge step above other Pro’s at resorts over the years.
    Rob really made our vacation fantastic based on his personal approach to serving clients and his depth of tennis knowledge! I would highly recommend a tennis vacation on Lanai with Rob LeBuhn!!

  • Avatar JB

    I had three lessons with Rob and found him to be an excellent teacher. He was able to identify some key problems with my game and helped me to fix them. The whole experience was a great addition to our beach vacation. I highly recommend Rob.

  • Avatar BL

    I received excellent tennis instruction from Rob LeBuhn. He was helpful, patient, and helped my game a lot.

  • Avatar NR

    I’ve experienced so many tennis lessons over the years and have had the privilege of meeting wonderful and dynamic tennis teaching professionals at so many resorts. I especially make a point of taking tennis lessons with PBI professionals and taking a lesson with Rob LeBuhn at Manele Bay was so much fun and quite enlightening!
    I play in USTA leagues and try to take a lesson every once in a while to correct something I may be having difficulty with. Rob and I had a hitting lesson and he also worked on my backhand. I really appreciated all his insight and especially his candor – it was a great lesson experience and the cold towels and water delivered to the court by the staff was a nice touch. Be sure to try the “tennis experience” on Lana’i with Rob Lebuhn, PBI tennis director.

  • Avatar LK

    I’ve taken many tennis lessons over the years and worked with a lot of pros. Rob taught me things I had never heard before and gave me a lot that I could take with me and work on on my own. I hoped for a good workout and to maybe tweak a few weak points and after 3 lessons I upped my game to a higher level. Not to mention the orange slices and spritz on the court were a nice touch.

  • Avatar JC

    We particularly liked Robert LeBuhn who was an outstanding tennis instructor. He made all feel comfortable and improved our play, as well as making it a fun time.  

  • Avatar TW

    The instruction during the private lesson was excellent and put playing the game in a respective that allowed one to relax and focus at the task at hand. The Cardio Clinics were inovative and most useful in developing skills, and the Pro kept everyone in focus while having a most enjoable time “even with lots of cardio”.  

  • Avatar LC

    Excellent experience taking lessons, drills, cardio tennis, etc. While I was there Chris was leaving and Rob LeBuhn began teaching, both were GREAT! Rob totally taught me a new way to serve and gave me renewed confidence at playing the sport. Can’t wait to visit again!

  • Avatar JJ

    Chris was a fantastic instructor. After I told him my goals for my one-hour lesson, he devised a series of exercises that took my tennis to a whole new level. I ended up coming back for two more lessons, and can’t believe how much I improved. It was fun, challenging, and very helpful. Thanks, Chris!  

  • Avatar JT

    Chris Myrold is an inspired tennis pro. He taught me with patience and empathy. He broke down tennis to its basics–and packed so much into our few hours together: serves, ground strokes, the rules, scoring, and some memorable analogies and core concepts. I finally learned proper backhand. He absolutely sparked my newfound love of tennis.

  • Avatar CP

    My husband and I visited for the first time in May the Manele Bay Four Seasons. We had a great experience in the daily clinics with Chris Myrold and learned some very valuable keys to improving our strokes and our game. We played singles every afternoon and the staff was always there to assist us with anything we needed. We found the doubles mixer to be very special since we felt right at home having a social tennis evening. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience. We plan to return

  • Avatar SH

    My husband and I decided to return to Lana’i for the second time because of the outstanding tennis instruction. The tennis pro, Chris Myrold, is truly an asset to both PBI and the Four Seasons. He has an excellent ability to provide clear instructions on both technique and strategy. We attended the daily clinics, private lessons and the weekly friendly mixer. Even after our stay in Lana’i, Chris went the extra mile to help us identify tennis instructors in Shanghai, where we currently live. We hope to return to Lana’i in the future for another week of excellent tennis.

  • Avatar CB

    Manele Bay’s tennis experience is a direct reflection of the pro, Chris Myrold. Chris is FRIENDLY, FUN and easy-going. Those qualities, plus a highly skilled level of both teaching and playing, touch every clinic and lesson he coaches.
    Although I played a lot of doubles many years ago, Chris has really improved my effectiveness as a doubles partner through strategies of movement and positioning on the court. As a result, I love playing at the net now.
    Manele’s tennis program has a good variety of clinics and a great social mixer where guests have a chance to meet other guests, hotel managers, and island residents. The tennis centre, its staff, and local players are full of ALOHA.

  • Avatar CG

    We just spent one week playing tennis in Lanai and loved it! Chris and his team did a great job finding extra players to complete our foursomes. Chris does a great job with the daily drill sessions. The cardio session was a great workout and the fun music kept us going.

  • Avatar RB

    We think Chris is the best tennis instructor we have ever had and we have had a few! Tennis at Manele was fun. Chris, as a coach, picks up play that needs improvement immediately. The tennis facility is a prime reason for our return next year. John and Ruth Brock, West Vancouver, Canada.

  • Avatar MM

    Great instruction and lot’s of fun. Chris can really bring your game back.

  • Avatar RV

    This is a great program. We credit Pro Chris Myrold with getting us back into tennis after 20 some years. The clinics are fun and varied, and the private lessons are outstanding. The weekly mixers with the staff are a real plus. Mahalo nui loa!

  • Avatar DJ

    Great tennis program. Chris Myrold will improve you tennis game. Lots of great tips on how to make small changes to make a big difference. Beautiful facility.

  • Avatar DD

    Chris Myrold did an excellent job of teaching tennis concepts.

  • Avatar AJ

    The resort is situated on a small bay and has incredibly lush and colorful landscaping – a photographer’s dream. Our room was large with wonderful views. the dining venues were varied and excellent. The staff is very friendly and anxious that you have an exceptional experience.

  • Avatar RP

    January 2009 was fifth visit to the resort and the fifth opportunity to work with Chris Myrold, the PBI professional. I have been taking tennis lessons for over 55 years. I enjoy the PBI methodology and I believe that Chris is an outstanding instructor. The resort and the island of Lana’i provide a wonderful relaxing experience.

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