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  • Avatar JA

    Spent a week with my family and got to play with the head coach.

    Courts quality is good but the hitting group level was very low.

    It would be nice if you had a list/app that matched people in the resort interested in playing with their NTRP level.

  • Avatar SA

    We have been coming here for years. This is our favorite vacation spot. Great spot for Pickleball

  • Avatar SB

    Beautiful resort, lots of activities for kids. Great vacation

  • Avatar BH

    Beautiful resort. Great tennis and pickleball program.

  • Avatar CD

    Patrick runs a good program with all of options for the whole family.

  • Avatar CM

    Patrick helped my tennis game more in one hour, than a lifetime of lessons. Great pro.

  • Avatar JC

    Great pickleball facility

  • Avatar EL

    Great overall experience.

  • Avatar CC

    Patrick brings a lot of life and knowledge to Hawk’s Cay Tennis

  • Avatar DB

    Fun experience. Patrick is a good pro.

  • Avatar NC

    Patrick is a wonderful instructor! We’re local and he has exceeded my expectations! He is patient and engaging! We are learning so much and enjoying the process.

  • Avatar DB

    I have been coming to Hawks Cay for years. Patrick has really turned this facility around, the clay courts are perfect. Patrick can offer you a 1 of a kind tennis/pickleball experience.

  • Avatar PS

    Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and has extensive knowledge of both pickleball and tennis. Would highly recommend.

  • Avatar PD

    Patrick has high energy and unbelievable knowledge about the game of Tennis and Pickleball. One of the best overall experiences I have had on a tennis court. I highly recommend him.

  • Avatar DS

    I live local. Patrick is an awesome instructor.

  • Avatar DC

    Patrick had a very informative and fun Pickleball clinic. We did some good drills and were able to put our new skills to work in some games afterwards. Patrick was always friendly and polite with everyone. I really enjoyed all of the clinics!

  • Avatar KC

    Patrick Castronovo is a great tennis and pickle ball instructor

  • Avatar EE

    We go for family vacation every year. Excellent place to host entire families.

  • Avatar GM

    The tennis pro Patrick Castronova has developed a great Tennis & Pickleball Program. Patrick is a good coach who is supportive and always energetic which makes for great tennis clinics. Even when players are not playing that well, coach Patrick is encouraging and supportive which makes everyone feel good and play better.

  • Avatar EC

    I hear the pickleball is quite good. I would highly recommend.

  • Avatar SC

    We enjoyed Patrick and think he is an asset to Hawks Cay. We played three days with him and our family… A pro court would be a huge improvement to the facility at Hawks Cay.

  • Avatar GN

    We had another wonderful family vacation at Hawk’s Cay!

  • Avatar KL

    Patrick Castronovo was an exceptional tennis instructor. He was very knowledgeable and made it fun!

  • Avatar SC

    Patrick was great, very attentive. High energy, very knowledgeable. Will be booking another stay at Hawks Cay to make more time for tennis/pickleball. He is the best!

  • Avatar CR

    The pickle ball/tennis instructor was exceptional. Wanzell was friendly, organized, and always willing to give pointers. The round robins were fun. If you weren’t playing in a game Wanzell was playing with you and giving lessons. The pro shop and ground’s definitely need some updating but the courts and instructor were great!

  • Avatar BP

    Wanzy at Duck Key is an amazing instructor. He is highly skilled, patient and very funny. I have taken private lessons, and participated in round robbins. He always tries to help regardless of your skill level. He challenges you and mixes the players up so you play all levels as well as your own. I wish I had more time to play because I really get a lot out of these lessons.

  • Avatar SS

    I am writing this review for Hawks Cay resort in Duck Key, Florida, specifically for the outstanding employee, Director Wanzell Fleming. During my recent stay at the resort, I had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Fleming’s exceptional work ethic and dedication to ensuring that all guests had a memorable and positive experience. Mr. Fleming went above and beyond what was expected of him to ensure that guests who were interested in playing pickle ball or tennis had access to the necessary equipment and guidance. He was patient, friendly, and truly a pleasure to interact with. He was generous with his time and always willing to help, even if it meant doing more than his share. By his actions, Mr. Fleming truly embodied the spirit of outstanding customer service, making a lasting impression on all the guests he served. I believe he is a tremendous asset to the Hawks Cay resort, and his contributions are invaluable to the resort’s continued success. I highly recommend Hawks Cay resort,

  • Avatar ML

    The Pro, Wanzy Flemming, is exceptional. He is well-organized, plans ahead, organizes lessons/sessions very well, wastes. no time. He gives immediate helpful feedback on every shot. He has a gift of an ability to deal well with all personality types. His teaching/mentoring exceeds all expectation.

  • Avatar GM

    The tennis director Patrick is great. I highly recommend him.

  • Avatar KL

    Patrick Castronovo is an excellent tennis professional. He is very knowledgeable and improved my tennis game tremendously. He gave me skills to think about the game differently and in a more strategic manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Excellent pro!

  • Avatar TM

    I enjoy the tennis clinics here at this beautiful resort. Patrick, the tennis pro, is amazing. A very good instructor. My game has improved A LOT!!! He is observant & personable. Taking each participate individually while still keeping us playing as a group. I look forward to my clinics every week! Hoping to play more when “season” in the Florida Keys resumes this month!

  • Avatar GM

    The tennis director Patrick is great. I highly recommend him.

  • Avatar KL

    Patrick Castronovo is an excellent tennis professional. He is very knowledgeable and improved my tennis game tremendously. He gave me skills to think about the game differently and in a more strategic manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Excellent pro!

  • Avatar TT

    I enjoy the tennis clinics here at this beautiful resort. Patrick, the tennis pro, is amazing. A very good instructor. My game has improved A LOT!!! He is observant & personable. Taking each participate individually while still keeping us playing as a group. I look forward to my clinics every week! Hoping to play more when “season” in the Florida Keys resumes this month!

  • Avatar CR

    The pickle ball/tennis instructor was exceptional. Wanzell was friendly, organized, and always willing to give pointers. The round robins were fun. If you weren’t playing in a game Wanzell was playing with you and giving lessons. The pro shop and ground’s definitely need some updating but the courts and instructor were great!

  • Avatar AA

    Wanzy at Duck Key is an amazing instructor. He is highly skilled, patient and very funny. I have taken private lessons, and participated in round robbins. He always tries to help regardless of your skill level. He challenges you and mixes the players up so you play all levels as well as your own. I wish I had more time to play because I really get a lot out of these lessons.

  • Avatar SS

    I am writing this review for Hawks Cay resort in Duck Key, Florida, specifically for the outstanding employee, Director Wanzell Fleming. During my recent stay at the resort, I had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Fleming’s exceptional work ethic and dedication to ensuring that all guests had a memorable and positive experience. Mr. Fleming went above and beyond what was expected of him to ensure that guests who were interested in playing pickle ball or tennis had access to the necessary equipment and guidance. He was patient, friendly, and truly a pleasure to interact with. He was generous with his time and always willing to help, even if it meant doing more than his share. By his actions, Mr. Fleming truly embodied the spirit of outstanding customer service, making a lasting impression on all the guests he served. I believe he is a tremendous asset to the Hawks Cay resort, and his contributions are invaluable to the resort’s continued success. I highly recommend Hawks Cay resort,

  • Avatar MK

    The Pro, Wanzy Flemming, is exceptional. He is well-organized, plans ahead, organizes lessons/sessions very well, wastes. no time. He gives immediate helpful feedback on every shot. He has a gift of an ability to deal well with all personality types. His teaching/mentoring exceeds all expectation.

  • Avatar RV

    Hannah Thompson is the best tennis coach I’ve ever played with. She is a really fun coach to learn from, her energy is super high and her positivity is contagious. The instruction I received was well above par in coaching and game playing. I would 100 percent recommend Hannah to anyone visiting Hawks Cay no matter the skill level.

  • Avatar AF

    My tennis instructor was Hannah, I believe she was from the the UK. Great smile, energetic and brought excitement back into my tennis game!!!! Would highly recommend her to any one of my friends that may visit in the future!

  • Avatar AG

    We love Coming back to see Hannah every year! She’s our favorite and our kids live her!

  • Avatar LB

    Hannah and Elliot were awesome. Loved their energy, and the great tennis tips they provided; excellent takeaways to help improve game. I would definitely love to spend time with them again!

  • Avatar EB

    Learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Hannah was amazing! I will be back next year

  • Avatar GY

    This was our fourth trip to Hawk’s Cay. It’s the perfect mix of a great resort and great tennis. Hannah and Elliot were great. They mix in great instruction with encouragement and fun. We have already booked our next trip.

  • Avatar JS

    We’ve just left Hawks Cay for a tennis getaway and have already booked our return visit. Hannah and Elliott have a magical touch. Regardless of the number of people in the drill I walk away feeling like I’ve gotten very personal attention with reinforcement of what I’ve worked on in private lessons. My husband and I each have a different learning style and Hannah does a phenomenal job of adapting to each of us. They keep it tremendously fun as well!

  • Avatar JF

    The tennis program run by Hannah Thompson was excellent and her instruction was superb. She made it fun but also a great learning experience for the three of us. I highly recommend the tennis program. The resort was very nice, friendly and easy to navigate and in a beautiful setting. I would recommend the resort but especially the tennis program to all of my friends.

  • Avatar CW

    From Jan 3- – Feb 1, 2020, I enjoyed a top notch 3 days of tennis instruction, with 2 other friends — we were a private group, booked thru Cliff Drysdale (Katie Steck). Hannah Thompson was our instructor and is the Hawks Cay Tennis Director. It doesn’t get any better than this. Professional; knowledgeable; individual instruction for your swing, strategy and all aspects of tennis. I have gone on tennis trips to The Colony and the LBK Tennis Club on Long Boat Key and at Club Med, Port St Lucie. Hawks Cay was just as good if not better, because of the more individualized instruction. Highly recommend this resort to anyone who wants to play tennis. Plenty of soft and hard courts. If you’re a 3.5 player or above, I’d recommend arranging your own group (minimum 3 required with Cliff Drysdale), and schedule your trip, making sure you get Hannah Thompson as your Pro.

  • Avatar LL

    Hannah, Elliot and staff were great! Play was well organized. Kept drills moving along.

  • Avatar RT

    Hana and Elliott were fabulous!!! Our guest instructors Ed and Austin were great fun!! Everyone was very high Energy. I can’t wait to go back for more lessons

  • Avatar CT

    Hannah and Elliot are as good as it gets. I’ve worked with many tennis pros and tennis clubs. Great experience.

  • Avatar SB

    Tennis retreat for 24 ladies… Hannah, Elliot and the staff on and off the tennis courts were exceptional. All 24 of our ladies shared high praise for the tennis pros, our tennis clinics and match play. We were a diverse group of ladies with varying degrees of tennis experience. We all enjoyed our lodging very much and appreciated the beauty and relaxing atmosphere that surrounded us. We dined on property at Angler & Ale. The food was delicious and the service by Keisha was outstanding. We are already planning our next trip! Thank you, Cliff Drysdale Tennis @ Hawks Cay Resort for a wonderful five star experience. We will be back!!!!

  • Avatar BS

    Our family recently enjoyed doubles clinic sessions led by Tennis Director Hannah Thompson and Pro Elliott Manton — the drills were great and the strategy games were a lot of fun. Recommended!

  • Avatar AP

    The Cliff Drysdale Tennis program at Hawk’s Cay in Florida was fantastic. Hannah Thompson, the lead pro, runs a great clinic and provides excellent instruction. The program was well-organized and it was always fun and challenging. My family had a great time and can’t wait to return.

  • Avatar BM

    Hanna the tennis instructor was excellent, great personality and kept a fun good pace.

  • Avatar JH

    I booked private lessons in advance via email and Hannah Thompson, the local tennis coach, was very professional and friendly and took care of my requests. Hannah is a great coach, professional, highly motivating, cheerful and always positive. its exactly what i need and want! I can recommend Hannah fully and will try to come back. Had so much fun.

  • Avatar MM

    I had a phenomenal experience with the tennis pro Elliot. Instruction was great, good tips on strategy and even suggestions on equipment. Overall, an amazing experience. Can’t wait to go back.

  • Avatar RS

    The tennis camps at Hawks Cay Resort are fantastic!!

  • Avatar DH

    Hannah and Eliot are fabulous teachers and lovely people. The hardest thing is…..leaving!

  • Avatar KC

    This is the first time me and my sister travelled for a tennis camp. The resort was so beautiful and the tennis camp ran by Hannah was so much fun! We learnt a lot in only two days of tennis!

  • Avatar JM

    Fantastic! Hannah is an outstanding teacher. She had great advice and small changes that made a dramatic difference.

  • Avatar CW

    One of the best tennis camps and pros I have experienced in my many years of playing

  • Avatar NC

    Hannah does a super job ! Clinics are offered every morning and are always different every day so you are able to work on all parts of your game. Elliott is her assistant and also does a great job! Hawks Cay is a great place to play tennis in the Keys and its all because of the staff!

  • Avatar NC

    Hannah does a super job ! Clinics are offered every morning and are always different every day so you are able to work on all parts of your game. Elliott is her assistant and also does a great job! Hawks Cay is a great place to play tennis in the Keys and its all because of the staff!

  • Avatar CM

    Tennis Camp

  • Avatar SS

    I had a great stay at Hawks Cay earlier this year. I went with a few friends to enjoy the beautiful views and play tennis with Hannah. She worked with me to help plan a trip for exactly what we were wanting, and the clinics were so much fun! The setting at Hawks Cay is so unique for a tennis vacation and we cannot wait to go back.

  • Avatar SK

    Great Tennis Pros!

  • Avatar CP

    Great pros and a great program. Made my vacation, and played every day. Definitely recommended for all levels.

  • Avatar SI

    My son and I returned recently from Hawk’s Cay Resort having gone there specifically for the Cliff Drysdale Tennis program. We were extremely pleased with our experience. Hannah and her team are exceptional professionals. We had a great time working on our skills in both the group drill sessions with Hannah and Elliot and during our customized private lessons. Both of us took away at least one new thing that has been additive to our game back in Chicago. The service and hospitality of the group here is exceptional and I would encourage everyone to check it out! Shank I.

  • Avatar VC

    Very energetic team of young pros who go out of their way to make things as fun as possible. Lovely setting, though we had some really windy weather.

  • Avatar AD

    This was our third visit to the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Center at the Hawks Cay Resort. The instruction has always been fabulous. The drills are well run despite the fact there can be 2 attending one day and 10 the next. The staff knows how to deal with varying numbers and skill levels. The package deal of 2 one hour drills along with a one hour private for $110 is a bargain. Only thing I can think of as a downside is that there might be a way to play a pickup game here or there. Honestly, maybe there was, but we never asked. On the other hand, I liked getting my tennis instruction all in one shot in the morning and the rest of the day to enjoys the keys. We always attend in early December and have heard that it gets much busier over the holidays. We hope to return next season!

  • Avatar FM

    We have visited this resort for several years – except for last year because of hurricane damage. We visit the first two weeks in December. Clay courts are in great shape. Temperatures are pretty reasonable. The director, Hannah Thompson, runs excellent doubles oriented drills and also gives great one on one instructions at a very reasonable price.

  • Avatar AR

    I have already told some friends how amazing our experience was and that they should go as well. Hoping to go back next year with some of them.

  • Avatar SW

    Hannah is absolutely tremendous with her tennis instruction. We travel to Hawk’s Cay just for her.

  • Avatar PB

    Our tennis experience at Hawks Kay was very instructional and fun! Hannah was great! We have been coming for 3-4 years and the Cliff Drysdale tennis is always top notch! Cannot wait to come back!

  • Avatar MB

    I have taken many lessons through the years with many pros and am very impressed with both Hannah’s skill and professionalism as well as her enthusiasm and ability to instruct. I will return as often as possible!

  • Avatar JC

    Hannah is very accommodating & friendly yet professional. She conducts an active clinic geared to your level. I highly recommend clinic or private lessons with Hannah to improve your game.

  • Avatar KM

    Great time with Hannah, she is friendly and fun. Looking forward to returning. They are making good progress on improvements after the hurricane in 2017.

  • Avatar CO

    I have traveled all around and attended many tennis camps, and Hawk’s Cay is by far my favorite. I attended a camp along with a few friends and our instructor Hannah Thompson was remarkable. She was very knowledgeable, funny, and by far the best instructor I have ever received lessons from. I will be recommending her to friends. I stayed 4 nights at Hawk’s Cay and the resort is beautiful. The staff and service is amazing all around. This trip was great and I will definitely be returning for more tennis.

  • Avatar SR

    I have been a member there for two years and really look forward to playing on the clay courts. Our Tuesday clinics were Always the best and we all looked forward to playing. Can’t wait until the clay courts are back up and running. Hanna was the best!

  • Avatar R&

    My husband and I had a fantastic time participating in the tennis activities at Hawks Cay. Elliott was our pro and he was fantastic! He gave us great pointers to improve our game and certainly gave us a wonderful workout. It was a slow time of year which is how we prefer it. The courts, which were well-maintained, were always available for us to play. We would definitely love to come back!

  • Avatar JM

    If you are looking for a tennis camp getaway, look no further. Hannah and her staff run a topnotch training. She has a wonderful combination of teaching wisdom but with youthful fitness and energy which allows her to engage and interact in the tennis play. She worked us for three two hour sessions and put more energy out there than anyone else on the court. We learned alot and are now ready for USTA 4.5 season! Thank you Hannah!!!

  • Avatar GH

    The tennis facilities were nothing out of the ordinary for what you would expect from a tennis camp located in the florida keys however the hawks cay resort as a vacation spot was very nice. Both hard courts and clay courts were available. What did make this an exceptional experience was the staff. Hannah Thompson was our pro instructor . We were a group of 6 students and even prior to us arriving at the camp she was extremely informative and easy to work with in planning our itinerary and pricing. For the most part our lessons were coordinating the group of six and i cannot comment on private lessons. In the group setting she and her assistant were well organized with a specific plan and topics to cover each of the 3 days. This resulted in a very efficient format with what seemed to be the right combination of instruction and practice. There was also enough time to ask questions for each of the individuals in our group. She and her assistant were very friendly and made our experience with them quite personal. Finally after we had departed the resort, hannah did provide a clinic sheet reviewing the topics we covered and all their helpful tips in improving our tennis game. Speaking for myself i have already seen a marked improvement in my game. I would strongly recommend this camp to my friends

  • Avatar EE

    I came to this resort after having had a super time at another Cliff Drysdale-run property at Amelia Island so I had high hopes. I think this resort has lots of potential; unfortunately I attended during a slow time and there weren’t many players in attendance. However the staff was helpful in trying to arrange a game for my husband and I and kept the drills competitive enough for us when there were some lower level players that did join in. There were many courts on site and most were well maintained. They need to repair the restroom in the pro shop which I understand has been out of order for quite a while. I will wait to return when more structured programs (i.e., Ladies Retreat, Doubles Boot Camp) are available. As for resort, this is very family friendly so not for the solo traveler unless you’re going for a tennis program.

  • Avatar DM

    Great getaway and tennis vacation at Hawk’s Cay Resort. Hannah is a superb pro who ties the whole experience together with a purpose – from individual skills, to strategy drills using the skills you work on, to game experiences that put the skills to work. Great interaction with local players made the tennis fun, too. Hoping to be back again soon!

  • Avatar DM

    Great tennis instruction, close attention to improvements I needed to make, great mix of drill and mock games always with a clear purpose for the day – very well structured and instructed, wonderful courts, great mix with local players who made me very welcome, very much hoping to return here. Thank you!

  • Avatar KI

    Just got back from an amazing tennis weekend at Hawk’s Cay Resort with 16 girlfriends. Hannah and her staff were amazing. We got some good pointers and had a lot of fun! We will be back!

  • Avatar SS

    Just returned from a great tennis camp at Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys. the head pro, Hannah was superb. A great coach, a great player, and full of energy. We did several private sessions with her which were great. Learned a lot and had a great time. Hawks Cay is a superb place with much to offer.

  • Avatar LT

    There are no weaknesses only strengths. We have been playing tennis for years and we are so happy that we had found Hannah here in the Keys. This truly had made our stay so much fun. She is an excellent teacher and there are no words for her personality but GREAT. We cannot wait till next winter when we can come back to do drills everyday.

  • Avatar DF

    Hannah was great. She was knowledgeable patient and we had a blast!

  • Avatar RA

    Well rounded daily clinics that focus on all shots over a weekly rotation. Had some locals attend the clinics, resulting in opportunities to focus on doubles drills, which is what I wanted to spend time on. The Pro, Hannah Thompson, is very knowledgable about all the strokes and helped me improve my slice serve and service returns. Only downside was it rained frequently everyday I was there in late October. But Hannah worked with my schedule and we got all of the clinics & lessons in that I wanted.

  • Avatar DB

    Hannah was a wonderful instructor. It was nice to get another Point of view in regards to my serves, volley and ground strokes. She made it fun when my husband and I took a class together.

  • Avatar AS

    James was amazing with my 3 yr old son and his older cousins! It was maxs 1st tennis lesson and James made him love it, have a great memory around tennis and wanting him to play again.

  • Avatar DD

    Awesome experience with family. We picked Hawk’s Cay knowing it had a program in place and so happy we did. We wound up creating our own small group lesson with the 4 of us in the family and I cannot say enough good things of how great the experience was. James Tart was our Pro and did a great job working with us that week. I would highly recommend this resort and James.

  • Avatar JE

    James was a great coach and made the clinic super fun and demanding! It was a great experience

  • Avatar JP

    James was great and very accomodating…. He gave my wife and I a great lesson

  • Avatar LH

    Hannah, the tennis pro, was outstanding!

  • Avatar LJ

    Great instructor in Hannah Thompson. Great drills and tennis courts

  • Avatar KA

    met hanna and had a clinic with her – so fun and good – nice drills and she is great instructor – learned a few more tricks – stay out of no mans land! as per Hannah – good drill – she has great sense of humor

  • Avatar DT

    I had a weeks holiday here at the end of May to the beginning of June. The resort was super with lots of things to do as well as the tennis. I attended the tennis clinics run by the director, Hannah Thompson. She was very professional, explained clearly what the objective was of each drill and gave us all constructive feedback. The group had mixed abililities but we all learned something from each session. Hannah had a great sense of humour and made the sessions extremely fun even though it was extremely hot!

  • Avatar CH

    If you want to see someone run a PROFESSIONAL clinic, then go to Hawk’s Cay and meet Hannah Thompson. I also saw her working with children on a 1:1 basis – her teaching points were clear, well demonstrated and brilliantly delivered. Her clinics are fun, relevant and she managed groups of varying sizes, ages, abilities so that everyone had some fun. I have done several clinics over the world, but I take my hat off to Hannah and her team – they delivered a refreshing and fun clinic – thank you guys.

  • Avatar CM

    Hawks Cay Tennis pro Hannah Thompson was a fabulous instructor. She has a great positive attitude and I learned a lot from my short time with her! I wish she worked near where I live!

  • Avatar ER

    It had great instruction and the clinics weren’t overly busy so you had more one on one time with the coach.

  • Avatar EB

    My 4.5 yo son took several private half hour lessons with James and did one semiprivate 1 hr kids clinic with him. He had so much fun. James is a great instructor and has an fun and effective way of working with kids. The pricing was very reasonable as well.

  • Avatar SG

    Going to the tennis clinics and having private lessons, while on vacation at Hawk’s Cay, added so much to what is already an outstanding vacation. Hannah’s outgoing, fun, warm personality, and James’s easy going, warm nature and both of their tennis expertise just make the tennis experience tops. I hope to see both of them the next time that I get back to Hawk’s Cay Resort.:-)

  • Avatar SO

    My experience at Hawk’s Cay was outstanding. The courts are beautiful and well taken care of. I played every day and took lessons from Hannah, who was just perfect. She was a true pleasure, and did a great job of improving my game.

  • Avatar CS

    I highly recommend the tennis program at Hawks Cay. I participated in a clinic that was very helpful and a private lesson with the director, Mike Stedronsky. Mike is an excellent instructor. He gives you maximum instruction in one hour….it went too fast should have signed up for an hour and a half. He was kind enough to e-mail me with a summary of what we worked on. Beautiful grounds and very nice staff.

  • Avatar AM

    Both Mike and Travis were superb tennis pros. They were professional, kind, incredibly helpful and skillfull, and provided great instruction. My family took private lessons with Mike and found his lessons to be informative AND fun. He clearly has a passion for both the sport and teaching. He was able to connect with all of the players in the morning sessions, and when we took privates, he made sure to pull from those group lessons. Personally, my game has dramatically improved due in major part to both instructors, especially Mike. Another added comment: we were there over Christmas. Both Mike and Travis came to the resort every day, including christmas morning, excited and ready. Their dedication is unparalleled. Thank you for helping to make our Christmas vacation a very special time! We cannot say enough positive things about both Pro’s at Hawk’s Cay!!!

  • Avatar MT

    My son took lessons with Michael Stedronsky while we were on vacation at Hawks Cay Resort in Florida. Mike is by far one of the best tennis teaching professionals we have ever worked with…my son has been playing tennis for many years. He was particularly adept at helping my son identify the reason for a miss shot and taught him how to make the needed correction. It was an excellent experience.

  • Avatar RL

    The facility could use a little investment, but Cliff Drysdale Tennis at Hawks Cay Resort has a winner in Michael Stedronsky. I hit with Michael last April, and following that session signed on for two more over Christmas. Hitting with Michael is great—he points out things to improve as he goes and has boundless energy. On top of being a great tennis instructor, I talked to him enough to realize he’s a great guy.

  • Avatar SH

    This was my 2nd time to Hawk’s Cay and first time leveraging the great facility and teaching Pro’s. I loved the daily work-outs and clinics with Michael and Travis. Each day had a great agenda and plan for getting my swing back in groove. These guys really made it fun for everyone. I had one of my daughters in the Middle-School clinic and she had a great time. These guys keep the HarTru courts in great shape. They arranged a great match for me. Can’t wait to make it back there again

  • Avatar LS

    Michael Stedronsky worked with my daughter for a week. He is an exceptional instructor. He is energetic, fun and extremely detailed. He worked hard to evaluate all aspects of her game and take her to the next level. I could see significant improvement in her performance. Travis is the other pro who also was great! Our experience with tennis at Hawk’s Cay resort could not have been better.

  • Avatar DC

    Mike & Travis are excellent, enthusiastic instructors. I had two lessons with Mike, who combines enthusiasm with outstanding observational skills. He did very well with my 11 year old daughter who is novice. Travis worked very well with my 13 year old boy who hits a strong ball but is learning to be a player. The courts are in a peaceful setting, but the pro shop is practically bare. To truly build a tennis resort there needs to be more programming and a working pro shop. Great place to go to if on family vacation and desire access to tennis.

  • Avatar JT

    Fantastic private coaching for my 2 sons who are both keen players. Michael had a very positive and fun approach which was incredibly refreshing. The boys felt like they learned a lot and they had a great time. Thank you Michael.

  • Avatar ET

    Myself, husband and our 13 year old son took lessons with Michael Stedronsky during our stay at Hawk’s Cay. Mike was so energetic and positive while teaching us. He was able to explain and demonstrate for us the skills that we each needed to work on. Mike encouraged us and made the tennis drills fun and rewarding!! We hope to come back and to receive his instruction again.

  • Avatar JN

    First time @ Hawk and we enjoyed and recharged. Tennis: I played daily for 2 hrs. Michael S. was exceptional. His high level of instruction and knowledge was outstanding. He pushed this old guy to the max. Anyone who wants to improve his game quickly and get in shape should sign up.

  • Avatar DG

    Michael Stredronsky was one of the best tennis pros we have ever had! He was exceptional – extremely friendly, motivating, knowledgeable and helpful to myself, my wife and our 13 year old son. We could not have asked for a better tennis pro!

  • Avatar JD

    Tennis Coach Michael Stedronsky provided excellent tennis sessions every day which is what truly made this trip amazing. The availability to play tennis whenever I desired was so convenient and refreshing, as well as the knowledge he has. He improved my tennis abilities in just a few days. Best part of the resort.

  • Avatar RG

    We’ve been on many tennis vacations over 20+ years, and Mike Stedronsky is the best pro we’ve encountered. He is energetic, friendly, and addressed weaknesses in a quick, enjoyable way. I have only good things to say about him. The resort could do a better job of highlighting Mike and the tennis program — the resort newsletter had no mention of tennis, bathroom facilities at the pro shop were broken, and Mike is forced to be the shop’s counter help and pro,

  • Avatar JZ

    Michael was the BEST!!! Very enthusiastic pro-lots of good ideas to amp up my game. Plenty of pros try to change everything at the get-go. Michael built on what I’ve had already, just helped me to remember to put it all together. He is never negative, always positive. He has an enormous amount of energy and makes the tennis FUN!

  • Avatar AB

    Excellent tennis instruction!

  • Avatar JL

    The family went with another family — our daughters both play on the same varsity team in Miami-area. Travis Roberts was the pro on site and headed 2 hours of clinics and semi-privates with the girls. Although the girls have their own coaches back home, they sharpened some skills (my daughter’s slice serve, particularly) that they had been working on. Travis was a very personable guy, allowed me to use his personal racquet to demo, and even joined us in a mixed doubles match. Good times..

  • Avatar GM

    Fantastic tennis facility with first rate teaching pros

  • Avatar LR

    Our family had a wonderful time playing tennis at Hawks Cay Resort in the Keys. Travis, the pro, was very informative, helpful, and fun to work with. My husband and I did a number of clinics and a semi-private lesson with him and felt by the end of our visit that our tennis game had improved. Both of our kids did a clinic and a semi-private lesson with Travis and had a blast. They said it was the best lessons that they had ever had. Travis makes the tennis program and is great for both adults and kids alike. Next time in the Keys would make sure to take more lessons with him.

  • Avatar BS

    Be sure to pack your tennis gear when heading to Hawk’s Cay Resort. Travis is an exceptional instructor! By watching and learning your technique, he customizes his lesson to teach you the best methods to improve your tennis skills. I had an opportunity to work with Travis; and, although it was only an hour, I’ve taken away valuable information to take with me into future clinics and games. Definitely worth it!

  • Avatar KE

    The resort offered all the amenities one could want. Service in all areas we experienced was efficient and friendly.Food choices were varied and excellent. Water temp was perfect and the weather was lovely, although somewhat windy when we were there. The resort was clean and nicely appointed. The tennis center was positioned such that there was not much wind. They offered both clay and hard court surfaces. We played one day and signed up for a clinic the next day. As it turned out, we were the only two to participate that day; I imagine due to it being after Memorial Day. The instruction was super and the clay is a treat to play on. I would visit here again!

  • Avatar AV

    Had a great time, and toned up my skills. Travis and Mike were great! Highly recommended!!!!

  • Avatar BG

    Mike and Travis have are some of the most energetic, knowledgeable and FUN tennis pros I’ve ever worked with. While familiar with tennis and played a bit in my youth, I was rusty. A couple sessions with Mike and Travis helped me hone my skills and also teach some of my friends who are complete beginners in the same session! If you’re looking for a great place to learn and play tennis, these guys know how to do it!

  • Avatar AO

    Coach Mike was great. He seemed very knowledgeable and full of energy.

  • Avatar DW

    Excellent resort and great tennis program. Mike and Travis were full of energy and great pros.

  • Avatar DP

    Our family of 6 attended daily tennis clinics with Mike and Travis. Great coaches, great instructors, great people. Very knowledgable, highly skilled. We were very fortunate to have them as coaches. Mike and Travis very friendly, helpful and fun. I would love to have them as our coaches in Clif Drysdale clubs !!!

  • Avatar GA

    I’m a single female living in Boca Raton, a community that offers many tennis opportunities. I recently traveled to the Florida Keys and stayed at a Hawks Cay Resort villa for a few days in March. I’m a newcomer to tennis and had an unforgettable experience while at the Resort, participating in tennis clinics and a couple of lessons from the Director of Tennis, Mike Stedronsky. While the coaching I have received in Boca Raton has helped my junior-level game, it did not compare with the improvements in my game (principally my baseline forehand and two-handed backhand) that I achieved during my lessons with Mike. I look forward to returning to Hawks Cay and the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Clinic led by Mike. Travis Roberts, Mike’s assistant, was also an inspiration.

  • Avatar FG

    I’m an intermediate player (4.0) and my wife is just learning the basics of tennis. We took some one-on-one lessons from Mike Stedronsky, the Director of Tennis at Hawks Cay, and also participated in several clinics while staying at the resort for a week. I have never been so satisfied with the coaching and energetic teaching methods that Mike brought to us. The many easy-to-remember techniques that he shared with us and the sincere follow-up as to how we were progressing while playing on our own was very, very impressive. If you’re in the keys and have an interest in tennis, whether an experienced player or someone interested in the game, I would strongly encourage you to visit the Cliff Drysdale/Hawks Cay resort and tennis center.

  • Avatar LH

    My husband and I took private lessons with Mike Stedronsky for a week. It was the highlight of our vacation! He is an excellent instructor who is packed full of energy, professionalism, and encouragement. He keeps you moving constantly, offering a great workout while providing tips and tweaks to your game. We look forward to our next trip to Hawks Cay, especially tennis lessons with Mike!

  • Avatar BR

    The Cliff Drysdale facility was the single best part of our trip. Michael Stedronsky was proactive in calling in advance of our trip to discuss lessons and desired outcome, dates, etc. He was great once we were there and was professional, organized and most importantly drove improvement.

  • Avatar TR

    Had a great time taking lessons with Michael and Travis. Great teachers. Lots of enthusiasm. No downsides.

  • Avatar GL

    We attended the back-to-back clinics each day. Mike and Travis made sure to single out each one of us to let us know what we could work on. We love that! Nothing is more frustrating than attending a clinic and the pro lets you continue to hit bad shots. We were impressed by the detail they provided us (such as, you are holding your racquet too tight).

  • Avatar WO

    Just came back from a week at Hawks Cay. I have played tennis all over the Caribbean and States participating in countless programs. Mike and Travis put on a terrific heart pumping camp. Everyday was different from the previous. No matter what level of your game I promise you, you will leave a more confident and inspired player. On another note the courts are probably the best Har Tru I’ve played on. Excellent tennis facility.

  • Avatar GG

    The Pros with Clif Drysdale Tennis at Hawks Cay Resort are second to none. The head Pro Mike is exceptional. I feel that I improved my game in the few private lessons I had with him while on vacation more than the last year I have spent at my own Tennis Club. They are exceptional teachers and have a fun motivating style.

  • Avatar GG

    I thought that this tennis program was excellent. the coaches were outstanding and that is what i like learning tennis. this vacation i got more knowledge and skill in this week than the past 2 years at my normal tennis complex. The coaches were awesome they pointed out the key things i needed to work on and helped me though it. The coaches are also encouraging and fun to play with. This place is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar AT

    Mike Stedronsky -and his tennis coaching partner, Travis- coached our 9th grade daughter during 5 days of her spring break. These guys are phenomenal tennis instructors who take the time to understand what the student’s goals are and then provide custom instruction to help attain those goals. The two morning clinics plus daily private lesson is a value -especially in light of the high quality of coaching- that cant be beat. Mike and Travis, with Cliff Drysdale Tennis at Hawk’s Cay, are incredible instructors who should strongly consider if you or a loved one is looking to improve their tennis game.

  • Avatar LC

    My family spent a week at Hawk’s Cay for our children’s winter break. The boys enjoyed fishing and scuba diving. I loved that they offered walk in tennis clinics every morning and featured a different stroke to focus on each day. Travis was the pro and was helpful and fun. He helped me tweak some things about my game without trying to make some major change since I was only there a week. I would highly recommend the tennis program at this resort. Will definitely go back!

  • Avatar AZ

    We went to Hawks’ Cay because we were looking to visit the Keys and in particular a place that had a tennis program. What a great trip! Weather was beautiful -lots to do. The highlight was “Coach Mike” and his assistant Travis. Two great instructors with both an infectious enthusiasm for teaching and practical knowledge for recreational players. We only wish we could have stayed longer!

  • Avatar JF

    Mike, the Director of Tennis, and Travis were terrific. They made it an outstanding experience. Doubles clinics were fun and competitive. They will also find you matches if needed. I’ve been to several tennis resorts throughout the U.S., and the teaching pros were as good as we’ve experienced. Thank you Mike and Travis!

  • Avatar MK

    I really enjoyed the group lessons with Mike. I was travelling with my husband and 2 young kids and when we talked about the favorite parts of our trip it wasn’t the swimming, dolphin encounter or beautiful sunsets…it was the tennis lessons! He did a great job catering to everyone, making things fun, keeping us moving, and giving individualized tips.

  • Avatar TS

    Im a 56 yr old guy, a 4.0 player , who has enjoyed going to different places to play tennis over the passed 10 yrs. The pros at the Hawks Cay resort were the most energized, friendliest, and knowledgeable tennis professionals I have met to date. From my initial phone call 2 weeks in advance to my 1st day on the court I felt they had a genuine interest in me being there and having a great time. I had both private and group sessions each of 4 days on the court. Michael and Travis , the clubs pros , took a personal interest in my expectations and treated everyone as a personal friend . I cant say enough about how much I enjoyed my time w them. Regardless of your age, experience or playing level, you will come out of their clinics with a smile and your face and a few good pointers to take home.

  • Avatar JK

    My wife and I had the chance to take lessons and to attend a few clinics at Hawks Cay this past Feb.,2015. The head pro, Michael Stedronsky, was outstanding. I have worked with a few pros in the past, but none as good as Mike at evaluating, then correcting some flaws in my game. He was also a tremendous help to my wife in strengthening her game. Highly recommend Hawks Cay, and especially Mike.

  • Avatar RS

    The tennis programming at Hawk’s Cay is excellent. I attended three clinics and had a lesson with Mike. The tennis staff helped me to make a few small changes that had a big impact (I’m a 4.0 player). The pros communicate about what you need to work on, and so you get reinforcement across multiple sessions, and this consistency really helps. They also set up several great matches for me to play other members of the club. There’s only eight courts, but scheduling is never a problem and the courts are in great shape. I’ve visited another resort that is on the top 10 of this list and, while that resort has more courts, the tennis programming at Hawk’s Cay is as good or better. The smaller venue felt more personal. I highly recommend.

  • Avatar MB

    We attended 2 tennis clinics at Hawks Cay. The clinics were well run and very educational. Mike, the pro, made an effort to give each player some individual help. The lodging is somewhat dated but well kept. The resort is very family oriented with lots of activities for everyone. I’d recommend Hawks Cay for a tennis vacation or a family trip.

  • Avatar HJ

    Just got back from Hawk’s Cay, where tennis was a priority for us, and we were not disappointed! Mike Stedronsky, the pro, was fantastic!! His instruction is spot on, for all levels and all ages. And his enthusiasm and energy made every minute so fun! Can’t wait to go back.

  • Avatar RP

    Hi! My husband and I enjoyed Michael and his tennis facility so much! He was so energetic and enthusiastic about tennis, and he conveyed his “love” of the game so well to us. I took some serving lessons from him, and he just knew the right things to teach me to better my serve…so intuitive! When I’d be on the court practicing some serves it was so fun to hear him on the other courts. He is so encouraging! He was very accommodating when we didn’t have a court time set up, but just came to hit. We didn’t have to wait long for an open court. The courts are nice and the tennis shop so clean. I am going to say that my tennis was the most fun thing I did while vacationing at Duck Key, Florida. Sincere passing shots, Renae Peters (and Carl, too)!

  • Avatar CG

    My wife and I participated in tennis clinics and had a private lesson given by Michael Stedronsky. Mike was very positive and worked well with our different skill levels. The courts were in great condition. If your in the Keys this is a great place to play.

  • Avatar DJ

    I have always loved playing tennis but unfortunately haven’t had too much time on the court since having kids. During my stay at Hawks Cay my husband, a more advanced player, and myself had the opportunity to take some private lessons with the resort pro Mike Stedronsky, and he did not disappoint! Mike was one of the best instructors I had ever worked with. I highly reccomended taking private lessons with him if you’re looking to improve your game!

  • Avatar PW

    We had 5 kids do a lesson with tennis pro Michael stedronsky. All the kids had such a great experience. The lesson was at the end of the day and Michael was full of enthusiasm and energy. The only regret we have is not signing up the first day so they could have more lessons. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar JP

    An overall very motivational, productive and fun clinic.

  • Avatar BB

    my wife and I have experienced over forty tennis pros and various camps and none compare to the learning and communication skills of Michael Stedronsky, director of tennis @ Hawks Cay Resorts. We recommend the “clinics and privates” with this personable and knowledgeable teacher.

  • Avatar MB

    I was fortunate enough to spend last week at your resort and take two beginner classes and one clinic with Michael Stedronsky. I was very intimidated at the beginning until i was able to witnes his patience and guidance to our guest prior to my lesson (who by the way were as equally impresdded).I’m a true rookie with quite an ego and can honestly say that Michael is outstanding in his skill, patience, and ability to train with such precision, skill, and kindness. And mostly for making us all comfortable and want to come back for more. I will definately be back and reccommend anyone an awesome lesson at whatever level they are in need and honestly enjoy the learning process by “The Best” instructor around.

  • Avatar ES

    I was amazed at how Mike was able to blend all different levels and ages into his clinics and make it worthwhile for everyone. I am a 4.5 player and both my children (15 and 13 year olds) are competitive USTA tournament players. We all had a blast and were thoroughly impressed with Mike’s enthusiasm and court-side demeanor. He expertly mixed in instruction, drills, and fun games to make the time fly by.

  • Avatar NS

    Head pro Michael Stedronsky is VERY enthusiastic and our group learned a lot from the lessons/drills due to the variety of strokes and techniques incorporated into each session. During the lesson Michael took the time to individually give out pointers and tips. Because of the holiday season the sessions were a little more crowed than usual but Michael and Nate kept us moving on the court with lively drills and fun team competitions.

  • Avatar GS

    Hawks Cay tennis is AWESOME! The family just got back from another wonderful stay and fabulous tennis at Hawks Cay, and I already can’t wait to go back. Tennis is the real draw for me, as the instruction is excellent under Mike Stedronsky and Nate. I always pick up new tips during the lively and informative clinics offered multiple times daily, as well as private lessons with the family. Many thanks to them for raising my game!

  • Avatar JP

    This was my first visit to the keys and I was fortunate to find an excellent tennis experience at this resort. I attended several clinics with my step sister and her 11 year old son. We all have varying skill levels yet the instructors found a way to make it educational and enjoyable for all. I especially enjoyed some of the sayings the instructors used to help remember key concepts. My favorite was “elbows on the table” to remember the ready position at net. It will stick in my mind forever and it REALLY resonated with the kids. Most importantly, the staff had a genuine positive attitude that became contagious to all participants.

  • Avatar MB

    Excellent tennis experience with head teaching pro Mike. We attended clinics, private lessons, and my children had lessons as well. Very professional and I felt my game improved from the time I spent there! He challenged my kids and made sure they also had a blast playing. He is full of energy.

  • Avatar BA

    My friend from St Louis and I (from Tucson) met in Duck Key FL for a week’s vacation. On Day #1, we went to the tennis courts, met the pro Mike and he immediately had us engaged in morning clinics for the remainder of our stay. Mike was young, high-energy, and very encouraging. He was skilled at accessing our level of play and chose appropriate drills to improve our weaknesses. He made each day fun for us. My friend plans to return in March for more clinics with Mike. If I could join her, I definitely would! The clay courts are easy on the legs, Mike will help set up games for you and the setting at Hawk’s Cay Resort is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Avatar TJ

    A great facility with plenty of opportunity to play on either Har-Tru or hard courts. Two of the Har-Tru are lit for night time sessions. Freedom to come and go as you please, with no additional fees for your own court time. Great options for daily clinics and personal instruction by an outstanding pro, Michael Stedronsky. He has loads of personality, and is excellent not only at keeping things fun, but identifying and communicating needed instruction. Two of the Har-Tru were recently resurfaced, have new nets, and all four play excellent. Were some issues when we were there this time with the water fountains and a couple of lights, but neither was a big deal and both are the responsibility of the resort not Cliff Drysdale staff. We liked the combo tennis/pool resort options at Hawks Cay so much that we have gone two years in a row. Highly recommended for a tennis vacation.

  • Avatar MB

    We loved the tennis program…it was fantastic! Mike, the pro, went above and beyond to make sure that our entire party was taken care of. We were traveling with a 6 year old tennis lover, and he left with stronger skills, and a an excited outlook on the game. Mike was great with getting him excited to play, and keeping him interested through the hour long periods they played together. I played in the clinics each morning, and they were a mix of locals and visitors, with different strengths and weaknesses, but we all had fun. My husband and father in law enjoy picking up a racket and playing on their own, and there was always a court available, and two with lights at night. When not playing tennis, there were multiple pools, one for just adults, lots of children’s activities at the kids club, and multiple food options. The only downside was the villa. It was not to the standard of a luxury resort. We loved Hawks Cay, however, we just wish the accommodations were more reliable.

  • Avatar BY

    Thanksgiving 2014, What a great facility, great tennis experience as well. The facility is beautiful, clean and well kept, everybody wants you to, and makes you feel, as though you are in paradise, and you truly are. Tennis : I had several sessions with Michael, it was so nice that he immediately seen my weak areas, with in a few minutes, which impressed me, some pro do not pay attention to you that close. That is what sold me. To confirm that Michael is a great pro, and that helped me go to the next level. I won my game play when I got back home utilizing what he said. I appreciate his energy to work with me. I like to experience a WOW factor, and I experience it…

  • Avatar JK

    The tennis sessions were exceptional and Michael at Hawks Cay is an excellent instructor! I took three months off from tennis and when trying to get back into it I struggled with consistency and confidence. After the two 1.5hr sessions, I find myself playing much more consistently and confidently in all aspects of the game. Michael was quick to assess problems with technique and described fixes quite clearly, constructively, and very pleasantly. It’s clear he enjoys tennis instruction. His enthusiasm fosters a comfortable environment where I felt secure putting forth the effort to work through mistakes and use his guidance on how to improve. My skill level is back to and beyond where I was prior to taking the summer off from tennis. Now when playing, I reflect on his advice, focus on the preparation and technique, and the improvement and confidence is there. The sessions are a serious workout too! It was well worth it and I hope to have the opportunity to do a tennis session again!

  • Avatar RC

    I just returned from a week at Hawk’s Cay Resort where I participated in daily tennis drills, games, and instruction from Michael Stedronsky of Cliff Drysdale Tennis. The instruction provided by Mr. Stedronsky was top notch! He always had a lesson plan worked out in advance whereby we were really able to focus on both proper technique as well as developing the best shot selection. Mr. Stedronsky provided valuable insight as to game strategy as it related to the doubles and singles game. I am looking forward to test out what I learned in my weekly doubles league. Mr. Stedronsky always made participating in his classes engaging and fun, as his instructing style is very professional, yet high energy. The only real negative is that a couple of the clay courts need resurfaced soon. I would definitely recommend tennis instruction from Mr. Stedronsky and would not hesitate to return myself, if the opportunity to spend a week in the Florida Keys presents itself again.

  • Avatar MU

    Tennis at Hawks Cay is excellent. You can always find a game and if you want to have a group or private lesson, the staff is always available to match you up with a pro and group of players who are at a compatible level. The only small issue is that a couple of the hard courts(in the back part of the tennis center) could use some resurfacing.

  • Avatar AR

    My first time to the Keys and I would definitely return. Hawk’s Cay was quite the oasis. Mike, our tennis instructor, couldn’t have been more accommodating. His instruction, patience, and overall knowledge and attitude made for a very memorable experience. I would consider following Mike where ever he worked and would recommend him to all my friends.

  • Avatar BW

    My husband and I recently enjoyed a short visit to Hawk’s Cay Resort. It was a pleasure meeting Mike and participating in two of his clinics (Grip it and Rip it). Mike is very personable, professional and fun. Even though we were only with him for a couple of hours overall, he gave us each some helpful tips to take home with us to improve both our individual games as well as tips for working together as a mixed doubles team.

  • Avatar RM

    A couple lessons with John and Mike and my was a great experience. Their aptitude and attitude brought my game to a new altitude!

  • Avatar JV

    Great clinics and instruction in a beautiful setting. After morning clinics, courts are generally open during afternoon/evening for play.

  • Avatar PC

    Hawk’s Cay is a charming little tennis facility, that with some work could be special. I have heard that the owners are planning on making upgrades. What really attracted me to Hawk’s Nest was tennis director Mike Stedronsky, a top notch teaching pro and a first class guy. I probably hit with him 30 to 40 times and hope to do the same next season. If you are in the middle keys stop by and book a lesson with Mike, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Avatar ES

    One of the reasons I booked Hawks Cay was bc/ I believed I would have a superior tennis experience at a hotel where tennis was managed and run by Cliff Drysdale Inc. I have learned this from expereince over many years. Thanks to Mike, the head pro at Hawk’s Cay, the tennis experience exceeded my expectations. Mike’s energy and fun clinics helped to make my vacation and tennis experience a memorable one. His staff pro Josh was also a great teacher. In addition, Mike has a unique ability to get kids interested and having fun; it was a joy to watch as he ran a kid’s clinic for beginners with my 11 & 9 year old. I would highly recommend for any level tennis enthusiast. Thanks Mike and Josh.

  • Avatar TV

    Hawk’s Cay Resort is an unexpected jewel of a tennis program staffed by Cliff Drysdale. I have been playing tennis at Hawk’s Cay for three winters in a row and it just keeps getting better (and in my humble opinion I am getting better too!)
    I have been taught by Sam Keenan in previous year who was outstanding and taught me to play on clay courts from my typical northern Michigan hard court background.
    This year a new pro arrived named Mike Stedronsky and has elevated my game to a whole new level. His enthusiasm his contagious and his expertise beyond any instructor I have had. He is excellent in both group and private classes of which I have had many.
    I am normally a bit frugal when it comes to private lessons for my children as they can be pricey, but the opportunity to have someone with the skill level to develop strokes for my son was a chance not to be missed. Mike has turned my beginner 12 year-old into a solid player with a great grip and stance for all his shots. If you want a great tennis experience choose Cliff Drysdale and especially Mike Stedronsky!
    The only negative is in the facility and pro shop which are in no way a reflection on the quality of the tennis. An upgrade in bathrooms, pro shop, clothing,drinks and court area is necessary to be on the same level as the other areas at the resort.
    Hawk’s Cay needs to know that there are many other hotel options in the Keys but to have a first rate tennis program sets them apart. Please spend some money on the facility and know that Cliff Drysdale has the best clinics and instructors I have been to! There is a big difference!

  • Avatar KD

    A clean beautiful resort. All of the staff is very friendly and accommodating. The tennis program is terrific. Michael Stedronsky is a wonderful coach and teacher. My family had a great time and I would recommend to my friends.

  • Avatar SK

    My wife and I along with two of our sons (ages 13 and 10) had the pleasure of taking two hour-long lessons with local Pro Mike Stedronsky over Spring Break in early April 2013. We are novices to say the least despite my wife claiming some tennis success in high school. On the first day, four of us were drilled and challenged by Mike. The next morning, only my wife and I rallied to rejoin Mike and we had an absolute blast. His energy is infectious and his passion for teaching phenomenal. We have returned to Chicago hell bent on finding time on the court. Mike relates well to kids, and he represents Hawks Cay Resort like a true professional. We spent a week at the resort and Coach Mike along with a terrific Jamaican server at Alma’s Restaurant named Delroy were easily the MVP’s of Hawk’s Cay.

  • Avatar DK

    Our family had an outstanding time last week at Hawks Cay. We agreed that our tennis clinics and playing together made our trip. This is significant in that we had only played twice as a family and I hadn’t picked up a racquet in years. After trying a beginner clinic with Josh and watching Mike give one of his up tempo lessons, we were hooked and returned every morning for another session. In summary, the quality of the instruction was nothing short of outstanding and is only surpassed by how warm and inviting Josh and Mike are as people. After one week at the resort, we are already planning on joining a club in Boston and planning our next trip down to Hawks Cay
    The quality of the courts was terrific and the other patrons enjoyed themselves. We have already spoken with a family friend who is traveling to the resort in June to put her in touch with Mike and Josh.
    My 17 and 14 year olds have called it their favorite vacation with the most fun being who could be the “net monster” during our “friend” competitions.

  • Avatar KW

    The courts are well maintained. Mike is an excellent instructor and provides very specific feedback to improve your game. There are plenty of courts so we never had to wait for a court.

  • Avatar AF

    The Director of Tennis, Mike Stedronsky is a knowledgable young Pro who was very patient working with me to convert from my old Continental Grip to a Modified-Western Grip. I believe he has succeeded;and I am very pleased.Group clinics are available daily as well as 1/2hour and 1 hour individual lessons, all at very reasonable rates. The facilitly has 7 clay courts that drain very well in the event of a quick morning shower. Hawks Cay is a very nice resort with a lot of activities available for young and old.

  • Avatar LR

    Hawk’s Cay has four outstanding clay courts and 4 hard courts. A group of nine men stayed here for a week. We played tennis about 5-6 hours most days. Mike, the pro, was very helpful in every way. He even found another player when we were short one day.
    The large condos had 5 beds each. We pushed two tables together on the deck overlooking the canal to seat 9 for evening meals.
    While we came to Hawk’s Cay mainly to play tennis there were other wonderful opportunities as well. We rented a boat just across the street and fished for two days, spent an afternoon in Key West (40 minutes away), and refreshed in the pools and hot tubs on site.
    This was our 8th annual one week tennis outing in Florida. Our other venues have been Captiva Island and Sanibel Island. Hawk’s Cay had the best tennis courts, accommodations, and variety of activities of all.
    Special thanks to Kathryn B of Cliff Drysdale’s tennis for all the special help organizing this special week!

  • Avatar BK

    Hawks Cay is an amazing destination in the Florida Keys. Great for Couples and Families. It’s a taste of the Islands in a truly Upscale setting. Mike, the Head Tennis Pro, made my Tennis experience unforgettable. He is outgoing, engaging and very talented. I am a Pro, and have been teaching tennis in New York for over 25 years. He was able to Challenge my game. as well as , give me great tips. Also I was observed his coaching techniques, and gave me ideas to take back with me up North. The Tennis program offers a variety of Clinics for all levels throughout the day, as well as Private options. Above all the Clay, as well as Hard court options are a beautiful serene setting to enjoy your tennis game in the Island Sun. Go to Hawks Cay, You’ll Love It!

  • Avatar AG

    I had an absolutely wonderful experience at The Hawk’s Cay Resort, highlighted by the wonderful attention that was afforded to me by the Director of Tennis, Mike Stedronsky.
    This guy was all you could ask for: Knowledgeable,Personable, a good teacher who could not only tell you what to do, but really do it! He would demonstarte what needed to be done and in a manner that was not confusing. He could hit the ball back to you every time, to where you wanted it and at the speed and height that was appropriate for the shot. He sincerely cared about your progress and you just wanted to keep coming back. My game has improved just because of a few cues that he has given to me.
    I can’t wait to come back again and take more and more lessons. I highly recommend Mike and the Resort itself. What a beautiful setting – a little tennis and then marvelous wildlife and just nice people running the resort.

  • Avatar MB