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459 reviews
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  • Avatar RJ

    There’s nothing like spending time at the Marriott Desert Springs for relaxation and of course, tennis! We love the grass, hard, and clay courts and try to play on all surfaces.
    We try to take a couple of clinics to refresh our game, learn something new, and meet new players.
    Jim is not only very knowledgeable but personalizes the experience to the group.
    We will keep coming and look forward to many more years at Desert Springs.

  • Avatar AN

    The tennis program and pro, Jim, are fantastic.

  • Avatar AL

    Jim is an amazing instructor and a true pro of his craft. We will be coming back for years to come.

  • Avatar CP

    By far some of the best tennis teaching and coaching I have had in the 5 years I have been actively playing tennis. I will absolutely be heading back for more. Jim Leupold is clearly a highly experienced and knowledgeable pro. He broke the strokes and strategic points of the game down in a way that I have not experienced before. I am very excited to get back home and incorporate his incredible tricks and advice into my game !

  • Avatar ED

    This was our first tennis camp experience, and I doubt we will ever find better instruction at any other resort or tennis facility. I would wager to guess he has the most unique program in the world. We have NEVER heard anything like the content he taught us from any of the clinics or lessons we’ve taken or even online courses. We were absolutely blown away by Jim and everything he offered us! To add to the tennis expertise, He’s also such a happy, funny, and great guy to be around. He revolutionized both of our serves, our match strategies, and shot selections. Thats huge! I challenged him to try volleyball, as I’m a volleyball player at heart, and he actually found and brought a volleyball out to the tennis courts so we could hit around. It was hilarious and awesome. We enjoyed every minute of our time with him, came away with at least ten reliable new skills to use, and overall just had an excellent time.

  • Avatar KK

    Jim Leupold, the tennis pro, is a treasure. If you want new insights into your game, he is the instructor for you! He sets clinic themes for each clinic. “Serves”, “Doubles Strategies”, and “Groundstrokes” to break down each part of the game. Jim is an enthusiastic and willing teacher helping all walks of life who show up to his court. Highly recommend!!

  • Avatar CS

    The JW Marriott Desert Springs & Resort never fails to amaze me! I took a private lesson with Jim Leupold and he always finds a way to elevate my game. Highly recommend for any travelers during their stay! 🙂

  • Avatar JM

    Excellent tennis instruction in a fun and supportive environment.

  • Avatar TG

    Jim is the best instructor I’ve ever had who focuses on strategy and explaining everything in a way that finally makes sense!

  • Avatar AL

    Jim is the best coach!

  • Avatar NM

    We have been going to the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa for the last 20 years, having first discovered it attending a conference. Now we come for the superb tennis experience first and foremost, with excellent pros, fun clinics and friendly fellow tennis enthusiasts. The spa, the location, the resort itself and the food is great as well!

  • Avatar DS

    My friend and I have gone to the JW for over 10 years to do the clinics everyday then head to PNB pro tennis tournament . We look forward to the competitive clinics. We are paired with people at our level and the instructors guide us through drills to hone our doubles skills. Every year we walk away with concrete ways to continue to improve. I so appreciate the head Pro Jim Leupold and the staff he puts together to teach us. I recommend this resort to all tennis players at all skill levels. You will learn and have fun and make new tennis friends.

  • Avatar MM

    The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and especially the tennis facilities run by Jim Leupold and his PBI staff are exceptional. I have travelled to many resorts around the globe and have played tennis at many idealic facilities, but can honestly say that the JW Marriott facilities and Jim Leupold are the catalysts that bring me back annually for the past 8-9 years (sometimes bi-annually). Do yourself a favour, visit the JW Marriott and Jim at least once – I bet you’ll become hooked like I have become.

  • Avatar AA

    Lots of tennis courts Long walks to car and around hotel due to large size Can be difficult to find pool chairs

  • Avatar JS

    The Marriott Desert Springs on a macro basis is an incredible experience in all respects! I personally believe that one of the real treasures of the resort is the lawn and Tennis! I have been to many tennis resorts around the country and the Tennis Center at the Marriott is one of the very best I’ve ever been to! Facilities are tremendous the atmosphere is highly positive, The quality of the tennis Director and his staff is unparalleled in my opinion! And I personally believe that given all these exceptional qualities, it makes the lawn and tennis center the jewel of the Marriott resort!

  • Avatar RR

    I have told my tennis friends that you have to go to the Desert Springs Marriott where tennis director Jim Leupold puts on terrific clinics, and events like the social tournament where you play on all three surfaces (hard, grass and HarTru) with different partners. Such a blast, and by the end of the day you have a large group of people to call on for matches during your stay. I always pack extra shoes and clothes because I spend hours on the courts for days. The surrounding view of the mountains is just spectacular. During the peak season Jim has a number of really good young pros that he brings in to help with clinics and events. I have been going there in the fall for more than a decade and its highlight of my desert stay.

  • Avatar BC

    Playing tennis at the JW Marriott during the Indian Wells tournament was such a magical experience. If you’re planning a trip to Palm Springs you HAVE to play tennis at the JW Mariott. The grounds are gorgeous, the staff were wonderful and so helpful, and the pros were high energy, very knowledgeable, and helped me improve many aspects of my game. We played on the hard court, clay, and grass courts…how incredible to have the option of all 3! Seriously though, the pros… John, Josh, Jon, and of course Jim were amazing and I’m already planning my trip back for next year!

  • Avatar SC

    We went during the Indian Wells Tennis tournament in March. Loved that the hotel had a complementary shuttle service running to and from the tournament. Spent two days at the tournament, and spent another two days playing at tennis facilities at the resort. They had a nice selection of classes, and their tennis pros gave phenomenal private lessons. Everyone there was incredibly nice and accommodating. Definitely recommend!

  • Avatar GF

    This resort is amazing! The weather was incredible and the tennis courts are in great condition. I was able to arrange quality tennis as well as amazing time with the pros. I learned a tremendous amount as well as had a really good time. And the surrounding area is incredible also with lots to do!

  • Avatar PK

    Each year, we at Wilson Tennis need to choose a location to host our global marketing photoshoot, an event where we capture content with our top athletes. Choosing the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa is the easiest decision we make all year! From a facility perspective, they have everything you need. Hard courts, clay courts, and of course, the picturesque grass courts. They have catering, shipping, storage, and printing services that their team successfully manages throughout the week. Their restaurants and hotel rooms on site are first class – we actually don’t leave the grounds all week because of all the great amenities on site. Most importantly, though, is the team that works in the Tennis Center, led by Tennis Director Jim Leupold. Jim and his team are so great to work with. Leading up and especially during our event, they always have a solution to anything we throw their way, and believe me, we throw A LOT their way. They are incredibly accommodating, professional, and best of all, friendly! Jim always makes a point to give a lesson to anyone on our team who asks, and even insists on doing it himself. Our week at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa is by far our favorite work trip of the year, and so of course we have no hesitation recommending their resort and tennis center for any event you may want to host there. They’ll make any work event feel like a true vacation. Please, please just don’t take our week!

  • Avatar JM

    I have retired to the Valley and have taken lessons at all the clubs and resorts and Jim Leopard is the very best teacher in the entire Valley and also the best teacher I have ever had. He is clear, precise and 100% present when teaching, which is very rare in the tennis teaching world! Dora who works at the front desk is a joy to interact with and always so helpful in person and on the phone! The resort is lovely and the setting is amazing! This should be your only tennis destination in the Coachella Valley! The Best.

  • Avatar PM

    Jim Leupold and his tennis staff set the bar for professional and effective tennis instruction. I’ve never found better for the 2.5-4.0 level player. Courts are immaculate with all three surfaces (grass, clay, hard court) available for play. If you love tennis, this is your paradise.

  • Avatar AA

    Lots of good clinic offerings on the regular. I attended the tennis camp and found it to be enjoyable. I think grouping players by whether or not they have topspin would be a good idea. I got stuck with the ladies who wanted to chit chat instead of drill with intensity. It would be better to group those who want to hit a lot of balls and have topspin together so they aren’t frustrated with the social types with no topspin. I did voice my opinion and got moved to a better group so that made my experience much better.

  • Avatar LW

    I took a 4 day tennis camp for 4.0 level and above through PBI International. Jim and his staff were outstanding. The staff was so helpful, friendly, and met everyone where they were in their journey. I really appreciated how fun they made the camp; we were constantly in motion either practicing a new stroke or playing games. The evening dinner together was lovely. It was a nice chance to get to know the other “campers” and spend time with the instructors who are all such lovely people. I highly recommend this camp. I don’t think there are any “weaknesses” as the time was well used; for the weekend tennis warrior, but be prepared for a LOT of tennis! 🙂

  • Avatar SL

    Second time for a tennis camp at JW Marriot Desert Hot Springs and it didn’t disappoint. Great tennis clinics, despite the rainy weather. Would highly recommend.

  • Avatar CA

    I attended the first World Tennis Camp (Cliff Drysdale and Peter Burwash companies). In order to attend this special camp, one had to be 4.0 and above. The staff was superb, clearly energetic, experienced in teaching, and very organized. We each filled out a survey of desired results and they clearly read them and organized accordingly. We also were able to play on hard/clay/grass. Some of the attendees over-rated themselves (I am a high 4.5 and some of the 4.5 rated players were under 4.0). Nevertheless, there were enough strong players for even a 4.5 player. I would attend again! (Please come if you are a strong player and want to have a great time!)

  • Avatar NS

    Great staff! Suberb instruction! Loved every minute of my time there.

  • Avatar M(

    My favorite part of the resort stay was our pickleball lessons and the tennis camp. My husband took beginner lessons with Linda Paulding. I took the intermediate lessons and played with Linda and another couple staying at the resort.

  • Avatar SH

    Josh led an excellent pickleball drill on serve/return. Knowledgeable, fun, best instructor ever! Highly recommend him

  • Avatar EG

    Today for our introduction to pickle ball, we were fortunate enough to be coached by Linda Paulding! Coach Linda was incredibly good at teaching us how to play this super fun game. I have no experience with tennis either and she made a very easy for me to feel comfortable and learn the rules of the game while having a lot of fun! I really appreciated having such a phenomenal teacher! I can’t wait to go back and have another lesson from LINDA! So grateful she was my first instructor as otherwise I think I would have been simply lost. I very highly recommend Linda!

  • Avatar AF

    Fabulous resort with outstanding tennis and amazing meals. The clinic was instructional and fun! Thanks, John and Joshua! The dinner was romantic and delicious. Champaign toast was so thoughtful! What a great way to celebrate our 30th anniversary weekend! Thank you, JW Marriott team! A perfect 10!

  • Avatar TG

    I have played tennis my whole life and the head pro Jim, is the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. He has a gift of explaining concepts and finding ways to improve my game. I love the clinics!!

  • Avatar JR

    I visit the desert for a few months during the winter and was so pleased to have been introduced to the Desert Springs tennis program. I’ve found the instruction to be first rate and the location very convenient to my needs while residing on a part-time basis in the desert. I’ve been going to Desert Springs for some years now and I could not be more pleased with my experience. Of course no program can be complete or competitive without good instruction and that is where Desert Springs really shines. Jim Leupold and his staff of professionals really add a great deal to the tennis experience and they have made a real difference in my tennis. I’ve gained skill and confidence while playing that have made a huge difference in my ability. I can recommend Desert Springs and the tennis staff without reservation – it’s a great place with great people!

  • Avatar AF

    Nothing can compare with this resort. It is beautifully situated on an incredible pieces of property. It is unique. A true desert experience, amazing views, sports, relaxation and glamor if you need it. The Spa is excellent. There is enough to do at the resort that you don’t ever have to leave the property. And yet you never feel crowded, the place is spacious and well designed. You feel inspired just being there. The Tennis is absolutely my favorite. Jim Leupold is an exceptional Leader, Manager and Tennis Pro an, all round great individual. I recommend the offerings at the tennis center, incredible lessons, personalized attention and amazing courts in a great setting. My tennis has improved one hundred fold because of the quality of the teaching. My only point of weakness would be regarding the appearance of the court surface and the green chain link and canvas. It could do with sprucing up! It does not look as this has been refreshed in a long time. The current state of these things does nothing to promote the brilliant tennis program on offer at the Marriott. The tennis experience is US Open quality 100%. Jim Leupold gives his professional heart and expertise to maintain the offerings there, I have witnessed his friendliness, and helpful and informed attention as he reaches out to everyone who walks in the door. It doesn’t make sense that the look of the courts is not top level , he is top level and so is the resort, the tennis courts should represent that too! Come on, Marriott!

  • Avatar MP

    I’m at resort somewhat out of season so not many games around and I had to partake in clinics which I don’t usually do. Fun nonetheless. Jim L and Scott are both outstanding.

  • Avatar JJ

    Loved the tennis here. Less warm ups needed in clinics. I would be willing to sign up ahead to have more tailored choices. I would not mind ability to have private lessons earlier in the day but I need to plan around tennis ahead of time. I understand the need to schedule at the last minute but it may be a good idea to have a few of my vacation days set up ahead! Thanks for the great program.

  • Avatar GC

    I came to tennis camp with 3 girlfriends and we had a blast! We met lots of new people and our pros were super fun and taught us some new concepts I hadn’t learned anywhere else. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar CK

    Every year I take private lessons from Jim Leupold. He is excellent. He is patient as well as knowledgeable. My tennis improves each and every time. Plenty of courts for you to play tennis in addition to lessons. There is also plenty of clinics to take.

  • Avatar SL

    Jim and staff at JW Marriott Desert Springs are world class. I can’t recommend the tennis facilities and instruction enough. It was simply the best time immersed in tennis for 3 days.

  • Avatar JI

    Jim Leupold and staff were awesome. This camp exceeded every expectation I had. I really hope they put on another camp soon!!

  • Avatar SR

    Jim Leopoldo is a fabulous genuine coach and player. His instruction techniques are easy to follow and learn from. He has a great sense of humor which make lessons even more fun! Dora runs an amazing pro shop. Her selection of clothing is unsurpassed! Love chatting with her every morning. Miquel the groundskeepers remembers my name and is always happy to see me. Love the surroundings. I have only positive things to say about my team. I come every Feb and it is my home away from home for 2 weeks!

  • Avatar MR

    Best tennis and Picklball anywhere! Highly recommended!

  • Avatar JW

    I return every year for an outstanding week of drills, clinics, tournaments, and round robin play. The facility is first rate with hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts. The pro staff is the best with Jim Leupold leading a wonderful group who always make my week memorable and I go home with my game improved and new drills to work with for the following year. I enthusiastically recommend this resort without any reservations.

  • Avatar MM

    I have been returning annually for 8 years to play and learn from Jim Leupold who is the director of tennis. He is amazing talent, and a super nice person as well. In fact, everyone from court maintenance staff to the front desk staff and all the pros are super nice! All of the tennis court surfaces are available to play on and , the pickleball courts are amazing (they even offer grass badminton). The tennis programs and lessons (and all the pros) are with PBI International so it’s top notch. I have been spoiled playing there.

  • Avatar JV

    Well worth attending the PBI (Peter Burwash International) tennis venue. Probably the best around (i.e. tennis venues and big tennis houses).

  • Avatar JM

    The pro, Jim Leupold, is the best tennis instructor in all of the Coachella Valley. If you want to improve your tennis take his class!

  • Avatar JB

    great place, great people. have brought others into resort and program.

  • Avatar KV

    You have a choice of multiple hard courts, 3 clay had-tru courts and 2 grass courts. Multiple clinics everyday Wonderful friendly staff Superb hotel, spa and workout facility Time share condos are also fantastic

  • Avatar SL

    The focus of this review is about the tennis program – 1. The tennis program is very effective and flexible for beginners through highly skilled players 2. Players have many options for participating – from solo lessons to groups of 8 3. Courts include hard court, clay and grass 4. The program can develop a “private tennis camp” for your group (which we will try to get done in the next year) 5. The tennis executive director – Jim -(a) can accomplish a great deal for each player if he is given information in advance and (b) he is an outstanding coach //

  • Avatar JS

    I happen to be a privilege person who lives at the Marriott desert springs estates. The entire experience here at the Estates at Desert Springs, where I own a home is incomparable one of the greatest tennis centers in the country a fantastic management team spearheaded by the general manager, the greatest in my opinion, after 60 years of playing tennis the greatest tennis center in the country it is an absolutely fantastic incredible unbelievable wonderful experience, living here at the Estates and having the greatest resort in the world at my disposal! And I should add that Jim Leupold, the tennis Director is probably the best tennis Director in the country and I have been to many many many tennis centers

  • Avatar LR

    We came for an anniversary 15 years ago and we return a few times every because it is so exceptional. I walk in the door of the tennis facility and they know me by name . It’s the best travel experience ever !!!

  • Avatar JB

    We have been going to the Marriott Desert Springs Resort in Palm Desert, CA for 23 years. The staff has been exceptional and have become very good friends over the years. Our children have gown up in the tennis program and have great memories. Jim Leupold the program director is at the top of his game. He makes you feel welcome and important to be visiting DS resort. Each year during the busy season (winter months) Jim brings in younger tennis pros who are fun and work off the same playbook that Jim has developed over the years. We highly recommend the Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Jim Leupold’s tennis program.

  • Avatar TB

    I’ve now attended the mixed surface “grand slam” tennis mixer led by instructor Jim Leopold twice, once during the 2020 BNP Paribas Open and again this year for the 2023 BNP Paribas Open. Jim is a great instructor and does a great job at getting the players excited and comfortable playing with new faces. Honestly, the mixer he runs is a top reason why I come to the palm springs area for vacation…It’s just that fun! My dad and I have started making a trip out of it, and we’re talking about making this an annual trip. I highly recommend signing up for the mixed surface mixer. See you on the clay courts!

  • Avatar JH

    This was our 14th year to return to Palm Desert and the excellent tennis program at the JW Marriott Desert Springs program directed by Jim Leupold. His clinics and drills are fast-paced, informative and always fun.

  • Avatar BB

    Since I discovered the JW Marriott resort in Palm Springs, I’ve come twice a year and love it more each time. We’re all tennis players, and for us this resort and tennis program represent the best in the region. So lucky to have this on the West Coast. We love the trifecta of tennis surfaces with clay courts, hard courts, and the holy grail among the tennis community, the grass courts. In March our family came for BNP Paribas/Indian Wells, and stayed at the JW Marriott for fun mixers and classes offered through the Peter Burwash International Tennis Academy. This program run by Jim Leupold is top notch and we always feel like family coming home as soon as we arrive. He even remembers my kids’ names! We learn a lot, are constantly challenged, and together with the pools, golf, and good conversation we never want to leave. And coming from Portland, Oregon the weather and palm trees aren’t too shabby either. Thank you to Jim, and your amazing staff. Looking forward to our next stay this fall!

  • Avatar JD

    I visited the resort during the Indian Wells Tennis Classic and took part in 3 clinics. The clinics were informative, enjoyable and very well run. The instructors were friendly and efficient and made the clinics very pleasant. I have taken clinics here at least a half dozen times and always look forward to the next opportunity.

  • Avatar JS

    My wife and I attended a four-day tennis camp at Marriott Desert Springs in December 2022. We were so impressed with Tennis Director Jim Leupold. He is a spectacular teacher- simplifies technique and unfolds pretty amazing results in a very short period of time. Great setting. Outstanding court selection – hard courts, clay and grass. Can’t wait to return!

  • Avatar MH

    Previously coming here for great tennis instruction for my wife, this time we both participated in Pickleball clinics and play. Coach Linda was patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark and Paula Hemingway The tennis below refers to my wife only.

  • Avatar MC

    Fabulous place to say and play tennis, golf or just relax

  • Avatar ID

    I absolutely love going back here year after year. Abundant courts of hard, clay and grass with great drill sessions and focused clinics every day! The instruction is absolutely top notch and the match finding utilizing locals when needed has been great for years. The entire resort has views for days and a perfect climate 10 months a year, with the summer 2 still being playable in the morning. Spa used to be world class and is still excellent but a little outdated. All the restaurants on property are delicious, definitely go for the pomegranate martinis at the Blue Star Lounge, flatbreads there are excellent as well. Golf experience here is top tier as well, especially the natural grass Putt-Putt course.

  • Avatar JT

    Jim Leupold runs a great program at this Hotel. He is the most knowledgeable tennis pro I have worked with in my years of playing tennis. I am a recreational USTA player heading to Nationals with my team in the fall. The tips and drills I learned in his clinics are invaluable. The facility beautiful and everyone working there is very friendly. I highly recommend this facility.

  • Avatar AR

    I’ve taken drills with PBI at the JW for the ten years we’ve been visiting Palm Desert. Jim runs a first-rate program!

  • Avatar JI

    I had a wonderful experience at the tennis center. Jim, the Pro was friendly and one of the most knowledgeable I’ve ever experienced. He made players of all levels feel comfortable, and his instruction was top notch!

  • Avatar CC

    A fabulous walk availability from the hotel. My husband uses the car to golf and I can walk to the tennis courts! Everyone is friendly!

  • Avatar RW

    The Staff and Tennis Director At The Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert is exceptional. We have a group of ladies that come every year for the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament and Jim and his staff does an excellent job providing, matchplay, clinics and private lessons for us during the busiest time of the year and the communication is incredible especially when you consider there are hundreds of people all wanting tennis times during that time of the year. Such a High end experience and training and we look forward to coming back every year because the experience is so wonderful.

  • Avatar DC

    this is the best tennis destination in the American West. Without question.

  • Avatar PJ

    Outstanding tennis facility Tennis pros are the best

  • Avatar JM

    Very high quality facilities & instructors.

  • Avatar JH

    It’s the best! My husband and I have been coming to the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort for 15 years because of the great tennis program offered by PBI on the campus of this lovely resort. The instruction is the best we have found anywhere. The instructors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and skilled in their teaching techniques. The drills are so helpful in developing my game and when I compete in matches when I return home, I think, “What would PBI tell me to do.” Before COVID, they offered arranging match play with others. For several years my tennis partner of 25 years and her husband have joined us here for the instruction. Before COVID they offered a very entertaining weekly show put on by the tennis pros. We’ve already booked the month of February 2023 to return to PBI and the Desert Springs Resort.

  • Avatar WW

    Jim Leupold and his staff do an excellent job with the tennis programs. The community is lucky to have the facility. Even in an area where there are numerous tennis facilities, JW Marriott Desert Springs is at the top. No where else to play on hard courts, clay and grass!

  • Avatar SP

    Jim leupiold and his team of instructors are fantastic. I especially liked roger darrohn. I can’t say enough great things about them. They are incredibly knowledgeable, are fantastic teachers and make tennis fun. The only downside is that the Marriott does not support such a fantastic resource in the way that it should. The Marriott short staffed the pro shop and as a result the pro shop was open only limited hours during the Indian Wells tournament which is a big oversight. I give Jim and his team a huge 10 out of 10!

  • Avatar JR

    I have to say that this is one of the best tennis experiences I have ever had. The staff is really professional and everyone went to great lengths to accommodate my schedule with both private lessons and their very helpful daily tennis clinics. The instructional staff was very perceptive as far as my ability level was concerned and formulated their training in a way that gradually improved my serve and overall playing skills. Patient and consistent work has really paid off in greatly improved tennis ability and, importantly, enjoyment of the game. This was my third year of tennis at Desert Springs and of course I will be back in 2023. My compliments to Jim and his really exceptional staff at Desert Springs as they really do have a great program and the personnel to deliver on the promise of a great tennis experience.

  • Avatar MW

    Great tennis program. Jim has a drill for every problem. He has helped my serve, volleys, and is great with doubles strategy. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar SN

    The tennis instruction is top notch as they are all great pros and very capable and accomodating!!

  • Avatar MM

    Good clinics for all levels. The pros are consistent in their approach which is good. Always provide good tips without trying to re-work your entire game. Every time I come back from the JW, I bring back a few tips that help my game.

  • Avatar LM

    Truly a beautiful resort with something for everyone. We are Villa 2 owners, regulars at the daily tennis clinics. Under the watchful eye of the pros, personalized instruction and great fun for everyone on the courts. Grass, clay, hard and pickle ball courts are available We appreciate the tennis staff responsivenesses and professionalism throughout the year. Adults and kids are offered many daily resort activities, poolside and kids activity center. Shuttles run regularly, however resort is very walkable if not staying in JW Marriott.

  • Avatar BN

    A great resort with very nice accommodations, several pools, golf, fitness, pickle ball and tennis. There are 20 tennis court and the Tennis director, Jim Leupold is an amazing instructor.

  • Avatar SL

    The best program and staff! We did the PBI camp 2 years ago and there was so much instruction and personal attention. I have never had a camp this good anywhere else.

  • Avatar EP

    Jim and his team are awesome, we have enjoyed the clinics and had a great time, can’t wait to return!

  • Avatar EP

    Jim and Jon are amazing! In under a week of daily clinics, we felt like our game improved immensely. The clinics are fun and effective. We hope to be back soon!

  • Avatar RO

    I had two private lessons with Jon Kooy. He was a fantastic instructor who built on the areas I wanted to work on as well as introducing me to new reproducible drills for when I left. Really enjoyed my time playing here and will certainly be back and will be requesting Jon!

  • Avatar LH

    I have enjoyed the tennis program at this resort for several decades. Appreciate the staff, the tennis program and what I’ve learned. Jim Leupold is wonderful.

  • Avatar RH

    The clinics are so helpful, Jim Leupold is a tennis yoda!

  • Avatar LO

    Outstanding tennis facility and coaching. Jim and staff are professional, on time, high energy and you leave feeling better about your game every time. I have participated in the tennis camp, private lessons and clinics…..all have been outstanding. Any chance I get to be in the Palm Springs area Jim is my first call to get on the schedule!

  • Avatar MC

    Due to Covid, I wasn’t able to experience the JW Marriott to it’s full extent, but what they were able to provide I was very pleased with. Jim (Tennis Director) provided great clinics and worked with my son where we look forward to future lessons and events. I would highly recommend visiting JW Marriott and it’s Tennis center if you want to have a truly excellent time in Palm Desert.

  • Avatar DC

    I travel for a living and have had tennis lessons all over the world. The PBI program here is the best I have ever participated in. We vacation here yearly and it is always top notch. Jim Leopold is the tennis director — he and his staff are outstanding. You can tell that Jim loves his job in his core– he loves to teach people how to play and enjoy tennis.

  • Avatar SM

    I attended a 5-day tennis camp here in March 2021. It was a fantastic experience! Jim Leupold, the head pro, is a wonderful teacher and coach. Although I was already an advanced player on arrival, I learned a lot of tennis “basics” because the camp broke everything down to the essentials. I highly recommend the resort and the camp for players of any level!

  • Avatar KO

    Three days of tennis during a recent seven night stay at the Marriott Desert Springs; Burwash program there was exceptional, staff top-notch. Shea Donahue was professional and efficient in scheduling the lessons, and our teaching staff of Zack Juhre, Ben Gottenberg, and Jon Koenigs were top-notch, hardworking, and engaged in every aspect. Special kudos to Roger Darrohn who worked with my fifteen year old daughter for four hours that week, teaching her strokes and strategy and keeping her engaged with great sociability and humor. I met Jim Leupold at the end of my stay and it was clear why his staff is so devoted to working for him and this excellent facility. We did not have a chance to work with Hanane Toumi, but I have no reason to doubt that he is comparable to his outstanding peers. All three surfaces were available during our stay, and the grass looked like Wimbledon on Day 1. I’ve been playing tennis since 1979, and this facility and staff are as good as it gets.

  • Avatar CP

    The staff, Jim, Zack, Ben and the rest are awesome! We have been here many times and they always make us feel at home. The GRASS COURT is outstanding in condition. all courts we were on were in excellent condition. I will always pick this place if I have the option!

  • Avatar MT

    excellent tennis facilities especially if in need of a partner or wanting to attend clinic. staff were exceptional and would highly recommend.

  • Avatar SJ

    I rounded up 20 of our local club members who wanted to experience playing on clay and grass. After setting things up with JIM LEUPOLD, we came out on a Saturday morning and had a wonderful time. Mid-day we took a break to enjoy the highly entertaining show/clinic that they put on for our amusement and edification. It was clear that Jim and his staff are excellent trainers. I would very much like to participate in some of their clinics in the future. Overall we had a great experience and are looking forward to coming back again soon.

  • Avatar JW

    It was great returning to the PBI Tennis Program at the JW Marriott this year. Jim, Dan and Dora took good care of us as they always do. While I was recovering from recent knee replacement surgery and took several 30 minute lessons to help me back on the court, my wife was able to take the morning clinics and brush up on various parts of her game. I strongly recommend the program for anyone looking for good instruction, at any level, from really nice people.

  • Avatar DK

    I participated in Jim’s February 2020 tennis camp. He and his staff created a fun and informative camp. I really enjoyed the chance to play on grass and clay in addition to the usual hard court play. I received good instruction and individual tips to help my game.

  • Avatar SM

    The clinics are excellent as is the teaching staff. I have always gotten something to enhance my tennis games from a clinic at this tennis facility.

  • Avatar SL

    We are a family of four with two teenagers. We all just recently took-up the sport of tennis. Jim, Shea, Zack, and the entire team at this PBI club where great with their approaching us at our current skill level and helping us advance. We learned very much over our four-day stay and had so much fun. The team was patient, and consistently upbeat and positive. This is a great destination and experience for tennis enthusiasts of every age and every skill level.

  • Avatar JF

    I can’t say enough from my experience at the JW Marriot Desert Springs Tennis Program. Jim Leupold and his staff were simply AMAZING! I have only been playing 2 years and I learned so much this past week. I play with 3 different leagues and I know after this week I have some amazing new tools to play better tennis. The staff was Professional, Friendly, and Effective in teaching new skills. Thank you so much Jim, Shay, and Zach. I will be back! Jenn Fails

  • Avatar ML

    We were very fortunate to get private lessons from Shea- really excellent tuition that improved our game. We were impressed by her deep knowledge of the game and her ability to make us (amateurs) look really good… There are lots of drills and clinics to sign up for and plenty of courts (different types too!) Would love to come back again.

  • Avatar BR

    I would highly recommend the PBI Tennis Camp at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa without hesitation. I am a professional sport coach (not of tennis), coaching at the international level and I have competed as an athlete (again, not in tennis) at the international level. Needless to say, my standards are sky high! I am a 3.0 level player and have been playing just over a year. This is my first tennis camp. I am thoroughly impressed with Jim, Steve, Ben, Zack and Shea and the extremely well thought out PBI methodology! Not only did I return home and immediately see an immense improvement in my game and the games of my tennis friends I travelled to PBI camp with, I also have made changes in my coaching which are reflective of the PBI method! This is HUGE! The PBI methodology is so sound it transcends the sport of tennis and is applicable to other sports as well! Just go! Grab some friends and go! You’ll thank me!

  • Avatar TB

    Jim Leupold and his Impeccable staff (Shea Donohue and Zack) are absolutely first rate. …collectively they provide.a perfect blend of tennis savvy and sociability. I had the chance to take private lessons with all three instructors over a recent stay, with the primary aim of addressing a wonky two-handed backhand. Each instructor had concise, clear, discernible tips about how to improve upon the swing and address deficiencies. Apart from the caliber of instruction, you simply have three delightful,personalities. I had no idea that Jim was the tennis teaching icon that he is because he is so humble, and his connections and experience in the tennis world are pretty staggering. Shea D and Zach were tennis and pickle ball (a game I had never tried before) instructors for me…. both are new to the resort (Zack just two weeks in) and provide encouragement and enthusiasm in equal measure. I initially stumbled on to the tennis facility at the JW Marriott Desert Springs quite by accident. I was staying at the Ritz a few years ago, which does not have tennis on property, so they sent me over to the Marriott. In was an utter revelation on first sight- beautiful sunken in grass courts as a centerpiece, surrounded by elevated hard and clay courts with a top quality pro shop. It gets better with each visit. If you love tennis you are doing yourself a disservice by not experiencing the amazing staff and facilities at the Marriott.

  • Avatar EC

    Took three instructional lessons with Jim Leupold. Fantastic teacher!

  • Avatar RK

    last year I picked this resort because of the location ( weather ) and variety of sports because I am a golfer and my wife and I both play tennis. We returned this year and everything we liked was the same as last year The rooms are newly renovated and would recommend a room with a view of the pool area , mountains and golf courses. The food is excellent and the service is very good. Both years we took two tennis lessons with the head pro and they were fun and instructional both times

  • Avatar SB

    we go to california from norway to train tennis with mr Jim Leupold for the 4th year in a row. we stayed for 4 weeks with tennis clinics/lessons every day. Jim is an amazing coach. first: the philosofy: teaching us to play effortless. secondly technique: he is able to clearify and simplify all strokes, so that we get a solid foundation -a natural understanding. third tactics: we been working on patterns. both single and double play greatly improved. solid logic. jim idientifies excatly what can be improved and how. gives us valuable advise and drills to take with us back home to practice. Looking forward to travel back in 2020. thank you Jim.

  • Avatar GB

    The tennis program here is outstanding thanks to Jim. Filling out the rating was confusing due to the “no opinion” rating. I would rate this resort staff for tennis the highest possible. If 5 balls= highest. That is my rating. I have been to tennis resorts all over the U SA in the Southern region.

  • Avatar JM

    The tennis centre at Desert Springs is the best in this area. This is due to Jim and his wonderful instruction and clinics as well as the fabulous facilities. See you in 2021 Jim!

  • Avatar BG

    As a tennis aficionado ,and world traveler along with my wife, a nationally ranked player, it has become a tennis maxim that if you are looking for a destination to fulfill your sports, golf ,spa, cuisine ,and pool experience look no further . The lawn and tennis club, along with pickle ball ,provide a stellar experience, as I enjoyed this week-long with remarkable weather,The tennis Director brought years of acumen to my lesson, and helped get me ready for the grass court season which will start after Roland Garros is over. This is ,as the late Robin Leach said on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a special place to enjoy in a great setting.

  • Avatar AL

    Beautiful property with amazing grass courts. Had one of the best lessons I’ve ever taken. Dan took my serve from something I loathed to something I love.

  • Avatar HB

    There were no weaknesses that I could see. The hotel was amazingly clean and well staffed. The tennis pavilion was well maintained as were the courts. Clark was a terrific tennis pro.

  • Avatar KJ

    Awesome Tennis Facility, People, Lessons and program. I recently did 6 days of clinics. The best clinics I have taken. The instructors were always positive and supportive. The instruction was clear, personalized and simple to execute. The place is beautiful and my tennis always jumps a level after visting.

  • Avatar JB

    Really enjoyed our time on court this year during Indian Wells. Played clay, grass and hard courts. Facilities and the pros were both outstanding. Can’t wait to go back!

  • Avatar KL

    My husband and I had several lessons with Clark Corey to bring us back up to speed. We have known Clark for many years and were thrilled to find him at Desert Springs where we were vacationing. He is always excellent and one of the best around. The tennis facility at Desert Springs is outstanding and offers a lot to visitors and locals. We would definitely recommend it and Clark to anyone.

  • Avatar JS

    Excellent doubles clinic for 2 hours! Great tips, strong doubles strategy and positive reinforcement! Clark Corey was the best! We hope to book him next year to get us match ready for the BNP Senior Cup! Yeah!

  • Avatar GF

    can’t say enough about this place! Amazing accommodations, incredible facilities, LOTS of fun activities to do, incredible pool, great destination. I have stayed in both the hotel and the villas…both GREAT!

  • Avatar JG

    We have been vacationing at the Desert Springs villas at the JW for 28 years and stay for 6-8 weeks. During our stays, Dora at the tennis center has always made sure that we have had all the matches we want. She does an excellent job of matching abilities so you enjoy the play. Jim also sees to any situations that might need his expertise. If there is a shortage of guests to play, Dora maintains a list of “community players” who fill in. In addition to Dora’s list we have developed a spread sheet of names and the dates they will be at the resort. We live on Hilton Head Island and it is an easy transition from there to the resort courts. Thank you Jim and Dora! See you in 2020.

  • Avatar DB

    My wife (3.0) and I (3.5) spent 6 days at the resort participating in at least 1 clinic or drill session per day. The pros were incredible. Their PBI Tennis approach to keeping it simple helped to highlight, and fix, some of the low parts in our game caused by trying to do too much. They were very good in explaining the “why” behind their tips and strategies. The facility offers hard courts, clay courts and grass courts. There were 4 opportunities most days to attend clinics or drill sessions and they also helped to coordinate match ups with other guests. Highly recommended

  • Avatar MW

    My wife and I had an incredible 5 night stay at the JW Marriott Desert Springs and spent the bulk of our days playing tennis at the PBI Club. I can’t say enough about the exceptional experience we had each and every day we were at the club. From the quality of the courts and facilities, to the beauty of the grounds and the outstanding instruction, this is a must visit destination for any tennis lover. Over the course of our stay my wife and I took private lessons and attended a few clinics and drill sessions as well. Each and every hour we spent with the staff on court was well organized and full of spot on analysis and instruction. After working with both Clark and Chad for a few days, we returned to Chicago incredibly energized about our instruction and full of smart pointers and new concepts to leverage to accelerate my improvement. It’s among the best instruction we’ve ever had. We’re already planning our return visit next fall. Well done JW Desert Springs and PBI!

  • Avatar SS

    Excellent tennis instruction and perfect small-sized group. Unusual written follow-up with insightful hints for all members of the clinic. Jim Leupold runs an excellent camp and Clark Corey with over 30 years of instruction is not to be missed.

  • Avatar TF

    Pro to camper ratio is phenomenal. Point and match play was adequate and time spent on the court was appropriate.

  • Avatar PP

    Spencer Weinberg was an amazing coach and I had an amazing time with him.

  • Avatar DM

    My family and I had the pleasure of staying at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort over the holidays. By far, the highlight of our vacation was the PBI Tennis Club. The entire staff, outstanding facility and grounds, not to mention plethora of daily clinics offered – are nothing short of exceptional. The instruction, in particular that of Dave Kensler who taught us to play pickleball – is truly outstanding. We are definitely going back next Christmas, if not before!

  • Avatar NI

    I had a great time playing Tennis at the JW Marriott. The courts were great and my instructor, Spencer Weinberg, helped me improve many parts of my game. In total, I went to three private lessons and I can say with confidence that I came out playing the best Tennis I had ever played. There were always available courts to practice on when I was not in a private lesson. I would recommend the Tennis program.

  • Avatar AJ

    Dora is fantastic about setting up partners for doubles!

  • Avatar BD

    Strengths: • The staff and pros are very congenial and prepared • There are tons of courts—including clay and grass. They even have an event where you can try the various court styles • The pros remember you from previous encounters • The pros are very institutive. For instance, if a player signed up for an advanced drill, but the pros believe the others registered are significantly more skilled, then they will just have a separate pro work with that player rather than asking them to come to another session. • The pros are adaptive. If they can see a couple of players are becoming exhausted, they will smoothly change the current exercise. • They ask the players what skill they wish to improve prior to the start of a drill session. • The sheer beauty of the landscape and picturesque views are perfectly distracting and motivating. • During the busier part of the season, they will add additional clinics • If you are staying at the JW Marriott hotel, they can bill any fees directly to your room • Even if you are not staying at the JW Marriott, you are eligible to sign up for their drills and clinics, and courts. • If you are staying at the JW, all your necessities are available on the grounds from multiple restaurants and bars, various types of shopping, golfing and tennis, and even a man-made river with gondolas for commuting within the hotel Areas of Improvement • No clay-court drills or clinics • During the busy part of the season, clinics and drill sessions may be limited to players staying at the JW Marriott. • Parking. There are actually more courts than parking spaces. They are adaptive during busy times, but it can be unclear. • The JW Marriott facility is vast, so it can take up to 40 minutes to walk to the tennis grounds from your hotel room—depending upon which part of the facility the guest is housed.

  • Avatar SK

    Best ever I visit. I’ve got a game or clinic every day . Dora was great to organize tennis for each day we staid in . A tennis pro Jim was giving us great tips and drills to improve our game. The game on a grass tennis court gave us experience of fun and frustration. I wish we can stay more days. Thanks to all people to made our vacation great. Sam

  • Avatar RJ

    I attended the camp at the JW Marriott Desert Springs in early December. It exceeded my expectations. The program was well designed to cover many topics and the instruction was tailored to help each of us advance our skills in a way that maximized our learning. The pros were excellent. They could easily identify our individual needs and made sure we had several take-aways that allowed us to continue progressing when we got home. The tennis facility is top notch and includes several hard courts as well as a few clay and grass courts. The resort is beautiful and has many amenities. I highly recommend this tennis camp and the resort.

  • Avatar RR

    I’ve taken lots of tennis lessons over the years. But I liked PBI’s approach best. I’m a practical person so I loved the simple analagies (e.g. hitting a backhand is like throwing a frisbee) that allowed me to relax and not feel overwhelmed. It felt liberating to stop obsessing about the perfect toss or the perfect form. Less is more. I also liked the emphasis on protection from injuries since I struggled with tennis elbow for much of this year. The instructors gave lots of individual attention, were highly skilled and thoroughly entertaining. I can’t imagine a better tennis camp experience.

  • Avatar HA

    A group of girlfriends and I went to Palm Dessert for a fun weekend getaway and tennis. It was so fun. The tennis instruction was top notch.

  • Avatar CD

    If tennis is your passion, this is the place to be! From the moment I arrived, the energy and enthusiasm of the coaches was unmatched! I felt instantly at home. The instruction was excellent, there is something for everyone in their programming, and the views are breathtaking. The hard courts were in great condition and the grass courts were stunning. I had been waiting many years for a chance to play on grass, and Jim made sure I would never forget the experience. I was even given a video of it to take home! This is a haven for tennis players (the resort is amazing too, and where else can you see flamingos on the way to the courts?) Many thanks to Jim and Clark for making this an unforgettable experience! I can’t wait to come back!

  • Avatar JH