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210 Reviews on “Kapalua Tennis Garden”

210 reviews
  • Avatar AP

    We have come to Kapalua for the last few years and have really enjoyed playing in daily clinics/workouts/socials. It was totally different this year (Nov/Dec 2019). I just wanted to let everyone know that the current plan for Kapalua Tennis is to discontinue everything except the socials & round robins, which will not be daily. The new schedule is in place as of Nov 2019. The former pros have moved on (although one may come back periodically- this was not confirmed). We will no longer consider Kapalua a tennis destination. It’s really unfortunate, but it seems that Kapalua is going to primarily focus on golf.

  • Avatar ET

    Another great trip out with our friends. Love Kapalua for all the incredible activities in this area. Clinics were great and we had an amazing time. Already planning the next trip with this group.

  • Avatar GH

    I have been to Kapalua Tennis Garden multiple times in the past 3 years and it is no secret why I keep coming back. It is hands down the best Tennis facility on Maui. It is superbly well taken care of, the Head Pro Nick Provenza is always exceptional & the views are phenomenal. I give it a 100/100 review in my book and I recommend it to everyone I run into on the island as well as the mainland.

  • Avatar LI

    An incredible tennis experience from top to bottom. Can’t wait to go back!

  • Avatar DV

    Beautiful location, lots of courts. Friendly staff and good coaching. The tennis shop is huge. The only draw back is that is does seem to rain on and off during the day because of it’s location.

  • Avatar AS

    I came here with my fiance and we loved every minute of it! As avid tennis players, we loved how we could incorporate it into our vacation. We went to a few clinics with director Jason Purcell and his co-worker Nick. They were able to conduct a great class with players from all levels. The best part about playing tennis here is the gorgeous view overlooking the coast on one side and the volcano on the other. After the clinics and matches we joined our new classmates for lunch at the Pineapple Grill – the food there is delectable! We walked and drove through the resort and it is literal paradise. We have yet to find a better vacation spot than the Kapalua Tennis Garden! We look forward to returning!

  • Avatar DS

    We can’t say enough great things about our time at Kapalua! The clinics were awesome, there were at least 3 socials when we were there and to top it off even our kids had an amazing leason with the director of tennis there, Jason Purcell. They wanted to go back to him every day! He was incredible – took the time to really help on and off the court to make our vacation one to never forget. We want to go back every year!!

  • Avatar CE

    Gorgeous venue with 4 newly re-surfaced courts, and nice shaded sections on the ends. Staff is amazing – so friendly and genuine, and always willing to give you tips to improve your game. Love the morning live ball clinics! Only downside – Napili gets a decent amount of rain, but that can’t be faulted to the Tennis Garden! 🙂

  • Avatar MS

    Brilliant team. Exceptional insight to training, strategy and philosophy. And a brilliant setting and views that are probably unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Absolutely exceptional. cant wait to be back. The only weakness is the weather is a bit unpredictable but they make up and work with you to easily reschedule. And bring sunscreen.

  • Avatar JB

    Jason puts on an excellent program. We did a week long trip in July with 20 players and the clinics were extensive, the hospitality was top notch, and the Banana Bread was to die for. Jason made all of us feel welcome.

  • Avatar HL

    I go to Kapalua Tennis Gardens several times a year bc we own at the Montage nearby. I usually take a group of tennis ladies with me. Jason runs a great program for us! We always have a fun time and learn something new to take home. He can manage groups of all levels and keep it interesting and high energy for all of us. Nick (pro) is another super knowledgeable instructor with a wicked game. The pros and staff are some of the nicest, most accommodating and warmest people I’ve ever met. The setting is lovely with views of the ocean and golf course, and courts well maintained with four courts in mint condition and the other six in ok condition. I enjoy my visits every time and love meeting usta players from all over the country. It’s such a friendly atmosphere and so collegial always. Highly recommend Kapalua Tennis!

  • Avatar TR

    As an enthusiastic tennis addict, Kapalua Tennis Garden is a place where I get my favorite “fix”. I am always dying to go back for more! Anyone who enjoys the game needs to play here. The courts are prestine, the view is spectacular and the surroundings are so beautiful it deserves the name “paradise”! But the most important reason to go? I would have to say the tennis instruction! Jason Purcell’s personal talent, coaching skills and enthusiasm for improving your game is as breathtaking as the surroundings! If you are planning a vacation in Maui and play tennis, make sure you carve out the time to play here everyday during your stay, trust me!

  • Avatar MM

    The clinics are great. Courts are great and Jason is wonderful!

  • Avatar BG

    Kapalua Tennis was simply amazing! I came to Hawaii for over 1 week and was here every day mingling and playing with other guests and the superb pro’s. I look forward to coming back and will be recommending it to everyone I meet. Teaching Professional Nick was one of the most friendly and knowledgeable tennis guru’s I’ve ever met in my life. His drills were fun, and his drop in classes were spot on for placing us with appropriate skill level and enjoyment.

  • Avatar JF

    I have enjoyed playing tennis at the kapalua on and off your years. I had not been back since 2015 and wow what a difference! Nick was fantastic and jason was able to was able to tweak my game to have even greater success. Since i got home I have been crushing it on the court! I also thought Debbi was a delight, so helpful! I cant wait to come be back at the end of the summer for a long tennis vacation with my girlfriends.

  • Avatar KE

    Loved this place !!! Played tennis everyday…the setting so gorgeous and they had clinics every morning. The pros were great !! Everyone was so nice…can’t wait to come back. The most incredible place I’ve ever been…most relaxing and beautiful.

  • Avatar TY

    While the facility isnt world-class (yet) the staff definitely is. Between Jason, Nick and Debbi these guys are the best. Always accommodating and going the extra mile. Their clinics and instruction is ALWAYS on point, direct and insightful. Don’t know how they keep up the great energy and enthusiam, but you’ll see it each and everyday. Really can’t say enough good things the Kapalua tennis gardens under Jason’s direction.

  • Avatar PS

    We last visited here 5 years ago. The new skill-level specific programming that has been introduced since our last visit was ideal. Challenged both of us and pitted us against like-skilled players. The setting is so idyllic that a windy or misty day is easily forgotten. When you chose Kapalua it’s because there is no better setting on the island for playing tennis. The other resorts do not have the tranquil setting or cooling breezes Kapalua has, the latter making the tennis far more bearable in the strong Hawaiian sun. The tennis pass was a great investment too since we played daily which gave us discounts. Just wish they offered organized match making so I didn’t have to give that business to another resort where the setting was far less idyllic.

  • Avatar MR

    I really enjoy going to Kapalua Tennis Garden. They have great instructors and beautiful courts. There is always something going on there. Either alone or in a group this place is ideal. Jason is a great guy with very solid tennis instruction and gives good feedback. He is truly interested in improving your game.

  • Avatar AW

    Beautiful facility and friendly staff. Debbi in the shop takes care of any and all tennis needs. Great place to play!

  • Avatar RE

    The complex is in a beautiful setting and the courts are well maintained. The instructional and shop staff are quite helpful. There are a lot of clinics one can take. The biggest change this year is that setting up matches was virtually discontinued. Fees for locals and visitors were increased. This has resulting in a lot of the locals choosing to play at another complex. We play at a lower level and found a lot at our level (3.0 – 3.5) weren’t available now for set up play.

  • Avatar JG

    This is one of, if not the most beautiful tennis facilities I’ve ever seen. Jason Purcell is a world class instructor and Director. I will definitely be back! It’s too amazing not to.

  • Avatar RW

    Great friendly staff. Good tennis instructors. Good experience.

  • Avatar PD

    Plenty of courts, friendly and professional staff. Clinics are great as was drop in doubles. Wind can be a challenge, but can be a great excuse for every shot you miss.

  • Avatar SS

    Still one of the best facilities to play tennis in the world. LOVE the new team in place, they continue to make tennis fun and enjoyable for all.

  • Avatar BH

    We loved this place! Staff is very friendly, pros are top notch, and setting is beautiful. Fun tennis and we will definitely return!

  • Avatar CP

    Great facility and 10 day pass was perfect.

  • Avatar ME

    I had another great experience at The Kapalua Tennis garden! The staff is full of energy and so welcoming. I visit at Christmas every other year and even see some of the same guests each year. The drills were well run and grouped by level. The drop in doubles is especially fun! Match arranging wasn’t as organized as some years – it was a work in progress.

  • Avatar GM

    Unbelievable setting for tennis. The pros have tons of experience and were able to improve my technique while giving me great workout.

  • Avatar BL

    Great tennis in the midst of lovely Kapalua Resort. An oasis on Maui. Pros are wonderful and setting is heavenly.

  • Avatar AS

    I came to the Kapalua Resort from Phoenix, Arizona in late August/early September of 2016. The resort is phenomenal. I came for the annual Kapalua Open held on Labor Day each year. This tournament had over 100 players in many divisions. The cost was only $45 to play at this beautiful facility. The price included lunch from the Pineapple Grill, which was the most gourmet player’s lunch I have ever seen. While playing on the courts, you can look over and see the most astounding view of Napili Bay. On the other side of the courts you see a gorgeous, top-notch golf course. The courts are some of the best I’ve played on, and the experience is surreal. The staff was extremely helpful in finding local food places and things to do. I was fortunate enough to meet Jason (the facility director) and Nick (assistant facility director). Both gentlemen are great coaches who are extraordinarily friendly and passionate about the game. Their positive communication and feedback encouraged me to succeed on the court in a way I didn’t know was possible. I highly recommend everyone to plan the Kapalua Resort into their travel itinerary this year. I cannot wait to return to this amazing resort!

  • Avatar ML

    This is one of my favorite tennis resort. The pros Jason and Nick are stellar, along with Debbie in shop. I was fortunate enough to have one lesson with Jason which dramatically improved my tennis skills. The clinics are fun, challenging and catered to the people that attend. Great workout and lots of tennis with great tips. The pros really care about improving each individual attendees and it shows when they teach. I can’t wait to return as this is one of the best clinics I have ever attended. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar TJ

    Very helpful and accommodating from the reservation/shop staff to the tennis professionals. Jason and Nick have different but complimentary teaching styles, and both bring a sense of fun and refreshing Aloha that make this a different experience from mainland resorts. Jason has lots of great gadgets that he uses to help with swing shape, core strength, movement and stability on the court. They have a very affordable tennis pass that allows for complimentary court usage, complimentary drop in doubles, and reduced rates for clinics and use of the ball machine. Max 6 people in any tennis clinic, so lots of opportunity to hit the ball and learn. Weather can be an issue on that part of the island, more wind and rain than in Lahaina. But, also mercifully cooler! I am a 3.5 player and felt that I was matched and put into clinics that best suited me. Private lessons have also really helped my game – lots of learning in a short period of time.

  • Avatar DC

    Excellent instruction by Jason Purcell – he is very observant and gave me two more skills to add to my quiver.

  • Avatar MP

    Spent the week at Napili Kei Beach Resort right across the street from the Kapalua Golf & Tennis Club. Participated in two clinics and Jason Purcell helped our little group get better in a couple of private sessions. He came up with great observations in our game and he is good guy on top of that. Thanks Jason!

  • Avatar BH

    I am a 4.5 level tennis player and had the pleasure of working with Nick Provenza at the Kapalua Tennis Garden this spring on a trip to Maui. I booked several lessons with him in hopes of improving my backhand technique and forehand power. Nick was patient, professional, and able to take me through progressive steps to accomplish my goals. I particularly found the video analysis he did with me to be very helpful in this process. The facility and staff were wonderful.

  • Avatar VM

    Kapalua Tennis Garden is my absolute favorite place to take a tennis vacation. The coaching at Kapalua is superb; I learn excellent fundamentals and strategy each time I go that I can immediately incorporate into my game. The staff is exceptional, the tennis programs are excellent, the merchandise in the pro shop is wonderful, and the grounds are immaculate. I highly Kapalua Tennis Garden to anyone who wants an unforgettable tennis experience.

  • Avatar TT

    Beautiful, tropical setting of the Kapalua Tennis Gardens. Avid tennis players come from all over the island to participate in the friendly, but competitive, clinics and round robins. Nick is a gem of an instructor with lots of enthusiasm. A must go to destination for any tennis player: beginner or advanced.

  • Avatar CS

    Great experience all around. The head tennis pro Nick was fantastic. Great teacher, great player, and super nice. Nice pro shop and terrific hard courts.

  • Avatar SH

    The staff at Kapalua Tennis Garden were uniformly friendly and service oriented. The Pro Shop was well equipped. In particulary, the instructor was excellent and used a positive approach in her teaching methods with a strong background in the game. The setting — a block from the ocean on Maui — was a delight.

  • Avatar RB

    Our favorite vacation spot in the whole world is Ka’anapali. After playing tennis all week at the Kapalua Tennis Garden we love it even more now (if that is possible). Great staff/pros (Steve, Colleen, Nick) able to get all levels involved and engaged with a great atmosphere. Highly recommend this to anyone traveling to Maui.

  • Avatar JB

    Great experience again for the 15th year. Unbeatable location. First class staff and creative programs. Also lots of other activities in the area and the finest of restaurants. It deserves to be in the top 10

  • Avatar PS

    Amazing experience, as always! Great tennis, beautiful surroundings and the staff is great! Everyone at the Tennis Garden is pleasant, kind, informative and goes out of their way to make sure you have a wonderful experience. Steve and his staff are terrific! A special thank you to Denise! Mahalo,

  • Avatar JM

    Fantastic facility with excellent, friendly staff and pros. Arrived in Hawaii with the explicit intent of trying to improve a specific stroke (serve), and with the help of Steve and Colleen, left the island with a solid sense of what needs to change. Just have to hit about 50k of them to get the muscle memory down. 🙂 The staff was also extremely helpful in arranging hitting partners throughout the week. Recommend this facility highly.

  • Avatar JB

    The pros were fun and friendly and accommodating. They were very helpful and taught using video and science to hit the ball biomechanically efficient.

  • Avatar CS

    Once again our visit to Maui was outstanding. The tennis we play at the KTG fits us perfectly. Both the daily clinics and matches put together by Steve and his staff are fun and beneficial to our games. We will be back again in 2016!

  • Avatar HP

    We had the pleasure of taking some classes with Colleen. She was so spot on the little changes we needed to make to improve our game. She had great input and made us feel very welcome. The front desk is outstanding as well. Very friendly and willing to arrange some play time with other members.

  • Avatar MW

    Colleen and Steve are an amazing and welcoming one, two punch of not only tennis knowledge and teaching, but also in welcoming folks into their special facility. We first visited a year ago and on our return trip were shown the same Aloha spirit. We enjoyed clinics, lessons, drop ins…the entire gamut. There is not enough praise for these two and their staff!! We look forward to returning soon!

  • Avatar RF

    I did several stroke clinics, two of which ended up being essentially private lessons with Colleen Patton Campbell. Her teaching was superb. Her suggestions and corrections were the best I have ever received in playing tennis regularly over the last 25 years. I have been able to incorporate some of her suggestions with immediate and noticeable benefit to my game. I am still working on some of her other recommendations. She is energetic and passionate and an excellent instructor. I wish that I had had more time to work with her. I would definitely return for more clinics or lessons the next time we go to Maui.

  • Avatar RK

    Coach Colleen and Steve are excellent. Coach Colleen worked with me for a couple of private lessons and a few clinics and was extremely knowledgeable and educational. Both coaches really want to improve your game. With me they mainly concentrated on stroke skills (ground strokes and volleys) but gave me plenty of strategy tips as well. This is one of my favorite places to vacation and being able to improve my tennis makes it all the more enjoyable.

  • Avatar BG

    Kapalua Tennis Garden is great. The staff is exceptional and the facility is very nice (although one of the courts I played on needs to be resurfaced but I’m sure they will address it). I was most impressed with their match making service. They set me up with a terrific player and we had a really good time.

  • Avatar AH

    This tennis resort is so much fun, efficient, and knowledgeable. My lesson with Colleen was so good. I first got scared because I thought it was too much for me . After just a few minutes of instruction, I was eager to learn. By an hour, I have a full grasp of what she wanted me to do. I could not practice this on my own. The staff at this facility are just a pleasure to be around.

  • Avatar AE

    The pros at Kapalua, Colleen and Steve, are really knowledgeable. They make you feel like improving your game is their highest priority. They sincerely want to help you improve. They spend a lot of time analyzing your stroke and serve. Not only is the coaching excellent, it’s affordable too. The drills and clinics were some of the most helpful I’ve ever had. I also played in the drop in doubles. All the other players are really nice. A great place to play tennis!

  • Avatar RA

    I have literally planned my vacations around being able to play tennis here. The staff is terrific.

  • Avatar GM

    This tennis program has improved 1000% over the past year. The pros are great the clinics are varied and many and overall it is a terrific place to play tennis. They are very accommodating in setting up matches for you and also have drop in doubles throughout the week. Colleen is a terrific pro. She can teach to different levels at the same time and has a way of saying things in different ways so everyone understands. It’s always great to really learn something new when you have played for a long time.

  • Avatar GH

    Good teachers, Friendly staff and active programs

  • Avatar LT

    I had an opportunity to take tennis lesson and drills from Steve and Colleen Campbell. They are exceptional tennis professionals!!! I was very impressed and most importantly, I learned. Steve, Colleen and the staff at Kapalua are indeed, first class.

  • Avatar MF

    We had an exceptional experience at the Kapalua Tennis Garden. My husband and I did drills and/or had matches arranged daily. The drills were fantastic in that the pros all teach with a similar style. So instead of hearing one technique from a pro, and then hearing a different methodology from another pro the next day, the messaging was all consistent-this made it much easier to incorporate the suggested changes into our strokes and our games. We have taken many tennis vacations in the past and do drills regularly. Steve, Colleen, and David were quite dedicated to the players, focusing on the participants and working hard on our individual games. The staff that handles the pro shop and scheduling is extremely helpful, friendly, and attentive. The Kapalua Tennis Garden will be a main factor in scheduling our next visit to Maui!

  • Avatar SS

    They did a very good job of making matches for me, including when the weather at Kapalua was not good (raining). Anna in the pro shop is great!

  • Avatar GB

    I spend the week in Maui as my home base but work trips to the other islands. For me this was a work trip no family etc. I always made a point to check at the Kapalua Tennis Gardens with Steve the tennis director there. He and his Wife Colleen have really made this club better than ever before. They set me up with one morning of doubles before my work day and another day with one of the members there playing singles. All the pros there introduced themselves and I just felt very well care for. Thank you, Steve

  • Avatar TB

    Took a drill session with one of the tennis pros, Colleen Campbell, and was very impressed with her ability to observe my game and give me tips and suggestions on how to improve my strokes! She kept it fun and gave memory aids to help me to remember the new habits she suggested. Excellent Tennis Club all around with friendly and helpful staff, beautiful tennis grounds and environment in the resort town of Kapalua, West Maui!!!

  • Avatar SH

    I took a ‘Stroke of the Day’ hour clinic that focused on serving with Colleen Patton. She was really great. Within 30 minutes I had a completely new serve – a much improved ball toss, grip and motion. She even offered a way to hold the ball while tossing to minimize the bad tosses. I’m so glad I took this class. Definitely well worth it. The staff are really friendly and the grounds are gorgeous. I highly recommend it.

  • Avatar BH

    I arranged for my HS son to have a place to practice for a week while on vacation. It turned into much more. David and Steve provided great instruction, and put in extra hours tweaking his technique. More importantly, Steve talked about how to approach tennis strategically. The many suggestions about future tennis opportunities in college, the making of a video, the life lessons that were incorporated, these were all the extras that Steve provided. And then Colleen was wonderful with my 9 year old. She explained things so well and I could see tremendous growth in just one week. He even got to jump in with the Junior Academy kids. Great atmosphere, awesome people to work with.

  • Avatar MD

    Had clinics with Steve and Coleen. They really made the expeince fun and a learnin one. Steve is both funny and able to offer very helpful suggestions to fine tune my game. The setting is really pretty and they have a nicely appointed pro shop. Everyone is friendly and helpfull both tennis and for local questions such as places to eat. Their clinics are upbeat and places to learn. I really enjoyed my tennis there!

  • Avatar EP

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden is the most picturesque tennis facility we’ve ever been to. It’s definitely worth a visit, even for a casual tennis player. I’ve been playing tennis for most of my life, but my husband just started playing last year. Between clinics, lessons, and drop-in match play, there were plenty of playing opportunities for both of us. The tennis pros (Colleen, David, and Steve), gave excellent and encouraging instruction. David transformed my husband’s serve in just two lessons. Both my husband and I were able to take valuable tips home with us to work on. The clinics (stroke of the day and drills/cardio tennis) are great value at only $26 per person. If tennis is the main purpose of your trip, make sure you budget for some rain.

  • Avatar MS

    I took 5 clinics with Tennis Pro Colleen Patton at the Kapalua Tennis Garden while on a 1 week vacation in Maui. This wasn’t a deliberate ‘tennis vacation’ for me but the Kapalua Tennis Garden is so incredibly gorgeous and the pros there were so welcoming and fun that I kept coming back to make the morning clinics the start of each day. Colleen adjusts her instruction style quickly to meet the abilities and needs of each class so every clinic was unique and dynamic. Kapalua Tennis Garden should not be missed by any tennis lovers on a trip to Maui. It is also very affordable relative to the prices for pretty much everything else in Maui. Definitely a highlight!

  • Avatar NM

    Beautiful facility with nice courts on multiple levels set into the hillside in Kapalua. Staff is very helpful, and graciously restrung my wife’s racket in a day after she broke a string on our vacation. This led us to be invited to a tennis workout and group skills instruction, both led by Colleen, who was a positive and effective teacher.

  • Avatar ML

    Excellent instruction in the Strokes of the Day clinics. Really helped my volleys and forehand. Steve made it fun at the same time. Great way to start the day in Hawaii.

  • Avatar SB

    Instruction with Pro Colleen Patton EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to return! Thank you Colleen and Kapalua Tennis Garden Best Vacation Ever!

  • Avatar WW

    My husband and I are avid tennis players, 3.5 and 4.0 respectively. We adore falling out of bed and literally onto the tennis courts. The staff arranges good games, mixes up the play, provides stroke of the day every day and on Saturdays and some evenings, has drop in matches. The fees are very reasonable. I have played so much tennis here over the past month that I have to take a vacation from my vacation, muscles feel well used. We highly recommend the new staff, Colleen, Steve and David–outstanding!!!

  • Avatar SK

    The Staff at Kapalua Tennis Garden helped me SO MUCH. I have been playing tennis for 10+ years and the couple lessons I took they really gave me some great advice and helped improve my game, backhand and serve tremendously. I liked the way they taught the lessons. They saw my weaknesses and corrected them right away, they knew what they were doing and were very nice. I had a great time there and will take the lessons that I learned and use them for years. Thank you all so much! I have been too many tennis resorts and locations but I felt you guys were the best! Thanks.

  • Avatar MJ

    First I would like to start off by saying that I have enjoyed playing tennis at the Kapalua Tennis Garden for the last 14 years. Every year for my one months vacation I stay at the Napili Sunset which is a leisure 5 minute walk from the Kapalua Tennis Garden. The courts are centered on a extremely well manicured golf course with a restaurant right above them. The views are breathtaking. Recently Steve Campbell and Colleen Patton have joined the staff as Director and Professional. They have brought an uplifting and fresh attitude to the the adult drop ins and junior programs. Everyone is always made to feel welcome. They will gladly arrange for matches if you are traveling solo or would like to play some mixed doubles. Do yourself a favor and plan your next vacation to Maui and certainly visit the Kapalua Tennis Garden. Make sure and and tell Colleen that Misa from Las Vegas says Aloha. I promise you will have the time of your life.

  • Avatar WF

    When vacationing in Maui I make sure to stay close to the tennis club. They are absolutely tops in my book for arranging matches, plus lessons plus drop-ins or other activities on the court. Steve and Colleen are just fun to be around. You can have some tennis every day, and I have never experienced that at any other resort.

  • Avatar ML

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden is a wonderful tennis facility in an absolutely gorgeous setting. It was a very friendly club.

  • Avatar MM

    Colleen Patton gave us (husband and wife) and excellent private lesson. She adjusted her method to each of our levels and learning styles. She presented both forehand and backhand strokes in a well organized, simple, easy to remember way. We went home to our normal games with clear points to watch as we try to incorporate the lesson into our games. Both she and Director Steve were very friendly and accomodating and we felt like we were very welcome at the resort. This was my first lesson ever and I now want to take more in the future. Our love for tennis increased as a result of visiting Steve and Colleen’s facility. Great job!

  • Avatar PA

    Kapalua Tennis Garden – Lahaina, Maui – A great tennis destination for all your tennis needs! The new Director of Tennis, Steve Campbell, his Assistant Colleen, and the staff of the Garden do a great job arranging games daily, sometimes twice a day if desired. For a fee of $95 per couple, you become a “member for the month.” This entitles you to unlimited tennis, matches arranged with locals and other visiting guests, discounts on lessons,, classes and on merchandise. On Saturdays, catch the Cardio Tennis Class followed by two hours of Drop-In Doubles. The only negative is the frequent rain showers, which quickly disapte, but you may have to find a squeege or two to continue play! Great tennis, great staff. We look forward to our visit next October!

  • Avatar JA

    Enjoyed the Cardio Tennis class and the Stroke of the Day clinic. Fun instructors. Learned a few things to keep working on at home. Courts are nice. Location convenient to where we were staying at Kapalua Bay Villas.

  • Avatar PD

    Steve, colleen, and andy are the best. I learned more in 4 days and had fun doing it!Great instruction with a feel of aloha. I can’t wait to go back.

  • Avatar EH

    Beautiful Kapalua Tennis Garden and pro Steve Cambell made for a wonderful experience. Thanks.

  • Avatar AF

    My husband and I took lessons with Andy Fitzell. He was extremely competent and professional and at the same time a blast to work with. The facilities were truly exceptional – one of the most beautiful and well kept tennis settings I’ve played in. We look forward to going back and hope to work with Andy again.

  • Avatar JP

    I have played these courts since 1985, and each time is amazing. The surrounding Kapalua Bay Golf Course and the VIew of the Ocean is unique! Being a former pro in the 70’s, I realize that each moment on the court is special, and should never be taken for granted! The Kapalua Bay Villas are fantastic and the Montage Spa is world class! The pro at Kapalua, Colleen Patton, also is special! You will not be disappointed if you schedule a lesson or two while you visit! A very articulate , intelligent pro, with excellent intuition for the game! Perfect court surfaces, gentle ocean breeze, and sun shines till sunset!
    A fantastic restaurant 100 feet away from the court is ready to offer a meal or a tropical beverage to cap the experience at Kapalua! The only downside is you have to leave at some point, which is very depressing. Cant wait to return! No wonder Bjorn Borg enjoyed playing these courts! They are simply the finest, with the finest staff , in Hawaii! Aloha!

  • Avatar ML

    This is a great facility! I have been there with my family eight times and always enjoyed the experience. The courts are beautiful and there are drop in programs for all levels. The staff also set up matches for my teenage daughter, who plays junior USTA tournaments.

  • Avatar TH

    We went with our three children (ages 15, 13 and 9) and it was just great. The coaches are just brilliant and very friendly and the children programmes are excellent and able to manage all levels. Most scenic courts we have ever seen ! Top quality overall – we will definately come back.

  • Avatar DK

    I took tennis lessons every day while I was on vacation in Maui. I was staying at the new Montage across the street from the Tennis Garden which was great. It was 5 min. Walk. Or they arranged for a golf cart to take me. I took my lessons with Colleen and she was amazing. If your in Kapalua. Book lessons with her. She is awesome teacher and I wish she lived in Los Angeles:) I learned so much from her, I was excited when I did come home and I did work with my teacher here and I was able to apply what I learned with her. She is fabulous and everyone at the tennis garden was really great and made me feel at home. I can’t wait to return.

  • Avatar HS

    Our three children 9, 7& 4 years old had their great first experience learning tennis this summer with Coach Steve, Coach Colleen and Coach Andy ! They enjoyed learning the basic skills of tennis as well as spending great moments with new friends and coaches. We will definitely come back to their tennis camp and weekly practice when we visit Kapalua. Mahalo!

  • Avatar AY

    Outstanding clinics led by resident pro Andy Fitzell. His explanations are very clear with excellent visual analogies to highlight technical detail . He even filmed and critiqued serves . Outstanding experience. This is a very gifted teacher. I know teaching talent, as I am a professor . I played here last year. The previous teaching was already good. This present management and teaching is an improvement over an already strong program.

  • Avatar MK

    Finding good Tennis Instructors and Tennis Coaches is difficult. If you are looking to improve your game and traveling to Maui I would highly suggest Jeff Smith the Tennis Director at the Kapalua Tennis Garden. He is the real deal! 5 Why’s 1. You will see rapid results 2. National Certifications 3. Experience Teaching Different Ages, Levels, and Groups 4. Expert Knowledge of Proper Technique 5. Personality plus

  • Avatar DC

    Outstanding tennis and professionalism by Head Tennis Pro at Kapalua Tennis. Can not say enough on the great drop in double clinic.

  • Avatar SC

    Kapalua is a great place to play. Love the friendly staff from the pro Jeff, Assistant pro Nick, to the wonderful girls in the office who do such a good job setting up all the many tennis activities and matches.

  • Avatar RC

    Kapalua tennis garden is our club away from home. The staff could not treat us better and work very hard to set up matches, make the drop in tennis fun and have a variety of clinics and activities going .

  • Avatar SA

    We booked a vacation to Maui without even thinking of tennis. As the date neared I decided to check on-line and found Kapalua Tennis Garden. It was the perfect fit for combining tennis with other things we wanted to do on Maui (first time there). They offer a 1 hour stroke of the day clinic every morning at 9am. The pros were great and I definitely picked up a couple of thing to take home with me. Three days a week they have drop-in tennis. The turnout was good and tennis director was very good at keeping the matches competitive. We are definitely going back to Maui and plan to play even more tennis next time.

  • Avatar HL

    Beautiful setting, good daily clinics, friendly tennis pros and staff, overall great place to visit and play.

  • Avatar PL

    Loved our week at Kapalua. Tennis program was great. Especially enjoyed the drop-in doubles on Saturday morning – some good players. Used what I learned in my lesson with Jeff Smith, who has a great teaching style. Only weakness would be it was a little windy, but the wind also cooled us off a bit during the warm afternoons. Can’t wait to go back.

  • Avatar EA

    Excellent daily stroke of day clinics which works on different skill sets each day. Great tennis instructions from club pro Jeff then applies the instructions in actual drill practices – lots of fun. Strenghts are the great customer services received from entire staffing who will go out of there way to get you a match game or signing you up for a lession or clinic. The tennis courts are in great conditions and local members and guest are very friendly. Must go and visit Kapalua Tennis Garden to experience it. My wife and I had a terrific time. Weaknesses are it may rain time to time during your clinic but the rain stops and courts drys down quickly. Also, must learn to deal with trade winds if you are not used to playing when windy. But the sea breeze feels good especially when you are working out hard.

  • Avatar VA

    This is my first visit to Kapalua Tennis Gardens, what a beautiful place. My husband I enrolled in the daily stroke of the day lessons and played everyday. The tennis pro, Jeff was amazing, we learned so much from him. We highly recommend if you’re in Maui to look him up. Timing was perfect, we played tennis in the morning, then went site seeing in the afternoon. The setting is gorgeous, the staff professional and friendly, full of aloha spirit. I can’t imagine a better tennis experience anywhere!

  • Avatar SD

    I have been coming here every year for 20 years. I always enroll in the daily stroke of the day lessons, play drop in doubles, then head for the beach to snorkel or boogie board at Napili Bay only three minutes away! The setting is gorgeous, the staff professional and friendly, full of aloha spirit. Whenever I return home, friends comment on the improvement in my game. I can’t imagine a better tennis experience anywhere! There are plenty of rental condos on the beach available at reasonable rates for those who don’t want to stay at the pricier Ritz-Carlton or Villas. The weather is cooler on this side of the island of Maui, a plus for those who don’t want to play in the broiling sun.

  • Avatar DM

    Kapalua has the most amazing tennis program and resort! I travel the world training with various coaches and these guys are my favorite! The courts are beautiful, grounds awesome, staff excellent and spa a great place to relax after an exhilarating workout or day in the sun! I recommend Kapalua Resort to everyone!

  • Avatar IH

    Really a wonderful program in Tennis in an incredible location!

  • Avatar DT

    I do not see any weekness. They are friendly and the drop ins are a lot of fun. We also like the tennis program that lets us join and they find matches for us. It is a Great experence.

  • Avatar HP

    SIMPLY OUTSTANDING in every regard!

  • Avatar GK

    Beautiful facility with 10 courts in an idyllic setting with spectacular views and tropical breezes. Wonderful restaurant open breakfast, lunch and dinner steps away with views of the courts and surrounding countryside. Jeff, the director, runs a great program ranging from technical skills training for adults to kids.

  • Avatar SA

    Beautiful setting, terrific instruction (Jeff Smith is energetic and supportive), nice pro shop. We had a great time playing on vacation.

  • Avatar LL

    Pros Jeff and Quinn run an incredible program at the Kapalua Tennis Garden. The setting is stunning and they make players of all levels feel welcome. Clinics (both adult and juniors) are dynamic, challenging and fun. Loads of courts made it very easy to get court time and we were able to book clinics and privates with lots of ease as well. Very friendly staff inside helping make the overall experience a wonderful one. Hard to imagine a better way to spend a vacation!

  • Avatar SW

    Beautiful setting, friendly, helpful staff. Walking distance to a lovely beach and adjacent to great golf and restaurants. Great court availability and well maintained. No weaknesses. We will return!

  • Avatar MW

    Gredat, great staff. They worked hard to meeet our every request, especially in setting u competitive tennis matches everyday we visited. I took a lesson and the instruction was alsotop notch. The facilities are first rate and walking distance from oour condo thhat we rented. Also walking distance to great beaches and running path along ghhe water. And the restaurants that we could also walk to were top notch. A peak tennis experience in each annd every way.

  • Avatar GK

    Set up of the resort is spectacular, plenty of well maintained courts, never had a problem to reserve a court or the ball machine. Entire staff at Kapalua Tennis Garden is extremely pleasant and helpful. Jeff is a great instructor, in only five lessons he helped my daughter to improve tremendously her groundstroke and serve. We will return for sure next time we are in Maui.

  • Avatar KE

    What an absolutely incredible find the Kapalua Tennis Garden was for me on this trip. I was in Maui for two weeks and first learned of this facility on the Destination Tennis show on the Tennis Channel. I decided to check it out and it absolutely blew my mind. The combination of great instructional pros, an intimate pro shop, good competition and a paradise type backdrop. As someone who visits Maui a couple of weeks a year, the Kapalua Tennis Garden has now become a significant part of all my future trips. Thanks for a great two weeks Jeff & Quinn!!!!!!

  • Avatar CP

    I participated in the “drop-in doubles” tennis offered three times a week! It was well run and a great experience to meet players of all levels of play! I was especially impressed with the staff’s expertise and friendliness. I am definitely looking forward to playing there again next year!!! CP in IL

  • Avatar MT

    The staff from PBI was excellent, having two Division 1 college players teaching there. Jeff Smith is the head pro and tennis director and was very helpful and encouraging. I’m a 4.5 rated player and felt like the instruction I received put me in a much more confident position to compete at that level.
    The facility was very nice, but the weather this time of year was a little difficult with the powerful winds.

  • Avatar HN

    I had a great experience at Kapalua tennis garden.

  • Avatar JM

    The Tennis Garden is the highlight of my visit to Maui. Jeff Smith and his staff work so hard to make this a friendly, positive, fun, and active experience. I enjoy both the clinics and doubles events. They manage the mix of skills so well, it seems to be the just-right combination of a challenge and relaxed fun.

  • Avatar EM

    I just had a great week in northern Maui, and the highlight of it all was the Kapalua Tennis Garden. I checked in at the pro-shop the day I arrived, asking if I could get some games there during my stay in Napili. I was welcomed right in and invited to attend the Saturday morning doubles drop-in the next day. This activity was super-well coordinated by Jeff and I was able to play some really fun sets with people from all over North America. Instantly, I had a bunch of playing partners for the rest of my stay. Throughout the week, Ana and Leanne arranged games for me every morning. All I had to do was show up. I had the opportunity to use the ball machine whenever I wanted as well.
    The grounds are beautiful and the courts are in fantastic shape. The other highlight is the price. For $50, I was able to become a member for a month. This entitled me to attend drop-in sessions 3 x/week, to use the ball machine and to have matches organized for me any and every day that I wanted. It also gave me a discount on clinics and on merchandise. I only stayed for a week but played 7 times and got more than my money’s worth out of my 1-month membership. Next year, I’m going to stay 2 or 3 weeks! Thanks so much to all the the staff at Kapalua Tennis Garden 🙂

  • Avatar EC

    Stenghts: 1) Great Director! Jeff Smith 2) Great location in Hawaiian paradise 3) Courts are great (although some may need to be redone) 4) Attracts many people who love the sport at all levels (courts are often full!) 5) Use of ball machine A+ 6) Great and friendly staff at Tennis Garden 7) Fresh water readily available 8) Garden itself is very well taken care of

  • Avatar LS

    Every year we are greatly enjoy Maui’s beaches, but our vacation would not be complete without playing at the pittoresque Kapalua gardens with their highly enthusiastic pro Jeff as our host. It’s like a big family and I already look forward to be back in Summer, one of the ost outstanding overalll holiday experiences!

  • Avatar RN

    We have stayed on Maui every year for the past 5 years and one of the highlights is playing Tennis at Kapalua, enjoying great matches and outstanding hospitality and a very dedicated, excellent pro Jeff. We’ll be back this Summer for sure!

  • Avatar CP

    Most accommodating. Provided excellent instruction. Arranged play with many other visitors. Despite being a temporary member they treated me with great respect and kindness. It is a gorgeous facility. Access to court time was not a problem. I will have many pleasant memories of the good time I had there. The Pineapple Grill is a wonderful restaurant as well.

  • Avatar SM

    This is the 10 th year that my husband and I went to Kapalua. Originally, we went just to vacation in Maui but after our first experience at Kapalua tennis gar dens, we have returned annually just to play tennis at the Kapalua. We take advantage of all their offerings starting with clinics in the mornings, doubles games or drop-in doubles games in the afternoons. We also take lessons from the pros. This is the 3 rd year that we saw Jeff Smith, the head pro.
    Jeff has done a marvelous job providing partners as well as teaching at the resort. The club is well run and very nice to play on. As I stated earlier, I return each year just for the Kapalua tennis. I’ve considered going elsewhere in Hawaii but I’d miss the club too much. For tennis players, this is an incredibly fun and busy tennis club.

  • Avatar AF

    Have holidayed in Kapalua Villas several years. One of the most beautiful places on the planet. Great tennis facility, a real gem. Jeff Smith is an excellent pro.

  • Avatar SN

    Best ‘stroke of the day’ clinics ever experienced….provide racquets and shoes …..friendly, supportive, intelligent staff

  • Avatar JD

    I was lucky enough to have private lessons with both Jeff and Quinn. The program was very helpful as clinics were always available and Drop in Doubles were a great way to meet others and play lots of sets. Rain was seldom a major problem. Folks were very friendly and patient. Great vacation!!

  • Avatar KI

    Chief instructor JEFF is very kind and good manager of this resort. I usually enjoy tennis at KAPALUA, JEFF’s assist. From new years day of 2013 to JAN 7, I ang my friend visit KAPALUA and play tennis. Please make game matching during our stay. Stay at Napili Sunset unit# 103 or 104 or 105.

  • Avatar TT

    Fantastic venue to play tennis. Plenty of clinics and individual matches the club can set up for you. Jeff and Quinn we’re awesome and can’t wait to get back to Kapalua.

  • Avatar PR

    A superb tennis facility in terms of courts, setting and clubhouse. Stayed in nearby Kaanapali and only had a chance to play one day. Signed up for a hitting clinic, was the only one present, so I had a private one hour lesson with Quinn. Very good instruction, although a drill clinic probably would have been more fun. Did manage to play with some regular members. It was low season during my visit and I suspect the experience would be even better when more players are around.

  • Avatar DS

    We saw the Kapalua Tennis Garden from the window of a restaurant on the property, and decided to give it a try. I had not played tennis in more than 20 years, and my wife has never played. We took three private lessons (over several days), and we were both delighted. Our instructor – Quinn – was not only a skilled player and a very nice fellow, but he was a terrific teacher. We both felt comfortable in the first 3 minutes. While we only had time for three lessons, we learned a ton and, based on our great experience, are going to upgrade our health club membership back home to include tennis. My wife, who had never held a racket as of five days ago, finished her third lesson in a 20-stroke rally with Quinn. She was ecstatic, and she deserved to be. While we were there, we watched Jeff – the lead professional – coach a player who was already extremely good. He was also very happy with his lesson. Net: it’s extremely scenic and a great place for players of all levels – from absolute beginners (my wife), to players like me who have not played in 20+ years, to people who are very skilled. We are both hooked on the game now, and we look forward to spending a lot more time at the Kapalua Tennis Garden when we return to Maui in a year.

  • Avatar EA

    I have used the Kapalua Gardens as my tennis activity for the last five year during my vacation. You are welcomed with enthusiasm, encouraging you to play regardless of level. The staff is cohesive and imbued with tennis knowledge. Tennis director, Jeff Smith, has a.unique talent for the management, marketing and professional instruction to all age groups. Drop-in-play integrating the levels of players into an enjoyable format is a plus that invites visitors and permanent residents to keep coming.

  • Avatar DD

    I enjoyed the program, stroke of the day and the drop in for doubles in the afternoon. Jeff Smith and Quinn were very professional in their teaching and on time. Also my forehand and volley has improved.

  • Avatar TS

    How can you beat this? Jeff Smith and his crew are so nice and professional. The courts are beautiful. We participated in the Maui Open which he ran perfectly. 140 players, no hitches! Go there!

  • Avatar CB

    I hit with Jeff twice on this trip he is a great teacher and hits a great ball! In addition, the office set me up with a local player and we played some great sets. I will be back again. CB San Diego

  • Avatar NP

    Best resort tennis that I’ve experienced. Lots of tennis going on – drop-in tennis that attracts a lot of participants, daily stroke-of-the-day sessions, and match arranging. I found the instruction to be very effective and the entire staff was extremely welcoming and helpful.

  • Avatar AW

    An incredible tennis facility with great classes, amazing instructors, clinics and drop in matches. Highly recommend to all.

  • Avatar TW

    The facillities, staff and setting are as good as any in the world. We reccommend Kapalua Tennis Garden without exception except for the inconvenience of an occasional morning rain shower. Jeff Smith and Quinn are a real credit to the organization

  • Avatar DW

    My husband and I had a great experience with the monthly membership. It fit our needs perfectly. Loved the drop in tennis Mon Wed & Sat. Appreciated local matches that were set up to play also. Favorite Pro – Jeff Smith! Great coordinator for drop in tennis. Quinn just arrived and we really enjoyed him too. In the tennis shop Anna is amazing! Give them all a raise. They deserve it. They promote your resort well.

  • Avatar GW

    Great staff–Jeff, Anna, and Quinn are helpful, friendly, energetic. Love the Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday drop om matches.

  • Avatar SW

    Strengths: lots of courts, GREAT teaching pros, lots of drop in doubles times, beautiful/well tended courts, very kind/welcoming members, wonderful service and experience, tons of classes to choose from…you can play everyday for a reason! Amazing demo racquet selection–I almost didn’t need to bring my own racquet.
    Improvements: add singles drop in’s; more visibility on Game Matching (singles/doubles)
    Visiting from SF, wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to play tennis…Kapalua Tennis Garden changed that where I was able to play 5 out of 8 days. World class teaching with tons of valuable classes to choose from–including for kids. Lessons are very reasonably priced. I learned a ton in my three lessons and had a great time playing drop in doubles. Will be back!!!

  • Avatar CJ

    Jeff did a great job of getting people on the court playing tennis.

  • Avatar SB

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. Nice to start the day off with a stroke of the day clinic, followed by a little beach time at some of the local beaches (which are always rated as some of the best in the US). The staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I guess if I had to pick a weakness, it would only be that the pro shop could have carried a bit more equipment (I’m really grasping for a weakness though.)

  • Avatar PH

    I so enjoyed my experience ( a week long) of playing, drilling and lessons with Jeff Smith at this resort. Every level is welcome and accomodated. I took drills at first, then realzied that Jeff could offer so much as a ro and also took daily lessons. Jeff , and his staff, are friendly, helpful an very knowledgeable. Thanks!!!

  • Avatar MP

    Clinics were only okay. Here they pretty much have to play with emphasis on 1 area of focus instead of putting you through a workout as well. Really depends on what you like from a clinic. Ended up taking lessons from Jeff Smith and he was fantastic! Walked away with some great pointers. He got at exactly what I wanted. I will go back to him on future trips.

  • Avatar DJ

    This was our second stay at the Kapalua Villas (April 2011 and April 2012). On both visits the Kapalua Tennis Garden was one of our favorite aspects of the vacation. On our most recent stay we took advantage of court time, drop-in doubles, and our daughter (age 11 and a member of a tennis academy) took two private lessons with Jeff. She thought the lessons were outstanding. Jeff and his crew have a great thing going and we can’t wait to return.

  • Avatar DS

    Jeff Smith is a fantastic tennis pro for all ages and levels. The facilities at Kapalua are very nice, and the tennis staff are friendly and professional. Our 9 yr old daughter also participated in a junior tournament level clinic run by Jeff and Chris, and she thought it was excellent.

  • Avatar SB

    As a tennis playing family, we all found exactly what we needed at the Kapalua Tennis Club. From my nationally ranked son who wanted to hit with a strong professional, my husband and younger 12 year old who enjoyed using the ball machine, to myself who enjoys playing competitive doubles, we were all satified with our tennis experience at this club…and that’s not easy to do ! We all played virtually every day: there are clinics for juniors; drop in doubles at a competitive level where lots of people from the island, visitors and residents alike, actually drop in; daily stroke clinics or you can arrange private lessons with either of the very personable and outstanding tennis pros. I can’t imagine and certainly haven’t found any better location for a tennis club, the setting was superb. I highly recommend going to Maui, staying at a Kapalua property and playing tennis at this club. You may never want to go anywhere else !

  • Avatar TC

    very friendly staff shot of the day at 9 am – very convenient for vacationers professional tennis pros gorgeous spot good selection in the pro shop

  • Avatar RS

    The tennis Pro’s Jeff and Chris were both great! We spent three weeks with family and friends taking lessons and playing for hours at the resort.

  • Avatar WD

    First – absolutely beautiful setting. Variety of programs, clinics for all levels. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Towels, water readily available. Enthusiastic support for all visitors, sincere interest in giving them their money’s worth. We’ll be back.

  • Avatar JM

    The strength is a good blend of day clinics along with finding you someone to play with in a stunning setting. A weakness is the lack of a fixed length program of instruction.

  • Avatar SG

    They offer an extremely well organized tennis program for all levels. You can count on a fun tennis experience and also get some excellent lessons and drills. My husband and I especially enjoyed the drop-in mixed doubles–the best we have ever attended.

  • Avatar DC

    This is a well-run establishment with extremely competent and friendly personnel in a very scenic setting. There are over 10 courts but it would benefit from having two or three covered by a dome as in some seasons wind or a passing shower detracts from the experience. With or without a dome it is a great tennis experience and the staff of Jeff, Anna, Chris and Liane do an incredible job.

  • Avatar ND

    What’s not to like – fabulous tennis, pros with specific tips to make my game better, blue skies, games matched to my level, and a beautiful setting. Kapalua Tennis is a big part of my Maui vacation.

  • Avatar MA

    i attended the cardio tennis workouts a couple of times and they were both excellent workouts; Class is limited to 6; Superb combination of cardio and tennis play; Lots of fun on-court drills and games;

  • Avatar MK

    Our daughter (varsity high school player) has taken lessons from Jeff Smith on two different vacations we took to Maui (2010 and 2011). Her improvement in a week each time with Jeff was very noticeable. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar IL

    I have really enjoyed playing tennis at Kspalua Tennis Garden this year more than ever. I’m not sure that I know all the staff members; however, I am impressed with Jeff Smith, Chris, Anna,and LeeAnn. They do a good job setting up matches, even calling to remind me. The are all friendly and extremely competent. I look forward to returning next year.

  • Avatar AG

    The staff and the facilities at Kapalua Tennis Garden are number one in my opinion.

  • Avatar JS

    This is my 3rd trip lifetime to Kapalua and each time I’ve been impressed by the Kapalua Tennis Garden and staff. When I called for a court and hitting partners, I was given several options. I ended up taking 2 lessons with the director Jeff Smith which were really great. As a 5.0 player I usually just want to hit, but he was able to give me a few simple tips to fine-tune my shots. When I broke my strings on my only racket, they got it back to me <24 hr turn around time. Their newly surfaced courts are terrific and I hear they plan to do the bottom courts soon. Would definitely love to come back to Kapalua and hit with Jeff again!

  • Avatar TR

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden has numerous regular playing activities such as shot clinics and drop in doubles. These are all outstanding. The clinics are informative and well run by tennis professionals who helped me tremendously with refining my strokes. They were fun and moved quickly. The drop in doubles program provided a great entry to the Maui tennis community. By mixing resort guests, part time and full time residents in round robin play I was able to meet and arrange games with people I had already met and found compatible in both level and personality. I took a lesson for a problematic serve that I had been fighting for years. Jeff Smith the Tennis Director got me adjusted to take advantage of my abilities. Just as importantly, he taught in a clear way with simple principles. As a result my serve’s consistency improved dramatically almost immediately. His teaching approach also gave me a vehicle to self correct when I missed a serve. I could not recommend Kapalua or its friendly personnel any higher.

  • Avatar MW

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden is a beautiful facility in a beautiful location. We played tennis every day while we were in Hawaii, and especially enjoyed the tennis program at the garden.
    The staff was very warm and welcoming. I was amazed how quickly they knew us by name. There was a good mixture of vacationing players like us and local club members. We never felt like outsiders. I can’t wait to return to Maui for another tennis vacation, adn the Kapalua Tennis Garden will be our primary destination.

  • Avatar SG

    Excellent stroke-of-the-days; roundrobins; and matching. Great prostaff rouns out a beautiful and exceptional facility.

  • Avatar DR

    I’ve been going to the tennis garden for many years and the last couple of years, it has vastly improved. The staff and the teaching pros are very friendly, professional and helpful. The courts are being resurfaced in phases and results have contributed to a more enjoyable tennis experience.

  • Avatar KH

    I had two very superb and patient instructors.Chris Duarte and Jeff.I was thrilled to get such top notch instruction and both gave me invaluable tips on my game. The courts are great to play on and the restaurant The Pineapple Grill is best in the area once you have had your lesson. I plan on going back. Hope those instructors are still present.

  • Avatar JJ

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden is fantastic! I’ve now been twice and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. Jeff, the Tennis Director, has great energy, can really communicate effectively and I feel as though my groundstrokes and volleys really improved.

  • Avatar DB

    I have been playing tennis for many years at the Kapalua Tennis Gardens and have really enjoyed the experience. The coaches are very pleasant and helpful and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the local tennis players, each year. The coaching staff have been very welcoming to a visitor such as myself

  • Avatar GR

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden will never disappoint you! If you are a tennis player up to level 4.5 you will matched up with local and visiting players for some great games. The staff will always find you a game.
    If you desire some lessons they provide daily “stroke of the day” sessions for small groups. The staff is very friendly and courteous plus the resident tennis pros provide some great lessons and tips. The facilities at the Garden are well maintained and the drop-in costs for playing is very reasonable. The added plus is that you can’t beat the beautiful location of the Kapalua Tennis Garden.

  • Avatar DC

    Excellent experience. Top notch instructors and clinics. Beautiful setting.

  • Avatar JK

    Jeff Smith, Ann, Leanne and all those at the Tennis Garden are absolutelt and genuinely dedicated to customer service!!! I have never seen any tennis resort as friendly and hard-working to make sure that your tennis experience is fun and rewarding. I am a 4.0/4.5 player and was quite satisfied with the match-ups that were provided by the super-friendly staff. Thanks soooo much!!

  • Avatar SD

    We look forward to the drop-in tennis every time we’re on Maui. Jeff Smith and his staff are the best—so friendly and professional.We actually had friends from our home club there at the same time as us and we brought them to the drop-ins. They absolutely loved it. Some of us were even able to sub in some games on other days with some of the locals—great fun, great tennis, great facility.

  • Avatar KM

    Jeff was really fantastic in helping lift my game from the first lesson. Easily the best tennis instruction I’ve had. I left with a good sense of where I needed to go with my skills and Jeff broke it down simply and effectively so I’d be sure to remember even after my vacation.

  • Avatar JC

    My husband and I took a series of private tennis lessons with Jeff at Kapalua resort and we were very impressed with the quality of both the lessons and the resort facilities. br />Jeff is a prefect detail oriented and professional instructor who took great care in targeting our specific needs. We felt that we both learnt a great deal and left with valuable feedbacks on our tennis game. He was very good at illustrating his instructions in a way that made it easy for us to remember and focus. Overall a very very good instructor. br />We also took some clinic and thought that those were interesting as they focused on a specific stroke each time. Nice way to meet other people as well! I would highly recommend the Kapalua tennis garden, the facilities are great, in a beautiful setting and up to date equipment. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

  • Avatar DH

    Situated in paradise, the tennis experience was tremendous. My family including our 14 year old son who is provincially ranked in Ontario throughly enjoyed our week vacation. Jeff Smith, the director of tennis, is very personable and enthusiastic making us feel right at home. His staff also share his energy. My son received the high level of performance that we were looking forward to which included arranging him to hit with some better players on the island. The “drop in doubles” which takes place 3 times a week was attended by experienced level players and was fun for all of us.

  • Avatar OH

    Beautiful facility with a very friendly staff and excellent pros.

  • Avatar EV

    We visited the Kapalua Tennis Garden while vacationing in June 2011. I had several lessons with the Director of tennis, Jeff Smith, who was fantastic. As a 4.5 player, I’m always looking for tips to advance my level of play and Jeff did a great job helping me out on a few items. The facility at Kapaula was terrific….friendly people, beautiful location, and the staff helped arrange matches for me. I would go back in a heartbeat

  • Avatar CR

    Jeff Smith and team runs one of the friendliest and best family tennis resorts. We are a tennis family with beginners and experts and all of us had a great time over the course of a week, playing every day.

  • Avatar SL

    Wonderful, Jeff Smith was great.

  • Avatar PG

    Jeff Smith, Director of Tennis, is an exceptional instructor. Jeff’s ability to explain tennis techniques and concepts in a clear, concise manner provides his students with all of the essential building blocks to excel at the game. In addition, Jeff’s constant reinforcement of proper techniques during his lessons forces the students he instructs to practice the correct way to hold the racquet, balance their feet and rest their dominant arm throughout a match, all of which will ultimately reduce the risk of injury. Simply put, the lessons my wife and I took with Jeff were the highlight of our vacation. We will definitely seek further instruction from Jeff at the Kapalua Tennis Garden with each return visit to Maui.

  • Avatar PR

    The Kapalua Tennis Garden is better than ever. Great instructors. Jeff Smith provided excellent teaching. Very nice program for tennis activities. Made the vacation particularly enjoiable.

  • Avatar NJ

    One hundred percent satisfied. Unlike what many said, it was not so windy in my a week stay, so I played almost everyday. Staffs including the coaches were very friendly. Through matchmaking and drop in doubles, we met some wonderful locals and visitors. I even had a chance to play against nationally ranked junior. Everything was perfect.

  • Avatar VZ

    Kapalua Ritz Carlton Residences are wonderful and my husband and I took 3 fabulous private tennis lessons with Jeff Smith at the Tennis Garden. in the short 6 days we were there. We got great instruction, made some really noticable improvements, and would highly recommend it!

  • Avatar JT

    One of the most beautiful tennis facilities. Multiple courts offering a variety of matches, drop ins, individual play or instruction. Perfect tropical climate with warm weather and slight breezes to make the experience pleasant.

  • Avatar JB

    Playing tennis at the Kapalua Tennis Gardens truly was a highlight of my holiday. The Stroke of the Day clinics were excellent and the Drop in Doubles were well run and well attended. My son also took part in the junior tennis and was instructed as if he was part of the regular program. Jeff put an exceptional effort into his coaching. All staff did an excellent job of making everyone feel welcome. It is a beautiful place!

  • Avatar TS

    Great tennis program for both visitors and locals. They provide match making services and, drop in, and a variety of clinics. Good private lessons too.

  • Avatar AP

    The stroke of the day clinics were really great. I was very impressed with how they could manage a wide range of abilities in one clinic and make it worthwhile for everyone.

  • Avatar BM

    Instructors are varied and have a diverse clinic format. Was able to meet a variety of player levels and play subsequent matches after attending the clinics. Very attractive resort, good racquet selection, friendly staff. Would like them to offer a 50’s plus clinic for those who play tennis but no longer play league or tournaments.

  • Avatar AL

    There is a very good variety of clinics and a good tennis director and lots of courts. The prices were a very good value. There are small pools throughout the resort that are very nice and convenient but the large pool had no free shade (you could pay for cabanas) and no tables to sit at outside of the restaurant area.

  • Avatar KT

    Great courts with a beautiful view. Great pros and great experience.

  • Avatar JC

    Kapalua Tennis Garden has excellent private lessons for all levels. I am a 4.0 player and the head tennis pro. Jeff Smith improved my first serve by 20 mph with accuracy and consistency in one lesson. Stroke of the day clinics are well organized and run. My 14 year old daughter enjoyed the Tournament Juniors clinics. Fantastic tennis experience.

  • Avatar JD

    My wife and I enjoy tennis both competitively and socially. Jeff Smith was a terrific instructor. He has a passion for the game coupled with deep technical knowledge. I would highly recommend the drop in play as well as the instruction for varying abilities. We will be back. Thanks, The Dye Family, Boise Idaho

  • Avatar ES

    Great clinics and lessons. Low key and fun. No standing around during clinics; always moving.

  • Avatar KD

    I attended two “Stroke of the Day” workshops during my recent week-long trip to Maui (March 2011.)I can’t rave enough about how friendly and professional the staff was. The classes were small enough that it almost felt like a semi-private lesson; Chris was able to give each of us individualized attention over the course of the hour. I have to say, my volleys and topspin definitely improved after my short time at the club! The people at the front desk were so incredibly nice and helpful–they helped arrange a match for me with one of the locals since I personally didn’t know anyone in Maui. The time I spent at the Kapalua Gardens was one of the highlights of my vacation. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Avatar JS

    I highly recommend the tennis program at Kapalua. While in Maui I took two lessons from Jeff Smith. He gave me excellent, easy to understand insruction, was energetic, friendly, enthusiastic, and hard working. He was also flexible with my schedule. It was a great workout, and Jeff improved my serve and forehand quickly. After each of my lessons, Jeff had a lesson with a young man with physical and mental disabilities. It was amazing to observe the way Jeff worked with that young man.
    While we were there, Jef