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7 reviews
  • Avatar SW

    Visit every year. Fantastic resort and club. Great courts, always availability and great atmosphere/nightlife. Coaches are strong players and can read your game and focus on what you need them to, both fundamentals and finesse!

  • Avatar RM

    I have had the pleasure of attending the La Manga Adult Academy on several occasions and each time I do, I leave at the end of the week wanting more. I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism of the staff who provide such a wonderful experience for players of all levels. The quality of coaching is exceptional and is always delivered with infectious enthusiasm. The facilities, both in the tennis academy and in the rest of the resort, are second to none in the region and I would highly recommend anyone who has the chance to visit La Manga Club, to take that opportunity. You won’t regret it. In simple terms, I would just say – Great facilities, Great coaching, Great fun.

  • Avatar FD

    I enjoyed the tennis here very much, and attended the Gold Academy. I think you will get out of it what you put into it, but my pros were quite serious and did not hesitate to correct errors in my swing. There are many options for accommodations, and we always worked through and have been very pleased with the results. A car is important to visit some excellent beaches nearby and Cabo de Palos for very nice and very affordable seafood.

  • Avatar NV

    La Manga offers golf and tennis for all ages and levels. The staff is very friendly and the tennis instructors are motivated. The Pro Shop is ok. The resort is located in a beautiful surrounding and the fairways and courts are impeccably maintained. Flip side: the resort is huge. You may consider renting a car. Within the complex free transportation is available. The 5 dining Restaurants (best one Luigi’s) are expensive like everything else is. Beach access is limited to a small cove which is not sandy and inappropriate for kids. La Manga is very British do not expect typical Spanish flair. Spa is just fair and little bit outdated.

  • Avatar VD

    This is an excellent program for either the Gold academy or the 10 hour academy. The pros are excellent teachers and don’t “humor” you, but give good direction and advice. There is a good variety of accommodations to consider. The resort is very pleasant, and neighboring towns have good restaurants and attractions. We have visited 4 times and will continue to do so.

  • Avatar LP

    Very nice resort but not much was open during our Christmas through New Year visit. They did have the courts open and they looked very busy.

  • Avatar AM

    If you are considering La Manga, please make sure to book with a reputable operator or the resort directly (see When I was there I was told of instances of people being fleeced by websites impersonating La Manga.
    Strengths of the resort: – Many tennis courts – Popular resort for Europeans, so you are likely to find good players at all levels – Good coaches, especially for individual lessons (this is the real strength of the place from a tennis perspective) – Nice resort with many activities (tennis, golf, hiking, biking, diving, etc) – Good restaurants (though quite expensive – reportedly there are good more reasonably priced options if you go outside the compound)
    Weaknesses: – The tennis program (at least the week-long one I attended) was surprisingly weak – Only 2 hours of formal tennis instruction per day (at most – on some days they ate into this with admin issues) – A further 2 hours per day of tennis was available in the form of round robin type tournaments (3 out of 5 days were mixed socials all levels mixed, 1 day men’s doubles, 1 day women’s doubles) but without any coaching – On the website they advertise a further option of video/tactical training of 1-2 hours per day, however they were not running this while I was there as they said they didn’t do it during busy periods – The student:pro ratio was 6:1. For me this is much too high as the coaches tend to focus on feeding balls rather than providing individual feedback – The resort is expensive – everything is extra. If you eat at resort hotels and take a couple of lessons you can expect to almost double the quoted price of hotel + breakfast + 2 hrs tennis per day.
    Bottom line for me: nice resort to spend a few days at if you like a variety of activities, but for the tennis it is not the best experience or value for money.

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