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    With my wife and I being retired in the past two years, we are trying to visit two or three of Tennis Resorts Online Top 100 a year. Just finished a three day camp/clinic at Meadowood (and going to Carmel Valley Tennis Ranch in September). The pros at Meadowood are exceptionally well-versed in and prepared to impart tennis instruction, lore, anecdotes – just about anything having to do with tennis.
    Doug, Bob and Russell made our three days pass all too quickly. There were eight players (3.5/4.5) which made for a great player/pro ratio. The program is called Acceleration Tennis and is somewhat different from other instructional techniques I have encountered. A highlight of the camp was the Wednesday dinner and videotape review session. Comments from the audience were … interesting, from Doug helpful.
    The courts (seven hardcourt) were used from morning to night by club members who could have been part of arranged matches with the campers if only Wimbledon replays and sore muscles had not intervened. I would not recommend the camp for beginners, but anyone intermediate and above will enjoy the three days tremendously.

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