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  • Avatar GP

    I have been going to NETH almost every year since 2009 and time and time again, it continues to be an event me and my friends look forward to every year. It never gets old. The pros are fantastic. Duncan is the owner and is always courteous and welcoming. JJ has been with NETH longer than he probably wants me to say and has the patience, enthusiasm, and clarity of your favorite high school coach.

    I have been to NETH many times now and am probably about a 3.5 player and I always learn a ton during my time and my game has improved every year in a large part thanks to the things I’ve learned at NETH.

    Above all of this, NETH is just fun. It’s a laid back environment, free of judgement and welcoming to beginners and more advanced players. They are able to accommodate everyone in fun drills and exercises where you get to meet new people and play with a variety of players.

    I totally recommend checking it out!

  • Avatar JC

    Wife and I stopped in for half day. Awesome Pros. Great setting. Couldn’t ask for more!

  • Avatar KK

    Went for the first time this summer and had a blast! Top notch Pros. Beautiful setting. And even though it rained, there were beautiful indoor courts for our use. Definitely going back next summer!

  • Avatar CA

    Fifth year in a row! Awesome instructors! Awesome instruction. Video analysis!! Why don’t other camps/instructors do that?? Fantastic courts!! It’s the high point of the tennis season for my wife and I!!!

  • Avatar SD

    This was my first time going to tennis “camp” in all my years of playing tennis! I can honestly say that I loved every minute. The instructors were exceptional and witty, too. It was fun, inspiring, informative and pushed me to get out of my 3.2 comfort zone. We worked on technique and strategy with some very interesting drills. Duncan was very organized and had a plan for every day. The video evaluation was really valuable and what an eye-opener! Kudos to them for getting me to break the death grip on my racquet! Our weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped but the coaches did a good job keeping us moving on the two indoor courts when the rain didn’t allow for outdoor play.

    My group made our own arrangements for accommodations and we found plenty of aprés-tennis things to do in the surrounding area. Waterville Valley should be appreciated for the beauty and tranquility of the mountains. If you want night life, you’ll need to drive out to one of the surrounding areas. Overall, an amazing weekend!! Had a blast and will definitely be back!

  • Avatar CP

    12 players from my home club attended 3 days of camp and we absolutely LOVED it. The weather didn’t cooperate but the pros were able to adapt and create drills that maximized play for all with limited courts. They were fun and energetic and provided a lot of feedback. We all appreciated the video review-something we don’t normally do-and learned a lot about our game. The setting was beautiful and overall the camp was extremely well organized from registration to lunch to time on the court. We cannot wait to return!

  • Avatar CQ

    We had an amazing weekend in Waterville Valley with the team at New England Tennis Holidays. The Tennis instruction was well balanced with drills that were impactful providing us with great learning opportunities that we were able to take home and implement. The pros were very talented teachers who shared thoughtful and effective insights to improve our game. I can’t say enough about Duncan and his team of Curtis and JJ. Duncan thought of everything from lodging to lunch and the pros were clearly committed to helping all of us improve and enjoy our time. All this in the most beautiful setting: the courts are nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains. We can’t wait to go back! Thank you for a fantastic tennis weekend!

  • Avatar KM

    The pros are incredibly talented and offered feedback that I hadn’t received from any other pros in my time playing tennis, which was incredibly helpful! The video analysis was very helpful. In addition, I found myself saying “I love this drill” to every single one we did. Duncan and his team are high energy, funny, and truly committed. The views are picturesque with the beautiful white mountains surrounding you. The only downside, honestly, to the outdoor courts was that the bathroom facilities is a porta potty. Highly recommended and I know I will plan to be back!

  • Avatar JH

    An excellent program. Great instructors. Fun and educational in a beautiful setting

  • Avatar LH

    We had such a great time! Thanks Duncan and staff!

  • Avatar GC

    The highly experienced staff provides topnotch, expert instruction with friendly, personalized attention tailored to each individual, all delivered in a relaxed, fun context. Your skills and game will definitely improve regardless of your existing level of expertise.

  • Avatar SL

    This is a fabulous camp to ramp up your tennis skills in a fun, professional manner. We are already planning to attend again!

  • Avatar JC

    I can’t praise Duncan and his team enough. My tennis weekend with NETH is the highlight of my year. Tennis + beautiful scenary + amazing people is my ideal vacation. Duncan and his team are wonderful tennis instructors. My husband and I are at very different levels and we both always come away learning so much. Last year, we also brought my 13 year old son and they were great with him! They have a well thought out agenda and I always feel like I’ve had enough 1-on-1 personal attention and play time each day. Highly recommend NETH with Duncan and team at Waterville Valley and looking forward to seeing them again this summer!

  • Avatar GY

    I’ve attended 2 summers and will be going this fall. I’m a senior woman who is not a great player, but I like to practice, review techniques, and learn new techniques. This camp satisfies those things for me. Always have a good time with my friends on the court and evening fun. The pros are patient and super helpful.

  • Avatar RA

    Great instructors. Left us with many helpful tips to work on.

  • Avatar MQ

    Great instruction and lots of fun in a beautiful setting. Duncan is running a strong, well organized program!

  • Avatar KG

    I like the location- easy to get to from RI. I always pick up something that can be used to help my game each time I come and I’ve been coming I think over 10 years.

  • Avatar KQ

    Love this tennis camp! Have participated for two years and plan on attending again this year

  • Avatar AC

    Camps, clinics, are fun and keep moving. Pros do a good job accommodating all levels and keeping it fun! Area is beautiful, facility has plenty to do, courts are well groomed with an indoor option.

  • Avatar BH

    Duncan and his staff are fantastic. Friendly, patient, helpful, knowledgeable and skilled. I really enjoy the New England holiday tennis camps and felt my overall game improved. The clay courts are well maintained and the backdrop of Waterville Valley is beautiful. I look forward to going back!

  • Avatar CE

    I recently attended tennis camp for the first time ever and as a relatively new player, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was so pleasantly surprised! Everything about the weekend was fantastic! Instructors were high energy and fun and knew how to differentiate to meet the variety of needs in our group. The food was top notch and it was nice dining with the others in the session. I was attending with a friend, but for others who were attending alone, it was really nice to spend time together and get to know each other. I made some fantastic new friends! The lodging was also fabulous! The condo we stayed in was immaculate. I also loved using the hot tub and pool after a long day of tennis. I can’t wait for my next camp session!

  • Avatar SE

    Lots of fun would like to go as a group of good tennis payes friends

  • Avatar MR

    Tennis instruction excellent; pros extremely helpful, pro to student ration – superb!

  • Avatar CB

    Had a great weekend at Sugarbush! Excellent tennis instruction. The coaches did a great job of mixing things up, variety of drills, etc. Great lunches ! Super fun. Will definitely return!

  • Avatar KA

    Would you believe I went from a 3.0 to a 4.5 player in one weekend??? Well, of course not. I did improve, however. Tennis instruction was informative and, therefore, helpful. Pros were easy to connect with and made time for people to ask some questions about the instruction. Getting video-taped was a first and a positive experience. Resort condo was another plus. Meals were offered at different places which enhanced the whole esperience. My first camp of this nature and I am thinking of making it an annual.

  • Avatar GH

    The location was beautiful and the pros were knowledgeable, personal and kept everyone in our group engaged and moving

  • Avatar HK

    NETH is located with picturesque Sugarbush Mountain (ski resort) as our backdrop. The accommodations are fantastic! NETH provides us with 3 teaching pros with 12 camp participants. The drills were varied, kept us moving and the instruction included 2 video sessions with analyses. Kurt, Paul and Connor were our pros and were professional, knowledgeable and encouraging and had fun with our lively group of 9 tennis players from our club. Lunches plus 1 dinner are included and we ordered off menu (a country club for lunch, which was varied, fresh and quite good, or at the Claybrook Resort, where we were staying.) We were indoors for our Day 1. 3 courts, hard surface. This space could have used better lighting and fresher balls, but overall, we were glad to have access to the courts! There were fitness facilities (locker room/showers/towels) available for our use. The weather was gorgeous for our Day 2 (outdoor Har-Tru courts, fantastic condition and wooded setting). Recommend driving from the Claybrook to the courts, with your gear. There is adequate parking. We all made use of the 2 outdoor hot tubs but there were no massages available, from what we could see. I gave it high marks for “spa” based on the Claybrook outdoor hot tubs which were hot and powerful on aching muscles. I especially enjoyed the music played for our warm ups! They mix everyone in and even though our group had 9 of the 12 slots for our weekend session, everyone was well taken care of. I would do this as a solo traveler, or as a couple. I have attended quite a few tennis camps and this has moved into my top position. Thanks to everyone at NETH!

  • Avatar DH

    Strengths: personalized coaching; super-nice instructors, meals included, beautiful weather, and players with similar levels; friendly staff; very laid-back atmosphere for weekend getaways Weaknesses: none

  • Avatar LG

    A few four-ballers only because Waterville Valley has a very small Town Square that does have a variety of things in it, but it’s all there is, really. The cuisine is good – basic. But good. The setting, however, is beautiful with lovely mountain views. The courts are clay and plentiful! They are well-kept. The instructors at NE Tennis Holidays are awesome… always… year after year. They are great players, have good pointers, and provide excellent instruction throughout the days. The video taping piece and critiques of particular strokes is especially helpful. I love it, and I’ll go back, as long as they are around!

  • Avatar BK

    Absolutely do this. Atmosphere, instruction and accommodations were great. Food was limited, repetitive and not very good

  • Avatar SK

    I had a great time at the tennis camp at Sugarbush. This pros (Curt, JJ, and Chris) were fantastic! There were players of all skill levels during the time I was there, and the staff was able to handle us all, with groups breaking off by skill levels at times, then coming all together for fun group games. The pros took videos of our strokes which I found extremely helpful, and then analyzed the videos with us to show our strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend this to any tennis aficionado, and special thanks to the pros for their great instruction!

  • Avatar TA

    Curt and JJ were our main pros and were absolutely top caliber and experienced. Can’t be much bette than them. Chris, as a young pro, was also great. Courts were in great shape in a very picturesque mountain setting. Our group had 12 players that added to the fun, but we only had 5 on the last day. One player was very weak and didn’t fit in well, but the pros did what they could to make it work for everyone.

  • Avatar GS

    Complimenting the attributes of the Sugarbush Tennis Camp is one I do with great pleasure!!!! I learned enough in two days to improve my game; I returned for another tennis camp three weeks later and began to see the pieces falling into place. For me it was the aspect of superior coaching that never stops pushing you forward in your game; the days were a fast-paced, fun experience, meeting players from all levels of play from all parts of the world. I arrived on my own and left with new friends to reconnect with at another camp session next year. Head coach, Curt Johnson takes time to analyze and ensure you are progressing; he is constantly attentive to the needs of each individual player and what they need to change, or add to their skill repertoire, such that they can begin to play winning tennis. Thank you, Curt ..for your incredible attention to improving all our skills at every level. I am grateful for the new knowledge that adds to my game. You are a credit to the world of tennis and to the teaching profession!!! I have to thank JJ who took time out to individually coach me on a few aspects of my game that were slowing me down. He worked to improve my volley technique (thank you JJ ..Jon Judge) you are truly an amazing teacher. Your positive attitude combined with skills to push the individual to acquire a winning attitude is unprecedented!!! Paul Gerken..thank you for your pro tips that have helped my serve. Chris and Conor volley has improved!! Dave ..thank you for the backhand slice. Most importantly, I would like to impart to all who might be reading this review, to come to camp!! It doesn’t matter what level you are, as the coaches are prepared to divide and work with all levels. With the ratio of coaches to players, this is a win-win opportunity for everyone to learn, enjoy and play better at any level. Thank you all for the great tennis!!! See you next year!

  • Avatar SP

    Definitely go. I loved the video feedback and received great instruction.

  • Avatar AC

    My friend and I had a great experience at Sugarbush. The tennis coaches were knowledgeable and friendly and definitely helped my game. The lodging was super. We were really impressed with the food. A very beautiful place that we would love to return to.

  • Avatar PD

    Seems like a great spot for couples, I was a single but the staff did a nice job of keeping groups competitive, had a lot of fun meeting and hanging out with others at the camp, definitely a great social experience and setting. I thought the tennis instruction was good, was heavily focused on volleying and doubles strategy. My favorite part was a game we played that encouraged longer rallies and deep ground strokes. We didn’t spend a lot of time on serves but I do think I was able to pick up some tips that will improve my serve.

  • Avatar NP

    Very well organized, great instruction from all instructors, they even took 2 videos, one of your forehand ground stroke and one of forehand volley, and reviewed them with me in a small group, had plenty of short competition drills throughout the 2 days mixing it with all 19 participants on 4 clay courts, the weather was perfect over the June 22nd and 23rd weekend…not too hot, no flying/annoying insects to speak of, both lunches were delicious at the golf course nearby that also had a beautiful view, the instructors were very passionate about teaching tennis well, and had loads of information to provide, but were also friendly and fun, the dinner at Clay Brook was decent…I’d rate it a B- , although service was a little slow. I only wished there was a Port-A-Potty right next to the tennis courts, because the alternative was the rec center, which was down the road a bit, and would have taken too much time away from instruction to walk there and back. We stayed in a suite at Clay Brook, which was large, clean and beautiful, but the design allowed too much noise to come through from the guests above.

  • Avatar LS

    Strengths: good coaching, nice courts, good video feedback. Weaknesses: a lot of standing around and waiting. Did not like that there was at times a single opportunity with sometimes bad feeds to hit a ball in play before going back in line to wait. Waiting while better players are getting more opportunities was frustrating. Have been to many adult camps, there are ways to incorporate competition and keep more people involved and playing.

  • Avatar CM

    NETH at Sugarbush was amazing! It was the first tennis camp for both my girlfriend and myself and we both want to come back again next year. Curt, Dave, and the other pros really knew their tennis and were excellent at teaching everyone with different strengths and weaknesses. We were lucky enough to have five days in a row and what a difference to our respective games! A previous reviewer mentioned that all rooms should have fridges and I completely agree but I simply mentioned this to Clare Grabher (owner and manager of the camp) and a fridge was at our door in 10 minutes. If you are looking for more to do (if five hours of tennis isn’t enough), Sugarbush Resort and area have plenty to offer (hiking, golf, shopping) although a few of the options at the fitness centre were limited do to the fact that the resort is pretty empty in the summer (no yoga classes or rock climbing while we were there) If I had to come up with an area for improvement, I would suggest a little more variety in the dinner options. I think that this would only be problematic for stays of four or more days ( the food was excellent, we just had too many meals at the same place) We have already recommended NETH to some friends and will continue to do so in the future! Can’t wait to come back.

  • Avatar MM

    Participating in an adult tennis camp for 5 days has always been my dream holiday and New England Tennis Holidays in Sugarbush, Vermont surpassed all of my expectations. To begin, the personal instruction catered to each individual’s needs, playing style, and ability was superior to any tennis lessons I have ever had before. Kurt and his excellent team of coaches brought my game to a new level. The video analysis each day was invaluable to see what was working well and what needed tweaking. The drills and activities were varied and engaging and we loved each of our 5 days. A huge bonus to this location is the access to indoor courts as it did rain twice during our stay. Off the courts, the program continued to impress. The meals were delicious and plentiful and allowed for freedom to change dinner location or reservation times. Clare was so helpful and quick in answering any and all of our questions. Within 2 minutes of a phone call with her, the kind staff at Clay Brook Hotel brought a fridge to our room and took care of our every need. Even though check-out is earlier than the end of the tennis day, it was great to have full access to the onsite health club for the pool, showers, or any other activity. Without a doubt, this tennis holiday was one of the best active vacations I have ever had and is so worth the 10-hour drive for me to get there. I have only been home for 2 days but I am already looking forward to returning next year.

  • Avatar BB

    I’ve been to this camp with a group of friends many times over the years. The pros quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your game, and they’re great about offering helpful suggestions that result in immediate improvement. You can’t beat the setting and the cozy Clay Brook Hotel. I’d have been happy staying all summer!

  • Avatar KG

    Love it up here. Quaint, fun, great time!

  • Avatar MP

    The tennis weekend was great. The pros were knowledgable and were skilled at teaching. I learned so much ch and was able to put that into practice when I got to my home courts. I’m attended this weekend twice. Just fabulous!!

  • Avatar DF

    Excellent instruction from teachers who judge your skills and provide appropriate methods for improving play.

  • Avatar SB

    What a fabulous way to spend a few days! Gorgeous setting, phenomenal instructors, great facility, really nice fellow “campers”, tons of fun….. I am an advanced(?) beginner, while my husband is definitely advanced. We both benefitted tremendously and found the instruction to be individualized to our levels. Although we didn’t spend the whole day together, there were many times that we were. The videos were terrific, as was the feedback throughout the day. Thank you to the instructors for their expertise, humour and positive energy! We look forward to returning!!!!

  • Avatar SD

    Friendly, supportive staff share their expertise in a way that is clear and tailored to each person’s level – providing instruction that is designed to improve ability and confidence. Groups are small (no more than 4) so the instruction is personalized with many opportunities to practice. Strokes are videotaped and played back in slow motion which provides each person with visual feedback along with constructive suggestions for improvement. And the staff provide an atmosphere that is positive, social, and a lot of fun throughout the entire weekend. Staff is very accessible, very willing to answer questions, and always designing something new and challenging – whether it’s drills, games, round robins, or opportunities to “beat the pros” – learning combined with fun is always a hallmark of New England Tennis Holidays.

  • Avatar MS

    Great experience, the tennis staff was fantastic. Only complaints are with the hotel accommodations. Hotel is nice but, there should be refrigerator in each room. We are coming back from 5 hrs of tennis and we can’t store cold water in our room? Also on last day, we had to check out of lodging by noon and tennis goes until 3 PM. It would be much better if a 4 PM checkout would be available so we could shower before a potentially long trip home. Everything else was great.

  • Avatar AM

    Overall good camp. They should focus more on maximizing tennis time by not having more than 4 on a court at a time. Other than that, pretty well run. JJ is very good and very personable!

  • Avatar AB

    Excellent tennis instruction! The pros have many years of experience, can spot your problem and give you instant feedback for you to improve your game. I made sizeable improvements in all aspects of the game. Also excellent humour and professionalism/organization. Definitely beats Saddlebrook as far as instruction level.

  • Avatar CF

    Great instructors, wonderful facility, love the program! I would recommend New England Tennis Holidays at Sugarbush to all my tennis friends and their families. It is a beautiful place, with great people running the program. Hoping to go back there this year, which would be my 4th camp with NETH.

  • Avatar NB

    It is a complete, well-built program, that will improve your confidence and abilities in your game.

  • Avatar CG

    I have been a number of times with my husband and always found the experience to be outstanding. This past trip I went with another lady from our club. It was really fun to watch her reaction to everything from the resort location to the excellent tennis instruction. She is planning to bring a group down with her next time.

  • Avatar DD

    Had a fantastic time Great tennis instructors and the accommodations were perfect. Lovely location in the mountains of Vermont Going again this year

  • Avatar TA

    We really enjoyed the experience. I’d never seen myself filmed before. It was very helpful. Thee resort was quite nice. People were super polite. It wasn’t at all busy in early summer so a great time to go.

  • Avatar SG

    A great place to go with a group of tennis friends, although there were singles and groups of two that we enjoyed getting to know. A really fun experience, despite the hard work and competitive drills. The pros were fun and knowledgeable and we laughed as much as we played. Lunch was easy and fun to eat as a group with everyone including pros. The rooms and pool area were very very nice. Dinners delicious and easy, on site. Would highly recommend to social tennis lovers!

  • Avatar BJ

    If you are interested in sharpening your game in a idyllic New England atmosphere this is my number one pick every year! The Vermont location offers comfortable accommodations and a variety of dining options. The surrounding mountains, lakes and rivers provide off court biking, hiking or relaxing sightseeing. The tennis clinics feature a 5 hour day. There are 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The clay courts are nestled in a wooded area alongside a babbling brook. Instruction is accompanied by video analysis and stroke development for both basic to intermediate and advanced players. There are repetitive/tactical drills and some competitive play situations. The clinics are a great for practicing new techniques or to refine skills. Courts are generally limited to 4 players. The camp tries to match player levels. Tennis pros are friendly and up to date on new techniques. Campers lunch together at the nearby golf course overlooking the fairways for miles. The food is delicious and the company fun. One drawback is that it is difficult to arrange playing/practicing outside of clinic. Courts are available for players are scarce after 5 hours of camp. A terrific option is the SHARK which has indoor courts if there is inclement weather.

  • Avatar MC

    This is one of the best tennis camps and resort experience. The Claybrook Inn and the surroundings are unique to Vermont and I have now visited twice during summers. This is a great tennis camp with a summer retreat in VT. Looking forward to returning again; this time we will visit Montreal too.

  • Avatar IA

    I first attended NETH at Sugarbush with a gf for 5 days in 2012 for my 50th bday. It was such an amazing experience, I returned 4 years in a row with various friends (our last group had 10 girls)! Then life happened and I sadly missed the last 2 years. This Summer I am excited to be returning with girlfriends once again. I can’t say enough about this camp. Beautiful location, great accommodations, easy scheduling, fun format, high caliber instruction, gourmet meals, basically EVERYTHING about it is just fantastic. As a tennis nut, there is not much I would rather do than play or watch tennis so for me this “camp” is just the perfect vacation. Clare and Kurt Grabher do a fabulous job and have a true gem in the hills of Sugarbush. I live in Tampa, Florida so I have a lot of choices for camp; this is by far my favorite.

  • Avatar RB

    Well run program with beautiful outdoor courts. Solid mature instructors. No negative critiques at all.

  • Avatar LG

    Great solid instruction and wonderful social atmosphere with the right amount of competitive spirit. Plenty of court time as well.

  • Avatar JA

    Stunning personal attention by the Pro’s. The video sessions provided invaluable hands on viewing off where we needed to adjust our games. Loved that aspect of the 3 day clinic

  • Avatar RF

    Thank you (again!) to JJ and Paul for a wonderful tennis experience in the beautiful mountains for Vermont. This is our third year attending this camp, and we were not disappointed! It was so much fun while learning some new strokes and strategy to improve our game. We particularly liked being videotaped each day – especially from the side and back view – which helped us to better understand where we can improve. This is such a great way to really get a view of yourself and how you play!!! Keep that up- it means a lot to us players to see ourselves from all sides! We will look forward to returning again next year. This tennis camp is by far the best ever, and Sugarbush is beginning to feel like home! Thank you for a great experience!

  • Avatar SK

    As a beginner tennis player, I get nervous going to any new tennis clinics or camps. I could not have asked for better instructors and a better environment. It made the world of difference having such caring instructors that try their best to improve your technique without making you feel bad. I have learned so much in the past two days and truely feel like my tennis game has improved. This camp has been unforgettable. J.J. and Paul have made a tremendous positive impact on my tennis game.

  • Avatar LH

    The tennis instruction was superb JJ and Paul were knowledgeable and Total Fun. Split screen video analysis was AWESOME LOOKING FROM ALL SIDES WAS CRITICAL TO SEEING WHAT I ACTUALLY WAS DOING NOT WHAT I THINK ?? I WAS DOING I have done a lot of golf instruction and it’s great to see video in tennis Claybrook accomodations were relaxing and comfortable Food was fine Lunch and Dinner was especially good. Can’t wait to come back.

  • Avatar MR

    This camp was exactly the retreat I was looking for. I have a young son at home and needed some time to myself. The pros and participants were all lovely and I felt 100% comfortable being there on my own. I learned a lot and have had great success in my matches since returning home. Thank you for a wonderful trip!

  • Avatar AP

    Overall, a very good experience. Each pro has something unique to offer to improve my game. JJ and Kord are excellent instructors and the use of video to analyze stroke postures is very helpful. Lodging and meals meet expectations and have a homely feel.

  • Avatar KD

    Overall a good tennis camp. Staff needs some updating. Would like to see female instructors and some infusion of younger energy. Staff member DH needs to go.

  • Avatar JW

    This is a wonderful tennis camp in a beautiful location in Vermont. JJ is a particularly talented tennis instructor. I highly recommend him. There was a large differential in the quality of the instructors. The Claybrook Hotel is adequate, with large, clean rooms. Unfortunately the restaurat inthe hotel, Rumble’s Kitchen, is subpar. The food and service are below average, even for pub fare. The Hyde Away Inn down the road is a good alternative for dinner. Unfortunately, you’re kind of stuck with Rumble’s Kitchen for breakfast. The restaurant/pub at the golf course nearby is an okay alternative for lunch. Instruction is fast paced, with few breaks. Be prepared to work hard. We were exhausted after 2 days.

  • Avatar VW

    Overall, had a very good experience. Staff were friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and had great tips. Outdoor courts were very good. Hotel and food were excellent. One complaint was that indoor complex was underserviced. Lights were out and it was quite dark in spots. Beyond that, a great tennis holiday destination.

  • Avatar EK

    I have been attending New England Tennis Holiday camps for over 25 years in North Conway, NH, Waterville Valley, NH and Vermont and they are simply the best! My husband and I have been playing tennis for many years and have been to camps from Hilton Head to Florida and all over New York and New England but going back to New England Tennis Holidays always feels like going home. And by the way we always come back home better tennis players.

  • Avatar MC

    Incredible experience! We had about 10 players – mostly between 3 – 4 rating. Walt, Jon & Paul did a great job; also a very scenic location – sugarbush.

  • Avatar SS

    Driving through the Green Mountains of Vermont, out of nowhere arises a first class modern resort called Sugarbush. The on sight restaurant and lodging is excellent. The on court instruction and drills are most helpful. I am 81 years old and I plan return for the third time.

  • Avatar MH

    We have been to this camp 9 times now in the last 15 years. Wonderful teaching with a consistent theory of stroke production (unlike all other camps in our experience). The other thing that stands out, is that the drills are thoughtfully designed so that players of all skill levels can participate and benefit – this is the single more outstanding feature of the camp. Last summer for example there were 2 beginners and they had a great time and their participation in no way impeded the progress of even the advanced players (of which there generally are quite s few). Fantastic setting in a ski resort in Vermont – usually uncrowded in the summer. Great food at the best local restaurants included in the cost. … but you can opt out (our calculations and experience suggest that this will NOT save any money though) . Lots of other activities are available (golf, hiking, mountain biking on the ski trails) if you are interested.

  • Avatar KB

    Beautiful locale, weather, people and instruction! What more could you want?

  • Avatar JP

    We attended the camp in October. The scenery was beautiful! The Inn was spectacular! The food was delicious! The most important thing to us was the quality of the tennis camp! Instruction was non stop, never any down time, we were moving!!! The pros did not just feed you a ball, they gave you instruction with every feed. I returned to league play with much more confidence . Would love to return often!

  • Avatar FW

    I had a very nice time at the tennis camp at Sugarbush. The pros were great and very accomodating. The price was reasonable. The food was very good. The accomodations were pleasant. The only thing I would change would be an option for 1/2 day tennis on the last day because, if you have a long drive home, ending in late afternoon is a pia. However, in my circumstance, the pros were very accommodating and arranged for extra play time for me during lunch so I could leave a bit early. Many thanks for that.

  • Avatar RM

    Great lessons!!!

  • Avatar MP

    I enjoy NETH up at Sugarbush very much. The instructors keep things moving and do a good job of identifying the level of skill for each player. I would like to see a little more strategy built into the lessons, but all and all it is a welcoming environment in a fantastic location. Even better if you are going with a group, but good for indicivindividuals too.

  • Avatar CK

    Quite simply, if you are looking for a tennis camp in the summer in the north east, this one fits the bill. Sugarbush in the summer is beautiful. Very good coaches, 5+ hours of instruction, indoor courts in case of inclement weather,a social atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and food included in the package at reasonably good and occasionally superior local establishments. Accommodates all ‘campers’ from single to groups. I have attended the camp at least 4 times, and will be back.

  • Avatar MH

    I have attended tennis camp for three years. I return each year because the instructors, drills, daily schedule and accommodations are superb. I look forward to the challenge each summer.

  • Avatar SD

    Great camp with great instructors. The atmosphere is amazing and I learned a lot.

  • Avatar SF

    New England Tennis Holidays is the BEST tennis camp: for instruction, value for money, and sheer loveliness. I’ve been to many tennis camps & NETH keeps drawing me back. The coaching – which is why I go to Camp- is truly exceptional. The Instructors are always mature, experienced tennis coaches. Too many places grab random college players who are utterly clueless about teaching Tennis to adults. I rate NETH an A+ experience. And if you’ve wanted a reason to visit New England, this is it.

  • Avatar RO

    Spent 5 days at 5 hr per day – survived well though over age 70. The on-court instruction was strong and groups small. The off-court activity was minimal, less than I’d been led to believe. They have good indoor court backup in terms of number of courts, although the lighting needs to be stronger. There was an issue with the lodging, as the included room is a ‘lock-off’ of a condominium unit with no desk or fridge. When I complained, they were accommodating at brought a mini-fridge to the room [for those ice packs!]

  • Avatar MJ

    I attended a 4-day camp in July, which was my 10th or so time visiting NETH. I’ve gone to others, but I think the instruction at NETH is exceptional. Both Kurts and JJ took my ground strokes and fine-tuned them into things of beauty. The improvement after each visit is obvious, and keeps getting better even after you’ve left as their words come back to you and what they’ve said sinks in. The reason I am writing this today, almost two months after our visit, is because while playing singles with my husband, I suddenly remembered something Cord said about serving, a sticking point for me. It was like a light went on. I started doing what he said, and suddenly my serve was there and I started winning games instead of losing because of double faults. I’ve been to all 3 New England locations, and all have their charms. The food is good, and it’s a wonderful, social way to improve your tennis game!

  • Avatar CH

    Loved this place in all respects. Most importantly, however, the staff/pros were the best and always made the unnecessary efforts without trying to be noticed. That says a lot. I will go back every year, I already know it.

  • Avatar KH

    4:1 player to pro ratio, of the 4 pros only 2 gave significant helpful tips, and of the 2, one of them was exceptional. Fun, upbeat attitudes. Excellent, well-matched group of attendees; beautiful setting in the mtns of VT; well-organized activities with little downtime kept us on the court and happy. My only recommendation would be more involvement by all of the pros. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar SR

    Lots of individual attention including with close and meaningful review of videos of campers in action a definite plus focus where it should be on individual improvement of strokes as well as gamelike situations beautiful location, great coaches, very nice campers every time (have now been to a NETH camp six times (mostly Sugarbush)

  • Avatar JJ

    This summer marked our 20th anniversary and our third visit to the New England tennis camp at Sugarbush. The accommodation at Clay Brook has always been outstanding: beautiful rooms, fabulous views and excellent service. These are nice perks, but the reason we keep coming back is for the tennis. This year the head pro was Walter, a gentleman and a gifted teacher. He had a genuine interest in giving personalized instruction and practical advice to each participant. Each day we had our strokes (volley, forehand, backhand) recorded and analyzed. Every player was provided with (unhurried) thoughtful and useful feedback. The days (five FULL hours each) were structured with a variety of warm-ups, drills, points games, group games and tie-break games. Over three days, every major aspect of playing tennis was addressed. The pacing of the activities was well planned; never boring, never too hard or too slow. The assistant pros used Walter’s feedback (and their own observations) to immediately begin implementing the tips that would improve our tennis. Kord’s upbeat enthusiasm and running commentary was always entertaining and informative. The younger pros (Connor and Ryan) were gracious and professional. We will be back.

  • Avatar ES

    I loved the skilled coaches who could really analyze your strokes using slow motion video and give you actionable ways to improve and then communicate with the other coaches who then reinforced the plan for improvement in subsequent drills and play.

  • Avatar DL

    Well-run camp. Administration & sign-up easy & friendly. 5 hour clinics have good structure & pace, and head-pro makes effort to group you with others of similar ability. Instruction was excellent w/ head pro (Walter), good with Kort, rather thin with (Ryan & Connor) less-experienced pros. They don’t over-do it with trying to change too much, but give good instruction as to most important aspects of technique that need work.

  • Avatar EK

    A fabulous tennis camp with a first class program and instructions. I returned last weekend after a 13 year absence and enjoyed every minute . I would recommend NETH to anyone interested in improving their tennis game while having a wonderful time.

  • Avatar CK

    Great ratio of pros to players (1 to 4). Kept us moving throughout drills, video taped FH, BH, Serve & Volley. New pro, Walter, has insightful tips & strategies. Wished afternoon camp was an hour longer-til 4pm. Wished there was a portable by courts; its a hassle running down to fitness center.

  • Avatar LW

    This past weekend was my 5th time at this Camp. Always go in a group (which keeps getting bigger!) and always have a great time. The courts are terrific, the coaching is top-notch, and the resort is a great place to stay…especially if you are going with a group of friends. We were able to advise the Coaches in advance about our expectations and what we wanted to work on, and they nailed it for us. Everyone had a GREAT time and already planning to go back next year. The only negative I could possibly add is: it would be nice to have a Port-a-potty near the courts! Thank you!

  • Avatar BH

    Has been my favorite “vacation” for years.

  • Avatar MP

    Great pros with lots of tennis knowledge. Group was able to be split up by abilities so more advanced students could do more advanced drilling. Strengths: staff, accommodations/facility, keeps it fun, mixing drills and games Weaknesses: more video reviews, more singles strategy

  • Avatar EM

    Tennis instruction provided by Ted and Dave was BY FAR THE BEST I HAVE EVER RECEIVED … and I have taken lessons/instructions from a dozen professionals over the years. A small class size afforded each player one-on-one time with an instructor — and not just for an hour; it was an entire afternoon session. Accommodations and meals were beyond exceptional. Value for the price was unmatched. Not one disappointment the entire stay. Definitely recommend; definitely going back again and again.

  • Avatar JL

    The NE Tennis Holidays camp was terrific. The instructors were both informative and fun . Instruction focused mainly on contact point with the volley which then translated to ground strokes. We spent 3 days but. Ext time coming for 5!

  • Avatar MB

    This was my second time and I loved it both timesI The group was small so we got a lot of individual attention. I learned a lot, the coaches were very professionals and I had a great time. Resort is beautiful and accommodation at the Claybrook was excellent. I will definitely go back.

  • Avatar AN

    This was an excellent tennis camp. Great pro to player ratio; lots of court time; good variety of drills; excellent video analysis; and superb location. Skill sets varied within the group and the pros were able to adjust accordingly and provide everyone with good coaching. It was a fun and supportive atmosphere – really enjoyed it!

  • Avatar TV

    Excellent tennis camp. Teaching was full of helpful tips. Definitely come out a better player !

  • Avatar MM

    Loved the location. Loved the morning drills. the video was not as helpful as I would have liked – needed more specific follow up I also would have liked more critique when we were playing in the afternoons- for example follow up on what we worked on in the am- I did not like always stating with the same group- we are a large group we could rotate 2 players down and 2 payers up each change of drill to get a better feel with everyone

  • Avatar ME

    Great instructors, fun drills, wonderful camaraderie with the other attendees. It’s a really fun way to up your game.

  • Avatar CF

    This was a great camp! The location and facilities were terrific – and good, focused instruction. Can cater to a range of abilities, and provide real strategies for you to level up. Thank you!

  • Avatar DB

    Excellent facilities. Terrific staff. Great. Food

  • Avatar AR

    Systematic, comprehensive approach to the game concentrating on what you need to know to be a great club player. New England Tennis Holidays has a plan (unlike other camps I’ve been to) and they help you get the snarls out of your strokes without needing to break it down compleyely to try to build up again, due to Kurt and Claire’s great insights into how to teach the game. Great instructors, great instructor to student ratio. And The Claybrook at Sugarbush is wonderful, too. I love this camp!

  • Avatar MF

    The staff at New England Tennis Holidays is outstanding. I always come home with better skills, and more knowledge about the game in general. The lessons are varied between numerous drills and match scenarios. I love that they filmed us on certain shots, then reviewed with each person on how to improve. And I can’t forget to mention the cool warm-up music they always play each morning to get you going! It’s always a blast to go there and I can’t wait to return!

  • Avatar AT

    This was my second tennis camp at this location and I will be returning with my USTA friends every year I possibly can. The pros are excellent teachers and truly want to help make a difference in your game while also making sure you’re still having fun. Everyone gets advice that is personalized to your specific weaknesses Lunch and dinner are provided at the Sugarbush Resort’s restaurants and the food and service are excellent. After the afternoon session, we went to the pool to cool off and soak our sore muscles in the hot tub. We came as a group of 9 women, stayed in a fabulous 5-bedroom suite at Claybrook, and had such a great time. We considered going to a tennis camp closer to home but we love the amenities at Sugarbush too much to go anywhere else. A total blast!

  • Avatar RI

    Great staff and instruction. Looking forward to visit again!

  • Avatar RD

    Strong teaching staff interaction with personal attention. Days could be a little longer for an athlete.

  • Avatar TS

    We keep going back for the quality and level of instruction, and this time did not disappoint but surpassed expectations! Very intense, as in you will hit hundreds of balls; hearing instruction is one things but seeing yourself on video, well, one can no longer deny and combines well with the overall instruction. This year campers tended to be close in level, which helps drills be more successful and challenging. Outdoor clay courts are a dream; indoor courts are a bit funky, so hope for not much rain.

  • Avatar AP

    Outstanding. The instruction was very specific and tailored and the setting is just perfect. Accommodations are very good to excellent. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to returning.

  • Avatar AL

    Excellent coaches who pay attention to your technique and adjust based on your skill level.

  • Avatar HB

    Had a great experience at Sugarbush. Kurt was a great instructor and my game really improved through the week. Would definitely return again!

  • Avatar DT

    It is exceptional instruction and have I have gone by myself the last two summers. All of the attendees have been super nice–mixed men and women–although mostly women it seems during the weekdays. They zero in on your weaknesses and work on them until they are history! The video feedback really enables you to see what you are doing wrong and gives you an edge in resolving the issue.

  • Avatar NL

    My friend and I had a fabulous stay for a weekend of tennis. We did happen to pick a weekend that had a very small group of people. This lead to great individual instruction. I felt the instructor we had was extremely knowledgeable he not only gave us instruction on our mechanics but also strategy for playing singles and double. The grounds and facility was very comfortable and clean. I would definitely do this again. I feel the value was excellent. In fact I will be trying to get my USTA tennis team to go as a group next summer.

  • Avatar LL

    My net game improved tremendously. One tip from Kurt really helped (the one about holding your racquet out in front, then immediately turning it toward the ball). I feel way more confident and have a winning record in my USTA matches.

  • Avatar DG

    Loved the personal direction and the on going encouragement. It was a fun 10 hrs. If lessons. I would recommend Sugarbush …highly!,

  • Avatar RB

    The whole experience exceeded our expectations. The accommodations at the Claybrook Sugarbush were excellent as was our our visits to the Timbers restaurant. The tennis program was very enjoyable and beneficial. The instruction , the instructors and the facilities were excellent. We plan on returning within the year.

  • Avatar MD

    Strengths Multiple pros so if don’t understand one can ask another. Video play back was great and the exercise to aim at the hoop. Nice that give you the option of a group dinner – Social if you are coming solo. Weaknesses A little less physical than expected I would have preferred the groups being remixed day 2 Overall Found it more helpful than the clinics at my club back home and they seemed to do some customization based on the players present. It was a fun atmosphere which helps it you realize you are weaker than the main group – assuming you have a competitive personality.

  • Avatar KB

    My wife and I returned here after 5 years. The instruction was excellent – really enjoyed working with Curt for 4 days and Dave for 1 day. I learned a lot of new things to continue to improve my game for the start of our local indoor season. Some other places I’ve been to are just expensive ball feeding operations, but here you get specific personalized recommendations to improve play. While dinner is included in the package, the only negative was having to eat at the same location (Timbers) every night and they had the same menu/specials of the day every single night and the food was inconsistent. The location is beautiful.

  • Avatar JD

    Excellent value – resort is beautiful and instruction exceptional. Curt is critical of strokes and aims to correct them to help improve your game. He keeps the game of tennis simple and effective, but more importantly fun. Nothing but good things to say of the drills, games, and instruction. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar EG

    The instruction from Kurt and J. J. is always tailored to the individual. They find things we need fixed and suggest ways to improve each players’ game without overwhelming anyone. Their experience with all ages and levels of players is amazing. The Sugarbush site is very nice, although I miss the old Mt. Cranmore site dearly.

  • Avatar AL

    Very much enjoyed this tennis camp! The instructors were able to work around the differences in levels of the players which was great. The lunches and dinners were awesome! Enjoyed staying at the Clay Brook also, it was a very nice place to stay.

  • Avatar AS

    Indoor and outdoor (clay) courts. Nice accomodations, good restaurants. All costs included. Five hours of instruction per day and the pros mix it up real good to cover everything. My only criticism is that better sports psychology could be applied. They focussed too much on telling us what we were doing wrong and didn’t put it into enough positive words about what we should be doing. The brain wants to hear and see how to do it right and have the drills and reinforcement to back that up to get it into muscle memory.

  • Avatar KK

    Excellent instructors in a very picturesque setting. Low ratio of players to instructors. Fun!

  • Avatar ED

    Curt, Dave, JJ and Duncan were absolutely wonderful from the insightful advice, fun drills and feedback to help improve my game. Highly recommend the video analysis to refine and tweak your game.

  • Avatar MM

    Wonderful experience, Accomodations were exceptional, staff very friendly and helpful, rooms were wonderful, clean, everything working perfectly. It was a pleasure to stay there. Tennis camp was so fun, run perfectly, pros were wonderful…..I also attended camp last year and will come again next year!

  • Avatar MC

    I have taken plenty of clinics and private tennis lessons, and the instruction from NETH from all the instructors were simply on another level. They seem to be able to pick up and improve weaknesses in my game that have gone completely unnoticed by past pros I’ve worked with. There were a couple instances where changes they recommended made instant impact on my game, which I did not think was possible anymore playing at my level. Curt, Dave and Duncan were all great instructors and built great rapport and understanding of my game in a limited amount of time. The all-inclusive setup at NETH was also very convenient and gave me plenty of time to do other activities outside of tennis without having to worry about lodging and meal logistics.

  • Avatar MZ

    Very good instruction in a lovely setting with small groups and lots of individual attention

  • Avatar LJ

    Great teaching pro, excellent accommodations, beautiful setting. Both outdoor and indoor courts, so bad weather is not an issue. Resort has a very good restaurant and there are many excellent restaurants in the area. No weaknesses.

  • Avatar CW

    The tennis facility is small with just four outdoor har-true courts. In-door courts area available for inclement weather. This makes for an intimate setting with lots of individual attention. Three pros and 10 campers allowed for many changes, exposure to different teaching styles and playing/practicing with fellow campers of varying playing abilities.

  • Avatar TB

    NETH Sugarbush was amazing! The pros were positive, very attentive and blended high energy drills with instruction and fun competition. The beautiful scenery and accommodations were top notch as well as choice of restaurants were all very classy. We are definitely going back next year!

  • Avatar AJ

    The accommodations were spacious, modern, clean, comfortable, convenient to the courts and really nice. The suite we were in had plenty of room for the seven or us. We enjoyed the French Open on the large TV and we had fun playing games seated in comfortable furniture around the large coffee table in the Living area in the evenings. I rise early and I would have a coffee on the deck looking at the Mountain View. I would go for a run or walk on the quiet roads before our Tennis Camp. The hot tub and heated pool were a wonderful way to relax our sore muscles after camp. We never skipped a beat during camp for lunch. We would call over to the Golf Club and lunch would be ready for us when we arrived.

  • Avatar DP

    Our tennis team has been going to NE tennis holidays for 3 years now and it has been fantastic each year. The tennis pros are knowledgable,friendly and very helpful.. They were able to analyze out strokes and make changes that helped instantly. The accommodations are beautiful at sugarbush and we loved claybrook. Would definitely recommend this tennis program and the sugarbush location.

  • Avatar MP

    It was a great camp. I loved the pro’s, and the flow of the camp was really nice. Beautiful setting, great food, and I came home feeling more confident and stronger with my game

  • Avatar JK

    Just returned from Sugarbush- camp was fantastic, accommodations and food outstanding! Can’t wait til next year!

  • Avatar SF

    This is really excellent tennis coaching in a fabulous atmosphere. The staff are wonderfully understanding and creative. They do a wonderful job creating compatible groups for playing, drilling. And the time after camp is just as great … the restaurants in the area are marvelous. This is the best tennis camp in the North East.

  • Avatar DP

    Great tennis camp again again….needed to work on my backhand, net game, and doubles strategy…and I found Curt and Dave to be a wealth of help. Since my game was ‘well established’, they remained patient yet consistent in their recommendations……and it made a definite improvementnin my 1st outing back home. Had a small class this time which allowed for more individual attention….was like a private lesson

  • Avatar ML

    great instruction.The pros emphasize your strengths and offer advice on areas to improve.It’s fun, relaxing, w/ a lot of is helpful.

  • Avatar BM

    The instruction at New England tennis holidays is top-notch, flawlessly and practically delivered, whether one is an experienced player or a beginner. The pros are engaged and genuinely interested in helping you improve your game. They really know how to give simples cues in a manner that makes sense and allows each player to practice and succeed in improving their game. The five hour per day format seems intimidating, but it is this immersion in the game that allows for such a great learning experience. All with the beautiful back drop of the Vermont mountains. I will definitely be returning.

  • Avatar TW

    I just completed a thoroughly enjoyable 5 day camp. The coaching staff were skilled, patient and clear, all with a sense of humour and a light touch. The condominium accommodations were spacious, clean and comfortable. The meals at Clay Brook and neighbouring restaurants were excellent and healthy. I definitely will return next year.

  • Avatar MS

    The resort was wonderful, the court superb the view exquisite! The tennis teacher was awesome; he was patient, nice and very good at explaining technique and tricks. He always had good word and constructive feedback! He was very encouraging with a good sense of humour. I simply enjoyed my whole experience. Merci !

  • Avatar LC

    Great fun and exercise playing tennis and wonderful socializing while dining together. Nice mix of games and activities with experienced pros. Lots of laughs shared with a great mix of people attending. Clay Brook resort a lovely place to stay – very relaxing.

  • Avatar PK

    Great camp. Kurt and Mat were very helpful. Hit tennis balls for 5 hours a day. Focused on strokes. Everyone benefitted from the lessons. One day was indoor. Great to have that option in the event of rain. For the three days that I was there, NO weaknesses. Recommend this camp highly

  • Avatar PZ

    This is a great tennis camp. I first went more than 20 years ago and have continued to come back whenever I can. The instruction is superb – clear, consistent and thoughtful. The location is terrific; sunny days in the Vermont mountains are hard to beat. Finally, the most striking thing about NETH is the fun. The pros seem to really want to be there each day. They genuinely love to teach tennis and their enthusiasm and energy is infectious. We had another great visit and look forward to returning.

  • Avatar RE

    Curt and the men who handle the SugarBush in Vermont are first class. The instruction was top notch and I immediately saw the results. Being a 4.5 player, I needed to fine tune technique and the two days I spent there has gone a long way. I play on athletic ability, now I have the proper technique which will allow me to preserve my body and improve even further. Great job.

  • Avatar KC

    SugarBush is located the beautiful area of the Mad River Valley in Vermont. The resort was lovely; staff helpful and accommodating; the clay courts were nicely maintained and the food was delicious. Matt Franzen, the pro was excellent and provided instruction in a way that was not overwhelming. The best part of the instruction is they do not alter significantly your style or technique of play but instead provide small adjustments that will improve your game. They are not rigid in their instruction but very flexible.

  • Avatar SD

    Great experience from registration to lodging to instruction to food!!! Video analysis was helpful as were discussion and instruction on finer points. The setting was beautiful, and the pleasant sound of water in a nearby creek was extremely calming.

  • Avatar PF

    Fantastic pros who could really address the root of technical problems and fix them. Excellent tips on strategy and the video analysis was very effective. Relaxed social atmosphere with a chance to get to know the pros and other campers at lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner excellent; breakfast adequate. The only improvement we would suggest is to improve the lighting on the indoor courts (used in bad weather). Outdoor hartrue courts were great. Overall an excellent tennis experience.

  • Avatar JG

    I had a great time at Sugarbush with New England Tennis Holidays. It takes place on clay courts in a great forest environment. There were 4 pros for 11 of us, which was great. There was always a pro nearby to help with the drills. We were videotaped doing volleys, forehands and backhands, and then reviewed the tape with a pro. It was very helpful in understanding some issues with the shots.

  • Avatar BL

    Good instruction. Pros were good.

  • Avatar BM

    Curt and JJ are the best tennis pros in the business. Outstanding experience highly recommend it.

  • Avatar CB

    We had a fantastic time at Sugarbush. The tennis pros were expert and knowledgeable, supportive and loads of fun. We worked on volleys, forehands, backhands, serves, doubles and singles strategy. We learned the Continental Grip!!! I have taken lessons with many pros over the years and Curt at Sugarbush was by far the most expert. He set up drills that were ingenious and fun. He was quick to see what needed tweaking in everyone’s game and guided everyone to noticeable improvement. I was asked at the beginning of the week what I wanted to to work on and everything I asked for was addressed. The weather was great so we played on the outdoor courts only. They were beautiful! They’re surrounded by lovely woods with a stream rushing through them and mountains in the background. There is little to no wind because the courts are nestled in the woods.
    The entire experience was exceptional, including the accommodations and the meals. The hotel is first class with a big, beautiful pool and hot tubs and very helpful concierge. Everyone providing service at this resort was smiling and helpful. The food in the Mad River Valley is great and this camp made sure that we ate our meals at some of the best restaurants in town.

  • Avatar TC

    This is our fourth year at the New England Tennis Holidays Sugarbush camp and we continue to enjoy the great locale and top quality coaching. It is a great opportunity to improve your game and have fun. I would recommend this camp unconditionally.

  • Avatar PB

    Our experience was highlighted by a well organized set of drills and coaching customized to the needs of the participants attending those particular days. The guest to pro ratio was about 4:1. The pros were tremendous and demonstrated flexibility to accomodate coaching beginners like myself to experienced players simultaneously. It did not feel like a canned protocol that was repeated regardless the guests.
    I attended with my high school daughter who was the only nonadult. The pros and other guests were very gracious to her and took time to give her personal feedback and tips. She was sorry to leave and would love to return. Sugarbush resort provides tremendous accommodations in a very scenic setting. Food was awesome.

  • Avatar AD

    The setting was very pleasant; court surfaces were nice and a running brook by the courts added a nice ambiance. Most of the pros were quite good and very knowledgeable. I didn’t learn much, but then have been playing seriously for 20 years. It was good exercise and a good chance to be called out on some bad habits that had snuck in recently. Claybrook was a very nice place to stay. Be sure to drive to the courts though as you will need a car to get to lunch some days.

  • Avatar FL

    I am a 3.5/4.0 male player. I would highly recommend NETH at Sugarbush. The facilities are first rate, staying at the Clayborne was certainly a luxurious experience and the outdoor courts were well maintained.
    The instruction was awesome. Each pro was high energy and took the time to individualize their instruction. You hit a lot of tennis balls, but the work is well balanced between point development, strategy, and technique. I would definitely recommend to tennis players in the future.

  • Avatar JG

    Lots of personal attention. Lots of instruction without overwhelming.Always fun and good spirits. Cohesive feeling all along.

  • Avatar GC

    Best tennis instruction and coaching I’ve ever received. Instructors are friendly, fun, patient and articulate with specific advice about all aspects of the game.

  • Avatar SM

    Kurt and Matthew helped a great deal with my backhand this trip – much appreciated. Excellent facility, unfortunately the rain kept us indoors for much of the week. We will be back!

  • Avatar DS

    Kurt and the staff are excellent at both organizing workouts and providing instruction. No matter the size of the group you always feel like they are paying attention to you and providing great pointers to make your game better. There is a huge difference between typical club pros and pros who know how to teach. The staff at Sugarbush are excellent at teaching.

  • Avatar LM

    This was my first Tennis Camp, and it will surly not be my last, thanks to NETH. The accommodations were exceptional, and then we add tennis to the mix, and it just got better and better. The Pros (Curt, Ross, Scott and Matt) did not overwhelm with too much information. They broke strokes down to simplify, an then followed through with encouragement. I look forward to returning next year, I just hope that I get the same team of Pros, They were an outstanding group, with great personalities.

  • Avatar HB

    I had a wonderful experience. The pros were engaged and attentative during the entire week-end. The instruction was helpful for my level. The video taping and commentary was especially helpful.