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365 reviews
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  • Avatar MB

    What a BLAST! The staff and pros were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and fun. Absolutely plan on doing it again every year!!

  • Avatar KD

    Jay Smith was our tennis instructor and was amazing! Very skilled and also a great coach.

  • Avatar JY

    We had a wonderful tennis girls-getaway weekend thanks to Cliff Drysdale at the Omni in Amelia Island. Four of us spent 4 days working with an excellent tennis pro, Jay Smith. Jay was organized, professional, punctual, fun and incredibly knowledgeable. We not only had a wonderfully, relaxing weekend at a gorgeous resort, we left with so much more knowledge about perfecting our tennis game! Thanks Cliff Drysdale, we will be back!

  • Avatar DC

    Fun vacation with everything on grounds. Wish there was a refurbishing in the rooms, but overall nice grounds and overalll fun tennis.

  • Avatar CD

    Our group of 11 came back this year (2024) after a great experience in 2023. We requested and were put with tennis pros Elliot and Xavier. These two are an amazing duo that work well together and offer complimentary coaching. They are professional, prompt, encouraging and excellent teachers. They keep things moving offering the perfect mix of work and fun. They both truly seem to love what they do and their energy is infectious. I learned so much that I have been able to incorporate into my game. Thank you Elliot and Xavier for making my experience such a positive one!

  • Avatar EM

    Amelia Island is a hidden gem and this resort has to be the most beautiful tennis resort in the U. S.! 23 Har-Tru courts under a beautiful tree canopy. The beach is beautiful and the restaurants are 5 star. Staff is amazing and there is plenty of tennis for everyone.

  • Avatar BH

    I have the pleasure and am honored to have the chance to work with Thien Nguyen who is not only a talented individual but also a great coach. He was very patient in helping me and pointed out many simple details yet made a big difference that many coaches would have missed. He fixed my forehand in the first 10 minutes which I had been struggling with for years (it was amazing). Also, his energy on the court just makes you want to enjoy tennis even more. I would recommend spending time with him if you are there. And lastly, even though he didn’t let me beat him lol but would definitely come back and hopefully, he will still be there

  • Avatar CE

    I went to the Omni not knowing much about the accommodations or tennis. I was impressed with the size and the lushness of the property. Our group lessons with Jay Smith were really good. Each day he built on what we learned the previous day. I’m ready for my 4.0 USTA tennis season that starts in a couple weeks.

  • Avatar BM

    Brian Gabb was our pickleball instructor and he’s the director of the Omni pickleball program. Brian was an excellent instructor, friendly, and an excellent representative of the program. We were so impressed, we made plans to come back for the entire winter.

  • Avatar LW

    Very large, beautiful resort. Tennis and pickleball courts were plentiful. Jay, our tennis pro, was super fun and tailored drills to our skill level. I would absolutely go back!

  • Avatar DD

    I had the pleasure of being coached by Thien Nguyen and couldn’t be more impressed. His professionalism, courtesy, and patience made every session enjoyable and productive. His expertise not only improved my tennis skills but also boosted my confidence on the court. I highly recommend Thien Nguyen to anyone seeking top-notch tennis instruction.

  • Avatar PG

    Thien Nguyen is an excellent instructor with a warm, friendly manner. I particularly liked how he quickly picked up errors our group was making and demonstrated and reinforced how to cut down on unforced errors along with presenting basic doubles strategy. He also was quite attentive to making sure we were properly hydrated and rested before going on to our next planned lesson. Overall he made excellent use of our time together so that we could get the most out of our lessons. He was quite attentive to addressing our questions and moving us along.

  • Avatar JC

    All of the tennis pros were professional and had great knowledge of the drills & practices. They were all positive. I liked that they made suggestions/corrections in a noncritical way. I felt that the practices were very well organized & on time. There were great accommodations made for the one rainy day that we had. Elliot gave wonderful instruction & tailored the drills to our skill level, along with the strategies that we requested to work on. I enjoyed his high energy & his compassion for teaching tennis was very evident. I feel that we were very lucky to have Elliot for the afternoon private sessions that the 4 of us had with him.

  • Avatar GJ

    Had a wonderful tennis vacation experience. The pros were outstanding – especially Elliott. High energy. Took the time to answer our questions and we had a lot. The resort had everything we could have asked for. The shuttle service was outstanding. The drivers were very friendly and knowledgeable. We are already talking about returning next year.

  • Avatar BF

    My friends and I went down to Amelia Island for the second time this year. After going last year and loving it so much we wanted to replicate the exact same weekend we initially had. Elliot Muth was the pro we had for privates last year and loved him so much we made sure to book with him as much as possible this last trip. He and the team provide the perfect mix of fun and instruction. We already can’t wait to go back and request Elliott for our third time as he has made each trip so memorable and enjoyable.

  • Avatar TC

    My stay here was really awesome!! I took a lesson with Thien Nguyen one of the pro’s and it was arguably the best lesson of my life! My serve has been a problem for me my entire tennis career. I have had a pause / hitch in my serve and was not jumping off both feet. I told Thien this and he fixed my motion within 5 minutes. Now my serve is synchronized and the kinetic chain does not break. My dad even complemented my serve and said he’s never seen me serve like this before. He also helped me with volleys and groundstrokes! He is a fantastic teacher. I have also taken lots of lessons throughout my 4 years of playing with many different teachers and he’s the only one who fixed my serve.

  • Avatar JK

    Elliott and all the tennis pros were outstanding, they went out of their way to make the lessons and drill fun. They willingly accommodated all our requests. That is why we keep coming back

  • Avatar AP

    We were disappointed with the resort in that we spend additional itme and money to get 3 specific villas for our group of 11 people. Due to the computer system outage we were not given the requested villas. Additionally, our group was split up to different areas of the resort and we were not given the ocean views that we requested.

  • Avatar JC

    I loved the tennis instruction! The pros were the best!

  • Avatar CC

    There are no negatives here! Tennis camp was the best ever! Amazing instruction from all coaches Particularly Elliot Muth. He was exceptional in all categories! We loved the resort as a whole and can’t wait to book out next trip! We stayed in a villa for 4 of us. Just outstanding girls’ vacation! I would give ten stars if I could!

  • Avatar DK

    The tennis instruction and the pros, Hamas and Xavier were outstanding. The best instruction I’ve had in years. Their feedback was extremely helpful and provided in the moment for fast learning and correction. They explained things in a way that was easy to understand and remember. I wish I could work with them every week!

  • Avatar SW

    Our tennis pros Hassan Badran and Xavier were outstanding. Very energetic, polite gentlemen who made the experience so much fun. In addition, the knowledge they shared was invaluable and we are so excited to hone our new skills. We were a mixed skill level of women in our early 60’s and they were able to supply several takeaways for all ladies. We are already planning a return trip and hoping we will be able to work with them again. Both Hassan and Xavier are true assets to your organization. Susan Weinman and her gang of 7 fun loving ladies.

  • Avatar RM

    The only disadvantage was carrying our luggage up all those steps to the villa

  • Avatar KB

    We are two adults and one seven year old and we visit the Omni Amelia Island Resort and participate in a wide variety of tennis activities through Cliff Drysdale Tennis at Raquets (private lessons, adult clinics, junior tennis camps and junior tennis private lessons) twice per year. We absolutely love coming here. The tennis instruction is absolutely superb. We have worked with Rob, the Director, and all of the pros–Bryan, Eliot, Hassan, Jay, Thien and Xavier during multiple trips. They are all fantastic teachers and have delightful personalities and energy. We look forward to every experience with them. The other people who participate in the adult programs are incredibly friendly and fun to play with. The resort is beautiful. We stay in one of the Omni Hotel’s suites and very much enjoy that accommodation. Our seven year old also enjoys the many children’s activities that are on offer at the resort, which caters specifically to families with younger children in the most helpful way.

  • Avatar DN

    I just spent 10 days at Amelia Island for my annual escape from the indoor hard court winter doldrums of the mid-Atlantic region. Rob and his team of high energy Pros made the morning clinics each day a non-stop new adventure, and the evening games rewarding. Jay, Elliot, Hassan and the others kept the energy flowing throughout my stay, and the convenience of the villas was excellent. I can’t wait to return next year!

  • Avatar DA

    Attended a customized tennis weekend with two friends. We had a lesson for the group, joined a clinic, and each had an individual lesson. Overall, a very professional, knowledgeable staff with plenty of experience and personality. We each felt like we got the instruction we needed, whether in a private lesson or in a group, we felt seen and heard. Jay, Thein, Elliot, and Xavier were energetic, observant, and encouraging. Our group takes a tennis trip once a year and I would say this was the most helpful for each of us as individuals and as doubles partners. Also, the logistics were easy as Megan and was helpful and responsive. Our villa was just right, nothing super fancy but clean, spacious, and convenient.

  • Avatar BM

    We were a group of 12 adults and have done tennis camps at other locations but have to say that the staff and accomodations/setting at the Amelia Island Omni (Cliff Drysdale Tennis) were exceptional. The resort itself is beautiful, sitting right on the beach and the restaurants, food and service was top notch. Our tennis instruction was exceptional. We had 3 tennis pro’s for 12 players a 4:1 ratio, which was perfect and they customized the tennis to our stated desires and abilities. The pro’s were funny yet professional and our lessons fit our needs to a t. Robert Wright is the head pro at this facility and he was great to work with and very communicative as we were flying in from NH and had some weather to work around. We will most definitely be back next year and would recommend this facility highly.

  • Avatar MA

    We have probably taken over a dozen tennis trips in our time, and this was far and away the BEST trip we have ever had. The quality of the tennis drills and private instruction was exceptional.. The four different pros we worked with were knowledgeable, professional, and fun loving. We learned something valuable every day…and we had a lot of fun doing it. We would definitely come here again.

  • Avatar KC

    This is my second time visiting the Omni and it did not disappoint. What keeps bringing me back is the tennis. It is so well run. The clinics are top notch run by excellent coaches with a multitude of drills. I did a two hour clinic everyday followed by a private lesson. I especially enjoyed Hassan, Elliott and Rob. Jay was my pro for my lessons almost everyday and he was superb. He helped get my forehand under control which has been a long term goal of mine. He was fun and spot on in his tips for serves and volleys as well. I go on this trip alone because the timing doesn’t work out well for my family but 3 hours of tennis everyday and then sitting by the pool gives me the R&R I need. Lastly, I’ll say the customer service is absolutely amazing. I had a horrible headache my first day and the head of facilities Mr Richard’s was greeting people at the door and asked if he could help. He saw my racket and didn’t want me to be late for tennis so he told me to wait for the shuttle and he ran to the gift shop to get me a bottle of advil! Andrew at the front desk was also so helpful too.

  • Avatar CS

    Loved the tennis park!!

  • Avatar SJ

    My daughter and I were back for the second time in 2 years and had an amazing experience once again. The staff are very attentive and the tennis instruction is phenomenal. The clinics are run very well with little to no downtime. Excellent player to pro ratio with lots of positivity and a lovely atmosphere. Over the 4 days we got to know them all quite well and became especially fond of Jay Smith. He is not only a very knowledgeable pro, but a fun guy and we had many laughs. Fabulous memories were made! We also connected with Xavier, Elliot and Hassan who were amazing as well. Kudos to all of you! We can’t wait to return!

  • Avatar JA

    We absolutely loved our stay at the Omni! The villas were perfect for our group of 10, the restaurants were delicious, and the pool and ocean were wonderful. Our tennis pros, Elliot Muth, Hassan Badran and Jay Smith were GREAT; the clinic were well run, high energy and a ton of fun!

  • Avatar MC

    Hassan Badran was excellent, knowledgeable, high energy and made our group’s clinics fun!

  • Avatar RP

    The tennis was excellent, I wish we could have played the whole time. Hassin did a wonderful job instructing us. we all left motivated and ready for more tennis. Despite a weekend full of rain, he worked hard to get us on the court as much as we could. If only the resort accommodations were as excellent as the tennis, the weekend would have been perfect. The Omni rooms were sadly very outdated and not at all what we expected from a stay at a reputable hotel like this.

  • Avatar HY

    Beautiful resort! So many offerings and things to do. I wish the weather would have been better, but the resort was amazing. And the staff did everything possible to make up for the rain. The tennis pros were incredibly helpful and entertaining. We had a blast.

  • Avatar KJ

    My private lessons with Jay Smith were incredible. I let him know I was getting back into tennis after a long break and wanted to work on technique. He went into detail on my forehand, backhand, backhand slice, and serve and provided very detailed technique to improve my strokes and serve. He also watched me at the clinics and told me I played much better when I was aggressive and when are good times to use my defensive game. Both my friend and I left our private lessons saying they were the best private lessons we have ever had (and we both played tennis competitively in juniors and in college)!

  • Avatar LB

    This was my first time to the Omni Amelia Island. We had a group of 10 ladies scheduled for a weekend of tennis. The weather didn’t fully cooperate, but the tennis staff was very accommodating and did everything they could to make up our time. We had the pleasure of being coached by Jay, Elliot, Xavier, and Amy. They were all great! I had a fantastic weekend, and I’m already planning our next trip back!

  • Avatar TK

    Jay, Hassan and Elliot were the best! We had so much fun and learned so much.

  • Avatar JM

    A few things I would like to highlight in this review. First is the setting – the tennis resort is situated on the unparalleled Amelia Island. Amelia Island has pristine, always empty beaches on one side, on the other side is a beautiful intercoastal view. The courts themselves are surrounded by beautiful trees covered in Spanish moss like vegetation. The 23 courts are Har-Tru, easy on the joints and well maintained. The instruction and staff are top notch. They offer daily clinics at a reasonable price in addition to cardio tennis, speed doubles, doubles and bubbles, and other clinics on a weekly basis. If you are looking to improve your strokes, volleys, or doubles strategy, this is the place. The tennis resort is situated on the Omni Amelia Island resort. We always request a Tennis Villa, which are among the newest accommodations available. If you stay at a tennis villa, the 23 courts are right outside your building. In addition, the fitness center, indoor pool, and Verandah restaurant are all less than a 5-minute walk. The beach is less than a 10-minute walk. There are miles of biking trails that go right past the tennis resort or Tennis Villas leading to either Amelia Island State Park or Peters Point Beachfront Park. On the resort grounds are also Drummond Point, the Amelia Island Nature Center, and the beautiful Omni pool scape. The resort offers multiple restaurants including Verandah and Steak Out at Marche Burette. If you decide to head 15 minutes downtown, you’ll visit a quaint town with dozens of great restaurants and breweries. I’ve been to multiple tennis resorts in the United States and the Caribbean and hands down, this is the nicest one I have ever visited.

  • Avatar GD

    Elliot Muth-absolutely a professional in the tennis world. He’s a fantastic coach with tremendous amounts of patience. He has a gentle nature which makes learning so much easier. Jay Smith- A wonderful coach who is incredibly patient. He explains everything so well to make learning tennis easier. He has a very cool, calm demeanor that makes learning easier. Hassan Badran- Amazing coach with a wonderful personality. He makes tennis incredibly fun. Incredibly patient and is always laughing(with me) and smiling always. Truly an asset to the tennis team.

  • Avatar AG

    This doubles tennis camp blew me away. I loved that the ratio of players to coaches was 4:1. There was no standing around – we were playing constantly. The instruction was incredibly high quality. I was impressed with the knowledge and teaching skills of the young and seasoned coaches. The coaches knew how to work with every skill level and provided feedback and instruction in extremely digestible form for realistic situations. They also divided people up appropriately based on skill, which made the camp even more useful. Most importantly, the coaches brought pure joy to the court! I played hard and laughed hard. I have recommended this camp to my tennis friends and am already hoping to book another one soon. Even weeks later, I am still thinking about what I learned. The coaches at this camp have inspired me to be a better tennis player. I cannot thank them enough.

  • Avatar MB

    Amazing pros, wonderful surrounding, superb tennis instruction. Best weekend ever!

  • Avatar ST

    For a tennis retreat, highly, highly, highly recommend! The resort was awesome, our villa accommodations were lovely and comfortable. The restaurants and hotel bar were yummy. And the tennis instruction was phenomenal. As 2.5 players we needed more offensive and aggressive strategies and that’s certainly what we got. Learned a lot! And the price was amazing for what we got. Overall, loved!

  • Avatar HI

    We were a group of 7 that attended a weekend doubles tennis clinic, it was really informative and lots of fun! The pros were great, we came away with some really useful tips and our game improved in that short space of time. I would highly recommend and would say it would be fun whether you go as a group or just solo!

  • Avatar RK

    The tennis pros are all amazing at the Omni Resort in Amelia Island. They give 100% to their clinics and make playing fun. They teach concepts so that anyone can understand and remember. I highly recommend!

  • Avatar ML

    We went to this resort for the tennis, and it did not disappoint. We will go back just for the Tennis Pro’s. We stayed in a villa, and while it was good value and spacious it’s in serious need of updating. We were in the Shipwatch villas. On a positive note, we had extraordinary views of the ocean and the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The resort staff were also very helpful and we found the restaurants to be varied and mostly delicious. We were visiting in what is regarded as off-season for Florida, in late December, but it was a wonderful trip, and we will definitely return.

  • Avatar MS

    I visited Cliff Drysdale Amelia Island the week between Christmas and New Year’s as a solo traveler and had a great experience. I highly recommend it as a place to strengthen your game and enjoy tennis with new people. The staff were all excellent teachers and fun people who enjoyed interacting with the guests. This made both clinics and lessons helpful in improving my game and lots of fun. I was always surprised that the time of each clinic/lesson passed so quickly. I took a series of private lessons with Xavier and was extremely happy with them. Rather than make fundamental changes to my game, he picked out concepts I knew already and reinforced them during our sessions. This was exactly what I hoped for. I asked him to be tough and demanding and he obliged, making me repeat drills and sequences of strokes until I got them right. At the same time, I saw him working with some beginner players and he very patiently taught fundamentals of the game in a fun way that had them excited to play more. He really helped me. This was a real highlight. I also joined the daily drills for several days. These sessions drew both resort guests and tennis-playing residents to fast-paced two hour sessions. Each day had a different theme, from volleys and overheads to doubles strategy to ground strokes to approach shots. A group of the tennis staff jointly led each session, which began with drills reinforcing the day’s skill and the moved to point play. The staff rotated groups with every drill, keeping everything fresh and providing the guests a variety of instruction styles. Xavier, Thien, Amy, Hassan, Rob, and Elliott kept us moving! I’m a 3.5 player and was probably in the upper third of the group as far as tennis experience. These clinics were also a real highlight. The location at Omni Amelia Island is really beautiful. The resort consists of a main hotel with outlying “villas” – privately owned, centrally managed condominiums – on the northernmost Atlantic barrier island in Florida. The construction of the resort skillfully takes advantage of the thick oak forest on the island so that a maximum amount of the forest remains. My villa was very comfortable, nicely decorated, and had a spectacular view of the ocean. There is an efficient shuttle service for getting around the large resort but because I visited during a slow period I didn’t end up using it. The tennis facility is in character for the resort, with something like 25 har-tru courts spaced among the trees. I imagine it can get really hot during the summer, but I had sunny, cool weather each day I was there. There were several nice restaurants on the resort at different levels of fancy-ness, and several more in nearby Fernandina Beach. Despite playing 4 hours of tennis per day, I think I gained weight during the week. Weaknesses were few. While the pro shop staff were always efficient and friendly, virtually all the gear there was for women. I hoped for at least a t-shirt to take home as a souvenir. Also, the restaurant hours at the resort were somewhat unusual during the slow season, but I doubt this would be an issue during the warmer months. Overall a very successful, enjoyable trip. I’m looking forward to using my newly-honed skills to show up my tennis group back home. Next time, I’ll look to bring the family.

  • Avatar GL

    My tennis experience was fantastic. Rob, Thien, Hasan, Brian, Xavier, and Amy were all awesome.

  • Avatar RW

    Unparallelled tennis camp, lessons, staff, professionals! Resort itself old but well-kept. The Beechwood Villas were bland, worn and dull. Stocked with the very minimum of necessities, especially in kitchen. Gorgeous beach and wonderful pools. 82 gazillion children if you’re looking for a good family atmosphere. I’ll return but not for the resort-just for the well-run tennis camp, its facilities and the tennis staff. Not for the resort..

  • Avatar KB

    We are two adults and one seven year old child and we just returned from our second week long trip this year to the Omni Amelia Island for a family tennis vacation. Our child participated in the holiday tennis camp and we participated in the group clinics. The clinics are high energy and fun. All three of us also took private lessons. First and foremost, the tennis instruction is exceptional. We worked with Rob, Thien, Hassan, Xavier, Bryan, Eliot and Amy. Each was organized with a plan for each lesson. The pros actually observed our performance at the clinics and tailored the lessons to address weaknesses in our game. We all noticeably improved after each visit. Our child enjoys the tennis camp and was always excited to go. The tennis camp ran concurrently with the adult tennis clinics, enabling our participation in the adult clinics. On days that the tennis camp was not offered, our child participated in Camp Amelia at the Omni, which was also fantastic. Again, our child was always excited to go. Camp Amelia is also offered on Friday and Saturday nights, allowing us adults to have an evening out. The Omni is a lovely setting–especially for families. We plan to return again in 2024.

  • Avatar FA

    Instruction was excellent. Elliot was high energy and always supportive. Hassan was very patient and kept helping. Brian was engaged and suggested new strategies. Thien was motivated to see improvement and kept encouraging.

  • Avatar SC

    Excellent resort with a variety of incredible activities. But not much to do on a rainy day so make sure it’s sunny.

  • Avatar DW

    Very strong tennis program, well structured instruction that was amazing in the way it incorporated all player levels in one session. Hassan is an awesome pro with excellent teaching style. Loved speed doubles at night.. My only issues were with my lodging… fleas/bedbugs, no wifi, etc. this is unrelated to tennis

  • Avatar DS

    Our pro, Elliot was amazing. Great feedback and energy. We went for a girls weekend and had the best time. Would definitely recommend.

  • Avatar LR

    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Amelia Island. The tennis is phenomenal which is why we go. The tennis instruction is fabulous and so is the staff. It rained while we were there and they were extremely accommodating and we so appreciate them working so hard to get our time on the court. Katie, Rob and Xavier are always so nice and patient (there are 8 women!). The tennis facility and staff are what keeps us coming back year after year. I have done lots of women tennis trips over the years and to many different places and this is my favorite.

  • Avatar MW

    The tennis was exceptional, and I learned a lot. The pros were experienced, helpful, and friendly. I plan to come back next year. I went with a group of women. We did a clinic in the morning and played matches in the afternoon. The resort itself is beautiful and located right on the beach.

  • Avatar LB

    I don’t have any experience at tennis camps … I loved loved this experience. Our instructors, Charlotta and Robb are amazing. Would definitely return and recommend. Thank you for an awesome time!!! Lorraine Boyer

  • Avatar KA

    This Omni Resort Tennis experience was fantastic. We were 8 women from Syracuse NY coming down for group lessons to prepare for Nationals tennis tournament in Surprise Arizona. We had a wonderful time, excellent weather and superb tennis lessons from Rob and Charlotta. They both were PHENOMENAL instructors with great knowledge to impart, great tips, personal and group attention and high quality instruction. We left with a lot of terrific tips to work on. We have already asked them about coming again next year at the same time. We also caught the most perfect weather week imaginable. Thank you so much!!

  • Avatar JC

    My entire team booked clinics for 4 days with Rob and Charlotta. I’ve been to several camps in the US but this one outshines them all!! Truly sooo fun and we ALL left there with lots of new crafty shots to practice, patterns of hitting and strategies to add to our game. If you want to take your game to the next level, this is the place to do it!! I got back to Upstate NY late from the camp, played tennis early the next morning and my my game was amazingly better! Cannot wait to keep practicing what I learned and then GO BACK for more!! Loved, loved, loved it! If you’re on the fence, pull the trigger! I went with 7 other women and we ALL will be returning!!

  • Avatar KA

    This Omni Resort Tennis experience was fantastic. We were 8 women from Syracuse NY coming down for group lessons to prepare for Nationals tennis tournament in Surprise Arizona. We had a wonderful time, excellent weather and superb tennis lessons from Rob and Charlotta. They both were PHENOMENAL instructors with great knowledge to impart, great tips, personal and group attention and high quality instruction. We left with a lot of terrific tips to work on. We have already asked them about coming again next year at the same time. We also caught the most perfect weather week imaginable. Thank you so much!!

  • Avatar MC

    Our instructors, Rob and Charlotta were the best instructors I have ever worked with. The drills were spot on for our age and level. Their knowledge was amazing and they had an exceptional way of communicating. I have gone to at least 15 tennis camps, my second time at Amelia, and of all the camps I have attended, they provide real and useful instruction and feedback. I plan on going back again. I planned this trip for 8 women and everyone asked when we could go back again. A testament to our instructors.

  • Avatar LT

    Really enjoyed the clinics that Rob and Thien ran for us. Very high energy, fun and great focus on several elementals that will really improve my doubles play. This is the second time a group of us has visited and I would definitely do it again.

  • Avatar TP

    This was the second ladies tennis trip I have taken to Omni Amelia Island and it did not disappoint. We had such a great time the first trip in 2022, we went back this year and we will likely go back every year. Pros are wonderful and clinics very informative/helpful/reasonably priced.

  • Avatar HV

    We had a fabulous time! Rob and Thien were awesome pros! Very accommodating and fun, they had great drills and games for us. We are looking forward to returning for a 3rd time!

  • Avatar CG

    The Omni is beautiful and has it all. The tennis facilities are wonderful. The staff is educated and well versed in teaching.

  • Avatar JT

    The tennis program is excellent – great courts, very well maintained . The instructors were fantastic and they made the time fly by. We stayed at the villas. Beautiful accommodations, very close to the pool and beach. The resort has a very cozy, beautiful vibe. We are looking forward to returning next year!

  • Avatar JL

    Our tennis instructors, Elliot and Xavier were outstanding…our group learned so much about doubles strategy and we all had a blast…

  • Avatar JL

    Our tennis instructors, Elliot and Xavier were outstanding…our group learned so much about doubles strategy and we all had a blast…

  • Avatar SS

    My tennis team and I spent a week at the Omni Amelia Island to have a fun team getaway and also to play a lot of tennis and improve our tennis game. Unfortunately, the rain hindered some of our plans, but the staff at the Cliff Drysdale Academy worked diligently to make sure we made up court time. They were on top of it. We took several group clinics with Elliot Muth and Thiem Nguyen and had the best time. These pros were awesome. They had high energy, came up with great drills, and gave superb instruction. We are all 4.0 players and definitely learned some great tips. Both Elliot and Thiem have a way of explaining things simply and effectively. They are professional and energetic and focused on a certain skill during every clinic (groundstrokes, volleys, overheads and serves, strategy). We loved playing with them and are ready to hire them away to teach us all the time!! Would highly highly recommend!! The resort at the Omni is fine. The rooms could use some updating. The practitioners at the spa, however, are amazing. All 8 of us had massages and all 8 of us claimed it was the best massages we have ever had! I even hugged my practitioner after it was over because it was so magical!! I’m not sure I would return to the Omni without the tennis and the spa, due to the dated rooms- but would definitely return to take lessons with Elliot and Thiem anytime.

  • Avatar MB

    Elliot Muth and Sam (from Australia – can’t remember his last name) were the absolute BEST and MOST FUN tennis instructors EVER!! Our group had a wonderful time with them both and I personally learned a lot.

  • Avatar LC

    Our pros Sam and Elliott were outstanding! Highly recommend!

  • Avatar AT

    We had an amazing time. Elliot was an amazing pro. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun too.

  • Avatar JJ

    To balance cranky above

  • Avatar JB

    We loved our tennis. Elliot and Sam coached with energy, clarity, and fun. This was the best group experience I have ever had. Games were balanced with competitive challenges. We’d absolutely do it again!

  • Avatar AT

    Our group of eight woman had a truly outstanding experience with our pros Sam & Elliot. They were excellent teachers – laying out a logical sequence of what we would be doing all week on the first day. Their instructions were clear and easy to follow, producing the best possible results. They understood what we needed as a group, but also zeroed in a wide variety of things that we each needed as individuals. They set high expectations but supported us and encouraged us at every step. They were patient, thoughtful, funny, energetic, and unbelievably enthusiastic. Back home, we see the improvements in our game and continue to remind each other to work on things Sam and Elliot taught us. We all hope to work with Sam and Elliot again someday!

  • Avatar WN

    The tennis experience at the Cliff Drysdale Resort at Omni Amelia Island was awesome! The pros were great, kept the drills fun, and really helped each of us with our games. Kyle and Elliott were patient and really kept the tennis time engaging, despite different experience levels among our group. They also made sure we were hydrated and taking breaks when needed. Overall, it was a great experience in a beautiful setting.

  • Avatar KB

    Ultimately, the quality of a tennis resort/academy is most dependent upon that of its teaching professionals–and those at Cliff Drysdale Tennis Amelia Island are literally all exceptional. We visited the resort and tennis facility as a family of three, one of whom is six years old. The six year old took private lessons daily with Xavier and Bryan, both of whom were fantastic as youth tennis coaches and also fantastic with our son. (Thank you Xavier and Bryan for that especially!) We–the two adults–worked with Rob, Kyle, Elliot, Sam, Xavier and Thien. Thanks to the Omni Resort’s Camp Amelia for children, which occupied our son in the most engaging ways during the morning hours, we were able to participate in all of the morning tennis clinics as well as take one to two hours of private lessons per day. The tennis facility was able to schedule all of this seamlessly. We worked with all of the above named pro’s in both the clinic settings as well as in our private lessons. The level of instruction was superb, the congeniality of all of the pros made spending time with them a delight and most importantly, our tennis games improved notably across the board over a one-week period. The value for money spent was excellent and the other participants in the clinics were lovely people. It’s funny that only at the end of this review will I mention how beautiful the tennis facility and the resort are–but just wait until you see them! Also, important to mention is that the Jacksonville airport was an absolute pleasure both inbound and outbound. The resort is 40 minute, incredibly scenic drive from the efficient local airport. We already booked next year and intend to make this a regular family vacation. Thank you everyone! We’ll see you next year.

  • Avatar DF

    The tennis programming, specifically the pros, was the absolute highlight of this trip. The atmosphere was convivial, the music added a nice touch to the vibe at the clinics and the level of instruction was great. The operators managed to pair my group perfectly with our pros (Xavier and specifically our lead pro, Elliot Muth). Elliot was professional, entertaining and articulate while giving us tips but managed to keep the energy level (and fun factor) high. Both pros also had extensive local knowledge and offered us advice on everything from delicious dining options to live music and local tourist attractions. The spa amenities were also a wonderful component of our trip. While the accommodations were clean and serviceable and the hotel staff incredibly friendly and accomodating, I would have preferred a roomier lodging at a more luxury level.

  • Avatar KW

    I can’t say enough great things about our tennis experience at Amelia and specifically Elliot! Our group of 4 women booked a custom package including 2 hours of clinic and 1 hour of private lessons per day. Elliot was an incredible pro – his energy is unmatched, he has a great sense of humor, and basically we wanted to pack him in our suitcase and take him back home with us! I’ve never felt confident at the net and after 3 days with Elliot I’m hitting winners with confidence and ease. After the first day our group decided we had to come back again we loved it so much. The grounds are gorgeous, weather in April was superb for tennis and we just had a perfect girls trip. Also a shout out to Xavier who was with us in other clinics and is also awesome! Book a trip to play tennis here and you won’t be disappointed! Can’t wait to be back!

  • Avatar PP

    I booked a tennis package with 3 of my friends. Megan from booking was so helpful and the price was very reasonable. We did the group clinics each morning with Elliot and Xavier and a couple of other pros who were great. Elliot and Xavier stood out as thoughtful and energetic, and were just outstanding pros. The clinics are a great time with impressive teaching, especially if you are in a group with your friends, though I would also feel comfortable attending alone. After the clinics we did a group lesson with Elliot. He is an exceptional and patient teacher. He goes above and beyond to make sure there is value to the lesson and that we are enjoying every minute. We will definitely book lessons with him when we return. In general, all of us can say we came back better tennis players and had such a fun weekend, we will definitely book again.

  • Avatar BF

    I thought the tennis program at Amelia Island was absolutely incredible. From the coordinating on the pro’s end to ensure that once my friends and I arrived we felt taken care of and excited about the program we were about to participate in to the conditions of the courts, everything was exceptional. All of the pros we played with as part of the clinics were great and made each hour super engaging and fun. Taking privates with Elliot was the highlight of the weekend. He made sure we had fun all while giving us great tips. We were blown away that when we arrived we’d be paired with Elliot for the entire 3 day trip and he had already pre-planned what each private lesson would look like so that we covered all aspects of our tennis games to become better players. I was blown away by this entire experience and am already planning a trip to come back!

  • Avatar JK

    I had the pleasure of playing tennis with Eliot Muth . Elliot made the lessons fun, specific to the players and showed a genuine interest in the desires to improve our game. Elliot is a wonderful ambassador to the program. I look forward to returning and playing with Elliot again. Thank you!

  • Avatar WB

    The Omni Amelia Island has many attributes that make its tennis program stand out above others – but two highlights from my recent trips are passion and facilities. Passion- both a love of the game and probably more importantly for this type of facility, a love of sharing the game with others through high-level instruction. The tennis staff is exceptional – shout out to Rob, Kyle, Xavier, Elliot, Sam, Thien, Bryan, and others who help out during busier seasons or boot camps. They are great at what they do and you can tell they really enjoy helping others improve their game. It’s FUN – and it should be. The clinics are organized with a theme each day and somehow it feels very social without wasting a single minute. Rob makes booking a tennis vacation very easy – we’ve completed tennis intensive vacations, clinic focused boot camps, and relaxing play-a-little-here-and-there type trips – just tell Rob what you are looking for and he’ll help design something for your preference and playing level. The facility is impeccably maintained – more than 20 clay courts in perfect condition each morning with towering oak trees providing a shade canopy – it’s on another level. The pickleball facility is also impressive. The resort has something for everyone – it’s more of a massive community with an impressive hotel, condo rentals, home rentals, beach, great dining, biking/walking trails, golf, etc. Book with confidence and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Amelia with high quality tennis and pickleball as part of your day.

  • Avatar WB

    The Omni Amelia Island has many attributes that make its tennis program stand out above others – but two highlights from my recent trips are passion and facilities. Passion- both a love of the game and probably more importantly for this type of facility, a love of sharing the game with others through high-level instruction. The tennis staff is exceptional – shout out to Rob, Kyle, Xavier, Elliot, Sam, Thien, Bryan, and others who help out during busier seasons or boot camps. They are great at what they do and you can tell they really enjoy helping others improve their game. It’s FUN – and it should be. The clinics are organized with a theme each day and somehow it feels very social without wasting a single minute. Rob makes booking a tennis vacation very easy – we’ve completed tennis intensive vacations, clinic focused boot camps, and relaxing play-a-little-here-and-there type trips – just tell Rob what you are looking for and he’ll help design something for your preference and playing level. The facility is impeccably maintained – more than 20 clay courts in perfect condition each morning with towering oak trees providing a shade canopy – it’s on another level. The pickleball facility is also impressive. The resort has something for everyone – it’s more of a massive community with an impressive hotel, condo rentals, home rentals, beach, great dining, biking/walking trails, golf, etc. Book with confidence and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Amelia with high quality tennis and pickleball as part of your day.

  • Avatar EJ

    The coaches were fantastic! Kyle, Sam, Brian, and Xavier made our experience amazing. Great drills, lots of energy, good music, and a fantastic exhibition match at the end. We all left singing the praises of a truly wonderful weekend.

  • Avatar DK

    Cliff Drysdale Tennis at Amelia Island is a top tennis destination. Tennis Director Rob Wright runs a fabulous tennis facility with excellence pros that provide very personalized instruction. I especially loved playing with Elliot who gave detailed feedback about technique and doubles strategy. I’ve been to this tennis facility many times and plan to return again later in the year.

  • Avatar GM

    Want to take your doubles game to the next level … spend a few days at the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Academy (CDT) on Amelia Island. Instruction and match play with Rob (Director), and any of his teaching pros (Elliot, Sam, Brian, and Thien) and you will not be disappointed…caution, not for the “couch potato” crowd.

  • Avatar AG

    You cannot beat the atmosphere and energy at Cliff Drysdale Tennis on Amelia Island. My husband and I have had lessons and clinics with Kyle, Rob, Bryan, Amy, and Elliott. They always bring a fun energy to improving our tennis game. No matter your level, they are working and challenging you to improve your game. Their passion for tennis is evident with the energy they bring to every clinic. This is why we continue to go back. We haven’t found another place like it. We highly recommend!

  • Avatar DH

    My wife and I attended the Doubles Boot Camp in February of 2023. In short, the experience was perfection. Just book it. If you are still reading, here are some reasons I say that: 1) Instruction – the instruction focused on all key areas of the game with a combination of strategy focus, on court practice and immediate individual feedback. Virtually impossible to not leave a better player from wherever you are starting. 2) Pros – The above doesn’t happen without the pros. Our pros were Kyle, Bryan, Rob, Amy and Elliott along with guest pros. Every single one of them have the heart of a teacher, including a passion for sharing their love of tennis with others. Their ability to provide individualized feedback in a group setting is truly impressive. 3) Courts – Clay courts that were in excellent condition. 4) Facility – We stayed in the hotel (vs. Villas) and had a great room with a beautiful ocean view. The restaurants and other facilities were top notch and ideal for our weekend getaway. I recommend adding a day on the front and/or back end of a camp to enjoy the area a bit more. 5) Overall environment – the whole package together was woven together so well that it made for a terrific overall experience. I had high expectations for the camp and they were far exceeded. I’ve already requested dates for next year and plan to be back. If you are in doubt, just book it (but don’t take my spot :-))

  • Avatar CM

    What an amazing experience! This trip was absolutely outstanding and Kyle and his team provided the best ever tennis camp. I would absolutely recommend this tennis club for anyone looking to have the best time ever while taking your skills to the next level. They provided instruction specific to all skill levels so bring your whole team/group, they will accommodate!

  • Avatar AP

    The tennis pros are outstanding – very positive attitude and pro active lessons/drills. The are skilled at making the drills fun and helpful for different levels and abilities on the court. The clinics were so relevant and useful to take use in doubles play at our clubs back home.. The courts are in a beautiful setting/; looked forward to each day on the court.

  • Avatar KC

    This is my fourth year attending a custom tennis clinic at the Cliff Drysdale school. I participate with a revolving group of women and every year we leave looking forward to the following year. We play for a few hours each day and then enjoy other aspects of the resort or head into town. Never disappoints.

  • Avatar MW

    I visited the Amelia Island Resort with some friends for grown-up tennis camp. The location is absolutely lovely. Wide beach, nice pool, natural landscape. All rooms at the Omni are ocean facing. The racquet park is beautiful – well maintained courts, great landscaping and old oaks with spanish moss draping over the branches. Our pro was most excellent and kept us motivated with thoughtful drills and upbeat music on the court. We didn’t rent a car, which was totally fine to get to things on-property. The Omni shuttle service is excellent. If you want to go off-property, the hotel staff will help arrange a car service. Overall, a very easy and fun vacation. I hope to return.

  • Avatar AK

    I visited and was were blown away by the team’s enthusiasm and knowledge. Every single pro I interacted with took the time to work on my game with such patience and encouragement. I take on average 3 clinics a week at home and play total 5-6 times a week – and these pros are INCREDIBLE! The clinics are high energy but really take the time to drill into you the strategy of the game and then incorporate that strategy into the following drills. They’re unique in that ability and I’ve retained what I’ve learned from those clinics. The scenery is beyond beautiful and I can’t wait to return. This is a stand out facility and it truly thanks to Kyle, Sam, Elliot and Bryan- and of course Bonnie at the pro shop ! Everyone was a delight but truly a pro at their work. Thank you ??

  • Avatar MM

    We had a girls tennis trip to Amelia Island Omni and the experience could. It have been better. Elliot and Rob did an excellent job with our group! Highly recommend the custom tennis package as they can tailor the clinic to the groups needs! Our villa was perfect for our group and being on the ocean was the way to go! Resort shuttle was excellent and a great way to get around the island. Highly recommend and our group will certainly be going back!

  • Avatar EB

    Our pro, Elliot Muse, was the best part of the trip. We loved our private lessons with him. He made the trip a memorable one!

  • Avatar JL

    The tennis camp is fantastic!! My friends and I learned so many new strategies and techniques. Kyle, our instructor, is so knowledgeable, warm and engaging. This is our 5th time participating in the tennis camp and make this trip a yearly tradition

  • Avatar JT

    I visited the resort fir Tennis camp in October 2022. The tennis program is very good and Kyle was fantastic. We learned a lot about doubles strategy and he made it very easy to learn . We will definitely return .

  • Avatar SQ

    Our group had Elliot Muth as our pro and he was amazing! We arrived with a group of four woman with no expectations and all of them were exceeded! We loved Elliot as he brought great drills, doubles stragegy, and volley help that we all welcomed! We can’t wait for our next camp as we already said we are bringing Elliot to the next camp! Love , Steph

  • Avatar JC

    The Omni Amelia Island tennis camp was top notch and I could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish. The experience was customized to exactly what our group was hoping for. Our instructor Elliot was fantastic and I wish I could take lessons from him year round. He was knowledgeable, professional, and encouraging while also making our lessons so fun. Elliot left our group laughing and smiling each day and we all agree we left the camp much better players after Elliot’s coaching. I would recommend this experience to any of my friends and in fact I’ve already recommended it to a few.

  • Avatar CW

    Our tennis instructor Kyle and his assistants were extremely skilled and friendly, made our two days stay so rewarding and pleasant!

  • Avatar EJ

    Had a fantastic time. It was very easy to book. Great tennis facility and instructors. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar EJ

    Had a fantastic time. It was very easy to book. Great tennis facility and instructors. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar DH

    We have been vacationing in Amelia Island for the past 20 years. The tennis program is outstanding. Rob and Kyle do an outstanding job in making the program great for very one. Weather you are a kid…junior…beginner…or more experienced this is the place to be. I play tennis 6 days a week and I always look forward to coming to Amelia for the tennis pros and everything the Omni tennis has to offer. The spa is amazing and relaxing as well. Would highly recommend this resort to everyone. Can’t wait to get back and hit with Rob…Kyle and the rest of the pros.

  • Avatar SC

    We had a great experience. The group clinics are a great fast paced and fun as well. There is no sitting around waiting. Paired with the private lessons, my wife and I learned more in 3 days than we had in the last 3 months!

  • Avatar AE

    Rob and Hassen were AWESOME instructors. They were knowledgeable and fun and kept things going. I felt like I got great instruction and a full hour of great tennis for each clinic. They moved the group from one activity to another quickly. We will definitely sign up every time we go to Amelia. Thank you so much !!!

  • Avatar BS

    I booked Amelia Island based on this web site. I thought it would be a terrific tennis resort. This was the home of the former WTA event and seemed as if it would be first class all the way. The pro shop head Bonnie was terrific and very nice and one of the tennis pros Hassan was exceptional. Good player and instructor. I am a 5.0 player and my son is a high performance junior player so we take our tennis seriously.. I went in early on a Sunday at 8am to hit with my son and took out some balls from the pro shop. Bonnie wasn’t there but the guy at the front knew this and was waiting for Hassan to come at 9am. As I came in to get some water – I was accosted by one of the pros who berated me for taking the balls to the court and felt as if he wanted to start a fight. I told him I was hitting and drilling with my son at 8am before anyone was playing and didn’t realize it was a big deal. He went on to say he didn’t like that I was on the court during my 7 year old’s lesson and he felt it was a semi private. Although, I was paying over 700 dollars a night to stay there and it was because of the tennis I was staying there it was the most unprofessional and rudest talk I have ever encountered. He went on to refer to me as DUDE, I told him I was a guest of the hotel and please don’t call me dude. I asked for his name and he refused to give it to me and kept speaking to me in a very hostile voice. I found out later his name was KYLE EDWARDS. This guy should not be a pro there as his customer service and hospitality was the worst I have ever encountered. I am surprised this is the quality of a Cliff Drysdale resort. I refused to come back to the tennis facility the rest of my trip after spending hundreds of dollars in the pro shop and hundreds with hitting with Hassan. Now, I will never go back to the Omni for tennis and will have to go to real tennis resorts where they don’t nickel and dime the guests , act rude and obnoxious behavior. Although, it was not a 5 star tennis resort, I was enjoying my time there and Hassan was a great pro and they are lucky to have him. I am very sorry that this situation happened and will never step foot in the Omni Amelia Island again if Kyle is still one of the pros.

  • Avatar BF

    I just returned from a memorable girls trip at the Omni Amelia Island. The highlight of our trip was easily the morning tennis with Luana and Gregor. They were energetic, fun to be around, and their instruction was unmatched. The tennis courts were picturesque, surrounded by old trees dripping with Spanish Moss and the courts were very well maintained. A cooler of water and Gatorade was provided for each of our sessions, a much appreciated gesture. We’re already thinking about a return trip and would highly recommend this resort and specifically their tennis program.

  • Avatar RM

    Wonderful instruction from Kyle and Rob . Really listen to our needs . The resort was wonderful the staff excellent especially Dedra at the Front Desk she went out of her way to may a trip special

  • Avatar AL

    Amazing Tennis staff!! From first 2 clinics led by Keith and Gregor to the Sat. Clinics led by Bob and Kyle – could not ask for more skilled, knowledgeable pros. A special shout-out to Luana, with whom I had private lessons – she helped my ground game amazingly, taking a lot of unnecessary movement from my forehand and starting my way to making it a much more consistent shot – and avoid dumping so many into the net 🙂

  • Avatar BL

    Best tennis trip ever! Kyle and Rob are the best! We will be back next year!

  • Avatar AH

    Had a wonderful time. Kyle and Rob were excellent. Our tennis group focused on area’s that we needed to improve as a tennis team. It was challenging and fun. We plan to return.

  • Avatar MH

    We traveled as a group for a fun tennis get-a-way. I had been to the Cliff Drysdale retreat there two previous times. Both excellent. The time the tennis again did not fall short. Our Pros Kyle and Xavier were outstanding. Knowledgeable, fun and kept us going. A very enjoyable trip.

  • Avatar PB

    We had a fantastic time. The pros, Kyle and Xavier were fun, personable and extremely knowledgeable. Three hours went by quickly because of the fun we were having.

  • Avatar JW

    All the pros were enthusiaistic and great to be with!!!

  • Avatar MD

    The omni on Amelia Island is a wonderful all around resort experience. We were able to take a tennis lesson with Luana who exceeded our expectations with her energy, games, and overall knowledge of the game. The access to the beach, convenient dining, kids activities and lodging made it so fun and easy to be a guest at the Omni!

  • Avatar CC

    We had th best vacation ever at this resort and will be back again very soon. The tennis was wonderful and I came home playing better than ever. The staff was exceptional! So much to do here after playing tennis and pickelball. The ocean/beach is fantastic. Downtown FB is really fun too.

  • Avatar AK

    Coach Luana is an exceptional tennis pro ! She breaks things down for all levels of tennis . Our daughter is a beginning high school player and I played competitive college tennis and we both left our lessons/sessions with her with many helpful tips ! My daughters serve improved tremendously in ONE session . Coach Luana has found her gift and passion in life and shared it so naturally with her tennis students ! She is enthusiastic and her love of tennis is contagious . We also totally lucked out working with Coach Xavier he too had a fun yet efficient style of teaching breaking down the strokes and building up the player:) thank you thank you Absolutely the highlight of our trip !! Eternally grateful to both of you 🙂

  • Avatar KF

    Tennis with Gregor Brydon was excellent!! His high energy and fun personality was infectious. He is a gifted teacher and observant pro who offered easy to grasp and actionable suggestions. We all left feeling our tennis game had improved. We recommend him highly and we look forward to working with him again.

  • Avatar MD

    Exceptional instruction by Gregor who had a game plan for our foursome for all 9 hours, and yet was able to pivot on a dime. We were quite impressed by his teaching skills and shocked to find that we all improved quite a bit over the 3 days.

  • Avatar AS

    Great tennis getaway at Amelia Island resort, so much to offer at this location and the tennis instruction was awesome!! We had a great time!

  • Avatar MJ

    My girlfriends and I go away every winter for a tennis getaway, and have attended many different camps over the years. The last time we were at Amelia Island was 2017, and had a nice experience, so decided to give it another try. We again highly enjoyed both the tennis and the Omni Plantation Resort!!! We booked a 2 day clinic and Kyle was our instructor for both days. He was really nice and very encouraging. He had a good balance of giving just enough instruction, but then also gave us a chance to work on what we learned. Thanks to Kyle and all the Amelia Island staff for another great getaway. Hope to visit again someday!

  • Avatar BS

    All inclusive resort with a generous number of experienced pros

  • Avatar JA

    Scheduled two, four-person group lessons. Luanna was our coach and She.Was.Amazing. Best small group tennis clinic I’ve been in, in 10+ years. It was energetic, appropriately paced, GREAT mix of drills and well executed drills. Luanna’s energy was unsurpassed and infectious! All the drills were applicable to real-life match play and Luanna was able to successfully manage a small group of players with varying strengths and weakness. Job well done. And to Cliff Drysdale programming–two thumbs up. Keep up the great work… your offering is a step above other resort offerings.

  • Avatar EG

    Brought a high school tennis team down to Amelia for a three day “spring training” trip. The team trained 3 hours a day with Kyle and Luanna. I can not even begin to express how AMAZING these pros were with my team. There were 20 boys on this trip divided into two sessions and Kyle and Luanna know all their names within the first half hour. Very impressive. But most impressive was the tennis drilling they provided the team while keeping things light and fun the entire time. The range of players were 9.5 UTR right through guys who will barely crack a JV lineup, yet the pros were really able to personalize the instruction and make it work to perfection. ALL 20 players commented on how much they enjoyed the rapport with the pros and most importantly how much they benefited from the instruction. We keep coming back to this resort for this trip because the tennis is always top notch and the resort is beautiful. I have been to countless tennis resorts over the years and none of them can even touch the combination of tennis facility and instruction offered here. Thank you Kyle , Luanna and Rob for making this trip so special!!

  • Avatar BT

    Luana was amazing and I would happily do any type of clinic with her again! In fact, if she is still with Clif Drysdale next year, we will ask to do another tennis camp with her. She taught great pointers that I took away with me and was full of positive energy!

  • Avatar JH

    The tennis camp was incredible! Luana was the most enthusiastic, positive and knowledgeable pro we have ever encountered. The courts were immaculate and the scenery was beautiful. This resort offered everything we wanted for a girls getaway and more. Highly recommend this resort for anyone interested in a little fun, relaxation and some awesome tennis instruction and exercise. Great poolside lounging, fire pits and hot tub located right on the beach! The Marche was our fav lunch spot and the resort teams made sure we were able to traverse the resort seamlessly on demand. Can’t say enough about our exceptional experience!

  • Avatar DC

    Amazing girls get away present from our husbands, which included private group tennis lessons. The lodging, resort, pool, restaurants, and tennis were exceptional. Tennis was by far the best part of our trip thanks to our pro Luana. Her energy, smile, positivity, and instruction made the lesson go by far too quickly. Could have spent many more hours with her, Luana is amazing. Look forward to another trip to a Cliff Drysdale camp wherever Luana lands. Will happily follow Luana.