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75 Reviews on “Omni La Costa Resort and Spa - Cliff Drysdale Tennis”

75 reviews
  • Avatar KA

    Norman was very friendly and great to work with. He asked me about my goals and understood them well. I came into the lesson wanting to work on game play strategy, in preparation for matches and to level up. Norman was incredibly helpful at making me more aware of my patterns and my opponents’ patterns. He made valuable recommendations based on his observations, called out where I was taking risky shots and what I needed to change (in form, movement, and placement) to increase my success rate, and got me thinking more within the points about where I was placing my shot and where my opponent would likely return the shot. I went on to have multiple match wins in the following week that I credit to the lessons.

  • Avatar SS

    Awesome instructors, beautiful facilities and well organized clinics! I really enjoyed my tennis experience at Omni La Costa and I definitely have improved my game over the last 5 days!

  • Avatar DG

    We went for a tennis vacation and it was superb. My husband and I enjoyed both the clinics and lessons and our games improved during the time we stayed there. Cliff Drysdale Omni La Costa Pros were not only great teachers they were supportive and encouraging and most important made everything fun!! I met members of the club who said they would invite me to play with them when I return next time – as an intermediate player still learning the game that offer made me very happy. Beyond tennis. – the resort is beautiful and in a perfect location for short excursions to seaside towns, shopping experiences and a variety of wonderful restaurants. We are already looking forward to returning next February and I will be reaching out to Bryce Cunningham to facilitate another wonderful experience.

  • Avatar SL

    The tennis camp was wonderful. Fantastic instructors, high energy, and very accommodating. I had many different instructors for both the clinics and private lessons and each was very qualified. I left with better skills than when I arrived. The resort itself is very spread out, but in a nice setting. We did not eat at the resort. There was a steakhouse and a bar menu at the bar. We opted to go offsite for lighter cuisine. Our room was located near the tennis courts which was convenient. It is a great place to go if you want a fantastic tennis program experience for a few days. I would definately recommend this resort.

  • Avatar JK

    We have come every year from Canada to play tennis, taking private lessons and joining in on group drills/lessons. We love the resort accommodations including the pool, lounges and restaurants. The fitness Center also offers many classes which weaves in nicely between tennis lessons. The tennis has a nice mix of tourists and local residents which makes it fun. The instructors are energetic and manage to cater to individual needs even in group sessions. Highly recommend for all levels.

  • Avatar KF

    The Omni La Costa resort is an outstanding experience. Friendly staff, unsurpassed views of the golf course from the adult oriented pool and a tennis center that is absolutely the best! The tennis coaches are experienced talented professionals who provide energetic customized coaching. All the coaches I had combined constructive feedback to improve my strokes and game play as well as providing a fun and energetic learning environment. These lessons are by far the best I’ve had … and I’ve had a lot of tennis lessons! I can’t wait to go back!

  • Avatar RF

    Fantastic Resort for Tennis. This was our second trip and will be returning next year…we can’t wait.

  • Avatar SG

    Norman was a great tennis coach

  • Avatar DG

    my husband and I visited this resort and tennis camp thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed my group tennis lesson experience — I was part of the camp but my fellow tennis players for the group lesson came as either hotel guests or from the community. It worked out well as everyone was welcoming and supportive. Norman did a great job, offering instruction during the group lesson which mainly focuses on drills and playing for points. It was fun. I loved my private lessons with Valentin Berlin – he worked very hard to bring my game up and I definitely improved. His dedication to teaching me was very much appreciated.

  • Avatar CM

    Attending the Ladies Retreat was exemplary! The pros from multiple clubs/resorts were great! Including our pro, Teg Lozano, from Castlewood! I learned a lot and would love to return, maybe in a year, or two. The energy level on the courts was off the charts. Loved meeting other ladies from across the country. The accommodations, food and beverages were exceptional. The grounds of Omni La Costa were well kept and welcoming.

  • Avatar SH

    This Ladies Retreat is a getaway I look forward to. I brought 2 friends this year and will invite more next year! The tennis is so fun and the Pros are great. Good energy, complimentary, fun and helpful. I have been to other tennis retreats and this one is my favorite!

  • Avatar SH

    I have a number of tennis friends that would like to try a tennis camp and I feel it’s a great way to work on your skills coming onto the competitive tennis season. Where I live in the Vail Valley, our options for tennis in the winter are extremely limited with only two indoor courts in the entire valley. So for me and my friends, having the ability to get top notch instruction and supervised game/play time in our ‘off-season’ is paramount to us. The only suggestion I would offer for this particular camp and I mean no offense to anyone, would be to make sure the camp participants are at least a 3.5 USTA Level. I feel that 3.5-4.0 can interchange pretty well. And 4.0-4.5 can interchange well too. Just a suggestion.

  • Avatar KF

    An absolutely beautiful property with top notch customer service across the board. I had two fantastic private lessons with pros that were responsive to where I was in my game and crafted the lesson accordingly. The clinics kept us moving but would love to see more drills. Overall, a great experience and I will be back!

  • Avatar PM

    Omni La Costa is an outstanding place to go for adult tennis “camps”. They create a custom program for you, based on your schedule, level of play, and interests. I came for a 3 day experience (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), which ended up being a mix of group clinics and private lessons. The pros are honestly outstanding, and easily the best I have worked with. Enthusiastic, supportive, and extremely good at teaching to my level. It was a fantastic experience. I did not stay at the hotel (I found a cheaper room nearby), but the grounds are lovely. Its so nicely set up, with easy strolling to get food or coffee, easy (free) parking, and just a relaxing place. The tennis pro shop has anything you might need, including (free) demo rackets from Head. I can say that if you are looking for something like this, I would really say go for it here. It was such a good experience. I want to come back soon!

  • Avatar AW

    I LOVED playing tennis at Omni La Costa. The courts were incredibly well-maintained, the staff was professional and super helpful, and the pros were great. Matt Dudley is the best- definitely book a lesson with him! He gives great instruction and has a ton of energy.

  • Avatar KS

    We attended the Cliff Drysdale Ladies’ Tennis Retreat in May of 2019. This experience exceeded my expectations. The staff was excellent and the tennis clinics were very well organized and structured. The itinerary was well structured and challenging. The food was great. The tennis staff were very accessible and fun. I can’t recommend this experience enough. I was exhausted at the end but it was so worth it!!

  • Avatar ML

    The Women’s Tennis Retreat is the best week in tennis. 2019 was my third camp in San Diego and one in Amelia Island. Each year seems to get better and better. I think this year the women bonded and socialized more, which makes it comfortable for the participants who come alone.

  • Avatar MW

    We went on a girls trip and had a fabulous time! Travis was awesome and we had a lot of fun!

  • Avatar RG

    Alejandro and Travis are my favorite pros. Alejandro has so much game knowledge and has helped my game tremendously

  • Avatar LM

    Omni La Costa has awesome tennis facilities with 16 courts. We play on them daily. Sheena does a great job scheduling. Alejandro (Alex) is a great pro.

  • Avatar ME

    I’ve really enjoyed coming to the tennis drills! It has pushed me to play with more experienced players and always learn something new from these great coaches!! I have been going to Sean and Alex and always enjoy my session with these guys!!

  • Avatar VS

    We love this resort. My kids have been taking tennis lessons with Alex for a few years now, and he’s the best! He’s so good with the kids, and I see their skills progressing each time. Can’t say enough positive things about him and the resort.

  • Avatar RR

    Great location for a tennis resort, excellent facility and top quality pros. Could have a better tennis shop and a few more courts with lights.

  • Avatar TB

    The pros at Omni La Costa are full of energy and are ready to challenge players at any level! I highly recommend the Spanish teaching pro Alejandro who helps players focus more on proper technique than on “winning a point”. If you want to learn the basis or want to fine-tune your game, you will get your money’s worth from him. Highly recommend!

  • Avatar SP

    Omni La Costa has a wonderful tennis program for juniors and adults. My son who is 10years old participated in the tennis academy program 1-2 times per week and is challenged by the other players as well as the instructors. He has has an hour long lesson at least once a week with Alex, one of the teaching pros and ho has been there for awhile now. He is a great teacher and knows when to be serious and stern if necessary. He does not let my son get lazy with technique but challenges him in a positive way. I also take lessons from Alex and he definitely does not sugar coat anything. He wants you to become a stronger player and gives good consistent criticism as well as complements strong shots.

  • Avatar EM

    My 14-year old daughter has been taking private lessons from Alejandro Andino for several years. He is a remarkable coach. My daughter has improved her skills tenfold while working with him. She is always so pumped up to have a tennis lesson with him. He has inspired her to want to pursue tennis in high school. He is a true expert in teaching technique and skill on the court. He is so personable, engaging, and tons of fun. He has great patience and encouragement, especially when she was a beginner. He is outstanding at pushing her to always get better. If you are looking for a coach that will be committed to your success, look no further. He cares about every person he works with and takes his job very seriously. I can’t say enough good things about him. He is someone that I’d highly recommend!

  • Avatar CL

    After 25 years away from the game of tennis, I have started back at the Omni La Costa, CA! The entire staff of Cliff Drysdale Academy under the leadership of Bryce Cunningham have all provided me with positive support and enthusiasm with my recent comeback. My teaching pro, Joey Snell has been very thorough and detailed in his approach in bringing me up to speed. I feel that my game is even better than before my layoff! Joey is the best pro I have ever worked with. I owe him a bit compliment for making me better with the “mental game” of tennis with discussions on strategy and shot placement. Thanks Joey!

  • Avatar RS

    The Director Bryce was exceptional and met all of my needs and was available whenever help was needed. Travis was very patient and nice both on and off the court. He made me look forward to each experience.

  • Avatar SR

    Great experience! Loved the resort, setting, tennis facilities and coaching! Looking forward to the next one!

  • Avatar MM

    I had a great experience and can’t wait to return. It was a last minute trip and Bryce was amazing to work with. Just what I needed. Thank you!

  • Avatar KT

    La Costa Resort/Cliff Drysdale Tennis offers an amazing tennis experience for both adults and children. I really enjoy having coaches from all over the world teaching the classes/clinics for myself and my family. Coach Alejandto Andino has been wonderful with my 11 year old daughter. His patience and knowledge of tennis has been perfect to help my daughter advance her tennis skills while allowing her to enjoy the game. I can honestly say all the coaches at La Costa have been wonderful. I have taken many classes over the past few years with Bryce, Alejandro, Travis, Joey, Sean, Brian, Cammie, Reza, and Michael and have never had a bad experience.

  • Avatar TM

    It was a great experience. I went with a group and Bryce and Travis was amazing!

  • Avatar CI

    Fun, attentive and excellent tennis instructors.

  • Avatar TA

    We had a great time at the camp. Met really nice people and the pros were very helpful. Plan on doing another one soon.

  • Avatar AL

    My husband and I had one of our best vacations ever at this gorgeous resort and the tennis program was one of the highlights. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. We felt welcome and comfortable playing with other visitors as well as the local club members. The instructors were engaged, knowledgeable and helpful, and the California weather made it easy to play 3 hours of tennis each day. We will definitely be back!

  • Avatar BC

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,, The camp was awesome. My wife is a beginner and I have played at a 4.5 level for years. Bryce and Matt made sure we both had excellent instruction and an awesome time. You should see my wife’s backhand now, it rocks. When I returned home to San Francisco, my buddies could not believe how much better my serve had gotten. I specially asked the coaches to fix my very “unimpressive terrible technique ” serve. Each pro worked with me helping me to gain knowledge and confidence in my new mechanics. It was not easy, and I am still working with the technique I learned from the pros…………… It has already been a hug difference maker in my game. thanks Omni La Costa Resort and Spa staff,, P.S. the service and food was incredible. We will definitely be back.

  • Avatar VS

    amazing camp. all the instructors were really nice and very helpful. The resort is beautiful and the courts are really well kept. Would go there again in a heartbeat !

  • Avatar SH

    Could not say enough about how great our experience was. The only negative was how the Spa people treated us when we wanted to come check out the spa.

  • Avatar LS

    We had such a wonderful time at the resort and tennis facility. Bryce Cunningham and his staff were great. So nice and such good instruction. I would highly recommend this for a beautiful getaway for tennis and relaxation.

  • Avatar SM

    The quality of the coaching was exceptional. I have been incorporating the elements of my game the coaches helped me improve and the results are so surprising I don’t recognize myself on court. As in WOW, I made that shot and that one and that one too. The facility is equally stunning.

  • Avatar GT

    What a fun week of tennis. Travis, Joey, and Matt were so much fun and made this vacation a better experience. The resort was fabulous and I can’t imagine a better place to play tennis. Looking forward to going again.

  • Avatar DB

    I am an advanced player/teaching pro from Oregon. For my 50th birthday my wife booked us a two night stay with tennis at the resort. I would have been happy with just hitting but the instruction was great. Alex, who is from Spain, had some great tips and worked with me on sliding on clay. Jarrod, from Australia, and Joey, England, were both very entertaining and great to hit with. All of them had some good tips and made the experience great! Thanks also to Bryce for running a beautiful facility and finding other guests at my level to hit with.

  • Avatar JC

    We travel to this resort more than any other. The staff is consistently outstanding, available and helpful, they have daily morning and afternoon clinics which are fun, instructive and geared to all players. The hotel is great with a variety of room type. The weather in Carlsbad is the best in California. They have a fall tournament which is a good one.

  • Avatar MC

    Amazing sessions with Jared and Travis. The tips I got from both on my forehand, serve and coming to the net – will be instrumental in improving my game. I could feel the difference already

  • Avatar JM

    A fabulous resort for adult tennis clinics and personal instruction. The classes are well organized – extremely pleasant – and focused on drilling and playing was excellent. Having members playing with guests is wonderful – they are excellent players – very very friendly – and provided a memorable experience.

  • Avatar RW

    Thanks to Bryce Cunningham for setting up two days of great tennis in Carlsbad, CA. His staff of tennis pros was very professional and helped my tennis game improve. They made it fun while at the same time helped me learn some new mechanics for lobbing and drop shots.

  • Avatar MB

    I was a part of the Premier Fitness Camp TennisFit Program and the Omni La Costa. This program had a variety of exercise classes offered in the mornings, and we would finish they day off with two hours of tennis. Depending on the number of guests signed up for the program determines that number of people on the court, but in my experience I usually had semi-privates. They coaches were helpful, pushed you physically, and were most importantly… FUN! I laughed more on those courts than I did in any other classes that day, and I still managed to get a great workout. I would give this program five stars and recommend it to anyone looking to make a positive lifestyle change and make lifelong friendships in the process.

  • Avatar CW

    This is our favorited tennis resort. The setting and weather are gorgeous, the tennis clinics are both enjoyable and helpful. We have gone to this resort multiple times and look forward to returning every year. The tennis pros are thoughtful, straightforward, and suggest good tips. The clinics are pretty standard, but efficient. Private instruction is very good and worth doing. They run a good program here and are organized well. Highly recommended for those looking for a great tennis experience and a delightful vacation.

  • Avatar PG

    Definitely the best week in tennis! The pro’s are exceptional, from the morning clinics to the afternoon match play. They are more than happy to give additional instruction before and after the clinics. Breakfast is included along with wonderful dinners. I had a great time meeting other tennis players from different states. The level’s of the players is diverse, from 2.5’s to 4.5’s. The pros did an excellent job of matching us up according to level’s for some exciting match play. I attended the first retreat here in 2015, and made sure to return for 2016. I intend on attending next year too! This is a retreat you should not miss!

  • Avatar SL

    Retreat was amazing. Great tennis – terrific pros – unbelievable location. Service at hotel was a bit spotty, but the staff tried to make up for shortcomings.

  • Avatar JT

    It was a fantastic tennis retreat. The tennis professionals, Bryce and Cal, did an amazing job instructing us and handeling all aspects of the retreats. The drills were fantastic, the dinner locations and menu selection were great and most importantly it was an overall awesome time. I liked the small group setting and the girls that were on the retreat all got along making it so much fun. Best retreat I have been too!

  • Avatar WR

    I just returned from a ladies tennis retreat at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. Director Bryce Cunningham was a fantastic host and he and his staff provided a first class tennis experience for us all. We attended drills and team practices each morning and received professional feedback and instruction from all the pros that worked with us. We focused on different elements of the game each morning and then put our skills into practice during team competitions in the afternoon. It was an awesome experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion or interest in enhancing their skills as a player, or desires an opportunity to bond with others who enjoy the game of tennis! Honestly, I can’t think of any weaknesses to point out.

  • Avatar AM

    we had an amazing 5 days of tennis with the cliff Drysdale ladies tennis Retreat the pros the women the tennis everything was exceptional I will definitely be back next year!

  • Avatar KD

    The tennis coaches at La Costa are outstanding. I gained so much confidence in my game during my time here. The coaches are fun and highly skilled. They intuitively know how to build your game and skill set. I got better every day. When I arrived I didn’t have a back hand or a serve.. Now watch out! Most importantly they worked me very hard and it never felt like work. Don’t hesitate to book a vacation here. It is super fun and your game will improve leaps and bounds…

  • Avatar BW

    Just spent a few days at La Costa. Participated in a few of the clinics and had some privates with Cammy MacGregor-Ward. She is terrific! Thought the clinics were done well and my only complaint is the red clay courts that are not maintained properly. Bad bounces are ok on soft courts once in awhile but these courts were not well maintained. Cammy and I were the first to hit one morning and nobody had swept the lines and the top dressing was a mess. All good except for that.

  • Avatar RW

    We found this resort by shopping hotel rooms on hotwire. As we only stayed there for 2 days, we can only see if we can drop in our kids for the tennis camps which generally have 5-day period. As we are from Taiwan, I had once worried about the communication between coach and 2 boys. It turned out working very well! Boys love the camp. We took 2 afternoon sessions, while kids in the same camp are at intermediate level, which is good. They mingled well, and our coach Chris kept reminding, and encouraging the kids during the practices and game play. Next time we definitely will stay longer for a complete camp. I myself took a tennis clinic lesson with coach Josh. He soon found where can be tuned on my serving. We also work a little bit on receiving. That was a very productive and pleasant hour for me. During our stay, the director of this tennis facility, Bryce Cunningham, was very helpful on all the lessons, camp, and course arrangements. Great great time we had with the Cliff Drysdale Tennis team! Good job!

  • Avatar TL

    Excellent getaway with girlfriends and/or spouses. Lots of tennis opportunities including daily clinic options and match play. The private lesson instruction is excellent and customized to your request. The clinic variety and level fits both challenging and fun as an experience. Weather and setting are both beautiful.

  • Avatar NB

    While staying nearby with family, I had to chance to hit with Brian and Chris. Setting up lesson time on the red clay courts was very easy, and both pros were enthusiastic about tailoring the sessions to my needs. I will definitely return when I am in the area.

  • Avatar JM

    Bryce was awesome – personable and a very proficient teacher. Our son is a high level tournament player so we have had quite a bit of exposure to top professionals, and Bryce ranks up there with the best of them.

  • Avatar LG

    The Omni La Costa Resort is an an amazing place to play tennis, enjoy the outdoors, and relax while on vacation. During my tennis instruction, each pro excelled on making drills fun and challenging. They were very personable and professional. My 3 children, ages 7, 9, and 11 also enjoyed their time on the courts. The staff engaged them in drills that kept them moving while engaging them in friendly competition. I would highly recommend planning a tennis trip to La Costa Resort. I know I’ll be visiting again!!

  • Avatar KC

    I had a blast! Informative and a lot of fun. After spending three weeks at tennis fit, I was able to come home and play with friends and family and show much improvement. As a beginner I found each lesson valuable and challenging. Now that I am playing I would have liked to have played more sets while at camp. I will definitely book again. and recommend to friends. Thanks guys see you on my next vacation!

  • Avatar BK

    The best tennis resort ever! From being greeted with a smile each day by Sheena to the warmest welcome from Bryce. Truth is my husband and I have been coming to the resort the past 5 years with the exception of 2014 when the tennis was taken over by Cliff Drysdale. We were hesitant to return this year concerned the tennis wouldn’t be as good. Boy were we wrong. The veteran staff was all there and seemed genuinely happy to see us and were as wonderful as we remember. The new staff whom we got a chance to know were great. Fun, professional, and made us feel like we knew them forever. Whatever Bryce is doing is working as he has the best staff and facility for tennis you could possibly find.

  • Avatar KG

    I loved the Tennis Fit program with Josh! He brought so much fun to the court as well as method and strategy. It was such a great opportunity for me to not only burn a bunch of calories, but to reignite a love for a sport. I enjoyed the clay courts and the only weakness was that the time went by too quickly.

  • Avatar IT

    We take lessons with a great guy, Josh Spindler, he is kind and nice, positive, and I’ve improved my game with his advices!!!

  • Avatar MC

    I found the tennis camp to be quite thorough. Josh and Bryce are both amazing instructors. They are patient and knowledgeable. They made learning fun. They made camp very enjoyable.

  • Avatar SB

    Wonderful resort and awesome tennis courts!

  • Avatar ML

    Excellent Coaching by Head Coach Bryce and his right hand Josh made my 2 weeks at the Tennis Center such a delight. It was hard work, great drills, fun match play and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that made all the difference. Will definitely come back.

  • Avatar VH

    I took my son and his friends to play tennis for several days. The instruction is very good and very professional. Since we were visiting from out of town the director of tennis set up matches for my son with the local players around the area. That was a fun time for the boys! We will be going back to do camps. The clay courts are fantastic! I would love to see some Junior tournaments played there.

  • Avatar DS

    I really enjoyed the tennis lessons from Josh. I hadn’t picked up a racquet in years so it was a great start for me! I am continuing to play back at home. I attended the PFC boot camp, but would take private lessons when the camp went on hikes…It was very worthwhile for me!

  • Avatar LG

    Bryce Cunningham is the lead instructor at the tennis complex and he is the best instructor both my wife and I have ever had!! His communication and teaching skills are amazing!

  • Avatar HK

    Make sure to ask for BRYCE!!! In addition to being an AMAZING tennis pro, he is an absolutely delightful, super charming, overall nice guy! His instruction is exceptional. Bryce has a very easy going approach. He keeps it simple and you get to hit a lot of balls. He is one of the best tennis pros I have ever worked with. I can’t wait to go back to La Costa!

  • Avatar JM

    Absolutely stunning resort with first class 5 star facilities. All staff are welcoming and very professional. The tennis was the focus for this family holiday as both our sons’ play the game . Bryce and Josh (our coaches) did a fantastic job of working with both my sons’ strengths and weaknesses to improve their game and ensure they really enjoyed their time on court.
    In addition to the tennis La Costa has something for everyone , so all members of the family are kept happy. I would recommend this resort to anyone wanting a fantastic tennis holiday in a beautiful location with perfect weather.

  • Avatar HP

    Very impressed by the Director of Tennis, Bryce Cunningham and his method of coaching High Performance players. He provided our daughter with techniques and tactics that would assist her in tournament play. He challenged her and she thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with Bryce. He made it fun but also pushed her. Would recommend the tennis program!

  • Avatar GR

    I was at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa for 4 weeks during July 2014. I wasn’t planning to play tennis while I was there, but after trying one tennis clinic, I ended up taking private tennis lessons for 1-2 hours every day for the last 2 weeks of my vacation, as well as participating in drill clinics. The tennis at the Omni La Costa Resort has recently been taken over by Cliff Drysdale Tennis under the direction of Tennis Pro Bryce Cunningham and I’ve heard from members of the club that the tennis has improved vastly since Mr. Cunningham took over a few months ago. I took one-on-one tennis lessons with Mr. Cunningham who was incredibly talented and professional. Apart from being an exceptional tennis player with a killer serve, Mr. Cunningham was an excellent coach and in just 2 weeks I’ve learned new skills and I feel more confident in my abilities as a tennis player.
    The staff in the tennis shop were really helpful and they were very accommodating in helping me schedule tennis lessons around my vacation schedule, offering lessons at all times of the day, including early morning and in the evenings. The tennis shop manager, Sheena, was very helpful in helping me figure out which of the tennis pros would be a good match for me and the director, Mr. Cunningham, was also very helpful when I asked him to advise me on how to choose a new tennis racket. My friends played tennis with a different coach and they had a lot of fun too. The tennis clinics are fun if you want to play with other people, while practicing skills, and I know they arrange various events too. I’ll definitely go back to the Omni La Costa because of the tennis.

  • Avatar RE

    WOW, what an amazing week. Lesson were wonderful and improved my game, weather was spectular….. highly recommended

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