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14 Reviews on “Owl's Nest Resort”

14 reviews
  • Avatar JM

    The Staff at the SportsNest is incredible! Great place, awesome environment, good food and drinks too! You can’t beat the panoramic views from the Clubhouse patio!

  • Avatar JC

    Numerous courts, friendly staff, active pickleball scene from residents and visitors alike. Competitive but social.

  • Avatar DB

    Unbelievable setting, fantastic facility that keeps getting better and better. Every time you visit, something new is happening. Can’t wait for the new restaurant to be up and running with the golf simulators

  • Avatar JW

    Golf, Pickle, Platform Tennis, Clay courts, winter skiing and snowmobiling. Good food and drinks. Can not be best.

  • Avatar KH

    Owl’s Nest Resort is a year-round destination! While Tennis, Pickleball, and Golf dominate the Spring, Summer, and early Fall………Platform Tennis (an outdoor Fall/Winter/Spring sport!) ties all the seasons together and allows for “paddle” opportunities all year round. The racquet staff at Owl’s Nest is outstanding (talented, approachable, available, and full of program ideas) and the facilities are top notch. The Platform courts, designated Pickleball courts, and clay tennis courts are all strategically located in the same area of the resort…….right near the swimming pool and jacuzzi! Located in the picturesque White Mountains, one can never have a bad outing! If you enjoy any/all racquet sports, you should make it a point to visit Owl’s Nest!

  • Avatar KB

    The Pickleball courts and play is outstanding. If you need instruction, either beginner or advanced, the staff and associates there are extremely good. I play paddle tennis at Owl’s nest as well. I received professional instruction, and the environment is really a great time for all racquet sports at Owl’s Nest. If you want to stay or have a drink and food, the accommodations are well suited for everyone. Always great pickleball and paddle tennis at Owl’s nest, for all levels of play.

  • Avatar LC

    I fell in love with Pickleball at this resort. I learned here by taking lessons and clinics. The court complex at Owls Nest is unparalleled in New England. Staff and pros are top notch, restaurants and amenities keep getting better with every expansion. This is THE racquet destination in New England and I highly recommend a weekend stay or for tournament play. You’ll never go anywhere else!

  • Avatar AN

    Great atmosphere with an extremely pleasant staff. I went up for a weekend and had an amazing time. The overall experience at owls nest was all you could ask for and more.

  • Avatar KR

    The facilites and staff are without a doubt the best of any resort I have been to. The views from all across the property are breathtaking. Truly a place I look forward to visiting all year long

  • Avatar LR

    Staff was so amazing and accommodating!

  • Avatar AR

    Owl’a Nest is the perfect setting for anyone and everyone. The resort is welcoming to all ages and has activities both on resort and in near by areas to keep yourself and your family busy. With stunning views and exceptional hospitality across the resort, Owl’s nest is the perfect get away no matter the season.

  • Avatar BM

    Had a great time at Owl’s Nest the facility is top notch and there is lots to do. Highly recommend

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