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87 Reviews on “Park Hyatt Aviara Resort - Peter Burwash International”

87 reviews
  • Avatar LL

    Steve Halverson Tennis Pro, was the best instructor I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I played seniors tennis for the Canadian National Team at the 2021 Maccabia Games, and have had many tennis coaches. Steve is the best by far.

  • Avatar KW

    Park Hyatt Aviara Resort is an exceptional resort which offers it’s guests an extraordinary vacation experience. Aviara resort is gorgeous and is located in beautiful Carlsbad, California. Their tennis courts are nestled in the heart of Aviara and is efficiently run by Steve Halverson (The Head Pro) and his well trained support staff. Each time I have played at Aviara, I have been impressed by Steve and his Staff’s ability to deliver professional service in such warm and personable manner. In addition to offering 5-star service to all guests, Steve also opens their doors, welcomes and supports the large military community. I have to say that of all the tennis resorts that I have visited, Park Hyatt-Aviara ranks as the best and my most favorite.

  • Avatar DD

    Steve is the BEST tennis instructor we have ever had. He is patient, kind and makes improving your game feel easy. The courts are always well kept and the staff is super friendly.

  • Avatar JS

    Our family visited there during the Christmas holidays, and had an outstanding time. It’s a great resort and we feel fortunate to have received a very nice package deal for room rates and an awesome breakfast! Above all, we love the tennis program there with its amazing director, Steve Halverson of PBI Tennis (recently merged with Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Troon Golf). Steve is, truly, a world class teacher and such a high quality person on and off the courts. We can’t wait to return there!

  • Avatar KW

    Of all tennis resorts and camps that l have ever vacationed at, tennis at Park Hyatt at Aviara stands heads and shoulders above all others in the world. What separates this resort from all others begins with the superior leadership of Mr. Steve Halverson, the Director of Tennis superior which flows to the exceptional performance of his coaches and support staff. Mr. Halverson and his team always seem poised and at the ready to meet and exceed the needs of all guests. It is pretty clear even the casual observer, that each member of the team is passionate about what they do and love being a part of the tennis program at the Park Hyatt-Aviara resort. Being a 30 year veteran of the military, I have to come quickly recognize, appreciate and respect organizations that are well coached and well led. From that perspective, I appreciate and respect the leadership influence that Mr. Halverson has had within the tennis facility of Park Hyatt resort. He models a positive attitude and winning spirit which serves as the catalyst that inspires the best of those who work with, around , or for him. In this day and age where companies and corporations are consumed with production and profit margins, it is refreshing to step onto a property where the focus is more on building personal relations than boosting profit margins. Great leaders seem to understand that when they focus on the former, they achieve the latter. The flawlessly clean conditions of this tennis resort, combined with the personable, professional and passionate manner in which the director, his coaches and support staff function together to produce award winning service is what separates Aviara tennis resort from all others and stands as the basis for my “5-Star” review.

  • Avatar JG

    Steve, the tennis pro at the Park Hyatt is excellent. We have vacationed at Aviara for many years and he is our favorite. He is very knowledgable and able to access what needs work. He has made small adjustments that have greatly benefited their game. In addition he is a great guy, and very easy to work with. The entire staff at Aviara tennis is wonderful and we have never had a negative experience. Which is why we keep coming back.

  • Avatar KF

    We are writing not solely about the tennis facilities and programs but also about Coach Steve H. We are the parents of a 15 year old who has excellent coaching back in our Indiana home state. Nonetheless, the attention and strategic insights our son got from Coach Steve were just inspiring and energizing. Our son worked in his physical game but also in the mental and strategic part of his game simultaneously. We went from an hour per day to 2 or 3 involving friends at times. So positive and uplifting. It was just wonderful watching our son gain confidence along with skills. Anyway we have friends who recommended Aviara and Coach Steve and we are very grateful that we took their advice! Thanks so much.

  • Avatar JS

    Aviara is our favorite destination for tennis lessons in Southern California! My wife and I love his lessons – and also love to take friends there for a mind blowing tennis experience. Steve Halverson is an immensely talented teacher, impressively in tune with each individual student, and makes tennis so much more fun in the process. We love going there!

  • Avatar CN

    Love Park Hyatt Aviara, and Steve Halverson is one of the best pros I’ve ever worked with. Patient, astute, kind, and pleasant. Love the vibe.

  • Avatar JS

    The Park Hyatt Aviara is absolutely beautiful. The recent renovations to the property are outstanding! Steve Halverson and his staff at the tennis center are unsurpassed! I have taken a group of 8 – 12 tennis friends there for, what will be in October, 7 years!! Steve offers great drills as a coach and organizes round robins for our group. Fun, caring, beautiful, and all around spectacular. That’s the tennis you’ll find at the Park Hyatt Aviara.

  • Avatar MC

    I really enjoyed and looked forward to all of my tennis lessons with Steve Halverson last March of 2022. He is easy going but focused and makes learning fun. He also gave a lesson to my step son who is 16 and he had a blast with Steve wanting to continue. You can tell Steve loves what he does, is genuine and has a no nonsense approach that works! Whether you are a seasoned player, a seasonal player, or just starting to play I highly recommend Steve Halverson he’s the best! He can help you hone in your skills for your best win(s)!

  • Avatar SI

    We are returning guests and couldn’t say enough about Aviara’s tennis program. Our first few lessons in 2021 for our son were so great that, when we returned in 2022, Steve (star coach) was our first call to arrange not only private lessons for our son but also for us! Steve Halverson is the highlight of the tennis program, who can pivot from teaching little kids to adults with ease and grace. His experience can truly be seen in his trained eye to see where adjustments are needed and the way he communicates in order to execute and get the desired results. Steve is an exceptional teacher who can spark a passion for tennis in all his students, no matter the age. The courts are well maintained and the setting is beautiful with high end amenities, but Steve is the key reason why we will return annually.

  • Avatar LH

    Beautiful Resort with fantastic amenities. Steve Halverson is a tremendous Tennis Coach with top notch experience.

  • Avatar DT

    Tennis instructor Steve Halverson was professional, kind, and extremely experienced. He was able to take my basic strokes (after 30 yrs of playing/4-4.5 level) and literally refined them in a matter of 90 minutes. Would highly recommend Steve as his method works; plus, just a really great guy to talk tennis with!! Will definitely be back!

  • Avatar KB

    Steve Havelson What’s the best tennis pro I’ve ever worked with I did a whole week of lessons with him. Can’t wait to return for more this year

  • Avatar DL

    If you want to learn or improve your tennis game, this is an amazing place with an outstanding instructor, Steve Halverson . Steve is not only warm and good natured, he’s the best instructor for breakdown the fundamentals and helping you improve. We have arranged two trips so far and can’t wait to return again.

  • Avatar DJ

    The tennis instruction from Steve is outstanding. He is adept at instructing anyone from new players/children to experienced players. Our family (inclusive of two kids) have enjoyed his instruction for years and look forward each time we are there to scheduling time with him.

  • Avatar AB

    The tennis pro at Park Hyatt, Steve, has been there for over a decade. We have visited the hotel every year since my now 14 year old was a baby. Every year we are there seeing Steve has been like seeing family. We book lessons with him every day we are there as it is always the highlight of our trip. We have referred dozens of friends to Steve and everyone absolutely loves him. He is as incredible with 2 year olds as he is with teenagers and adults. What makes him so special is that he is always smiling. His love of tennis is infectious! Steve MAKES the Park Hyatt tennis program.

  • Avatar JJ

    Aviara is in a beautiful setting and the tennis is fantastic. Steve is among the best pros you’ll come across and he breaks down tennis concepts that seem really advanced into steps that are very manageable and understandable. Time will fly by on the court and you’ll leave with a much stronger foundation that you’ll be able to use back on your home court. Enjoy!

  • Avatar HK

    I spent 4 days in the Park Hyatt Aviara in 2020, had the opportunity of working with Steve. It was an incredible experience, I learned a lot. Steve has high expectations as a coach, but is also really nice about it so you don’t get discouraged. On the other hand, once he thinks you’re ready on an aspect of the game, he will push you to do something else, so the lessons are fast paced. The courts are great, and I never had any problems getting a court to practice by myself. Extremely rewarding, and would recommend to anyone!

  • Avatar MD

    This is my second year coming to Aviara and both times the tennis has been the highlight. As a total beginner last year, Steve was the perfect instructor, simultaneously teaching and making sure I was having fun the whole time. Steve is great at coaching you at your level and can accommodate groups of vastly different levels of play. I can’t wait to come back next year and have a lesson with Steve.

  • Avatar MW

    We came to the Aviara for Lego Land California and stayed for the tennis! While the facilities are not as large as La Costa, they are much less crowded and seem to have a better layout. But we don’t come back every year for the setting… it’s 1,000% because of the main pro Steve Halverson. Whether you’re a 6.0 player looking to train or just want to have fun with the family, Steve will make it a worthwhile experience. The guy has singlehandedly made the tennis program at the Aviara what it is today (despite some major hurdles). We’ve been coming to the Aviara for nearly 20 years now and intend to come back for many more. You will not find a better tennis experience for yourself or the family anywhere else.

  • Avatar BW

    This is an exceptional resort north of San Diego. The tennis courts are run by Steve Halverson, who is my very favorite tennis pro and I have traveled the world and worked with a lot of coaches, so I don’t say that lightly. Not only can he improve your game no matter what level you are, but he is just a really good dude. The hotel grounds, courts, golf, restaurants are all top notch.

  • Avatar DD

    Anytime I’m within an hour of Aviara, i make it a point to take a lesson with Steve. I love the method of teaching, and each lessons improves my game. Cannot say enough wonderful things about the PBI program.

  • Avatar TT

    Steve is the best tennis pro I’ve worked with. He quickly identifies strengths and weaknesses and makes simple, easy to understand adjustments but does it in the realistic context of how much you play and your experience. I always come to see Steve as do many other Four Seasons residents because he gives my game the tune up it needs based on not just his skills as a teacher but as someone who remembers and knows your game over the years. This also means he can find the right players for you when you need a game here in Carlsbad.

  • Avatar HH

    The resort is gorgeous with flowers and palm trees to provide a tennis paradise setting. Staff is super. Steve is an amazing pro! Each year I come away from this trip with a simple change in strategy that helps my game, thanks to Steve. Already looking forward to next year at this wonderful resort!

  • Avatar KP

    The Aviara has the complete package. Attentive, experienced and thoughtful pros like Steve H. who took the time to analyze weaknesses and improve the skills of each individual in our group of 8 ladies on vacation. One day was drills, the next was a planned round robin tournament, and the last day was more drills with individual attention. Steve H, the staff at the tennis club, and this beautiful destination resort are worth an annual trip!

  • Avatar LD

    Just returned from The Aviara – this was our third time in as many years and we’ve never ever been disappointed. Steve Halverson is an amazing instructor and coach – we always have a blast with him. At this point he has a solid understanding of our individual games, and there are eight of us that visit each year. He is patient, matter-of-fact and kind, always with a twinkle in his eye. The facilities are lovely, lush and colorful. We’ll be back again next year for sure, and staying an extra day or two! Can’t recommend the place more highly!

  • Avatar AW

    My #1 tennis destination, whether to tune up my game before a national tournament, or to learn a new skill, or quite often just to add a new weapon to my tennis game. The courts and facilities are understated as compared to a large tennis camp, but they are nestled in the beautiful Aviara golf course and the tennis pro, Steve Halverson is second to none. I played Division 1 College Tennis, visited many tennis resorts all over the world, and hands down Steve is the best tennis instructor I have found. Tennis staff could not be more helpful finding tennis practice partners and setting up practices matches with great players in the San Diego area. Whether I have 3weeks or just a weekend to work on my tennis, this is the place. I let Steve know I’m coming. It always seems to be 70 and sunny, a perfect day for Tennis. And whether I include my husband, my Mother or my college age kids, everyone enjoys this destination on and off the court.

  • Avatar GS

    Steve Halverson has coached my daughter for the past 12 years. She started when she was 3. Every time we come down to Aviara she spends time on his courts. Steve is an exceptional coach with immense patience for people of all ages and skill levels. He is a master of taking a complex game and simplifying the keys points that a player needs to work on or improve at that particular point in time. Last time i watched him with my daughter he fixed her serve in 5 minutes. Steve is a GREAT pro but just as important he is as fine a person as you will ever meet.

  • Avatar MW

    I came to the Aviara 18 years ago on a family vacation… I’ve come back every year since for the Tennis. More specifically, I’ve come back to work with Steve Halverson. Steve started as a coach and has become a lifelong friend. Having spent so much time at the Aviara, I can say that I am not an anomaly. If you get the chance to take a lesson from Steve, you will no doubt understand why he is the inspiration for so many repeat stays. Thank you, Steve, for another great vacation! See you again next year. P.S. The facilities and setting are fantastic as well… and you can never go wrong with Southern California weather. It would be nice though if the Park Hyatt opened up the tennis program to the Four Seasons.

  • Avatar KM

    I had fantastic time training at Park Hyatt Aviara with Steve Halverson. He is an awesome coach!

  • Avatar EK

    Steve Halverson is a life changer and a game changer! His great energy, kindness, passion for life and the love of the game made each lesson a gift. His method of teaching is simple, straight forward and takes the overthinking out of the stroke. I took off over a decade off of tennis, didn’t have much of a serve anymore and lost all confidence my backhand. After working with Steve, I have 3 different serves, love my backhand (and now have a one handed backhand along with my two handed), have more control over the ball, learned key strategy for matches, corrected my grips at the net, forehand, and serve, and overall became a stronger player. His focus is on a total healthy change, bringing about a renewed joy of tennis and good energy. Through his expertise at teaching, I began to lose my fears, pain and worries that had been consuming me. I gained confidence in myself and my game. Right when I got back home to Chicago I joined 2 singles leagues and will continue to keep tennis a big part of my life. I cannot wait to return to The Park Hyatt and work with Steve again. Not only is he the best instructor I’ve ever worked with, he’s a wonderful person with the kindest heart. He brighten my life.

  • Avatar AK

    We had a fabulous 4 days with Stev Helveston. he is a great pro, enthusiastic, fun, and intelligent. i am leaving playing my best tennis. I will return soon for a tune up. Well done!!

  • Avatar SN

    I can not in word describe the skill set of Steve. He is amazing and has an eye for tennis that is remarkable. I came in as an 5.5 player and leave 4 days later as an 6.5. Other than his skill set, he is so nice and has an admirable personality that everybody just loves, if you don’t , then you have a problem ?? I recommend anyone at any level to take classes from Steve, trust him and you will be fine! I mean a even changed my grip on the volley, which is a huge leap to take. Love the game. And thanks again Steve!!! C u soon

  • Avatar LH

    I had a lesson with Steve while there. I can only say I wish I had more time while here to work with him more. I’m a 4.0 player in my 40s:) and he quickly determined areas I could work on to improve my game. Within an hour I felt like I made a ton of progress, learning techniques I had never been taught in my 30+ years of playing. Not only that, but he was incredibly kind. I would highly recommend Steve and the resort.

  • Avatar LC

    Excellent facility – good hard courts and Har-tru, and a very fine teaching pro in Steve Halverson.

  • Avatar TC

    I took classes from Steve Halverston while staying at this resort. I’m a beginner with tennis, but a veteran in the area of education. Steve is a terrific instructor. As good as the accommodations are at the Park Hyatt, my time with Steve was the highlight of my visit. I came in as someone who’d never played tennis. I left loving the game.

  • Avatar AR

    Really great tennis program! Steve Halverson gets it! He is a skilled pro who does not over complicate things and in a matter of 1 hour I had my booming “forehand” back in shape.; true story. Tennis needs other instructors like Steve that can simplify the game and yield results!!!!

  • Avatar SH

    I found Steve Halverson through the VeraVia health and wellness program located at the Park Hyatt Avaria (which is also exceptional, btw). He’s amazing, smart, and a lot of fun to work with. I wish I had found him when I was younger – he makes tennis so easy to understand and play – and he has a wonderful sense of humor – you laugh while you learn. I hadn’t played in years, and he’s renewed my enthusiasm for the sport – I’ve taken it back up and enjoying it immensely. Steve breaks everything down so its very simple and easy to understand. I’ve worked with him individually and in workshops. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, Steve adjusts and adapts so that – when you’re in a workshop – every person gets the attention they need without slowing things down. And individually he focuses on your skills so that you’re consistently and strategically honing your game. He works with you to help improve your skills and walks through strategies so you feel empowered on the court and have a competitive edge. I haven’t had a lesson with him where it’s not been a positive game changer. He’s built my confidence level up, where I feel very comfortable on the court – so I’m in charge of it, instead of it being in charge of me. I cannot recommend him more highly!

  • Avatar MB

    A group of 8 tennis friends arranged a long weekend with Steve, a pro at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, CA. The weather was predicted to be rainy all 4 days. We managed to get in 3 days of tennis but Steve helped that happen. He was out with every thing he could find to dry off the courts to do our drills and have fun matches. Steve and the office personnel did everything they could to accommodate us with dry courts, great drills, water, picture taking and lots of laughs. I am still working on some great tips from Steve to improve my game. We hope to be back next year.

  • Avatar KP

    Pro Steve Halversin and the tennis staff at this resort went above and beyond expectations during a week long women’s 3.5 tennis camp. 8 tennis friends flew into CA from CO to find a tennis oasis — this resort couldn’t be more beautiful and is close to the beach. Our ladies received valuable instruction, strategy, drills and plenty of round robin championship play against local players. Be ready to work and learn and have fun doing it. No standing around at this camp. Worth every penny.

  • Avatar SC

    I was in town for two weeks and had 6 lessons with Steve, as well as the clinics they offer. I learned more from Steve in two weeks than I’ve learned in 5 years. He made things easy to understand and implement on the court. The ananlogy he used has totally changed my serve, strokes and hopefully my game. About the best pro I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. Cannot wait to go back in the summer, will definitely set up tennis before anything else!

  • Avatar PJ

    I know my review is not going to sound genuine but I promise that this is an honest account of my experience…. My lesson with Steve Halverson literally changed my life. I have had sessions before with other coaches in different places but this one was transformative. Steve simplified everything for me. Everything he said was so logical and easy to absorb. He gave me some very simple techniques to follow that were extremely easy to retain. My game changed immediately. If you have been struggling to raise your results then a lesson with Steve might be just what you need.

  • Avatar DG

    Had a lesson with Steve Halverson today. It was a clinic from our hotel and he was WONDERFUL!!!!

  • Avatar NB

    Excellent tennis program. Steve Halverstone does a great job. I love to play on clay!!! But they also have 6 hard courts.

  • Avatar JA

    I am lucky to live in the area and am able to attend clinics and take lessons from Kenny Murphy. The resort is beautiful and the instruction I’ve received from Kenny has been fantastic! My game has really improved over last year working with him. I would highly recommend the resort and definitely Kenny Murphy for your game!

  • Avatar AF

    Kenny Murphy, is an excellent tennis instructor, he pinpoints all your faults & & gives you instruction to make you the best. I’ve been with him 3 years & it’s made me more confident as a player. Tennis

  • Avatar MT

    Tennis pro, Kenny Murphy, knows doubles. After two hours of instruction I had a new, effective strategy on how to play winning doubles. Kenny’s practical tips presented with humor make each lesson memorable. The courts are in a very beautiful setting. This resort is a fantastic tennis destination!

  • Avatar ST

    Even though I am a member at a neighboring club, I come to Aviara for clinics with Kenny weekly.He keeps me moving, thinking and is always improving my game. He is so accommodating and always cracks me up. Now, when I play league matches, I hear his voice in my head and I am always thinking – “What would Kenny say”. I also have two young daughters who have taken lessons with Steve. He was cool and clam and could really manage the kids. They loved their classes and learned to love tennis too.

  • Avatar PG

    I recently had the opportunity to take some tennis clinics at the beautiful Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, California. The clinic with Kenny was highly technical, fun and a great workout. The tennis director, Steve Halverson runs a fun and friendly program where one always feels welcome. Debbie at the tennis desk couldn’t be more accommodating and efficient. My overall experience was exceptional and I plan on returning soon!

  • Avatar EW

    The staff at Park Hyatt Aviara is exceptional. Special recognition to Deb who is wonderful at the front desk, and Kenny, who is an excellent tennis instructor. Kenny has brought my level of tennis higher than I ever thought possible at my age (50). I took tennis up about 5 years ago and am enjoying competitive play and improving with each lesson. Kenny’s sense of humor makes learning tennis more fun.

  • Avatar RM

    I have been taking tennis lessons with Kenny Murphy for over two years now. Overall, I have been taking tennis instruction for over 10 years. In my opinion Kenny has the most unique approach I’ve come across. Kenny has brought my game to the next level. I belong to another club, but attend clinics with him. Kenny is well organized and teaches players from many clubs. If you are interested, you can take advantage of the opportunity to play with many different types of players further elevating your game. Park Hyatt Aviara is a great resort. I hosted a party at the hotel for over 100 guests and they did an amazing job. My out of town guests enjoyed the accommodations and the food was great! I have also attended and organized charity events at the hotel which went very smoothly. I highly recommend the resort and of course Kenny Murphy for tennis.

  • Avatar MF

    The tennis instructor Kenny Murphy is fabulous! Everytime I take a lesson from him I can see my games getting better and better. Thanks Kenny!

  • Avatar CC

    Aviara is a beautiful, first class resort close to the ocean and easy access to San Diego attractions. Their unassuming tennis facility has relaxing, natural, wide-open views and includes hard & clay courts, and it is easy to get to with ample free parking. All the staff is friendly and helpful. Kenny is one of the fantastic instructors there. I’ve experienced first-hand how well he interacts with and instructs local league players, one-time resort guests, and children of all levels and ages. He has a casual and fun approach while maintaining a professional, instructional, and strategic lesson. I’ve been going to Kenny’s doubles clinics for over a year and have noticed tangible improvement in my game, going from line 6 to line 1 within a year in my ladies doubles competitive B league. I like Kenny’s versatility. He can give a one-on-one lesson to improve form and technique, and help eliminate bad habits. He gives you catch phrases and analogies to help you remember how to keep practicing what you learn after the lesson. His social tennis mixers are fun and lively. His doubles clinics are the best, geared to your skill level, and full of doubles strategies you can start implementing in your next match. Having played tennis for over 40 years, Kenny is still teaching me something new at every clinic. And he always has a suggestion to help me play better against various styles of opponents, from the lobber to the dinker to the hard hitters. I’ve been to other clinics outside of Aviara that felt like just hitting practice with minimal tips on technique and strategy. I find much more value in Aviara’s clinics and plan to continue lessons with Kenny there, along with many friends and team mates.

  • Avatar LP

    These are fabulous courts set in beautiful Aviara. I have been taking Kenny Murphy’s clinics weekly for the past few months and he has changed my approach to ladies doubles. He is a great and strong coach and has helped me already more than I can imagine. This is tennis TODAY. Smart and fresh. I love it!

  • Avatar EN

    I absolutely love going to the tennis clinics at Park Hyatt Aviara with Kenny Murphy. Not only am I learning strategies and form, but I have such a great time! Kenny is hilarious and I really understand his teaching methods and techniques. He makes learning the game of tennis fun and no stress. He is encouraging, but at the same time he can be stern when I need it. I have referred several clients to him and they all just absolutely adore him.

  • Avatar TR

    I have taken lessons with the pros from Park Hyatt Aviara for years. They are all very professional, helpful, and respectful. Because of these fine professionals I cannot get enough of tennis and my game has improved and I can once again play socially and also compete in tournaments. They have brought back my LOVE of tennis.

  • Avatar MT

    Kenny Murphy does a great job of zeroing in on what I needed to do to get my game to the next level. His sense of humor keeps the lessons fun and engaging. I can definitely see the results of his teaching and would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game.

  • Avatar DM

    I am actually a local resident and attend clinics and lessons regularly with coach Kenny Murphy at the resort. Kenny’s instruction is top notch – my game has improved more than I could’ve imagined since I started with him, and his strategy and thoughtful instruction always ensure my time and money are very well spent! Working with Kenny inspires me (and all I know who see him) to work harder on my tennis game – and keeps me coming back for more!

  • Avatar MW

    I visited Aviara on a trip from Seattle to get some sunshine and took a tennis lesson with Steve Halverson. It became clear to me that he is the best tennis instructor I ever had. In fact, combined with the sunny weather, this led me to move from Seattle to Carlsbad. I highly, highly recommend him and the Aviara resort!!

  • Avatar RT

    Beautiful courts are just the icing on the cake. Take a lesson from Kenny and it will be the best one you have ever had.

  • Avatar LP

    Kenny runs a very fun and competitive tennis clinic. He is great at matching ability levels and is attentive to your game and how you can improve, but in a nice and fun manner!!! Love it and highly recommend if you love tennis.

  • Avatar IM

    I happen to be lucky enough to live in Carlsbad CA and take lesson at the beautiful Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. You can’t beat the views, serve and professional pros. Us local even are on a list so when a guest would like a game the tennis desk calls us to set up a friendly game. It is fun to met guests from all over. The restaurants are very classy. There is so much to do at the resort and locally. Carlsbad has some of the best hiking trails and some are right by the resort. I appreciate all Park Hyatt does to make me fell like a VIP….. If you do stay there, you will thank me for the truthful information..

  • Avatar JW

    I have played tennis at the Aviara resort over 12 years. The coaches and staff are wonderful. The atmosphere is beautiful.

  • Avatar AP

    I have taken clinics with Kenny at Park Hyatt. He knows the game well and really improves my doubles game by doing drills that help with overall strategy. He takes teaching seriously but also makes it a lot of fun. The facilities at Aviara are first class with a nice breeze and beautiful surroundings.

  • Avatar LE

    I highly recommend the tennis program at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. I have been taking a weekly doubles clinic with Kenny Murphy for the past two years. He is a fantastic instructor and has really improved my tennis game. He not only works on technique and mechanics but also teaches strategy and the mental component of the game. He is both professional and very funny at the same time! In addition to clinics with Kenny, my 7 year old son has taken lessons with Steve which was also a fantastic experience. Besides top notch instruction, the Park Hyatt is a beautiful resort and provides a very pleasant atmosphere for playing tennis. Laura E.

  • Avatar MA

    You can’t beat Park Hyatt Aviara! It is a beautiful resort in a beautiful area. The tennis courts are surrounded by gorgeous landscaping. The tennis pros there are fantastic. You can take a private lesson or drop in for a groups clinic with Steve, Kenny or Clay. They are really good at analyzing your game and making adjustments that you can put into play immediately.

  • Avatar TB

    You have to book a lesson or clinic with Kenny Murphy! He is one of the best around…he’ll help you work on specific skills, strategy and will teach to your level. He also brings a certain humor to his teaching and makes you want to come back for more! Can’t recommend him more highly!!

  • Avatar PM

    Park Hyatt Aviara Resort is located just east of the I-5 in Carlsbad, California. Near the beach and over looking the lagoon, it has a beautiful setting with palm trees and a golf course. I am a local tennis player and truly enjoy the four hard courts and two clay courts. I play tennis leagues out of PHA and love the support given our team from their tennis staff. I look forward to weekly tennis clinics with tennis pro, Kenny Murphy. Through specific skill instruction, I have improved my tennis game and my overall confidence on the tennis court. My teenage children have also received instruction from Kenny. They love his sense of humor and feel that he wants them to improve their tennis game. Our family looks forward to many more years of tennis at Park Hyatt Aviara.

  • Avatar JM

    I love the tennis program at Park Hyatt Aviara. I personally have taken instruction from Kenny Murphy. He is a fabulous instructor. I credit him 100% for taking me from a CC level to a BB 3.5 level. He sees everything…good and bad that players do. Mr Murphy corrected my forehand in a matter of minutes. He has a vast knowledge/understanding of the game and people come from all over the San Diego area to take lessons with him. I highly recommend this resort, especially the tennis instruction. You will not be disappointed….I give it a 10.

  • Avatar JL

    I have been working with Kenny for several years now and think he is fantastic! He is friendly and engaging and his lessons blend technique and strategy seamlessly. His lessons are always specifically designed for his students and are have helped me greatly to improve my game.

  • Avatar RC

    I’ve taken lessons from all of the pros at this resort. Steve is great at correcting whatever ails your game. I have found Clay helpful in improving my fundamental strokes. Kenny is my favorite right now as he teaches you about the mental game, especially in regard to defense. “If you charge your opponents, this is what they will do…” I haven’t run into anyone else teaching this stuff. I think they’re all top notch!

  • Avatar AM

    I live in the North San Diego County region. I have been playing competetive tennis in the San Diego area for many years. There are many teaching pros, clubs and resorts in the San Diego area, However Kenny Murphy, a teaching pro at the Aviera Resort and is exceptionally skilled at teaching tennis doubles strategy. Year after year his 3.5/4.0 teams go the the USTA Southern California Sectionals as a result of his expert teaching of doubles positioning and strategy. Even one or two doubles clinics will enhance your doubles play immediataely. If you are in the area, I strongly recommend that you contact Kenny and try to join one of his doubles clinics.

  • Avatar MB

    I’ve played tennis here for 5 years and love it! The courts are perfectly maintained and staff are friendly. The scenery is spectacular with nice coastal breezes. If you want to improve your technique and game strategy book a lesson with Kenny. Beautiful scenery, coastal breezes, and great tennis! Enjoy!

  • Avatar CI

    Beautiful location, great weather. My clinics with Kenny – AMAZING!

  • Avatar EG

    The head of tennis, Steve is an awesome instructor. He not only makes the tennis learning experience simple, he also makes it super fun. All stuff members are friendly and helpful. It is a beautiful location. I would highly recommend Park Hyatt Aviara Tennis club and Steve Halverson.

  • Avatar DH

    Amazingly friendly staff that makes you feel at ease to use the amenities. Steve is the BEST instructor and coach that I have encountered.

  • Avatar MW

    As someone who has played tennis for nearly two decades, and at nearly every level, I can earnestly say that it is very difficult to find a great teacher. Consequently, when you do find one, you stick with him/her. I have been making the journey from the Midwest out to the Aviara in Carlsbad California every year, for 17 years now simply because of how great the resort’s pro, Steve Halverson, is. No matter what your level, age, disability, or temperament (this seems to be a big one for tennis player), you will find Steve to be a wonderful teacher, and a great, possibly lifelong friend.

  • Avatar RC

    Steve Halverson, Head of Tennis, is an extraordinary instructor. I was an above average tennis player for over 30 years, playing 2-3 times per week. Emergency surgery 3 years ago resulted in my having mobility issues. I never thought I would play tennis again. By chance, my villa at the resort faced the tennis courts and I was privy to watching Steve teach – he was incredible with adults and children, single or doubles instruction alike.. I decided to call him an explain my limitations and see if he felt it was worth it for me to try to play. He was so encouraging that I booked a lesson. From the moment I stepped on the court, I was hooked. Steve was patient, kind and very respectful of my physical issues, while at the same time, helping me to relearn the game. His intuitive instruction gave me the confidence to try and ultimately to succeed!! As if that weren’t enough, Steve was also able to engage my husband back into the game he also once enjoyed – a daunting feat! I am so very grateful to Steve for his dedication to the game and to those he teaches. It is because of him that I now, once again, consider myself a tennis player. Something I would have never thought remotely possible, 3 years ago. My husband and I will continue to play this Spring and Summer. We cant wait to get back to Aviara in November of this year and kick his butt!!!

  • Avatar AG

    Great Facility! Steve is a fantastic coach!

  • Avatar JJ

    Steve is an excellent pro. Fantastic energy, patience and insights. He’s a real asset to the Peter Burwash organization and more particularly the Aviara Resort. I can’t wait to get back!

  • Avatar BN

    the tennis there is a great expierience,all because of steve halverson.he makes it so easy to learn and to have fun.

  • Avatar OC

    This was one of the best resorts we have been to in a long time. The rooms, the food, the pool area were just wonderful. But the best part of this vacation was our tennis lessons with Steve Halverson. As newbies we have a lot to learn and it was such a pleasure to learn from Steve! He had us up and running quickly.
    My hometown tennis pro was very impressed with my substantial improvement. We even got to play doubles which was so much fun for my husband and I. Can’t say enough about the experience except to say that we will be back for more lessons. Worth every penny and more. We had so much fun! Thanks Steve – see you soon.

  • Avatar LH

    Resort was excellent. Facilities were very good however the bed mattresses were too soft for us and different to many other hotels we have stayed in around Cal. I wish to praise the Director of Tennis, Steve Halverson. My tennis lessons were excellent. He has developed a very professional and fun approach to teaching. I will return!

  • Avatar AM

    Beautiful resort with great amenities. The tennis complex was well equipped and nicely kept. The highlight for me though was Steve Halverson, with whom I took several private lessons. I am a novice player but he made learning to play fun. Not only do I feel my skills improved dramatically but Steve instilled a sense of excitement about the game that has encouraged me to keep practising! I can’t wait to go back.

  • Avatar JF

    As new tennis players, we really enjoyed the lessons provided by the Steve Halverson at the resort. His approach to the game allowed us to enjoy the learning process vs. being intimidated at learning a new game. Steve’s approach has definitely got us hooked and we cannot wait to return back to Aviara later this year!

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