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17 Reviews on “Reed Anderson Tennis School - Mission Hills Country Club”

Very Good
17 reviews
  • Avatar DF

    Excellent professional coaching and video analysis.

  • Avatar PT

    This was the BEST 4 days of tennis. My husband is in his mid 60’s and picked up a racket for the first time. After just a week, he is hitting a better ball and practicing all the skills he picked up. Focus, Lots of Practicing and Listening to Reed has helped tremendously. I have played tennis since childhood and have taken numerous lessons and now have many more tools to hit a variety of shots. I will have to come back as now my husband is getting better and it’s harder to return his balls! Reed has excellent communications skills, easily demonstrates techniques, is very attentive and a great judge of character. I think this made it easier as he tailored lessons to both our needs. In addition, he is also a good mentor, bringing in younger instructors who added more value on top of his existing instruction. My husband has taken more golf lessons over 40 years and he felt Reed’s coaching was far superior than any so far. And I also shot my best golf game after tennis lessons with him! Highly recommended Reed and we will definitely be back. Thank you!

  • Avatar BG

    the Reed Anderson tennis school at Mission Hills is terrific. Together with his highly accomplished and personable pro Morgan,together they have wonderful drills,points,technical advice,and fun games. The weather is usually great. as is the setting.By the end of the sessions i was able to”whack” my groundstrokes and outplay the competition. i am going back soon!

  • Avatar SK

    excellent experience at Mission Hills – personalized teaching in a group environment was both fun and educational. Reed is a fabulous instructor with calm demeanor ad keen eye for technical flaws

  • Avatar SS

    For the past 4 years, I have been attending the Reed Anderson Tennis school with 5-6 friends. We have the best time! The instruction is top level. Reed always keeps the ratio of students to pro very low. The drills are fun and instructional. Reed and his team keep it interesting! We have a great time while improving our game. We plan to make this an annual event. I highly recommend this tennis camp to others.

  • Avatar LN

    Great teaching ratio. Loved Reed and his assistant,Yana. The teaching pros and the facility were top-notch in every way. Great one-on-one instruction including video of strokes. Very helpful to my game. Relaxed and fun. Thank you for 3 great mornings!

  • Avatar JD

    First time to play on grass courts…they were splendid!

  • Avatar KT

    Beautiful grounds and facilities. Outstanding coaching and instruction. The weakness was lack of restaurant for tennis players wanting to dine and have cocktails after playing. We were told we could not utilize the golf club restaurant due to our tennis attire.

  • Avatar JD

    I’ve told my friends back home that Reed and his school were FABULOUS! His instruction is great – he makes it fun while you’re learning. His associate, Laurie, was great too. Different style, but loved her too. They taught you things that you could bring back home and implement. His video taping was quite helpful as well. A great teaching tool. The games he used kept our attention, but he also had us play points which I love. My first trip out was specifically for Reed’s camp, but then I was in the area several months later, and made special arrangements to come to camp for a couple of afternoons because I thought it had been so good. Can’t wait to come back again. I’ve recommended him to several people and will continue to do so.

  • Avatar DT

    Perfect grass courts – the best I have ever seen. Reed Anderson arranges a lively and educational clinic which is customized for the needs and desires of your group.

  • Avatar ER

    Strengths would be the ratio of pros to clients. I liked working with two pros for four people.

  • Avatar PM

    I first went to Reed when I was a player of 3 years. Is fundamental teaching, with zest and laughter brought me back to him time and again. Now that I am at a higher level of play I am able to receive his wealth of knowledge even better with my own understanding of the game. Reed is a dream coach, with contagious joy and love for the sport.

  • Avatar AL

    Excellent environment; wonderful facilities. Hard, clay, and grass courts. Very friendly, experienced coaches. Focus on drills and game simulations to imporve skills and stategies for established players (some stroke fundamentals as indicated). Time for individual advice and discussion. Will go back any time I can.

  • Avatar JJ

    great experience, beautiful resort

  • Avatar NK

    My tennis partner and I attended Reed Anderson’s Tennis School for a weekend recently. All of the instructors were very good as well as fun to work with. We both learned lots of new drills and shots as well as perfected some we were struggling with. I would definitely recommend this school, and hope to do it again (in the winter!!)

  • Avatar SW

    Reed Anderson’s school has extremely helpful to fine tuning my strokes. He has given me new “tools” to use in my game. Strengths include Reeds ability to analyze all strokes, give appropriate tips/tools to make improvements and work on it until the change works. He is a great listener, makes every minute of the lesson count and has a great personality to connect.
    I was thrilled with what I experienced and have made another reservation with my friend for next year. The cost was quite reasonable. Reed made the school very worthwhile mixing professionalism, lots of practice, fun drills, and ongoing feedback to all in the class. He is an excellent teacher! I truly cannot think of anything I would ask Reed to improve upon.  

  • Avatar CL

    I had a great one-hour lesson with Mike Fedderly, the current 50+ USTA grass court champion. He gave me some valuable volley tips. I was only at the Club for a couple hours, but the facilities (e.g., courts, grounds, fitness center, pro shop, locker room) were all top notch.

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