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83 Reviews on “Rosewood Little Dix Bay”

83 reviews
  • Avatar BG

    Terrific courts and an even better pro (Ryan Everett). He went after every ball and to my dismay, returned most of them. His skills are great and his teaching style was perfect for me. My game improved greatly. It was amazing how many of his suggestions were helpful and some of them improved my ability instantly. I’d play with him any chance I could and would recommend him whenever I’m asked. He was substantially better than I’d hoped. The only thing that upset me was when he said that I was great…for an old guy! No kidding, I loved playing with him.

  • Avatar AG

    Little Dix Bay tennis experience ranks high on my list.It is an unusual opportunity to feel like you have your own private tennis coach in a glorious setting. Variety of courts from omni courts to hard courts. Leon, the ‘Burwash’ tennis pro, is one of the best instructors I’ve had. I returned home an improved player — and that’s unusual from a ‘beach vacation’. I go back every year and look forward to my tennis time most of all. Quality for sure.

  • Avatar GS

    I have been playing tennis for over 60 years. The bane of my tennis existence has been the serve. Leon Patchett took my serve apart and reconstructed it. This is the serve I lhave been looking for all my life. He is the only instructor I have ever had (I have had Many) who diagnosed and isolated the problem,and corrected it. I cannot praise Leon high enough. He truly made my stay at Little Dix Bay a memorable one. Guy

  • Avatar SM

    We returned to Little Dix Bay, which we have been visiting for 40 years and for the first time at the resort took regular tennis lessons with Leon Padgett. This was an exceptional experience for both my husband and me. We have very different tennis skills and Leon was able to teach to each of our levels and build on our individual abilities, all the while keeping the instruction fun and challenging and, most of all, very exciting and productive. Our tennis sessions were a highlight of the trip, and we plan to return soon, and look forward to continuing our lessons with Leon when we do. He is a skilled teacher and a great asset to the resort.

  • Avatar KR

    The facilities are beautiful and the tennis pro, Leon, is patient enough for beginners yet challenging enough for the most advanced players! Our whole family enjoyed the tennis program – lessons, matches, and just playing on our own on a lazy afternoon.

  • Avatar KL

    Very inviting resort; encourages you to get involved and play. Leon, the tennis pro is fun, skilled, and encouraging! Will connect you w other resorts local to you as he is well connected. Courts and Accomodations are pristine! I am definitely going back!

  • Avatar EL

    This was my first visit to LDB after visiting a number of Top 50 resorts. The tennis program is first rate. Leon Patchett is an excellent pro. I saw him every day for two weeks. He is great with players of all ages and abilities, positive but constructive. He focuses each day on a key area, and keeps making things more challenging as skills are mastered. He clearly loves the game and conveys that to his students. The courts are Australian style artificial turf and grass (with two hard courts) which dry and are playable immediately after it rains. High quality loaners and balls are always available, so no need to bring equipment. It would be good if more than two courts are lit, but LDB does a great job with tennis in a low key, high quality way.

  • Avatar LD

    Little Dix has amazing pros and fantastic courts. One of the best places – if not THE best – we have found in the Caribbean and maybe even more broadly than that!

  • Avatar SS

    Leon was not only engaging as an instructor and direct in his coaching skills. He quickly evaluated our children’s abilities and then worked on their games offering praise and encouragement all the way. Cannot wait to return. Wish there were more opportunities for juniors to play with each other. The resort is exceptional and easy to miss seeing/meeting kids who may also want to engage with other kids and meet new people. Perhaps the tennis shop can offer a signup board for players based on skill and age range. Just a thought.

  • Avatar DL

    We have been coming to Little Dix for years with the family. The tennis program is one of the main draws. Leon Padgett is a fabulous pro for adults and kids.

  • Avatar PK

    What a tremendous time Leon, the pro at Little Dix, organized. We were lucky enough to have a former touring pro on site vacationing and his partner. Leon organized some super intense doubles and singles matches. We battled every night we were there. Could not get enough. Playing on the artificial grass was soooooooo comfortable compared to the hard courts of my home club. Fast surface but easy on joints. Cant wait to return.

  • Avatar AG

    Leon Patchett was the tennis pro at LDB. He was a total professional in the way he took care of his students and went way beyond what was expected of him. He made the entire stay memorable. The resort is idyllic, private and world class.

  • Avatar LS

    The tennis program at Little Dix was perfect for me and my children…I only wish we could have stayed longer! Wonderful court setting, easy to get to. Leon’s instruction was perfect for me as well as for my beginner children. He pulled together a game with a local resident and another couple at the resort which was fun as well. We were there on a quiet week so the complex didn’t have lots of people but is was very pleasant.

  • Avatar EG

    My fiancee and I spent an amazing week at Little Dix Bay. The water, beach and cuisine is our favorite of all caribbean destinations we’ve visited – the tennis courts, and instruction with Leon Patchett, far exceeded my expectations.

  • Avatar TE

    One of the best resort tennis programs I’ve experienced. The Pro was extremly accommodating, and arranged matches for guests with Locals and other guests when needed. I was able to get in all the tennis I wanted with players at my level, during my weeklong stay. I can think of absolutely no negatives! The Pro was capable, accommodating, and pleasant!

  • Avatar MA

    Great instructor, amazing courts!!

  • Avatar JF

    All around great tennis program. Leon is a very competent and gracious pro. He did an excellent job of arrange matches for my wife and I with players at our level. He worked around our schedule which was great. My wife and I are big fans of PBI and it’s pros like Leon that make the difference.

  • Avatar MB

    Great facility. Hard and Synthetic Grass courts. Incredible setting

  • Avatar JB

    Lots of courts, all in good condition. Never waited to play.

  • Avatar DO

    Spent a week at Little Dix and managed to get in two lessons with Leon to work on specific areas of my game. Leon was very helpful and made me feel relaxed and comfortable during our sessions. You can’t beat the setting on Virgin Gorda and with 6 courts there is plenty of court space.

  • Avatar AS

    A brilliant place to learn to play tennis (why I was there). Leon Patchett was a fantastic coach with so much patience and energy. He also took a genuine interest in my progress and the tennis courts were a dream. If you’re holidaying at Little Dix, you’d be MAD not to have a coaching lesson here.

  • Avatar AM

    Very good coach, Leon

  • Avatar SS

    Amazing tennis in a drop-dead gorgeous setting. Leon was a fantastic, fun, and patient teacher who successfully catered across the drastically different levels of tennis skill between my (much more experienced) sister and myself. We’re solid Little Dix Bay fans and love all of the activities it provides (snorkeling, paddleboarding, and being lazy included!), but the tennis was a definite highlight for us this trip.

  • Avatar CC

    Fabulous pro – Leon Patchett – had just arrived and went out of his way to insure our tennis experience was as good as possible given some erratic weather and a relatively low level of occupancy. We learned to love playing in the drizzle and the lack of crowds meant we could play whenever we wanted. (Note: the bad weather cleared out after a couple of days and was highly unusual for the island.)
    Leon has a laid back but very intelligent approach to teaching. Having played/taught all over the world, his stories are unique and an added bonus. Both Leon and the resort’s general manager reiterated the resort’s commitment to providing guests with a robust tennis experience and the widest variety of court surfaces in the Caribbean. There was no Pro Shop – which we would have liked – but the resort has also made a commitment to reinstating it. We would go back to Little Dix Bay in a heartbeat.

  • Avatar NS

    Instructor was great. The resort was beautiful. The food – excellent. Setting – spectacular.

  • Avatar PG

    Miguel Lopez made the tennis portion of our stay very memorable. His dedication and willingness to put himself into drills and play made it a fun experience even for accomplished players. very worthwhile to make tennis a good part of ypour experience at Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda.

  • Avatar DS

    A great tennis center in one of the most secluded place. With a fitness center right in between tennis courts you spend your time playing tennis and exercising. Tennis pro (Miguel Loez) was not only excellent but very skilled in coaching the whole family.

  • Avatar JW

    World class vacation destination with an incredible level of service! Large tennis facility with hard courts and synthetic grass courts lit for day and night play in paradise. PBI pro, Miguel Lopez was terrific running the whole facility with lessons, clinics, round robins all done to maximize the tennis experience in the BVI I can’t imagine a better place to play and relax on the beach with great cuisine to boot. It has too much going for it to remain a hidden or underutilized tennis Mecca.

  • Avatar HK

    I would definitly highly recommend the rsort to my friends and family

  • Avatar MV

    I want to reach out and communicate that Miguel Lopez, tennis professional at Little Dix Bay, was outstanding during my recent stay. Excellent game, demeanor, professionalism, and instruction.

  • Avatar JS

    It was a great Resort highlighted by my stay and use of the tennis facilities. Miguel Lopez is by far the best tennis director I have ever met at any resort and I can not say enough wonderful things about him. He is extremely knowledgeable, a wonderful player and runs a top notch tennis program at the resort. I was so impressed with him that I will definitely go back based on the type of program he teaches and how well he teaches and knows the game. He is FANTASTIC!

  • Avatar ER

    fantastic setting. very quiet, very romantic. great food. staff/service was extremely nice and accomodating. untouched. beach/water also untouched and very quiet. perfect for romantic getaway. tennis/fitness outstanding. Pro (Miguel Lopez) outstanding teacher/hitting partner. great setting. gym well-equipped and well maintained. spa is one of the best we have ever experienced. would definitely return.

  • Avatar RB

    Both my husband and I took a number of lessons with Miguel Lopez. He was very good and asked us what we wanted to work on and tailored the drills and teaching for us. In addition to lessons with him he ran a round robin on Wednesdays with local residents included. In addition the local residents opened up informal round robins on Saturday and Sunday mornings. So over a week we got a great combination of groups, individual, and lesson time. The setting is beautiful – the beach drops by boat are a wonderful touch. Our only complaint is that the food both in town and at the resort is incredibly expensive and not very good.

  • Avatar TG

    Miguel Lopez was a phenomenal tennis instructor, just a great teacher. I am a seasoned player and found the Peter Burwash’s teaching techniques he employed were straightforward and visual. Easily put into immediate action by any level player. For example, I was finally able to execute the topspin 2nd serve. Also, rarely do you find a tennis pro who is enthusiastic about spending a minute over your scheduled lesson time. Miguel did; he was genuinely happy to share my enthusiasm for the game. I’d train with him all the time if I didn’t live in Boston, Massachusetts.
    Weaknesses: none jump out

  • Avatar IS

    beautiful beaches, good food, very good services overall.

  • Avatar JT

    I had played tennis for roughly 20 years when both my knees had to have surgery. I have now decided to resume playing, after a 15 year break. I began at Little Dix Bay, by taking private lessons with resident coach, Migual Lopez. It was great to play again and I had the best and most patient of coaches, I’m sure. I will be back later this year for more! Jacob

  • Avatar HC

    The Legends tennis camp was amazing. We had instruction from very high level tournament professionals and club professionals. We will definitely go again next year.

  • Avatar MM

    Had a great vacation there with 3 other couples. Roger, the pro, helped us put together a mixed doubles round robin that was simply spectacular and enjoyed by all. We had a variety of skill levels. The resort provided us with snacks and plenty of rum punch. Needless to say, it was a great social event that also served as a happy hour in the late afternoon. We found the facilities to be fantastic with variety of surfaces and equipment availability. Will return in future.

  • Avatar AG

    It is a fantastic place for families to enjoy tennis, a great ambiance very friendly and pristine beaches. The staff is like family and but we really enjoy is the tennis!!!! it is just fanstastic.

  • Avatar FB

    I love my life. That’s the feeling I’m floating on as I return to NYC after an all-day party aboard Viva, the 53ft Sundancer 14 friends and I chartered (yesterday!) while we Island hopped in paradise. These beaches are insane! This was my third visit to Little Dix Bay in the past 18 months and each time I book a tennis lesson with their PBI pro, Kristian Hunter. I’m a novice and in minutes his simple cues allowed me to take epic strides in my game. He’s also hilarious which made for the perfect balance of seriousness and playfulness. On the court after me Kristian was working with the #1 ranked Canadian teen…needless to say he knows how to coach at the highest skill level too. As an educator, I appreciate his positive style and each lesson is exactly what I need. He even gave me drills to come back to New York with! I highly recommend both Rosewood and Kristian!

  • Avatar ED

    If you are looking for an incredible atmosphere to relax and play tennis, look no further then Rosewood Litte Dix Bay. I found the hotel staff to be wonderful and the accomodations and food to me amazing! PBI’s Director of Tennis, Kristian Hunter, was fantastic to work with! He’s an exceptional teaching pro and I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their game and/or just looking to hit some balls with – Kristian is your guy! I’ll speak personally on the matter because I know the one tip he gave me in regards to my forehand, has helped my game immensely! So again, if your looking for a incredible tennis destination along with an amazing place to stay – I highly recommend Rosewood Little Dix Resort.

  • Avatar JP

    Little Dix Bay was a fantastic place to stay. The Tennis Pro, Kristian Hunter, was one of the best tennis pro’s I have come accross. He is very knowlegable about the sport and techniques needed to help boost the level of a player. The resort itself was exquisite and I would love to go back and visit sometime soon!

  • Avatar CH

    Little Dix is the perfect family spot. The tennis instruction was superb. Kristian is an incredibly dedicated pro, both on and off the court. He even folllowed up with us by email with the pointers of the week of lessons. we will save this for future reference.

  • Avatar JD

    The tennis facilities were excellent although it was a quiet week, the pro managed to find us a number of very good matches and we were able to participate in the programs offered.

  • Avatar TJ

    Rosewood has a beautiful tennis facility in a central location on the resort in the Caribbean. Kristian, the tennis pro, is as good as it gets! Being a coach and teacher myself, I know the value of quality instruction. He has the rare ability to improve the skills of students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, all while having a blast. I was shocked at how much I learned in just two sessions with Kristian. I’m looking forward to playing again when I return!

  • Avatar BR

    The facilities and staff were top notch. Kristian was a great teacher. He was able to break down the game into manageable elements for the student and tailored his lessons well to the abilities of the student.

  • Avatar JW

    I went with 2 other couples who have varying levels of ability. One couple are competitive players who play all the time. I played in high school but only sporadically since as did my friend; our wives are beginners who did not play much before vacation. Kristian Hunter was the best teaching pro I have ever had. We all benefitted. My wife and I and her friend and her husband now want to play regularly. Kristian helped all of us and inspired the nonplayers to start playing regularly.

  • Avatar PR

    The pro is Kristian Hunter…he is outstanding. Very helpful in every way, and very friendly. My 2 young kids (ages 9 & 6) took their first lessons with him…and insisted on going back every day we stayed at Little Dix Bay.

  • Avatar PH

    Although not an avid tennis player the resident pro, Kristian Hunter, managed to persuade me to play more than I would usually do. The seven courts are in tip-top condition (three artificial grass and four hard) and two with lights if you want to play after sunset, and the surroundings are a shere delight with its palm trees and overhanging blossoms. The air-conditioned club house is a cool refuge after an hour’s tennis in the heat and there’s a good variety of tennis clothing and rackets.
    The 5 star tennis facility matches the rest of resort’s service and facilities with the Sense Spa the most idyllic place on the island to unwind. Truly the perfect Caribbean escape whether a big tennis player or not!

  • Avatar SG

    Whilst holidaying at the hotel for 7 days recently I managed to play tennis almost every day, largely encouraged by the resident pro, Kristian Hunter, during my session on the first day. He efficiently organizes round robins and clinics and I particularly enjoyed the mix-in sessions where local residents get drawn in, who with their wealth of information about the island’s activities, are able to advise you on what to do for the rest of the day. At half-time you’re served a beautiful array of fresh fruit and drinks. Kudos to the pro for running such a brilliant tennis program and making what was a great holiday the best.

  • Avatar RK

    The tennis instructor at Little Dix (Kristian) is AMAZING! He encouraged our beginner boys (5 and 7 year olds), and they had such a great time. They really improved, and now they beg to play tennis.

  • Avatar SH

    We visited LDB for 10 nights in March 2011 and were extremely pleased with the new tennis pro there, Kristian Hunter. We had our four children (ages, 11, 8, 8, and 6) take lessons with Kristian nearly every day. It was perfect, our children, all of them, had a great time AND they improved radically.
    Kristian Hunter is as good as it gets, just like the rest of LDB!!!

  • Avatar CS

    Kristian Hunter is the new tennis pro at Little Dix Bay — and he brings a great energy and enthusiasm for the game. The facilities are amazing — and the place runs like a dream. Highly recommend Little Dix Bay for families, honeymooners, couples and retirees. Our kids loved playing every day!

  • Avatar BA

    Little Dix Bay is a wonderful resort and one of the highlights of the resort is the tennis program. First, the fitness centre and tennis courts are kept in excellent condition. The tennis pro Kristian Hunter was great. We did semi-private lessons and he was great at making it worthwhile for two folks who had different skill levels. He provided lots of useful tips but did not “over teach”. We did 4 session with Kristian and we had a ball! We highly recommend the resort and the tennis program.  

  • Avatar PK

    Needless to say Little Dix Bay is one of the premier resorts in all of the Virgin Islands. This multi-sport deluxe island get away has lots going for it. The tennis could be a central focus when water sports are not beckoning as well. It is too hot most months to play in the middle of the day.
    The current pro, Kristian Hunter is terrific, a really vibrant, creative, upbeat young pro with much positive energy and patience for adults and for kids of all ages. He has lots of clear instruction, demonstration ideas, and practical tips to offer. He transormedo ur beginner young son from ambivalent to wanting tennis lessons upon return home! Kristian comes very highly recommended and we are really glad we opted to play tennis here.  

  • Avatar GM

    Although the resort is expensive, the resort is superb. In particular, the Peter Burwash International staff has been and is superb. I started with PBI in 2008 when Hayley Bakker was the PBI pro there. I know that Hayley moved on to follow her passion and thought that I would be disappointed by her departure. Instead, I found that Kristian Hunter, the new Tennis Professional at Little Dix Bay is, without dispute, the best tennis pro with whom I have ever worked (including other PBI pros).
    This is noteworthy since I have been interested in the game for over 30 years and have taken serious lessons all over the globe continuously since 1999. I encourage anyone who wants to learn the game to enjoy the magnificent talents of Kristian Hunter and the facilities at Little Dix Bay.  

  • Avatar AW

    The tennis instructor, Krisitan, was fantastic! Both likable and extremely knowledgeable of the game, he gave me a great lesson with some practical tips to apply to my game. The newly re-surfaced synthetic grass court was great to play on!  

  • Avatar JZ

    The tennis program at Rosewood Little Dix Bay is exceptional and I would recommend it without reservations. The facility includes 7 well-maintained courts (3 artificial grass, 4 hard) 2 of which are lit. The tennis program is currently run by Kristian Hunter who made our stay both enjoyable and rewarding. Kristian was able to rework my friends game (he’s a 3.5) in a short lesson and greatly improve mine (I’m a 4.5). Kristian also scheduled matches for us with local tennis players; I can’t say enough about his positive energy, responsiveness, and affability–a great example of a teaching pro.  

  • Avatar NP

    We spent a week at Little Dix Bay with our two boys ages 9 and 13. They were given tennis lessons everyday with pro Kristian Hunter. He was a great teacher, fun, enthusiatic as well as rigorous. Both kids improved a lot.  

  • Avatar IO

    Kristian Hunter, the new tennis pro at Little Dix, went out of his way to be available. He was positive and encouraging, and his advice was extremely helpful. I’m just a beginner, and well over 55, but he made me realize that it’s not too late to learn tennis…..looking forward to more instruction from him next year.  

  • Avatar RB

    Tennis staff was absolutely fantastic. We had Sam give private lessons to the entire family and we all fell in love with the sport and with her. She made our vacation!  

  • Avatar NC

    Although we did not go for the tennis the pro, his lessons and demeanour made tennis the highlight of the week. A pro is more than a teacher he should be an inspiration and Kristain certainly inspired our group.  

  • Avatar AC

    My husband and I just returned from Little Dix. The beach descriptions are accurate and the resort is incredibly relaxing. The tennis center is clean and a great place to play or watch others play. They have 4 hard courts and 3 synth grass courts, comfortable seating areas, and lights for night play.
    The new pro, Kristian (started a few wks ago), is terrific. He has a good coach’s eye and has a wonderful disposition. He will be a great director of the program because his affection for the game makes you want to play more. We had 2 lessons and both were rather beneficial for us.
    The resort has a number of opportunities to play, with your party and with others through clinics, round robins, and player matching. There seems to be a good tennis community interested in playing. We took advantage of the ball machine that guests can use and had a great time practicing what we’d learned.
    Singular drawback – some of the hard courts could use some tlc. That is fixed with re-surfacing planned in the next few weeks; so, a non-issue.
    We loved the resort and the tennis facilities are very nice, as is the gym. Loved the fact that there are no tennis fees for use of the courts or ball machine. Kristian was most terrific and we’ll be back.

  • Avatar MW

    Really enjoyed working with Hayley. She gave me great tips and used training tools that really improved my backhand. Not to mention I had a lot of fun!

  • Avatar CW

    Great tennis at Little Dix. Head pro was great.

  • Avatar JR

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tennis experience at Little Dix Bay. There were plenty of courts to use with no added charge for use. If you needed a partner, the staff did a nice job of selecting partners for you. The round-robin play was fun and well-organized.

  • Avatar CH

    We truly loved our vacation at Little Dix Bay. Everything was perfect: service, accomodations, food, facilities, etc. My children learned alot from their tennis clinics and i enjoyed using the ball machine alot.

  • Avatar SH

    I love to play tennis, but live in NYC and it’s quite difficult to play at the time that you want and often quite expensive. I therefore treasure the opportunity to play on vacation. Hayley, the tennis instructor at Little Dix Bay, had a very good approach – much better than many instructors at other comparable level resorts. She really helped me focus on my overall game and seemed to very intuitively pick on the issues that needed to be addressed in order for me to get more consistency with my game, which was my goal. She also asked me at the end of each lesson what I learned, which no other instructor has done, but is very useful to make sure I know what it is I have to work on.

  • Avatar MS

    Little Dix Bay is a wonderful resort and the tennis courts and pro are great.

  • Avatar MB

    The tennis program is outstanding, with excellent lessons, free balls and use of ball machine, lighted courts pleasant to play any time of day, and a choice of surfaces to play on. You can play with the pro, with other guests, or with the locals in mixed doubles. Highly recommended!

  • Avatar CH

    Great facility, excellent instructor, overall I was completely satisfied.

  • Avatar JS

    I was looking for a quiet and small four-star beach resort with a top-notch tennis program that would support solo players. At Little Dix Bay I found just that. The many courts are perfectly cared for, and private lessons from Hayley, Little Dix’s resident pro, were well organized with effective methods that Hayley clearly communicated.
    I grew up playing a lot of tennis but had been out of practice for several years. I’d been playing a lot leading up to his trip but the rust was still thick. With Hayley’s help, I saw a quick improvement to my technique, consistency and accuracy. And even though I didn’t arrive at the resort with my own playing partner, Hayley lined up people for me to hit with each time I asked and the complimentary ball machine use allowed unlimited practice and repetition.
    I consider myself a pretty tough critic food and accomodations-wise and aside from the solid tennis, Little Dix Bay lived up to its 4 star reputation. The picturesque private beach (complete with a reef and unafraid sea turtles) runs the length of the bay with no nearby hotels to be seen and the service staff was friendly and attentive. The food was decent, if a bit overpriced (my only semi-complaint) but pretty much par for the course for a resort like this.
    Complimentary sailboats and kayaks provided great breaks, especially the saillng since the BVIs are known for it, and the resort boat takes guests to nearby beaches nearly hourly, also free of charge. All in all, Little Dix was perfect.

  • Avatar CA

    Hayley Bakker is an outstanding tennis pro. She is very knowledgeable, and does a great job communicating and demonstrating techniques in all aspects of the game. She is a great ambassador for Rosewood LDB and PBI.

  • Avatar CG

    If you need a tennis workout or lesson, make sure to ask for Haley. She knows what she’s doing and makes yo work.

  • Avatar BE

    The resort is beautiful and the tennis facilities are excellent. The tennis Pro is young, and needs some experience, but is very accomdationg. The young lady needs to work on her salesmanship, she is still a little shy. All in all, a solid program, but not a “A” program yet—maybe within time.

  • Avatar TL

    Hayley is truly awesome. Energetic and a joy to be around.

  • Avatar MV

    great tennisprogram whilst enjoying this slice of paradise with great beach, clear water, friendly staff and excellent food. Very relaxing ambiance in a most remarkable setting

  • Avatar JB

    Excellent instruction. The pro Hayley is great. In addtion to clinics and lessons there are one to two round-robin doubles tournaments each week with locals that are great fun and very good tennis.

  • Avatar GC

    We were absolutely delighted with our stay at Little Dix Bay this year. While all the facilities are of the highest quality, we particularly were impressed with the tennis program. The instructor, Hayley, is excellent! We took quite a few lessons from her, and, having both taken lessons in the past at other places from other instructors, we found her lessons to be some of the best we’ve ever had. She is able to both see what needs to be improved and communicate how to do it — not always the forte of all instructors.
    The beach is simply lovely — so long and uncrowded — and we enjoyed both the excellent onsite snorkeling, and snorkeling trips to other spots the staff recommended.
    We also want to commend the staff for their almost universal excellence and willingness to accommodate special requests whenever we asked.

  • Avatar LC

    I really enjoyed Rosewood Little Dix Bay and its tennis program because of the whole package it offered: Beautiful quiet lush surroundings, good healthy food, a calm sandy breach just steps away from the courts, meeting new people at the weekly guests and locals tournaments and above all one of the finest tennis pro’s my husband and I have had the pleasure to play with. (Hayley Bakker from PBI) We can not say enough wonderful things about her. She was great with our 4 kids (ages 13-17) and gave us some really good pointers as well. It was a great place to work out and relax all at the same time.

  • Avatar RG

    Great Instructor and lots of programs ande people to play with. They did a great job.

  • Avatar CM

    Great tennis instruction. Hayley is a delight. Low-key, but very effective. Has straightened out a lot of things in my game.

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