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732 reviews
  • Avatar LH

    Been to Four tennis resorts This was by far better than Kiawah or JW Palm Springs or one I went to in Tucson. Hard to communicate on reservations but coaching and participation were excellent. Tennis resorts are fickle. Sometimes their guest volume is down and boring and sometimes the pros are old and boring. It’s a great vacation.

  • Avatar GH

    My husband and I spent four full days at Saddlebrook, playing 5 hours of tennis each day. We loved the level of instruction, the pace of clinics, and the overall tennis environment. I would do that part all over again in a heartbeat. The housing, on the other hand, left a whole lot to be desired. The room was not vacuumed, hairs in bathroom, and just overall broken down. Same with the resort. The hot tubs were peeling and pieces of the stone just floating in it. You can tell in its hay day it was a very nice resort but it appears as if there has been no upkeep in the 40+ years since it was built. That part was very disappointing as the housing isn’t cheap.

  • Avatar SM

    Great personalized instruction from knowledgeable instructors. They identified several areas where I have been able to improve my game. I plan to go there again. Accommodations need updating.

  • Avatar KD

    We came with a group of 14 ladies. The courts and staff were great. Warren Adanas was fantastic because he gave constant feedback while we also hit a ton of balls. No stopping to discuss but learning as we played. He was also a great Uber driver in the evenings! Steve came around and added things too that were helpful corrections. Ben and Lorena at the bar were so friendly and attentive. We also had a great server in the mornings but I can’t remember her name, she had our meals ready the next day knowing we had to eat quickly. The only negative here is the rooms need updating. They are dated, and we had some key issues.

  • Avatar AZ

    First, I want to say the entire staff we interacted with was friendly, helpful and great at their job. Specifically at breakfast, the servers, Lynn and another young lady on Monday morning were fabulous representatives for the resort. Again, friendly and helpful. Second, my husband and I were there for tennis camp. We were assigned Steve, Warren and Mark all who were amazing instructors. My husband spent the first afternoon with Steve and learned exactly what he needed and wanted to learn. I had the great opportunity to spend the day with Steve the second day and about an hour on our last morning at the resort. Steve gave me, hopefully, a winning strong topspin forehand, improved my backhand and volley shots. We’ll see how I do in the upcoming team match. All in all we had a great experience. We are looking forward to seeing the upgrades the new owners are planning for the resort.

  • Avatar SL

    My second time at Saddlebrook! My partner and I worked with Steven and he was exceptional! Knows the game and tailors teaching to our level, lots of great drills that helped me internalize mechanics and shot construction. If you want things light and easy, Steven might not be the best for that, but I loved the intensity! Very rewarding experience. Overall great resort for tennis, but I wish there were more food options nearby (resort restaurant not the best).

  • Avatar AK

    Tennis camp was amazing. Went with 2 other friends so we had 2 pros for the 3 of us – Ed and Warren, and a 3rd pro Steve, popped in when he had a break. The pros were like doctors, diagnosing and fixing our bad habits. They also listened to what we wanted to work on, but still challenged us to learn new techniques. Ed and Warren were a great team; Ed was fast paced to help us learn to really move our feet more, and Warren slowed it down to work on mechanics of our swing and footwork. Steve stepped in from time to time for more demonstrations. You could really feel that these pros were passionate about teaching tennis. We had a lot of fun and a lot of good laughs with these guys! Definitely planning our next trip, but we want the same pros!

  • Avatar KM

    I just got back from Saddlebrook Adult Tennis Camp. I went from a 4.0 to a 4.5 after 4 days of all day tennis instruction/play with Ed and Steve. Best instructors/pros I’ve ever had the privilege of playing with. Truly amazing experience.

  • Avatar VE

    Saddlebrook Hopman is a great place if you want to work on your tennis skills. Steve and Ed were very technical and helpful in improving my game, and were teaching me all the things to move me from a 4.0 to 4.5 player. They were patient and proactive in letting me know my areas of improvement so I appreciate that! I love Warren’s energy and fun-loving nature, a must when you are playing tennis 5 hours a day! The resort is going through a transition and needs some improvements. There was only 1 restaurant open for dinner and many of the amenities (e.g. game room, spa) were unavailable. If you can stick to the tennis aspect of your trip, Saddlebrook is fantastic!

  • Avatar DG

    Tennis staff, pros and instruction are superb! We make this a yearly trip and 2022 was an outstanding tennis experience. Highlights were the phenomenal tennis pros, friendly atmosphere, and game changing instruction. Can’t recommend it more highly for the tennis program. The resort was recently purchased, and the new management/managing company has deferred lodging maintenance. The rooms were inadequate… furniture was thread bare, and outdated; my bed was unstable and when I sat on the edge, fell to the ground as it tipped upward and sideways. The HVAC units were working, but loud and clanging in one bedroom to the extent that noise cancelling devices were required for sleeping. Housekeeping was poor; cleaning staff missed cleaning our room on more than one occasion. The pool area was adequate, but the hot tubs appeared filthy due to the lack of maintenance as well. Food and food service were good. Unfortunately, the spa was closed during our visit and as we understood it, would be for the foreseeable future. Go for the tennis program!

  • Avatar AM

    The tennis coach, Steve, was absolutely amazing! I attended a clinic with 3 of my friends and he tailored our training for our different levels. He provided a lot of individual feedback and had us repeat the strokes or drills until we did them correctly. That strategy of repetition was exactly what I needed to correct poor strokes and behaviors. I would highly recommend this tennis clinic with Steve. He’s not a drill sergeant by any means, rather he makes it so fun with his awesome sense of humor. There is a great relationship among all of the coaches, it seems. We are already planning our second visit for the fall! The only weakness is that the resort itself is in need of updating. Otherwise the tennis clinic, food, staff are all fantastic!

  • Avatar ES

    Four intermediate/advanced beginners had the privilege of drilling with Coach Steve Getchell on some very hot days in May. Steve provided superb doubles strategy and led excellent drills in all areas of tennis mechanics. He shared very helpful information on both tennis and the local area. Steve’s instruction surpassed our expectations. The Front Desk Supervisor and Sports reservation manager, Stacey, was very helpful and attentive to our needs during our stay. We understand that the resort is now under new ownership and the staff view this as a positive move. All of the dining staff (Dempsey’s Too, Tropics and the Poolside Bar) were very friendly and provided excellent service. The food portions were ample and good quality. Note that we did attend during the off-season, so the atmosphere was much more relaxed. The only change we would make in the future would be to share a suite with kitchen (regular rooms have no refrigerator).

  • Avatar FM

    The pro’s we had during our clinic were great. A special thank you word particular for our coach Mark, but also for Steve and Toni.

  • Avatar FM

    The pro’s we had during our clinic were great. A special thank you word particular for our coach Mark, but also for Steve and Toni. Regards, Frank & Nico.

  • Avatar ED

    I’ve been to Saddlebrook twice in the past few months. The first time was with a group of 7 women and it was fantastic. Steve was our pro and we loved his instruction, drills and his high energy. We returned home with significant improvements to pieces of our tennis game. My second trip was solo and I had Ed for an instructor who was also excellent! Ed was able to provide advanced level instruction that was also a great cardio workout. Saddlebrook has hartru courts with ample shade and they provide towels and drinks. I highly recommend Saddlebrook Hopman Academy to anyone who is serious about lifting their game while having some fun along the way!

  • Avatar JS

    We had a group of 8 ladies that went to Saddlebrook together for the doubles clinics. We absolutely loved the instruction. Steve was one of the two pros on two of our courts. He is an exceptional tennis instructor with a very unique style of teaching. I’ve been playing tennis for about 7 years and I have to say that he is one of the best instructors I’ve had. In addition, he is enthusiastic, energetic, and makes the clinics fun and engaging. He is the reason that I would return to Saddlebrook.

  • Avatar CF

    Steve Gessell was an amazing tennis pro. My group had the best time with him. Not only was he so knowledgeable and did drills with us that only helped our tennis games, he brought so much enthusiasm and energy. I can’t wait to plan another trip here!!

  • Avatar PD

    This is a fantastic adult tennis camp! I have been multiple times and have done both one day clinics and multiple day clinics. The tennis pros I worked with, Bill and Steve, kept the day moving with a variety of drills and games. I got to hit a ton of balls with just the right amount of instruction. Thanks guys! I learned a lot and was exhausted by the end of the day. I will be back!

  • Avatar DS

    I attended an awesome 1 day clinic with Bill and Steve at Saddlebrook. The instruction was top notch and the energy was on high. The afternoon doubles clinic was the highlight for me – so many great tips. I was beyond pleased with the Saddlebrook program.

  • Avatar JM

    I had an incredible experience at the Saddlebrook adult tennis camp. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helped me improve my game a great deal in a short period of time. Larry in particular not only helped me improve my stroke technique, but taught me important strategies and put a massive smile on my face everyday. The resort itself had a beautiful pool area and delicious food. Resort management went out their way to help me with a challenging request.

  • Avatar PL

    We enjoyed 2 days of tennis clinics which were very motivational and fine tuning. Will was our instructor and he kept us moving and reinforcing our improvements. He also provided “mental tennis” inspiration. A very positive experience. He was exceptional and we were very lucky to have him as our tennis pro for our two days of tennis boot camp!!!

  • Avatar SS

    We have enjoyed this place for about five years now and it remains our favorite vacation of the year! Gorgeous setting, phenomenal instructors, great facility. We have been to multiple camps and clinics across the East coast – and Saddlebrook has been the best instruction by far. Do expect great insight and adjustments to your game that you can take home and actually implement. I worked with Bill, Mehdi and Shawn and can’t say enough good things about them. My game has improved significantly in just 4 days. Everyone was very high energy and kept the players in my group engaged and moving. We had a great balance of learning, hitting many balls, and playing points. I come to this camp a lot and I am always amazed how many new things I learn. While I did the clinic my girlfriend played golf. There are two amazing golf courses in the resort. Also, the pool area is fabulous. Definitely try the Moscow Mule at the pool bar! The Dempsey’s steakhouse is a great place to have a nice dinner. Overall, very happy with our experience and looking forward to going back!

  • Avatar JG

    I am an avid tennis player and was really looking forward to this experience. The quality and intensity of this program totally exceeded my expectations. My coach Bill was great at giving me many helpful tips. At the same time he made us work really hard. Overall the staff went above and beyond to make sure everybody’s experience was excellent. The pools, gym, spa, golf courses, restaurants on premises are amazing. I am going to make this an annual trip.

  • Avatar ZV

    Me and my boyfriend just came back from our trip to Saddlebrook. We had a great time! We really enjoyed the 5hr tennis clinic – very intense and you get great tips from the coaches. Our favorite coaches are Bill and Mehdi but all of the coaches are very knowledgable. Another great thing about Saddlebrook is that you are staying in a beautiful resort with stunning scenery. I highly recommend this tennis vacation. Can’t wait for our next trip!

  • Avatar RM

    The coaches are great, the grounds are beautiful, and the suites are large. The food options at the resort aren’t spectacular and it’s mostly chain restaurants close by, so plan on grabbing some food on your way in so that you can stock up your room fridge. Also, if you play mixed doubles but aren’t at the same level, be prepared to play on separate courts all week.

  • Avatar PS

    Two couples shared suite/villa and we really enjoyed it. Social tennis, golf, pool and nature trail were highlights. Food options were limited so we went off-site for one dinner.

  • Avatar AM

    4.0 pair of avid players went for a week of intense tennis instruction in October. We were very fortunate to have pro Mark Matthews, who had plenty of energy and insight for us. Mark made the 5-6 hours/day enjoyable and we both saw a bit of improvement in our games. Appparently October is a quiet time and the adult program was unfortunately very sparsely populated – just 2 other players at or above our level throughout the week. I supplemented with private lessons from Mark each day and they were excellent.

  • Avatar JV

    Spent 3 days at The Hopman Camp at Saddlebrook in early 2019. The grounds are beautiful and the staff are friendly. Saddlebrook isn’t the newest or fanciest resort on the planet but when it comes to the tennis grounds, it’s unsurpassed. I did this trip solo as I’ve always wanted to spend a few days honing my tennis skills with as much focus on tennis as possible. I have to say I loved my time there. I did a camp on day 1, two private lessons on day 2, and camp on day 3. I’d recommend that format to anybody who is unsure of doing back to back days. They can be long, physically demanding days and waking up at 7am the next morning to do it all over again didn’t sound fun to me. Instead, having a sleep in on day 2 with a couple of afternoon privates was the perfect 3 day tennis treat. Relaxing but still purposeful. Want to mention Will Rhame as his private lessons honestly changed my tennis game forever. His focus on the kinetic chain finally made all of my previous years of tennis lessons make sense. I’m using a number of his techniques now and I’ve moved from an okay 4.0 to a strong 4.5. Playing consistently at that level now has made tennis 1000x more fun. All of the instructors are great at Hopman and I’d recommend hitting with as many as you can. Each will give you invaluable advice. Enjoy your tennis!

  • Avatar LG

    My family have been participating at the Saddlebrook Adult Tennis Camp for over twenty years. We often come one or two times every year playing 5 full days. If you are an avid tennis player beginner or advanced and want to improve your game, this is the place to go. The coaches are the best in this profession. They are will tailor their teaching methods to individuals and small groups no more than 4 on a court. We often have only one other player. Adult camp is year round. You can request for your favorite pro if he is available. Bill Heiser, Will Rhame and Mark Matthews are our favorite pros. Accommodations are good and convenient.

  • Avatar CR

    I’ve visited for the 8 th year now… never disappoints… wonderful instruction… every year I realize how much better my game can be. I participated in two all-day sessions and one morning. You will leave feeling exhausted but refreshed at the same time… if that makes any sense- exhausted because you have put many hours of practice in, but refreshed due to all of the information you have acquired. The pros are wonderful and make you feel welcome and relaxed. I had the same pro for 3 sessions so I was able to build on what I had worked on the previous day. This is not always possible but I was lucky this time. Off court you can not go wrong lounging at the beautiful pool with a cocktail or iced tea… it’s the ultimate relaxing -no worries tennis vacation. Spa is on site as is Dempsey’s sports bar… Depending on the season, you may see the pros who use Saddlebrook as a training venue. I’ve never been lucky to run into the them, but John Isner trains here and has been sighted on the grounds from talking to other guests. It’s tennis paradise.. you can’t go wrong here.

  • Avatar IA

    I was quite disappointed in my experience at Saddlebrook. I live in the Tampa Bay Area and had always wanted to try their camp so last month my out of town boyfriend flew in and we spent 3 days at the Hopman camp. Having attended tennis camp 5 times at New England Tennis in Vermont, I had high expectations for Saddlebrook. It was not at all what I expected. Our first day the highlight was the warm up prior to being assigned courts. Once we were on a court we spent the entire day with what amounted to a ball feeder. We burned a ton of calories but got zero instruction and learned nothing new. Absolutely nothing. All 4 of us on the court complained and so the second day we were assigned a different pro who appeared to be sent down from tennis heaven. Phil Shelton was simply phenomenal. We were tired mentally and physically from all the information and couldn’t wait to write down all the tips he shared. In the afternoon we had Shawn McGee because Phil had to coach a high school team who had made regionals. Shawn was also amazing and tons of fun. We were definitely happy our camp seemed to have taken a turn for the better. Our final day was even more disappointing than the first. My boyfriend and I who are both 3.5 and had requested to be on the same court were split up. I was livid. He flew 1000 miles to be in camp with me and we were placed with strangers. To make things worse, I was put on a court with a 2.5 man, a 4.0 woman who barely moved and a weak 3.5 woman who also could barely move. I didn’t walk off the court because it was a$220 day. We got rained out after an hour, had some impromptu indoor “doubles training” and returned to dry courts in the afternoon. Split up yet again, I was on the same court but my boyfriend ended up on the same court he was on in the am but with 3 new people. It turned out he was on the wrong court because court assignments only use first names and there were two with his name. He was on a 4.5 court as a 3.5. It appears no one noticed but me. Even the pro on my court said he must be a 4.5 if he was on that court. Hopman camp is in a beautiful setting and has a ton of nice courts. Beyond that they are disorganized and appear to be more concerned with taking your money than they are with making sure you have a good experience. No video taping, no structure or consistency from one court to another and clearly none between coaches and instruction. I will never return unless I’m guaranteed a specific pro on my court. They are clearly resting on the laurels of the Hopman name. Quite a disappointment. The listing above them in this website, New England Tennis Holidays, kicks their tennis camp ass. I will be returning to Vermont for 5 days this summer where I expect to once again experience what I truly consider an amazing tennis camp. Hopman, I doubt you’ll ever see me or my boyfriend again.

  • Avatar DV

    I love Saddle Brook. I hadn’t been for 10 years and just went back in March 2019. It’s better than ever. It’s all about playing tennis, eat and fall into bed!!!!

  • Avatar JR

    This is my third year in a row at Saddlebrook. My first year was great, second year had some issues, and this year was pretty good. Overall, it’s a great place to really get steeped in tennis, esp. versus Newcombe Ranch or Amelia Island. Strengths – One of the few places you can get 5 hours of tennis a day. – Large number of adults, so they can generally match each court of four evenly – Pros are all knowledgeable, and they do a good mix of technique, drills, and games. – You will get better with he repetition – Junior program is really really good (I had boys 10 and 12). Weaknesses – My main reason for a Saddlebrook is that it seems to have more players at the 4.5 level (like me). However, this time this wasn’t really the case, though the pro made up for it with some extra time. – They messed up my schedule the first day, though they did recover. Last year, they did the same thing and had no pro for us. I’d recommend making sure they are ready for you as it seems disorganized. – Rooms are really old and outdated, and not clean (in fact I killed a cockroach one day). It’s probably the worst hotel room I’ve stayed in since I’ve graduated college. You definitely go for the tennis not the rooms. – The food options are limited for dinner (and not that great), but the lunch at the pool cafe is excellent.

  • Avatar PT

    I booked a two day stay at Saddlebrook for the tennis camps and wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived early that morning and mistakenly thought I could sign up on the spot. I was informed that classes were booked for the entire week so needless to say I was thoroughly dejected. However, the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. The staff took down my number and said someone would contact me shortly. In the meantime Pete from the Pro Shop, with 30 years experience, gave me advice on strings, tension and even checked the tension of my racket free of charge. Pete also provided me with the new Rodger Federer Legacy balls in exchange for my feedback. A short time later, Tennis Director Shawn McGee greeted me, apologize for any confusion and delivered on his promise to make things right. The tennis camps were as advertised. The instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and kept things going at a steady pace. All participants were grouped according to skill level. The majority of the 40 plus courts were clay and well-maintained. Water, Gatorade and fruit were readily available where you trained. However, the highlight of my stay was the one-on-one instruction with Shawn McGee. In 5 minutes, (yes 5 minutes) Shawn had me hitting consistent shots with ease. He also dramatically improved my serve. Shawn simplified things which allowed me to focus on core fundamentals. I would highly recommend giving Saddlebrook a try. Personally, I look forward to returning.

  • Avatar IB

    Saddlebrook Resort’s tennis getaway was so nuch fun. It was out of my comfort box to go away for a long tennis weekend with my friends (a few of them it was a repeat trip to Saddlebrook) — Saddlebrook did not disappoint in any way. Having 2 full days of tennis (Saturday and Monday)- with Sunday as a down day– was a perfect schedule for our group. We were challenged with our Pro Mark and Larry and learned some things we needed to work on to improve our game. The instruction was given in a positive manner. On our last day of the clinic– we started getting confident in our skill improvements. To the point where one of our ladies said to our Pro Mark who was feeding us tennis balls– “Is that the best you can do?” Lots of laughs for sure. All of us are in our 50’s– so no one was going to quit their day job and go on the tennis circuit. The instruction was geared to our skill level and our desire to play the best we can with a touch of fun competition. Definitely going back in 2020. Thank you, Saddlebrook.

  • Avatar DW

    I recently had great experience with Coach Will D. Rhame, my first 3 hours with Tennis!! I was very impressed with his style to proceed the coaching by maximizing my own natural inclination and reaction to the ball. He didn’t teach me the posture 1-2-3, but he emphasized a lot on how to keep connected with the ball by eye tracking but also by mentally focus. I think it was extremely useful and I can even do a serve after this 3 hours. Greatest lesson ever! Thanks Will!

  • Avatar HP

    We were very fortunate to have Will Rhame as our coach for a three day, intensive clinic. His style of instruction was very logical and made a great deal of sense. His teaching style was very positive and encouraging. He makes very practical suggestions to allow you to understand the physics of tennis and his insight helps you to understand the reasoning behind his techniques.. As two long term USTA players who have experienced many different coaching styles, Will was by far the best. The resort was fine for a three day stay and I would highly recommend the tennis program for any level. If you’re lucky enough to spend your time with Will as your coach, you will come away with a renewed confidence in your game and appreciation of the skill and competence of a great teacher.

  • Avatar DM

    I spent two glorious days in the Hopman tennis program at Saddlebrook. I’ve had many lessons over the past 10-15 years, but I came away from this experience thinking that it was the best ever — most intensive, most individualized. My teacher both days was a young pro named Richard, who was just terrific. He broke strokes down into their component movements and weight shifts, explaining the underlying rationale every step of the way. Exactly what I needed! (I also got some excellent feedback from a pro named Juan.)