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11 Reviews on “Sea Pines Resort”

11 reviews
  • Avatar MH

    It was a fantastic experience with private tennis instruction for our grand daughter by Patrick. Furthermore we loved our pickleball playing and instruction by Mick. The scheduling staff is wonderful and accommodating. Taylor went out of her way to help us.

  • Avatar KK

    Josh Myers, the pro at Sea Pines Racket club was first class amazing! One week of private lessons, terrific! Absolutely improved my game. Ready to move up to 4.0 level now!!!

  • Avatar JM

    Why SPRC is not rated top 50 is beyond me. This place is buzzing. Lots of energy, fun, and high level juniors in their academy to keep the instruction up to date. The courts are very nice with lots of them. Remember though, it is a resort, so don’t expect to be grouped with a bunch of 5.0 players for morning clinic. If that is the level you are expecting then just take a private. That’s what I did and I could not have been more pleased.

  • Avatar PM

    The staff here is great but the level of tennis is usually 3.0-3.5 so finding drills and activities that appeal to our group of 4.0-5.0 players is tough. They do offer advanced (4.0+) round robins during the busy seasons but often don’t have enough players.

  • Avatar NR

    The pros are excellent! They can break down and offer suggestions on your strokes within just a few minutes. The courts are beautiful and well taken care of. I have been to this resort multiple times over the past 3 years – love it!! BTW there is an academy for junior players, it looked intense, but the students looked amazing and appeared to be having a good time! Pro-shop small but nicely stocked. Sea Pines is undergoing great renovations to other areas, definitely check it out.

  • Avatar MW

    The tennis programs are great for beginners and intermediates below high school. High schoolers who are not ranked are in between groups, not good enough for Stan Smith program, too young for the adult programs. Private lessons are a good option. Open court time opportunities plentiful. So much to keep an active family busy – bike, beach, tennis, golf. Hardly a need to drive a car once there. Monday night exhibition is not to be missed. Fitness center has moved and much smaller than our last visit.

  • Avatar AR

    I play cardio tennis here three days a week in the summer. It’s the best cardio class I’ve ever taken. Andy, the pro, really gets you moving but in a fun way so you aren’t even thinking about how much you’re sweating.

  • Avatar BR

    I absolutely love the Sea Pines Resort. I would encourage anyone who wants peace and relaxation to go there. I attend two “strokes of the day” at the Sea Pines Racquet Club. I was not impressed. There was not a pro teaching us. The facility was fine and people were very friendly, but the instruction could have been better. I was also disappointed to learn they had discontinued their cardio tennis sessions. Overall I had a great time and will most likely return

  • Avatar CM

    I attended the weekend drill. I am a USTA rated 4.0 player. The drill was advertised as “intermediate to advanced players for 3.0 and above”.
    I was really expecting a more advanced drill. Instead I ended up playing with and against 2 people who just started playing and were “thinking about signing up for a 2.5 league”. I was VERY disappointed in the quality of the players. While I understand this is beyond the control of the club, there were other people who were playing that were higher rated players that I could have been paired with. I feel as though the “pros” should be able to tell what level the players are and divide them up accordingly.
    That being said, I felt as though both instructors I had did a good job teaching. It did seem to me that they concentrated mostly on the lower level players and had little instruction or time for me.
    I was really looking forward to this weekend but now I will probably not ever go back nor will I recommend this place to all my tennis player friends. I really fell that I wasted $124.

  • Avatar MO

    We came for a week. The courts are in bad shape. My wife and I would hit in the afternoon and the courts were all chewed up. We hit on two different courts and both needed rubico. The Racquet Club has no members and there is no matching service. I would not suggest this place to anyone for tennis.

  • Avatar MF

    We both enjoyed our trip to Hilton Head and the Sea Pines Resort very much. Lodging was excellent and a great value for the price, but best of all was the tennis instruction, which was also an excellent value. Job gave us the most personalized attention to our games that we had ever had, and we look forward to returning soon!

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