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  • Avatar MR

    Director is top shelf. A couple of the young just-graduated college instructors were sweet, enthusiastic, and professional, but a tad light on instruction, tips, strategies, etc.

  • Avatar SS

    As a local tennis player, I can’t tell how much I appreciate the expertise and teaching ability of tennis pros (Rob Menzies, Billy Simmers, Joe Bob, Cam, etc.). For over 20 years, I’ve been “having a bash” at Stratton Mtn. tennis. I won’t go so far as to claim that with the sure guidance of Rob and his marvelous crew I’ve developed a Rodger Federer-like backhand (at least one in every 10 backhands!)…but what I will say is that Stratton Mtn Tennis has turned me into a life-long fan and lover of the game. They make learning and improving your tennis game fun and a real wonderful challenge. Hopefully, my knees hold out so can be hitting balls at Stratton Mountain for years to come! Highly recommended!

  • Avatar LC

    Rob Menzies and his staff are excellent hosts at the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at the beautiful Stratton Mountain Resort. Rob always insures a great experience and valuable instruction. We live on the resort property and have seen firsthand how everyone is treated with warmth and hospitality and all visitors feel at home!

  • Avatar JT

    Rob and his team are the absolute best! A huge benefit for the entire tennis community!

  • Avatar PS

    Rob and his staff have been an outstanding help for my tennis game. It has been wonderful playing at Stratton.

  • Avatar EK

    Stratton Mountain Resort is nestled in a gorgeous Vermont setting. Director Rob Menzies is not just a stellar coach but he brings amazing energy to the courts. He is a super organizer and creates a great environment with all his tennis/pickle ball programs – a consummate professional with charisma and talent to keep things running smoothly and making sure that everyone has lots of fun! Whether you are indoors or outdoors there are plenty of options for playing. The daily tennis clinics are a great work out and there are a large number of people for open plays in pickleball – all fun and well organized. Not a skier so in the winter months thankfully Rob makes it all happen with the awesome tennis/pickleball options! No matter what time of year, Stratton Tennis Center is well worth the visit – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Avatar RV

    The Pro Staff at Stratton Mountain is consistently exceptional. The clinics and tournaments offer options for all levels of players. The outdoor red clay courts in a setting surrounded by the Green Mountains of Vermont is second to none. Highly recommend this for a day or several days.

  • Avatar PG

    Great variety in their programs. Excellent staff. Clinics have the right balance of drills that are enjoyable while also providing targeted instruction.

  • Avatar DH

    After my husband retired we moved to Bondville, VT which is nearby to Stratton Mountain. We liked this ski resort because it had a fitness center, golf course and tennis program. It is a wonderful community and we love every season there. I do tennis clinics during the week with many of my local friends. Rob Menzies is my favorite pro ever…I have learned many tennis techniques and doubles strategy from him and he ALWAYS makes it fun and he himself is a fun guy! Every year he hires many young pros and I look forward to meeting all of them. Great job, Rob!

  • Avatar RT

    Rob Menzies is exceptional! He’s taught our daughter for years and has always given 100%. Highly recommend!

  • Avatar KU

    The pickleball experience at Stratton is fabulous! Such a great facility (can’t wait to play outdoors on their terrific new outdoor courts again this year!) and the best staff! Cameron and Rob are superb pros and so nice, accommodating and excellent teachers!

  • Avatar VV

    Can’t be happier with the Stratton tennis program. I’m an avid tennis player and the range of clinics offered is impressive. Rob and the pros, Cam and Billy are amazing, they make the clinics challenging and fun. Private classes are outstanding as well. Highly recommended to any tennis lover, especially during the summer. The outdoor facilities are well kept and in a beautiful setting. Come play!

  • Avatar NY

    Under the leadership of Rob Menzies, the Tennis and Pickleball programs are thriving. The summer program is exceptionally well run with counselors who bing skill and fun and energy to the kids every day. The location in the mountains is so beautiful. Great value for a wonderful experience every time.

  • Avatar RU

    I believe the tennis staff is exceptional. Rob is a high energy and fun presence who also happens to be a very strong tennis player and teacher. The clinics are quick paced, competitive, and great fun. All levels are integrated in the competition and I leave tired but energized, ambitious to get better. One leaves the clinics tired having hit many balls. Technique is taught but without too much talk and down time. The mix is perfect. That’s not easy to do. Cam has been a superb but, unfortunately, short term addition. I am not a pickleball player but am told he is a great teacher and player. He is a really excellent tennis player and coach with great patience and calm. He plays in clinic frequently and plays at about 70% of his ability with the guests. Which is more than enough for most of us.

  • Avatar MW

    Rob is by far the best tennis coach I have ever worked with and he has taught me so much more than the game of tennis.

  • Avatar SV

    Nestled in nature’s embrace, this fantastic tennis resort is a vibe! Serving up epic courts for tennis pros and pickleball champs, it’s the ultimate getaway spot. With great facilities and chill vibes, you’ll ace your game while soaking in those beautiful surroundings.

  • Avatar MS

    My family has been coming to Stratton for years. My sons play tennis with Rob and Cam and have always had a great experience. It’s a very welcoming place. Rob always goes out of his way to work with our schedule and arrange for the best possible experience. Absolutely our favorite vacation destination! Programs are great for the tennis players and lots to do on the mountain for the rest of the family!

  • Avatar AF

    Stratton is the best, especially Rob Menzies, an incomparable tennis instructor for all levels!

  • Avatar KM

    We just got back from VT for a girls’ trip. We had the BEST time at Stratton. We loved all the instruction we got from Rob, Justyn and Sam. You have a very talented staff. Rob was a great instructor and kept everything fun and competitive. We loved all the drills he came up with especially because there was such a wide range in levels. It was very cleverly done. Justyn was so much fun on court and kept us laughing. He had great instruction/pointers and was patient with us when we were trying to figure out how to hit a pickle ball. It was a great time playing with him. Sam was so much fun with the pickle clinics (and his amazing GO! drill on the tennis court). He had great energy, great instruction and lots of patience with our lack of experience on the pickle court.

  • Avatar MN

    Rob and Houston do an outstanding job!

  • Avatar SR

    Rob Menzies is a true pro at tennis instruction and managing large groups of people while finding their individual strengths. His clinics are a lot of fun and offer lots of opportunities to improve your game.

  • Avatar KM

    I have visited the Stratton Tennis Facility several times over the past few years. Rob and his staff are all excellent pros, I feel like my game improves every time I play there. I’ve enjoyed both clinics and social events at the tennis facility. I participated in my first pickle ball clinic a few months ago. Rob and Houston were exceptional instructors, I am now officially hooked on the sport!

  • Avatar DH

    Rob Menzies, Director of Tennis at Stratton is excellent running the program and I have done it for many years. Rob always enthusiastic, friendly, a great teacher and pays attention to details. Houston, his assistant pro has done a fine job as attendance at clinics has grown in size.

  • Avatar AB

    Both Rob Menzie and Houston were terrific. Great energy at all events. Ran a great clinic that I would highly recommend 5 star

  • Avatar HL

    Rob Menzies and his team are absolutely top shelf!

  • Avatar SD

    Speaking strictly from a ‘locals’ perspective, Rob and his staff run a vibrant tennis program that provides a wonderful off-season, indoor option for racquet enthusiasts in Southern Vermont. The clinics are exciting, fast-paced, entertaining and appropriately instructional. I’ve met a lot of terrific players from outside the area and there is to be a genuine winter tennis community at Stratton. For those looking for an off-season option when the snow conditions are subpar, Rob’s program offers a terrific alternative.

  • Avatar MW

    Exceptional coaching for all levels. Vermont cannot be beat — any time of year. The coaches are professional, responsive, and attentive to adjust games and drills to individuals and group dynamics for maximum engagement and inclusiveness.

  • Avatar DT

    Just spent the week playing at Cliff Drysdale Tennis Center in Stratton, VT and it was amazing! We were there for the adult instructional clinics and spent 3 hours every day playing tennis. Every teacher was excellent — my personal favorites are Houston and Dakota who were so helpful and patient with me — and gave a lot of great tips and feedback that I find to be super relatable! Rob and his entire staff are great and the kids summer camp program was really stellar as well. All the pros are excellent and the energy there is professional and friendly. Can’t say anything better honestly — just sorry we didn’t stay long and now we can’t wait to go back next year! Thank you for everything!

  • Avatar AK

    The program at Stratton is top notch year round. We are lucky to have such a great facility in beautiful southern Vermont. Rob and his staff do an exceptional job with clinics and lessons. I’ve played in numerous clinics with the team there and it’s always great. Some times I’m the strongest player in the group, other times not, and yet I’ve never felt like I wasn’t getting my time and moneys worth. The coaches always find a way to make sure everyones’ level is respected and pushed. We are so sad to see Valeria leave but I’m confident any coach Rob brings in will be a welcome addition. The courts are great to play on…the indoor structure could use a little love and upkeep as the Vermont weather can be unforgiving. But that’s a very minor critique. Looking forward to much more tennis up at Stratton.

  • Avatar NY

    Tennis at Stratton is always a pleasure. The staff is amazing, kind and motivating. The summer tennis program for kids and teens is exceptional. The kids have a great time every day and the value can’t be beat. Highly Recommend!!

  • Avatar KU

    The strength of the program is a combination of the excellent and fun tennis pros led by Rob Menzies and the truly exquisite natural surroundings of Vermont. It is very quiet!

  • Avatar RU

    The tennis pros are unusually good. They are superb players and superb teachers. There is a joy and excitement to the clinics that makes all of them great fun as well as good competition. To be hitting balls outside with a view of the mountains nearby…it’s something very special.

  • Avatar GF

    I visited the Cliff Drysdale Tennis school at Stratton Vermont with 4 friends from my tennis team for a 3 day tennis getaway. It was an absolutely perfect experience because of the excellent instruction, beautiful setting and fun atmosphere. I contacted head pro Rob Menzies and told him I was coming with 4 friends who were a 4.0 level and he replied to me right away with ideas of how to best maximize our 3 days at Stratton. He arranged a private 2 hour clinic with excellent pros, we did the morning 2.5 hour Escape clinic and worked with Joe Bob who was high energy, entertaining and arranged great drills to keep us moving. We all felt we had many good takeaways and tips from the 3 days at Stratton. The setting is perfect- the red clay courts, cool breeze and view of the top of the ski mountain makes it. Rob also arranged for local similar level players to meet us one afternoon for fun mixed doubles play. I can’t say enough about how impressive all the pros are- Rob, Joe Bob, Lorena and Daniel made the trip memorable and very helpful! Thank you Stratton- we are already talking about next year!!

  • Avatar MI

    Rob M was so helpful and fun. I will recommend him to everyone I know and hope to take another course with him.

  • Avatar LJ

    Rob and JoeBob are an asset to your company. They really went above and beyond and really gave detailed instruction along with praise . It was a great weekend and ended too soon. We will be back.

  • Avatar DN

    My wife and I had just an excellent experience at Cliff Drysdale at Stratton. Of course, the weather there is phenomenal, but Director Rob Mendes has put together a great program of fun, enthusiasm, instruction and just good tennis that everyone can enjoy. The instructors are all friendly and great — not too overbearing, not too shy, but just right. We strongly recommend the camp and will definitely be coming back each year to come!

  • Avatar MR

    A friend had to twist my arm to sign up for tennis 101 but I was so glad I did. All of the tennis instructors were amazing. I had never picked up a racquet before and I left wanting to learn more.

  • Avatar MG

    I loved tennis camp 101 at Stratton! I’ve never played tennis before and wanted to learn a new sport. I’m continuing on to 201! Great instructors and really fun!!

  • Avatar AW

    This past month (May 2018), I participated in Tennis 101 Clinic at Stratton Mountain Vermont. It had been 35 years since I held a tennis racquet and attempted to swing a racquet at a tennis ball. I am delighted that I decided to take a chance and participated in the clinic. Both Rob and Joe are great instructors. We learned to hold the racquet, forward and backhand swings (both single and two handed), volley, and serve. We were taught how to keep score, where a serve must land to score, and how to rotate when playing doubles. Useful tips and suggestions were given to all. The individuals that participated in the clinic with me were friendly, kind and always encouraging. I always felt comfortable being on the court with my Clinic peers. Racquets were available for all. My experience was so wonderful, I have bought a racquet of my own and I am looking forward to signing up for the Tennis 201 Clinic. Thinking about trying to learn how to play tennis? I recommend that you give Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton a try!

  • Avatar ST

    Rob and his team are amazing. Their level of experience is outstanding. Their passion for tennis clearly shows through in their teaching abilities. They make all feel welcome and their animation throughout the lesson keeps it fun and fast paced. I have often felt intimidated in other group type lessons but Rob and his team are professional, courteous and even in a group setting can offer personalized instruction to help each person better their skills. I look forward to going back!

  • Avatar MG

    This clinic was perfect! The instructor, Rob, has a great sense of humor along with the ability to keep everyone on task. Even though this was a “101” clinic there wer a few different levels represented. Rob showed patience and skill in bring out all abilities. I will definitely be taking another clinic from Cliff Drysdale and Rob!

  • Avatar YF

    It was great. The teachers are amazing and made it fun. We learned a ton and I can’t wait to go back.

  • Avatar MA

    I hadn’t played tennis since high school (and was, at best, mediocre then), so when I signed up for Stratton Tennis/Tennis 101 I was a bit nervous…4 weeks later I am determined to keep playing: A great instructor (Rob Menzies), smart drills, individual pointers, and a very chill, yet on-point, approach. Simply put, it was so much fun and I got so much out of it. I plan to seek out more clinics/instruction at Stratton, 5 stars.

  • Avatar FW

    My boyfriend and I stayed at Stratton Resort for this tennis camp. The accommodations were a bit dated, but fine. The food was good, but more on-campus restaurant options would have been welcome. Off-season, Stratton Mtn is quiet and it is a drive to get to other dining options. I liked that the tennis camp was 1/2 day on the day we had to leave because I didn’t feel like I was wasting tennis time by leaving “early”. There were options for playing in the afternoon if that was what you wanted to do. Nice facility and helpful pros.

  • Avatar RH

    Had a great hit with Pro Zach today! All of the Pro’s here are great to deal with – friendly and informative. They adapt themselves to what you the client want. The staff at the Fitness center are also helpful and friendly. The outdoor courts in the summer and fall are just beautiful, surrounded on all sides with amazing mountain views..

  • Avatar RH

    Great coaches, focused on strength identification – very helpful. Rob and his staff are friendly and professional and run an excellent program. We look forward to coming back again.

  • Avatar JP

    Our tennis team attended a weekend tennis doubles boot camp (Aug. 19th-21st). Positives – the mixture of drills coupled with incorporating those concepts into doubles games playing time; the mix-and-match rotation of both the instructors and the twelve of us who attended, so that everybody got a good variety of partners, opponents and pros; the enthusiasm of the teaching pros; the way they pushed us right to the limit of our capabilities (I was exhausted by the end of the second session on Saturday!), but understood when we couldn’t go beyond those limits; the terrific evening dinner with the pros. One somewhat negative comment – even at my advanced age (65+), I’m sensitive to perceived favoritism – one of the pros (Joe Bob) was excessively vocal in his praise for the skills of one of the women while providing much less critiquing of the other three of us on court with her at that time . . . call it jealousy on my part, but I began to resent it after about the 15th comment. My favorite pros – Rob, Sam and Yana. All in all, a tough but stimulating and helpful weekend – many good suggestions that I’ve been trying to incorporate since I’ve been back on the court at home.

  • Avatar JR

    We had a group of 12 and I liked that we changed players every session and the pros rotated. All the pros were knowledgeable and professional. They encouraged and complimented you. It would have been a plus to be video taped during a private lesson to see what you are doing wrong. If the opportunity arises, I will definitely return.

  • Avatar DB

    High energy and consistent messaging in clinics. A little too much picking balls up. A few of the pros clearly played favorites on the court, focusing all of their time working with one player.

  • Avatar EM

    I go to this camp all summer long and I have for a few years now. It is both fun and educational. I have improved so much due to the amazing pros at Stratton and all my time spent there. Rob, director of tennis, does a great job keeping everyone busy and making sure all campers are having fun and enjoying the wonderful game of tennis. It is a suitably disciplined program with high level play. Over all my favorite place to spend my summers, with my favorite instructors.

  • Avatar KE

    5 Stars for the Tennis Escape weekend. The coaching, on point; the courts, fantastic red clay expertly maintained; the camaraderie all positive thanks to the welcoming hospitality of the Cliff Drysdale School at Stratton Mountain. Well done. I look forward to a return this summer.

  • Avatar AS

    It’s a great tennis resort. We had such a great time the same group immediately signed up for the next summer. We are in the process of finalizing our return for this summer. The pros are all excellent. They manage to give excellent coaching as well as make sure we all have fun. You can’t go wrong going to Cliff Drysdale’s Tennis school at Stratton.

  • Avatar MF

    Friendly, pros. Great set up. A lot of Tennis/skills/drills/competition. Best if go with group/team you want to practice with. Can wind up in group you may not be happy with depending on number of people. Speak up they will accommodate. Rented our own condo, rather than what is included. Limited restaurants on site, there are within 15-25 minutes. Great facility and clay courts. Cliff Drysdale was there on the Legends weekends and is a hoot! Hope to return!

  • Avatar RF

    Wonderful tennis experience! Excellent tennis pros… even after playing for many years, they helped me improve my game.

  • Avatar RG

    My family and I have been visiting the school now for several seasons. My wife and I usually attend the clinic and take private lessons, and my kids attend the kids camp. We love the instructors and facilities. Obviously the instructors are all experts, but they have the ability to make meaningful impacts to your game in a very short amount of time, and they do. They watch you very carefully as you play and take mental notes on areas they can help make immediate impact. Rob is a terrific director. He’s organized, fun and my kids love him (go to the facebook page and you’ll see why). My wife and I take private lessons from Lyubo. The speed with which he has been able to help each of us take our games to the next level has been astounding. By way of example, I couldn’t hit a serve over the net when I first started a lesson with Lyubo. By the end of the same lesson, I was hitting a flat, slice and kick serve with velocity. Aside from his exceptional abilities as an instructor, he is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I’ve never had an instructor that was able to break down my game and impart so much improvement as quickly as he has. The great thing is that its the same with all the instructors, whether it’s Joe-Bob, Billy, Duncan, Katy, James, Alex, Ferg, Sammy. They all love what they do and they are all eager to see you improve. By the end of the week there, you feel like you are a part of a family. I couldn’t recommend this place more highly and I wish I was there right now…it is the best. My only suggestion would be for Drysdale to promote more of a winter program so that non skiers and people who get sick of skiing every day have more tennis options at their disposal.

  • Avatar KE

    Just returned from my second visit to the Cliff Drysdale tennis school in Stratton. The instructors are excellent; not only their great personalities but insightful instruction. They keep everything simple so you are not overloaded and all have a keen eye for quickly spotting where your swing breaks down and what you can do to improve it. It is well organized with lots of drilling and very little downtime. You’ll be exhausted, but in a good way. As I said, this is my second year in a row attending with members from my home club. The best feedback I can give is that we are now planning for next year.

  • Avatar VN

    I have been to the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton many times since its inception. Last summer (2014), I was there with my husband once and another time with my team. The instruction was top-notch and the setting was spectacular. What can be better than learning tennis in a non-competitive atmosphere on beautiful red clay courts against Vermont’s Green Mountain background? Rob Menzies and Billy Simmes were two standout instructors who gave us plenty of innovative drills as well as live-ball situations. Rob and Billy were attentive, listening to all our questions and requests. The staff at Stratton was also very accommodating and friendly. We had to play inside once when it rained on well-kept hard courts, but Rob was able to adjust to the rain and cooler conditions and kept the clinics interesting, fun, and fast-moving. I highly recommend Cliff Drysdale Tennis at Stratton. My team and I had a fantastic weekend and left feeling more confident about our tennis. My husband’s backhand improved significantly with the private instruction that he received at Stratton.

  • Avatar TR

    The outdoor facilities are unmatched with the red clay surface providing a stark contrast to the Green Mountains that surround the courts. With only two courts inside, the winter time court availability is limited on weekends and during holiday weeks though the offerings of cardio tennis, various clinics, and classes can provide an opportunity to hit a lot of balls in a short amount of time. The pros, Rob and Billy, are quick to assess the skill levels of players and make adjustments to the clinics to make sure each and every player gets something out of the session. Cross-training is easy with access to suspension trainers, kettle bells, resistance bands, free weights, cardio equipment, and a pool.

  • Avatar RU

    The teaching staff of Rob and Billy is really first rate. They are fine players but also especially good teachers. The clinics I attended were an intensive workout with ever varied drills. I found everything to be quite valuable even though I am an advanced player. I hear their advice in my ear when I hit the ball now. I want to emphasize how much fun they make the clinics too. They seem to truly enjoy teaching. Incredible positive energy. Seek them out !

  • Avatar JK

    Pro Billy was horrible but Joe Bob and all the other pros were excellent. beautiful setting and facilities. If it was’nt for the uninterested and boring pro Billy I could give this place five stars.

  • Avatar ST

    I was there for the end of the summer season on the weekend; it was rainy and cold so the sessions were indoors. The courts were nice (although outdoors was far more scenic!) Clinics and private lessons were great; we had a smaller crowd and the individual attention from Rob and Joe Bob was great. Drills and lesson plan focus on varying activity and incorporating a lot of live-ball action to help working on skills in realistic fashion instead of rote. Instructors managed to be interested and insightful with tips while keeping the atmosphere friendly and not intimidating, so big ups there. The mountain in late summer was sleepy but there were enough things open to be entertaining and people were friendly.

  • Avatar DV

    I attended a two day tennis camp in September. It was a bit chilly so all our lessons were indoors. The facilities were very nice and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The instructors were both excellent. I’m an experienced player and they recognized what things I do well and observed a number of areas to adjust for improvement. The drills were fun and helpful. All around great experience. I would do it again.

  • Avatar SK

    I really like that you have variety, with both the people you are playing with and the pros. The set up is unique in that the players stay in place and the pros move from court to court. The quality of the teaching was high and all the pros were engaging and enjoy TENNIS. It shows. The mountain scenery is beautiful.

  • Avatar GB

    Spent a three-day weekend with Rob and his team (cheers to Lyubomir) at Stratton, can only say great things about it. The tennis center is well-equipped and maintained and the coaching staff is excellent. Everyone had something interesting to add to my game (Bill, Joe Bob, Lyubomir) and the clinics were demanding and varied, which kept things lively and challenging. Would definitely repeat.

  • Avatar LM

    Had a really great weekend with my girlfriends taking tennis clinics and playing. The pros were great and made it really fun. I think we were a little late in the season to experience all the camp has to offer and would probably go earlier in the season next time. Accommodations were terrific.

  • Avatar MB

    I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend tennis camp. The pros were exceptional, friendly, humorous, patient and well informed. I would suggest though that participants be advised that the Friday night mixer is for relatively advanced players. Since I had very little doubles experience it was, I thought, unfair to the other players and and embarrassing for me. Other than that I had a blast!

  • Avatar JV

    My friend and I attended tennis camp in July 2014. We stayed at a friend’s house nearby so accommodations and meals do not apply. The setting was lovely and the outdoor courts were of very good quality and well-maintained. The indoor courts are okay for a rainy day, i.e., the lighting wasn’t great and the courts were so-so. If I were to suggest an improvement it would be a face-lift to the indoor courts, especially if that’s the only option during the long, cold winters up there.
    While we didn’t have time (or energy) to use any of the other facilities except for the hot tub and steam room, I was very impressed with the facility and the equipment was ample and all looked relatively state-of-the-art. If I lived in the area, I would definitely have a membership. Vermont is one of my favorite places in the world so that may be a possibility at some point down the road.
    Other than a brief unfortunate moment on the first evening when we got accidentially paired with a hostile and intimidating couple who clearly were put out by our presence, the experience was excellent.
    Rob Menzies could not have been more responsive or pleasant in the planning and management of the weekend. Under his leadership, my friend and I had a very enjoyable and informative weekend and we would definitely do it again. (Note: that should be a question on your survey, i.e., Would you return? That’s a real test of one’s experience)
    It was most helpful to have our lesson before the weekend began. It gave us a chance to put into play our new techniques and practice them over the course of the weekend. My private lesson with Lubo was, literally, game changing. The adjustments he made to my swing and serve were extremely helpful and will, I believe (and hope), improve my game over time. I’ve been taking weekly lessons at the National Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens for a year and it took Lubo one weekend to correct some things that should have been corrected a long time ago.
    The best part of the weekend was when Maryanne and I were each paired with a pro to play actual games with them giving us strategy tips as we played. Note: It’s not really fun to play with seasoned players who are very competitive and aggressive when you’re just learning and the pros made it an enjoyable way to learn. Rob, Lubo, Joe Bob and Billy were all great and made for a very enjoyable weekend for us.
    The massage by Patricia(sp?) at the end was the icing on the cake. I’ve already told my friend who has a house in the area about her and I would definitely recommend her to others (who prefer a firmer massage.)
    I think I covered everything. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend and experience. It is our intention and hope to come back, possibly very soon, even if just for a lesson.

  • Avatar NK

    The instruction was excellent with each of the pros focusing on one aspect and how to improve that. Cliff’s involvement was amazing. He took notes on everyone and spent time individually explaining what improvement or adjustment he thought important. There was a feeling of community from day one. The pros knew everyone by first name and that certainly made everyone comfortable. I could not have asked for more tennis. My son and I had a fabulous time and can’t wait to go again!

  • Avatar HK

    Lots of tennis!! Cliff was great..hands on..with hands on instruction..would’ve liked more singles play/tips…could’ve provided better meals/meal options..facilities themselves are pro shop …Vermont is beautiful

  • Avatar KB

    Our family vacation at Stratton surpassed all expectations. The coaching staff was exceptional and impressed us with their skill, expertise, and extraordinary level of care and commitment. The coaches, the programs and the exceptional Mr. Drysdale gave us an experience we’ll never forget. Already looking forward to next year.

  • Avatar HS

    What an incredible place! All of the staff up here at Stratton are so supportive, extremely talented, helpful and not to mention very good looking! I’m not the best tennis player and the pros, especially Rob, were very patient and encouraging with a newbie. Can’t wait to come back and learn with these awesome pros on such beautiful courts!

  • Avatar SK

    An outstanding tennis resort, beautiful, friendly and perfect for the family or just couples/friends. The level of instruction is truly unsurpassed – the best team of instructors I have ever had….they are insightful, articulate, and beyond fun! After one weekend at the resort, my family decided to change our summer plans entirely so that we now come *every* weekend throughout the summer (with our young children). My tennis game has improved dramatically in a very short time and I am treated like family every time I go back. The Drysdale School is a perfect tennis haven for anyone interested in markedly improving their game and escaping from the stresses of life!!!

  • Avatar LC

    Great accommodations. Hoping they will still have food package using the village restaurants. Great tennis. Pros very attentive and fun to be with.

  • Avatar CP

    I had a wonderful time at the Legend’s weekend–the teaching staff were so helpful and attentive. I really do feel like my form improved. The courts were in great shape and I am already planning next years trip!

  • Avatar AK

    I had a fabulous tennis experience at Stratton. Lots of fun, Interesting drills and absolutely amazing tennis pros. I got to work with Rob who was a very approachable young pro that helped improved my game a lot

  • Avatar TE

    This was an amazing experience! I was worried prior to our arrival that my novice experience would put me behind everyone, but was very pleased that there were attendees of all skill levels. The Pros did a great job of pairing me with similar level players. Cliff spent a few minutes with me on my forehand which really improved my stroke. The Pros were just as attentive and I can’t wait to return.

  • Avatar SS

    If you want to improve your tennis game and have fun at the same time, look no further than the Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton. The tennis pros are not only exceptional in the way they teach, but their people skills, sense of humor and their dedication to improving YOUR game is outstanding. The presence and active participation of Mr. Cliff Drysdale makes an amazing package. Cliff and his pros have an incredible ability to pinpoint a particular tennis weakness — racket on your forehand held too open, toss on your serve thrown too high, not stepping the right way for a poach — alert you to the problem, and work on it with you until you have what you need to fix it. The Drysdale tennis camp is like taking your car to a trusted mechanic…you wanna keep your tennis game in top shape, take it to the awesome experts at the Tennis School at Stratton!

  • Avatar AS

    There were no weaknesses!! We all agreed this was an amazing weekend. Multiple Pros rotating from court to court, each offering something special to each one of us. Never more than 6 on a court and mostly 4 people. Rob and his Band of Merry Men were on top of everything and provided more USEFUL tips than I ever remember in a coaching session. My private lesson with was excellent. Together we chose what was best for me to work on. Then he tailored the workout to my stamina and progress. He carefully suggested a foreman grip change near the end of the lesson when he had closely observed my game. It was like magic. I don’t know why no one else ever thought of it. True it will take time to get used to but REALLY…..I can cream the ball and it stays in the court whether the shot is from the baseline or a short running forehand.

  • Avatar SD

    LOVED the tennis camp at Stratton.! The pros were energetic, funny and very helpful. We worked hard and learned alot. Would definitely return.

  • Avatar LW

    Great coaches made for a fun and fast paced tennis weekend. The program was well organized and the coaches rotated through the groups offering encouraging and constructive advice. The tennis facilities are very good. The lodging is fine and the weekend package was a very good value.

  • Avatar DS

    Beautiful setting and very well organized tennis camp. Hard-working pros and great variety of drills and tennis exercises. Would most definitely go again and highly recommend for all levels of tennis abilities. Rob , the tennis director, goes out of his way to ensure a smooth operation.

  • Avatar MP

    I went with a girlfriend for the first time to the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton Mt. in Vermont and it was fabulous! They have a great facility, with 2 year old red clay courts. The pros were outstanding. Not only were they excellent instructors and players, they have an abundance of enthusiasm and energy throughout the weekend. The head pro, Rob, kept us energized and on point from the mixer on Friday, to the last drill on Sunday afternoon. It is a great value, the accomodations are very close and adequate, and Stratton Mountain in Vermont is beautiful in the summer. There is also a fitness facility, indoor pool and hot tub, and yoga and other classes.

  • Avatar EM

    I reached out to Director of Tennis Robert Menzies regarding a weekend during the spring. He openly communicated that the spring would be very quiet so he would customize a program for my needs. The clinics he ran was filled with locals that must attend frequently because the atmosphere was very friendly. Amazing coaching and drills that flowed nicely, the two hours went by very quickly and the private lesson was very personal. He matched me up with some local players for extra tennis; a real personal touch. Would highly recommend

  • Avatar NS

    Great weekend of tennis, great alternative to skiing at the mountain. Real quiet during the spring but Rob still puts on a great clinic, even though the ability range differs.

  • Avatar CS

    Myself & a group of 3 other ladies have attended this camp for the past 20 summers. It has changed ownership over the last few years & has since cut back on a lot of the services: ie; clinic/instruction time, meals, welcome gifts, etc. But yet the prices continue to go up…therefore less “bang for your buck”. There should be some sort of discount applied to loyal, repeat customers..such as us!

  • Avatar NH

    My wife and I recently went to Stratton for a ski vacation, however the weather forced us inside, so we decided to try a tennis clinic. We worked with Rob who took us for an instructional clinic and we thought that his technique, knowledge and professionalism were excellent. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to go back the next day.

  • Avatar JF

    We have visited Stratton Mountain and taken part in the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School for three years in a row now. My wife and I are both about 60. We drive from the Toronto area (about 7 hours) to do this, in part because we haven’t found something similar closer to home.
    This a ski resort. The Stratton Mountain website makes it sound like lots is going on during the summer. It’s true you can golf and hike and kayak — but really very little is happening and most of the shops at the resort “village” are closed for the summer or only open for limited hours on weekends. We’ve never seen the gondola to the mountain top in operation. In the summer of 2013 only one restaurant was open in the village, plus the restaurant in the resort’s main (office) building.
    We stay in a one-bedroom condo apartment in a four-storey building. It’s very quiet, but that’s OK. There’s an outdoor pool nearby and it’s never too crowded. If you want to shop, dine out or entertain yourself, you drive 20 minutes to Manchester Centre, which has outlet shops, a great independent bookstore and several historic sites, including the estate that once was the home of Abe Lincoln’s oldest son. Ever year we explore a little more.
    The Drysdale Tennis school offers good instruction for typical club players. You do drills with the pros from 9:30 a.m. to noon on nice clay courts, then have the rest of the day off. A one-hour lesson with one of the pros is free if you book for a few days. Or you can pay for more. The only competitive tennis takes place on weekends . . . so it’s not a good place to come if you want to actually play competitive matches every day. On the other hand, nothing stops you from arranging more play with fellow visitors.
    The beauty of the school is that you can start any day of the week and feel at home. Stay two days, stay three, or four or five. It doesn’t matter. They have a series of drills they cycle through and when you begin doesn’t really matter. Instruction is pretty good and the head pro, Andrew, (in 2013) was very friendly and great at making everyone feel comfortable. A good female pro was on hand in 2013 as well.
    Note: You want lots of sunblock. The courts are in the sun and two of the three summers we were at Stratton is was very hot. So hot we really didn’t want to play more tennis in addition to the program. Last year we were there in July and most days 20 to 24 people were taking lessons — some there for the week, some for just a day.
    There are two indoor courts in case of rain.

  • Avatar MS

    We have been twice at cliff Drysdale tennis school et we will not hesitate to come back again, even from Canada! Great tennis camp.

  • Avatar WC

    Rob is a wonderful coach and runs great programs. The outdoor courts are beautiful but the indoor courts need work.

  • Avatar DT

    I registered for the camp package a week before I arrived and received an email from Rob confirming my attendance and asking what I would like to work on. He informed me that there would not be a lot of people in attendance so he wanted to really focus in and individualize the instruction, which I thought was great!
    I showed up for the scheduled clinic that had two other ladies in it and worked with Billy, an outstanding pro. We spent the morning on drills and playing out games against one another before I had a private lesson with Billy after lunch.
    The following day I worked with Rob in the clinics and during my lesson by myself. As I was the only one I was able to receive some real advice on my game. Rob was quite possibly one of the most passionate young pros I’ve ever worked with, and it was refreshing to see someone who had a genuine love for the game.
    I have worked with many pros in the city that just go through the motions; but Billy and Rob make it all about the individual. Their instruction and they way they implement it is amazing. Upon arriving home, I received an email from Rob following up and providing key points that we went over during the lessons. Nice touch! Will definitely be going back and would recommend to anyone

  • Avatar SH

    I enjoyed my mid-week escape to Stratton. The instructors were great and the drills were challenging. There was lots of energy during the morning escape clinics. The drills kept changing and kept everyone interested. I really liked the private lessons and took away several tips to help improve my game. I went the last week of August so the mountain was quiet.

  • Avatar JJ

    As a long-time tennis player, the chance to have direct access to Cliff Drysdale at the Legends weekend events is irreplaceable. On top of this, the pro staff of at least seven or eight pros each critiques your play in a series of practical skills drills, so you get concentrated recommendations and guidance plus enough immediate repetition to absorb the teachings fully. The atmosphere is fun but focused. A real pleasure!

  • Avatar AM

    My girlfriends and I have been here for two years in a row. We go in August and the weather has been spectacular-perfect for playing tennis. The instructors and knowledgable and cordial. The accomodations are great and breakfast is delicious. No complaints only raves!

  • Avatar MW

    absolutely fabulous interaction and connection with the children Max Magones was all over the facility making sure not only were the children getting the best instruction in tennis possible, but they were getting a love of the game. Both the girls(ages 8 and 11) had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to sending them both back next year. Max is an asset to tour camp!!!

  • Avatar KS

    I loved my experience at Stratton with Cliff Drysdale. The staff made sure we all had a great time and played a lot of tennis despite the rain we received that weekend. We were impressed with how well run the camp was and how energetic all the pros were. We can’t wait to come back!!!

  • Avatar IB

    I can whole heartedly recommend the Drysdale Tennis Camp at Stratton, VT. My 12 and 11 year old children attended a week of camp this year and we were very happy with every aspect of their experience. The camp is very well run and the counselors are top notch. Not only did my kids come home as better tennis players, they also came home with a love of the game itself. What could be better than that? Kudos to all that run the camp… well done!

  • Avatar TP

    The facility, weather and warmness of the staff are superb. The tennis insruction is also great, although the overall experience is limited by the level of the participants who enroll on any given weekend. This program is best suited for 2.5 to 3.0 players. (I was asked by other players in my group not to hit the ball so hard to accomodate their level, which was frustrating.)
    Overall, a lovely weekend in the mountains but not a challenging tennis weekend for more advanced players.

  • Avatar LL

    Loved it – I plan on coming back soon.

  • Avatar RS

    Had a great time at the Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton Mountain in July 2012. There was a wonderful mix of people and the pros were exceptional. Cliff Drysdale was wonderful and gracious. Great tennis and great fun! Already planning my next trip.

  • Avatar DB

    Excellent Camp, great instructor, fun drills with very worthwhile comments to improve your game. Almost every drill is conducted my a different instructor with Cliff Drysdale and Max the tennis director roaming to comment on how to improve your stokes.

  • Avatar JR

    The Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton has become my favorite destination for tennis instruction. The director, Scott Colebourne, is probably the best instructor I have had and I have played at most of the top academies on the east coast. After consulting my doubles partner and I as to what we needed to work on, he individualized lessons to help us improve in these areas. He took video of our shots and offered terrific advise. My serves and volleying have improved significantly.
    If there is a weakness to the school it would be accommodations. After having some minor issues in the past, we chose to stay off-site, which was somewhat better, but also further away. Its essentially cheap and inexpensive, or luxurious and pricey.
    Personally, I don’t go to tennis camp for the accommodations, I go for the tennis, and this is where Stratton shines.

  • Avatar DK

    The pros are tops, very personable and fun to be with. More importantly, they’re excellent analysts of your(mine) specific strengths and weaknesses and coming up with an individually tailored program that gets results. I’ve been going to their group clinics for the past two years and my game has improved considerably as a result.

  • Avatar WC

    A top rate tennis program that I recommend highly . The only weakness that I can see is that there are only two indoor courts so that if it rains in the summer there is not a lot of options with so many people.

  • Avatar SV

    This summer I visited Cliff Drysdale tennis for the first time and had such a good time, I went back a few more times over the summer. The program and coaching staff are fantastic. I usually did the weekend getaway which included very fun mixer on Friday evening and 3-2.5 hr clinics on Sat & Sun. The mixers are a great way to meet the coaches and the “Vermont locals.” I also did some of the morning cardio classes and they have good energy and get you going for the day.
    Scott and his staff are great at understanding what each person needs to work on, but are able to keep it fun and moving for the group. I will definitely be going back next summer!

  • Avatar BC

    Absolutely one of my favorite places to play tennis! Made my first trip up this summer and enjoyed it so much I went back a few more times (5x). I noticed a substantial change in my game, especially strategy, by the end of summer. The Director and all the pros were very knowledgeable and super fun while pushing you to be your best. Can’t wait for next summer – I’m booking multi weekends now!

  • Avatar LB

    The Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton exceeded our expectations. The clay courts are very well maintained, the setting is beautiful, and most importantly, the level of instruction was superb. We will definitely go back again.

  • Avatar SH

    Awesome setting in Vermont mountains! Great tennis instruction with a lot of tennis packed into a 3 day weekend combining social and challenging skill development. Drills typically in groups of 4 and fast paced with time for 1:1 instruction. Good pairing of skill…more 1:1 time would have made made experience even better.

  • Avatar SG

    The tennis camp for adults supposedly runs from 9:30 a.m. until noon. Actually it’s longer than that — more like 9:10 a.m. to 12:10 p.m., with those first 20 minutes or so spent in warm-up rallying, sometimes with instructors, sometimes with other attendees. Play is on excellently maintained clay courts. Something close to 100% of the time between 9:30 and noon is spent on drills, with one instructor for about 4 attendees. Instructors switch from group, so that in the course of the morning each attendee will be exposed to three or four different instructors. Standing around time: just enough for me to catch my breath. All of the instructors are expert teachers and, in addition, make learning fun.
    The camp is set up to handle people who can get there for only one day and for those who have more time available to them. I went for five days (Monday through Friday). This was my second five-day stint at the camp — I went there in 2010 too. Those five days in 2010 significantly improved my tennis for the rest of the year. And I’m confident that this year’s camp will have the same effect.

  • Avatar SH

    The instruction we received was incredibly helpful; technique, drills and strategy. JoBob,Scott,,Dan and Sam were all amazing and all had their own style that contributed to the camp. Without a doubt, we would come back and highly recommend this camp.

  • Avatar HB

    Terrific three-day camp. Strengths: great attentive instructors who paid serious attention to your habits by *demonstrating* instead of talking. Lots of game-action. Lots of drills and cardio and strategy for the player at any level. Weaknesses: none of any significance. Perhaps we could have had more singles match strategy, playing a few points against other campers to strategize points better. Really, really glad we did this.

  • Avatar TM

    Enjoyable camp with patient and fun instructors suituated in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. My friends and I have been there twice and both times the camp was enjoyable and paced well! The cardio tennis was an added bonus too! Would have been nice if the food was included other than breakfast..

  • Avatar CB

    Great clinics with Scott – Head Pro. Very knowledgeable and patient. I hope to be back soon.

  • Avatar JC

    Strengths: The tennis camp is extraordinary. The drills are intense and targeted; the match play is instructive. The Legends weekend is terrific.
    Weaknesses: The level of instruction is a little uneven. While most of the pros are delightful and insightful at the same time, two local pros were less so, therefore making the experience not quite 100%. But overall, a wonderful time. I’ll be back.

  • Avatar LB

    I have attended various clinics and lessons at the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School. Scott Colebourne is a welcomed addition to the Stratton Tennis School and the Stratton Mountain Resort. The lessons and clinics with Scott have been very helpful for my game.

  • Avatar AB

    Amazing energy,knowledge and commitment from Scott and his staff. His style of teaching is thoughtful, smart and works to improve what is a challenging and fun sport.

  • Avatar SF

    The Cliff Drysdale tennis school at Stratton Mountain VT is an awesome experience. I felt each and every staff member had something to offer that was beneficial to my game. Scott, the head pro is professional, intuitive and offered both strategy and technique tips in a clear concise manner. The energy was contagious. I’ve been playing tennis for 37 years and taken lessons from some of the best pros, Scott and his team didn’t let me down!!!

  • Avatar RP

    Pro Scott Colebourne excellent instructor and coach.

  • Avatar DS

    Incredibvly fun and great instruction across the board. Don’t miss it!

  • Avatar SM

    Love the on court instructors and the front desk staff. All make you feel at home and well cared for.

  • Avatar AB

    Simply put, Scott Colebourne is one of the *most* talented tennis instructors I’ve come across in twenty years. He is thoughtful, clear and fun – and I especially appreciate his focus on the strategic and technical aspects of my game. I drive over an hour to take Scott’s clinics and private lessons!

  • Avatar HL

    Scott assessed my game and gave me specific things to work on, both strategically and mechanically, that improved my game tremendously. In addition, he makes the clinics a lot of fun.

  • Avatar EW

    Strengths: 1) Loved that Cliff Drysdale personally instructed a session and also kept eyes on all the courts for the entire Legends weekend. 2) Loved the opening “pep” talks by Cliff and Scott. Good information and created a nice unity among all the players. 3) Loved the efficiency of the pros moving from court to court instead of a jumble of players trying to find their next court. 4) Loved learning 1 solid skill to work on per each pro. 5) Loved that you watched how players were doing and constantly tweeked courts so that everyone could be in the best place. 6) Loved finishing with matchplay at the end of ea. day to put the day’s instruction to practise – even if by then I no longer knew my *ss from by elbow. 7) Loved the overall energy of the experience. The sincerity and passion of the program is clear – from a tennis legend genuinely relating to me to better my abilities, a director with great leadership skills, and a practiced team of enthusiastic pros who are happy to instruct no matter your level — it all adds up to an experience I’d gladly repeat. Weaknesses: 1) Some sessions provided less instruction than others – in some cases it’s the nature of the particular drill, in others, perhaps it’s the pro. I would opt for more instruction and more comments when possible. 2) Where in the world is my smiley award???

  • Avatar SO

    Date of Visit: Thurs. July 21- Sun. July 24 First, the weaknesses of the School so we can end this review with the positives. First impression of the School was not positive.There is no landscaping, no amenities, ex. tables with chairs, or umbrellas around outdoor facility. One old wooden round table with benches-not very inviting. If you are single, no area to encourage meeting others. Lots of hard tru courts, four hard clay. Upon entering facility, attendees at desk were unfriendly, ignorant of our arrival despite filling out comprehensive pre-register forms. One of the club assistants, Gigi, was terrific though. She was the exception and not only explained the school’s procedures and programs, but went out of her way to point out best restaurants in Stratton. Kudos to Gigi! Major Weakness is the head pro and manager, Scott Colebourne, both in management style and as a tennis teacher. Although he keeps the program well organized, he lacks a competent teaching style for below 3.5 players, simply stating: “This is how it’s done,” rather than adjusting instruction to individual player. In addition, he is not lively, often curt with guests as well as his pro staff creating a displeasing environment. Another of the pros, Sam, seems to be bored with the whole scene. During the clinics, hitting without any comments or instruction was the norm.
    However, the clinics and lessons were worthwhile and at times very enjoyable. The pros change courts every 35 min or so. the people you hit with do not change! Therefore, if you are stuck with players way below you or opposite,it is challenging. The pros that made the school worthwile were JOE BRENNAN and DAN DAVIES. The clinic sessions they conducted had pizzazz and though tennis exercises can get boring, they certainly helped to keep the momentum and practices totally upbeat. Joe always seem to have “tricks to use” to improve our footwork and tactics. Dan, a young New Zealander, was the best tennis instructor I have had in my five years of learning tennis-that includes Colts Neck and Ponte Vedre Resort, Florida. In my one hour private lesson with him, he upped my serving skills and taught me top spin in a few minutes. My only mistake was not booking an additional tennis lesson with Dan.
    Hoping this school works on their weaknesses so that my husband and I can return to the beautiful Stratton Mts.

  • Avatar AS

    Would highly recommend to my friends! Fantastic experience, great tennis instructors, in both adult and kids programs. Amazing facilities!

  • Avatar JA

    The quality of the teaching staff was disappointing. In some of the drills the pro insisted on inserting himself in the play which made it confusing and decreased the # of balls we hit. In another drill the pro played one-on-one on one side of the court with one student while the 3 others played with each other on the other side of the court. We found this to be counter-productive. Overall it was fun to be on the court for so many hours but we would not recommend this program to other.

  • Avatar NK

    This was the best experience I have ever had. The quality of coaching was brilliant. The clinics are very intense and the pro staff where awesome. I would highly recommend coming to the Drysdale Tennis School.

  • Avatar KM

    Very personable and great fun. Good instructors that kept the play moving and some great tips. Would like a little more match play but over all experience was a very nice one.

  • Avatar LB

    This is my second season attending. The pros are very informative, Cliff is very involved and there are a lot of drills and play time. It is a great mix of hard work and fun. The only negative is some of the players are not at the same level and the pros are forced to mix players that may not be of equal talent. They do not hesitate to fix the problem when recognized but half a day can go by before the adjustment is made.

  • Avatar OS

    The instruction was excellent. It focused on every aspect of the game in an organized and effective approach. The tennis professionals were knowledgeable, friendly and showed a great passion for teaching. I would strongly recommend this program.

  • Avatar BS

    I thought the staff was great with a lot of helpful hints to all types of players. I was there to get some helpful tips as a striving coach and with my wife who was beginning to play the game. The head of the staff, Mr. Colebourne spent a lot of great time with me teaching me and telling me what he knew about the game of tennis! The staff as a whole was great and very helpful through my visit!

  • Avatar NM

    Great program. Well run and informative as well as fun.

  • Avatar TK

    I attended the Drysdale Stratton School as a complete beginner. I very much enjoyed the week, and I felt that I received top-flight instruction that set up an excellent foundation on which I can build.
    The instructors were excellent – very helpful, very patient, very good senses of humor, and very attentive to the individual students. Every day was well-planned, well-organized, and well-executed.
    In addition to the tennis, there is also golf, biking, etc. at Stratton, as well as the very nice town of Manchester nearby for things to do while you are not on the tennis court.
    I would highly recommend this School to anyone, beginner or veteran. (My wife is a very good player, and she enjoyed the School as much as I did.) Very nice facility, very nice people, and a great vacation!

  • Avatar RH

    Was a great active weekend! I highly recommend it to anyone holding a racket. Great instructors and well organized.

  • Avatar BH

    Great tennis getaway! I learned a bunch and had a great time! The instructors were all friendly, fun, and knowledgeable.

  • Avatar FP

    The tennis instruction was exceptional, during the three days we participated in lessons (private and clinic) Scott, Joe, Bill and Andrew (?) were great in helping to refine our strokes. Overall, my family and I walked away with a very positive experience. I would give it two thumbs up and recommend it for both beginners (my wife) and intermediate/advanced level players. The kids also had a positive experience as well. The staff were exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Thanks to Scott and the staff for a great time.

  • Avatar JM

    Two great teaching pros. The clinics and private lesson really improved my game The drills for my serve is making my serve much better. The instruction that I received is continuing to improve my ground game. I loved it!

  • Avatar BS

    I thought the coaching staff at my daily clinics were very very good. They really concentrated on the individual and made great attempts to help improve each one’s game. They gave me a lot to think about and work on until I return. I definitely want to come back and have those great teachers again,

  • Avatar DA

    It was fantastic. Instruction was very personal and thoughtful; really helped my game and my son’s. We a already looking forward to going back. Thanks to Scott, Billy, Joe-Bob and Joe!

  • Avatar CB

    Great tennis getaway! Intense, however not bootcamp style, clinics. My pro absolutely pushed me, but there was a thoughtful purpose to every drill. On the first day the levels of players were broad, the pros did a good job keeping things moving but I still wanted to be pushed a little more. Scott was amazing in accommodating me and I did not even have to ask. I ended up spending the rest of the weekend with one pro, Joe, with Scott checking in. I walked away with some good changes to my game, and had time to grove the changes while I was there. Entire staff was fun and helpful.
    Stop by the mixer on Friday night, the locals are fun and some will drop into the clinics and cardio tennis. You can get as much, or as little tennis as you want. A beautiful drive from Manhattan. I’m already looking to book my next weekend!

  • Avatar RH

    Please be early, so you can enjoy Stratton, especially Cliff Drysdale’s Tennis School, in full and depart as late as possible to take it all in. Fantastic place to learn tennis!!!! Great trainers!!!!

  • Avatar BG

    The biggest strength was the pros’ knowledge of doubles strategy. Finally, I was instructed to play as a partner, and not as one of two singles players who happened to be playing on the court together. Their emphasis on communication, smart shot placement, and variety of shots, really captured what I have always considered to be the essence of doubles. Also, the pros took an interest in the individual players and gave insightful advice on many aspects of the game.

  • Avatar MG

    I attended a one day clinic with 4 friends. We had morning and afternoon instruction from Scott. Our plan was to play some doubles with Scott observing, then have him comment on flaws he perceived in our games.
    Scott is an excellent teacher. Everyone in our group felt this clinic was very helpful. Scott gave us general information which applied to all of us, as well as individual instructions which I found very helpful.
    We attended in the winter, thus used the indoor courts. The facility is very nice. Everyone I met was helpful and kind. We all had a great day.

  • Avatar VH

    Day long clinic inside with Scott was excellent. He pointed out things I am doing wrong without realizing it. Had a very enjoyable day. Never too old to learn new tricks!

  • Avatar PB

    We love the tennis program at Stratton. In fact, its a difficult decision, on a beautiful winter day, to play cardio tennis or ski. The tennis camp and clinic in the Summer is a major draw for us. Don’t think we would spend as much time in VT if we didn’t have it. The kids love it too! Would recommend the program to anyone who loves tennis!

  • Avatar SB

    strength – personalization – quality of activity – location

  • Avatar CO

    Friendly and happy atmosphere. Great instructors. Staff is enthusiastic and programs are fun. The location is spectacular with beautiful scenery year round. Many other activities available for guests of all ages. A wonderful experience.

  • Avatar MD

    My husband and I both have taken private/group lessons and definately improved our play. Instructors are great and very personable making our experience great. Our daughters have either taken private lesson or participated in the summer camps and are starting to really enjoy tennis as a sport, which has been nice for us as parents to not have to force them to play. Overall a very positive experience for our whole family

  • Avatar CP

    Great location at the ski resort with new lighting and painted ceiling. The surface is fast! The Pro and staff do a terrific job. I would highly recommend it.

  • Avatar PD

    I’ve been taking weekly lessons with 3 friends this winter.What a great experience.!!!!!! Scott, or instructor, has been excellent!!!!!!!I’ve taken lesson before, but never felt I learned as much as I have learned with Scott!!!!!!I will definetly continue with him this summer!!!!!  

  • Avatar SH

    I visited the Stratton tennis school with my USTA team members. Scott was very professional and very helpful. He was able to give each of us individual tips, while also working on our team skills. We had alot of fun, while working hard. Highly recommend it!  

  • Avatar RK

    This was the second time I have attended Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton and worked with Scott Colebourne. I have been to many tennis camps including Bollettieri and Total Tennis and Scott is the best instructor I have ever had. I attended Stratton with another member of my 4.5 team and Scott customized a program geared to what we wanted to work on. During a single weekend, we spent 8+ hours working on our games and drilling with Scott.
    At many places, instructors might give a couple of tips, but what sets Scott apart is that he frequently reminded us of what we should focus on so that it was always on the top of our minds. Even when we were focusing on other aspects of our tennis game, Scott brought back each idea so that we could always keep his ideas on our mind. Scott even managed to arrange match with players of our level so that we could reinforce what we learned throughout the weekend. I highly recommend Scott and Stratton – you will be impressed with his attention to your game and quality of instruction.

  • Avatar JR

    This was the third time in the past two years that I have attended Stratton. Scott Colebourne, the Director of Tennis, is the best instructor I have ever had. I have attended camps as both a junior and adult at Killington, Total Tennis, Billy Stearn, Van der Meer, Bolletierri, Saddlebrook, and Evert. The instruction is very personalized and detailed.
    At my level (high 4.5) there isn’t as many technical flaws or obvious weaknesses so many places just feed balls. At Stratton, we worked on both strategy (for singles and doubles) as well as minor adjustments to the stroke production. Scott was even able to find a local 4.5 player to practice our doubles with and give us pointers as part of a live demonstration.
    As for the weaknesses, I would start by saying that Stratton is not easily accessible if you do not have a car. There is a lot of choices in terms of accommodations, but the cheapest choices are one or two star hotels (internet only in the main lounge) and the next step up is significantly more expensive. The Stratton Village has some good selections for food, but its still not as wide of a selection of cuisines as some people may be accustomed to and other towns with more options can be 15-25 minutes away. Overall, I strongly recommend that anyone who is interested in a tennis resort consider Stratton and Scott Colebourne.  

  • Avatar KD

    My daughter, Ashley, had a blast in her program this summer. This is her second year. She really liked the instructors and their enthusiam.  

  • Avatar ES

    The drills were challenging and designed that all levels of tennis players could participate. They made the tennis instruction fun as well as working to increase your tennis skills.

  • Avatar LG

    This tennis camp was wonderful! My daughter is 6 years old, and it was her first time playing tennis. The instructors were warm and friendly, had lots of energy, and were very professional. The skills she learned at camp during those weeks transferred over into other athletic areas, and I have seen wonderful results in her. She is also more interested and willing to try new sports now, something that she was not that excited about previously. The program provided a lunch, water bottles and t shirts among other things for the kids. It was a really well designed program and we plan to do it again this summer! Amazing!

  • Avatar TS

    This camp was outstanding! Scott and his staff worked so hard to keep my kids interested and dying to come back! The camp covered so many aspects of “tennis” but also fun competition, team building and conditioning. As always, I feel the price of camps could come down- or offer a better multi child or multi week discount. Other than that- my kids have never had a beeter time at camp!

  • Avatar GL

    My grandson and I have come for several years for the Junior Tennis Camp . 2010 was not a very good tennis age/scill matching for my grandson ( age 14 ). This should be addressed ….A very enthusiastic Teaching Staff is a positive .

  • Avatar NC

    The staff made learning and playing so much fun, especially the Friday night mixer. They found a way to provide individual help though in a group setting. They focused in on a couple things to transform my forehand.

  • Avatar JD

    This was our second year attending the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton. The facility is outstanding, the instructors are great and have an encouraging teaching approach.
    The adult clinics each morning are a great workout with a good diversity of working on skills and point play.
    My son couldn’t wait to return to the junior camp program this year, and he had a fantastic experience again this year.
    I highly recommend this tennis school.

  • Avatar DL

    The instructors were terrific for the junior program. They paid great attention, got the kids interested in and focusing on improving. Cannot say enough good things about the camp and the junior instruction program

  • Avatar TP

    My daughter attended a week-long youth day program this summer (and last) and enjoyed it very much. The staff were engaging, skilled and fun. She also felt the other campers in her group provided good competition during the drills. Her tennis skills clearly improved after her week at Stratton.

  • Avatar HF

    Big thanks to Joe, Billy and Scott at Stratton for helping me prepare for our Sectional Championship. I attended the adult camp and had a few private lessons which were critical in keeping me sharp for sectionals. we won are are off to Nationals in Oct. thanks guys!

  • Avatar ES

    A huge thank you to Extraordinary Scott Colebourne and his excellent staff, Lefty Sam, Righty Sam, Joe Bob, Dan and Billy for the most wonderful week of tennis camp. We loved every moment! The instruction was first rate. Everything was so well organized and perfectly executed. I felt challenged and encouraged. I learned even more than I anticipated I would. All of the guys were warm and supportive and fun and funny and utterly professional. The only minus was having to leave when our vacation was over…There is absolutely no doubt that we will return next summer – but next time we will extend our stay longer.
    I have been spreading the word to all of my tennis pals back home, too. And my game has really improved since I’ve returned from camp – the ultimate testament to the success of the program. Thanks, Guys! We totally loved our tennis experience with you!!!

  • Avatar KE

    Fantastic camp. Walked away with an improved swing and fun memories. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar CF

    Great venue. Excellent “Kiwi” staff and instruction. Very intensive drills skills and strategies clinics and competitions. Lots of “team building” . Chalk talk with Cliff Drysdale himself! They had us the minute we walked in…it was fabulous! Unforgettable! Do it!

  • Avatar AG

    I recommend Stratton without hesitation. I just returned from five days there. The coaches have their acts together. They are knowledgable, experienced guys who know how to tailor their comments to the players. They enjoy themselves and keep things moving but still fun.
    It was good for me. I had been to Saddlebrook, which was way too intense a bottcamp for 50+ year olds who just want to stay healthy and learn a few things. I came away from Stratton with a few good ideas for things to work on and my body still intact.
    Cliff Drysdale was there on the weekend. He was charming and delightful and a wonderful story teller. he got to know all of the players personally and encouraged them with tennis tips and humor. The mountain setting is very attractive, the facilites very nice, and there are indoor courts if it rains. I enjoyed an incredibly cheap condo, with pool and hot tub, and ate very well in nearby Manchester.

  • Avatar RL

    Tennis: Fantastic facilities, beautiful backdrop, and some of the best tennis instruction I’ve had. Scott Colebourne was fantastic, as both the director for the program and as a couch. My friend and I signed up for a 3-day camp and wanted more of a “bootcamp” style session. Scott helped us customize our program that fit what we were looking for and suitable for our level (4.0/4.5). We also added additional private lessons to further customize the program. Scott made the process very easy, both before we arrived and while we were there.
    Scott and Same were our instructors during the camp. Both of them are not only superb tennis players, but also superb instructors giving real guidance. I’ve had many tennis instructors in the past who were more focused on practicing for themselves or were just content feeding balls and not providing real direction. Scott helped me break down my strokes (even reconstructed my serve) and focused on identifying the key issues (sometimes they were just minor tweaks) that made the difference. From a tennis perspective, I could not have asked for anything more and exceeded my expectations.
    As a junior, I’ve spent time at other “bootcamps” and this was equally intense and helpful (although more appropriate for an adult 15+ years beyond my junior years).
    During my decision process before signing up for Stratton, I also considered and evaluated camps including: Saddlebrook (but decided against it because of weather), Topnotch Tennis Academy, NIKE Amherst, and Total Tennis. For the best combination of good tennis instruction, >4 hours a day of tennis, flexibility to eat a restaurants and on my own time (rather than cafeteria or dormatory style), reasonable accommodation (rather than dorm room), my friend and I decided on Stratton. Definitely no regrets and would sign up again without hesistation.
    Accommodation: We stayed at the Inn at Stratton Mountain and booked their “deluxe” room. Definitely minimize your expectations as this is comparable to a 2-star Days Inn/Motel 6. It was, however, clean and servicable and quite close to the tennis center. Service was fine (although we didn’t ask for much) and no complaints otherwise.
    Sports Center: Fantastic service, good pro shop, and a great fitness center (weights & cardio).
    Others: We ate most of our meals at the Country Club (~5 mins drive from tennis courts) and also in their “village” area. Selection was not abundant because of summer hours but it was more than sufficient. Good food, prices, and service. Again, due to the summer hours, there wasn’t much of a nightlife or bar scene but it was not an issue for us. Lastly, there appears to be a lot of outdoor activities to do aside from tennis and golf but were were too tired/sore to actually do much else.
    Overall, great experience and exceeded all my expectations. Would definitely go back.

  • Avatar DB

    Fun, low pressure atmosphere – great programs…

  • Avatar BC

    Participated in 4 hours of instruction over two days

  • Avatar TA

    My husband and I loved spending two-day weekend in August; great tennis, knowledgeable tennis pros…

  • Avatar MM

    Great atmosphere, combining professionalism and fun is, in my opinion, the key to a memorable getaway! Keep up the good work!

  • Avatar JF

    Great overall experience, enjoyed the one on one lessons as well as the group.

  • Avatar SK

    Great program for children and adults.

  • Avatar RD

    One of the best tennis schools I have ever attended.

  • Avatar BG

    The tennis facility is wonderful. The instruction is terrific. I have recommened the facility to many people.

  • Avatar LH

    Love the coaches, FUN and very good instruction. Love the cardio tennis !!

  • Avatar KR

    Great tennis school for all levels, young and old. Run by a solid group of people who make it fun and very challenging!

  • Avatar AE

    Excellent staff, facilities and Cliff Drysddale is really the fifth element.. He has a way of immediately helping you with your flaws and can raise your game.. Be sure to go when he makes his rounds.

  • Avatar DP

    I always come away from a lesson with something to improve my game. The people are nice, scenery beautiful – Scott has created a truly great program for both locals and visitors.