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121 Reviews on “The Buccaneer”

121 reviews
  • Avatar LM

    Excellent tennis program and beautiful courts right on the beach in a beautiful setting. Courts are beautifully maintained and tennis pro is an EXCELLENT teacher and coach and played high level tennis in United States. Highly recommend for experienced and complete beginner tennis and junior tennis. Will definitely go back!

  • Avatar RW

    The Buccaneer is an excellent resort on St Croix. USVI We went for the Tennis, the beach and the food. Tennis is run by a group of locals who put in 2 synthetic grass courts which play right after the rain and are great. they have 6 hard courts. There is a local pro who teaches and runs a lot of programs for local kids. I played early morning (7>9 am) with a group of locals and hotel guests who were very friendly. The locals are 3.5>4.5 & one Colin Robertson who was on the tour. Very friendly and great exercise. I did not ask for games outside this time, but there were locals and guests eager to play. Hotel has gold, 3 beaches good snorkel off their beaches. Hotel rooms have been upgraded and ours, on the beach, were great. In the past (2005) they weren’t so great. Food at the hotel: breakfast included very nice. Dinners were good. Hotel staff recommended many great restaurants in town. 2 were equal to the best in NYC. Only drawback was the landscaping. It’s normal , pleasant. But they were upgrading December 7, 2021. our party was 4 adults, only 1 tennis player , so I relied on them for tennis activity. We will be going back.

  • Avatar SG

    I have taken multiple lessons and clinics with Coach Kevin Motta at The Buccaneer. He has improved my game A LOT and knows exactly how much to push – he adapts his coaching style very well to suit the needs of the player. He offers advice while I am playing and if he is around in the club, which is spot-on – slight tweaks to a serve stance, or strategy on how to rally depending on the opponent, etc. Kevin is one of the best coaches around. Gayle Vanesse, the Tennis Club manager, is very nice to work with, makes sure that players a matchup on a similar level, and even coordinates activities while she is away on her two days off. She also invited me to one of the tennis tournaments while I was in town, and I had a great time socializing with the tennis-lovers in St Croix.

  • Avatar DD

    Lovely facility in a beautiful setting. Staff was very helpful in setting up matches, and very energetic. Will definitely return.

  • Avatar BQ

    We signed up for a week of tennis clinics and lessons at the Buccaneer because we’d heard great things about the resort from friends. No disappointments here! Coach Kevin did a fantastic job of improving our tennis by encouraging us to make some small changes — and by making the process fun. Others who came on clinic days — many of whom lived in St. Croix — all came because he’s such a great teacher. Adding pickleball to the mix was a bonus. Stan was a wonderful teacher, and we were able to come off the court after our first lesson with enough of a sense of the game to be able to play in a social a couple of days later. And Gayle, who does the scheduling and runs the shop, couldn’t have been nicer and more organized. Loved the laid-back family feeling of the Buccaneer and would definitely recommend it to anyone. We visited at the end of February 2020.

  • Avatar AL

    My 2020 tennis experience at the Buccaneer was top notch. The cordial staff at the pro-shop organized quality matches as well as clinics and instruction and were always ready to meet my specific needs.

  • Avatar LS

    The Buccaneer has a wonderful, friendly staff. We felt right at home and always had great tennis partners for Round Robin. It’s the best tennis on St. Croix.

  • Avatar JC

    Beautiful resort! Tennis is great Gayle and Stan run a super tennis program! Can’t say enough about there commitment to make everyone tennis happy! Coach Kevin is great it was fun to take a lesson.and I learned definitely 1 new thing . And I used it back in my first U S TA match . Thanks ?? So needless to say we go back every year! Thanks guys.

  • Avatar JM

    We are returning guests for 20 years. I think that says a lot! The tennis staff are professional & go the extra mile to ensure guests have a great time on the courts. We have made lasting friendships with local residents and hotel guests. We look forward to next year.

  • Avatar NH

    I brought my tennis racquet to St. Croix with the hope that I might be able to hit a few balls on my vacation. The Buccaneer was recommended by the owner of our rental home. When I called the tennis shop, Gayle warmly greeted me and set up a game for me the next day. I was so excited. My husband and our good friends signed up for a clinic while I played doubles. Afterwards, we had lunch at The Mermaid restaurant and lounged by the beach ($10 per person) for the rest of the day. The Buccaneer is a friendly destination for tennis players, whether local or from afar. Gayle and her husband Stan obviously enjoy their jobs as the Buccaneer’s tennis ambassadors. Towels and cold water are always on hand. The courts are in adequate shape considering the island weather. You feel welcome and a part of a group of tennis lovers, regardless of your level. The Buccaneer is the place to play when you visit St. Croix.

  • Avatar VM

    The Buccaneer has 8 courts and in Feb 2020 I played every day if I wanted. Great arrangement by Gayle and her husband with emails and players organised so efficiently! They’re a lovely couple and all the players are so friendly and fun. There are lots of locals who come to play, plus a great coach if you want to take a clinic. Also many couples who return year after year for the tennis and the hotel. The courts are just above the beach, so easy to stroll 5 minutes to the sea and swim, or stay all day on the sun loungers. Restaurant there too. I specifically came to St Croix for the tennis and have been absolutely delighted by what I found. So thanks Gayle!

  • Avatar AM

    Tennis at the Buccaneer is wonderful because of the amazing staff and welcoming vibe. Gayle and her husband Stan are incredibly upbeat and whether it’s the fun round robin on Sundays or the clinic most mornings, one can play great tennis at any level. Gayle figures out your level and organizes a game. It’s also a lovely hybrid of hotel guests and locals. Stan is the pickle ball instructor. My kids and I had never played, and we had a really enjoyable lesson that converted us to the game. There are also socials after the events. It’s a wonderful program.

  • Avatar JE

    We have been coming to St. Croix for over 20 years and the Buccaneer and it’s tennis facility have always been an important part of our vacation. Last month we didn’t two weeks on the island and tennis has been on the menu every day. There has been a remarkable improvement in the atmosphere and the professionalism at the Buccaneer facility. There is a buzz of activity , fun and serious instruction which was contagious. Starting with the facility manager Gayle, who works her you know what off to make playing there not only possible but enjoyable, from drying the courts to providing ice water , organizing the round robin or keeping you informed about your lessons or clinics. Very professional! The Pro, Kevin , is the heart and engine of this new tennis experience at the Buccaneer. Taking lessons with him and attending the DAILY clinics he holds, has been such a fun but more importantly rewarding time spent. Best instruction I have received in my 20 years of taking tennis lessons. The Buccaneer tennis center has made such a great improvement in their offering, that we have decided to come back later this year again and build the entire vacation around tennis with Gayle and Kevin. Thank you guys

  • Avatar SR

    We (3 couples) just spent a week on St. Croix and took private lessons at The Buccaneer three times while there. Gail Vanasse was our point of contact ahead of time and made sure that everything was scheduled and ran smoothly. Our tennis pro was Kevin Motta and he was great. Lots of energy, great advice and fun to spend a couple of hours with!! I’d highly recommend a tennis vacation at The Buccaneer in St. Croix – great people and great overall experience!

  • Avatar GK

    I recommend the Buccaneer to friends regularly for many reasons–friends with small children for the kids” camp and activities, friends who golf, people who appreciate friendly and very helpful staff, and friends who play tennis. I hit the ground running by turning up at the courts for the regularly scheduled morning clinic and this time, enjoyed the instruction and attention of the tennis pro, Kevin, who is incredible. The head shop staff/organizer extraordinaire/game arranger and great person, Gayle, set to work finding me people to play with. Because of the lively and friendly atmosphere at the tennis complex, I was able to set up games for myself with another guest and members from the island. With a new forehand to work on and connections with players, I can’t wait to return to the Buccaneer, sooner than I would normally.

  • Avatar BW

    Fantastic location, good courts, and helpful staff who helped us to arrange a lot of tennis. The view from the tennis courts over the ocean is unsurpassed. We went during the off-season so had no problem playing as much tennis as we wanted to. The resort overall is pricey, but not out of line for the USVI.

  • Avatar CF

    As a retired flight attendant, I have been to St. Croix many times. First visit to Buccaneer left me in awe. I have posted many photos to family and friends..they cant wait to book their vacations.

  • Avatar SD

    I was pleasantly surprised at the Buccaneer resort’s tennis facility. The staff was very welcoming and accommodating and the ambiance was very pleasant and energetic. The most exciting moment was finding coach Kevin. He was exceptional and probably the best coach I’ve had to date. He’s super high energy but also very patient and had a great training and coaching system that absolutely makes you better. I made some very significant strides in my technique and overall tennis mind and fitness. I look forward to heading back to this beautiful resort and getting much more tennis in at the club with coach Kevin and seeing the lovely staff.

  • Avatar TS

    We are pickleball players and Buccaneer makes great effort to serve our needs no matter how many or few. They are working towards a pickleball program that we islanders and tourists will be able to enjoy the fastest game in world. Look forward to clinics and world class tournaments in our future Thanks Gayle and Stan for making it work so well.

  • Avatar MO

    The service at this resort is fantastic ! Great staff great atmosphere ! I really enjoyed the tennis experience, the private lesson with coach Kevin are the best you will ever have ! Gaelle is doing a great job at the tennis club organizing round robin matches, connecting people who want to play.

  • Avatar CS

    As a family of 6 from 9 years old to 75 we wanted to learn how to play pickle ball. Stan and Gayle could not have been more supportive and encouraging. Within 46 minutes it was easy to enjoy a game. As one with a hip replacement and arthritis, I have not been on a tennis court for 3 years. Their patience and teaching skills made it a positive experience each day, and I recommend pickle ball to anyone insecure on a tennis court because of aging joint issues. Learning in a gorgeous setting with charming coaches was a very special experience that left us all wanting more. We will return to The Buccaneer ASAP.

  • Avatar CS

    6 members of our family from ages 9-75 learned Pickle Ball for the first time. Pros Stan and Gayle could not have been more encouraging, and accommodating. Within 1 hour we were hooked and able to enjoy playing games. . We plan to make Pickle Ball an integral part of our liives as we return to Los Angeles and Berkeley, thanks to their support and the glorious experience on the courts at the Buccaneer. Although I played recreational tennis since childhood, recent hip replacement and arthritis prevented my play for 3 years. I was reluctant to go back on any court and just played ping pong. Pickle ball changed all that and I highly recommend it for whomever might think their tennis days are over.

  • Avatar PC

    Best itf in the world , gayle ( in charge ) was amazing and I went all over the world

  • Avatar SW

    My player and I were there for two ITF Tournaments. Beautiful resort with fantastic tennis facilities and staff. Have told many tennis clients to go visit!

  • Avatar SS

    My daughter played her ITF Juniors tournament in Buccaneer. The experience is amazing. This is the perfect place which has everything in the beautiful ocean background. I have never seen a place wherein you can watch your kid playing tennis sitting from your balcony or room. Absolutely mesmerizing background ocean. Since, the purpose is just tournament, felt, expensive.

  • Avatar SJ

    I did not stay at the resort, I was vacationing at a VRBO nearby and was able to just drop in to a couple of clinics before the rest of my family got going for the day. There were not many players at the clinic, but the clinic itself fit my need perfectly to just get out and hit.

  • Avatar JO

    First time at the Buccaneer as Caneel Bay is still under repair. What a pleasant surprise! Gayle is an awesome host as the courts were very well maintained and Kevin and Stan took time to chat tennis and tips! Play conditions were amazing and challenging. Lea took exceptional care to dry the courts after an all night rain and ready them for an early morning match! Thanks again to the entire staff for making our tennis experience at the Buccaneer one to remember!

  • Avatar BH

    Excellent tennis facility with programs everyday of the week. The teaching pro is terrific. The tennis staff is good at arranging matches between locals and hotel guests. More skilled players may have some difficulty finding players at their level with the limited population of the island. The ocean views from the courts cannot be beat.

  • Avatar SA

    Tennis in paradise…need I say more? The Buccaneer Tennis has eight well maintained courts, a club house and breezes from the turquoise Caribbean. I have enjoyed court time and tennis clinics at the Buccaneer. Coach Kevin instructs us on our strokes, stance and play. The drills are a fun workout that helps me with my game. I will certainly join the club next year when I return. Each week there are new hotel guests from all over the world to make the clinics even more interesting. The Buccaneer Resort has everything…tennis, golf, spectacular beaches, pools and fabulous restaurants.

  • Avatar BW

    I just spent a week here and I had Tennis lessons for my 5.5 year old son every day. The pro was outstanding, better with kids than most I have seen back home in NY or at other resorts. Also, the overall experience was great – really great facility, lots of courts, and very friendly full team. They have a very nice exercise facility and even had my 2.5 year old daughter rolling the ball around with a racquet. They have everything here – racquets, balls so all you have to bring is yourself or your kids.

  • Avatar CW

    The facility and staff are exceptional, always responsive and accommodating. The pro staff, specifically coach Kevin Moda, has transformed my game, eliminated my bad habits and put on the road to being a player.

  • Avatar SH

    We have traveled extensively through the Caribbean over the last 15 years. We almost always go somewhere that has a tennis program. But this is my first time doing a review on Tennisresortonline. I would have to say that , in my opinion, this is currently the best tennis resort in the Caribbean. The Buccaneer is a gorgeous property. If you like to play and you like nice people, this is your place. If you are looking for a good value, this is the best value also Gayle runs the program and is so dedicated. Kevin is a fabulous instructor. I left there serving better than I ever have before. A lot of places/instructors just “go through the motions” of giving lessons and clinics, but not here They want and expect it to be worthwhile and fun

  • Avatar TG

    The Buccaneer is a beautiful resort on the ocean, with four restaurants and many activities including tennis, golf and water sports. We just spent 10 days there and particularly enjoyed the tennis. Gayle Vanasse runs the tennis shop with charming efficiency and makes sure that resort guests have whatever matches they desire: singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, round robins, etc. Gayle is good at matching players with similar skill levels. Tennis players who live on St. Croix also play at the Buccaneer and add to the mix of good available players. During my recent stay, half of my doubles matches were with Resort guests and half with players who live on St. Croix. The resort’s new tennis pro Kevin Motta is an accomplished player and wonderful instructor who is able to teach players at all levels, from beginners to young hot shots (or older advanced players) who want to learn the modern game. He gave me a lot to work on in February 2019 and I hope he is there next year when I return because I can learn more from him.

  • Avatar JM

    During Our stay at the St. Croix Buccaneer Resort we played tennis on one of the 8 courts most days. The staff made arrangements for our playing singles, doubles and mixed doubles with the hotel guests as well as with local club members. We were always paired with similar ranking. The club house provides more than adequately. Gayle and Stan are professional, attentive and totally dedicated to making our tennis play at the Buc very fun & competitive. Rick & I look forward to seeing the staff and friends same time next year. Thank you for adding to an already great vacation.

  • Avatar MP

    The tennis facility at The Buccaneer is great. It’s beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the Caribbean. It’s very well maintained, as is the hotel. Gayle is excellent as is the pro with whom we worked, Kevin. The courts were squeegeed very early every day as there was a bit of rain during our stay. Pitchers of ice water and rolled towels were always on the court for us. As a guest at the resort I was thrilled with how play for us was combined with regular local members of the club. Clinics and round robins were always going on, with hotel guests given priority. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Would definitely go back to The Buccaneer – perhaps for the tennis alone!

  • Avatar JR

    An amazing 15 years in a row at Buccaneer playing tennis at Christmas. The pros are great, very nice 8 courts, doubles, singles tournaments and clinics. They call you when there’s a match available. Even played pickle ball with the kids. A lot of fun.

  • Avatar DD

    The atmosphere is very inviting. It is one of the most beautiful island. The hospitable atmosphere makes it a home away from home. I thoroughly enjoyed my overall experience. Tennis was a highlight. I received 2 lessons from Coach Roman. He challenged me to work on my weak areas in my tennis game. Receiving this level of training was icing on the cake. The food at The Buccaneer was excellent. The pork chop is a must. Breakfast was always a highlight. I enjoyed my ocean front room, just steps away from the beach. I will definitely go back.

  • Avatar PP

    The Buccaneer has a very good Pro (Roman) who offers a good variety of clinics for every skill level.. I learned something new in every group and individual lesson that I took and he was always encouraging. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

  • Avatar JV

    I have had such an amazing time here at The Buccaneer while on my honeymoon. We played tennis with Ramon and couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more! My husband is more experienced than me, but we had a great time and Ramon was awesome at balancing the exercises. The weather is incredible and there are early clinics so it’s not too hot and you can book privates with Ramon anytime. He is super accommodating. Gayle and her husband Stan were awesome working out playtimes with our crazy schedules. Couldn’t recommend them more! Sweet people with great attitudes!

  • Avatar JL

    Lovely setting for tennis. Great courts, well kept up. 8 hard courts. Roman is an excellent pro, with clinics every day. He understands weaknesses, and gives great advice. Gayle runs the tennis program and is very accommodating. Set up a great men’s doubles match for me. Highly recommend. The Resort is peaceful and beautiful. Local restaurants are very good. The island has a beautiful botanical garden/ old historical sugar cane plantation. The only drawback for me is getting used to a higher humidity, but I’m from a colder, dryer climate.

  • Avatar GG

    We’ve been to the Buccaneer 6 years in a row. The resort isn’t large but has everything you need –> a beautiful and relaxing beach, friendly staff, excellent food and really terrific entertainment at the lounge overlooking the bay (an exceptional view!). The tennis facility is brand new, the courts are wonderful, the pro is super nice and fun to play with. Gayle will hook you up with hitting partners or matches! Overall if you’re a tennis family, you can’t do better than the Buccaneer.

  • Avatar AP

    What a dream:Tennis courts and beach within 50 feet! I strongly recommend the Tennis resort at the Bucaneer. I was there for an entire week. Great competence, great service and great instruction. Grace is great and Roman is amazing, Gracias de todo, Roman. I will be back for sure!

  • Avatar DF

    I started back playing tennis after being off the courts for 25 years! The staff, instructor and the other players really made me feel welcomed. The clinics are great and Gayle makes sure everyone plays! As I live on St. Croix we enjoy playing with the guests that come to Th Buccaneer. The breezes are great while you are playing and the view of the Caribbean is nothing to sneeze at!! Come enjoy St. Croix and The Buccaneer.. See you on the courts!

  • Avatar SO

    We had a great time on our tennis mini holiday. Although we did not stay at the resort, we felt welcome at Roman’s clinics and semi private lesson. The program is well run, and the facilities are in fine shape, even after Hurricane Maria’s visit. The Buccaneer also. offers a couple of dining options, golf and lodging. We suggest you visit soon!

  • Avatar JD

    This may sound corny, but I have no weaknesses to report. I have been going to this resort to play tennis for about 30 years. I would never keep going back if it wasn’t fantastic. The courts are always in great shape, the pros have always been terrific, the resort itself is beautiful. Do yourself a favor and go to The Buccaneer- you will not be disappointed.

  • Avatar TS

    A real home experience at a fabulous resort The manager offered iced water along with animated conversation

  • Avatar VS

    The Buccaneer has a fantastic tennis facility in the middle of paradise. This year was our 2nd consecutive year there and we met people who were back for 10+ straight years. We are a family of 4 with 3 avid tennis players. There’s plenty for everyone with a nice A/C gym and beautiful beaches. The best part is the team that runs the tennis facility. Gayle V takes amazing care of you and finds matches to suit your level of play, court times and lessons well before you arrive. And if you don’t plan in advance, she will take care of you when you arrive. My kids played and took lessons with Roman who was engaging and fun and in just a short hour was able to tweak my kids’ game to improve it. The resort looks great after the devastating hurricanes and the staff are fantastic. We plan to go back year after year!

  • Avatar TD

    Spectacular surroundings, excellent courts and the tennis club management and pro are the BEST!!

  • Avatar PS

    We love playing at the Buccaneer and go back every year. The pro is world class, the staff is so friendly and helpful and the courts are always in good shape. The resort itself is amazing…both in terms of beauty and so many different things to do. You can truly make this fit your style, whether you want it to be reclusive or involved. A Caribbean gem!!

  • Avatar CK

    I had a great time playing tennis at the Buccaneer. Gayle helped arrange everything for me so that I could participate in drills, round robins, and even use the ball machine. The doubles play was especially great because Gayle grouped us according to our levels. Overall, the facilities were beautiful, and I would love to return. This is a great place, with great people!

  • Avatar JO

    This is an outstanding resort with a wonderful tennis facility/team! Gayle Vanasse runs the tennis center, and she is delight. Welcoming, informative, and just a pleasure to be around. She helped my son and I book clinics, games and lessons during our stay. We were never disappointed. Roman Ramirez is the Pro, and he is outstanding. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, but he keeps things simple to allow improvement to your overall game. Just as important, he keeps it fun. He has great energy and always has a smile on his face (especially when he’s running you around the court). And, he’s a phenomenal player. I can’t say enough positive about the fine folks at the Buccaneer.

  • Avatar AM

    We had a wonderful time at the Buccaneer. Gayle and Stan were very helpful in getting our tennis arranged before we arrived. My daughter (age 17) and I participated each morning in the adult clinic from 8-9am and then took a private lesson from 9-10am. She could have also played in an advanced juniors clinic in the afternoon, but we chose to do other activities on the island instead (snorkeling, kayaking, painting, etc). The pro, Roman Ramirez made the adult clinic was fun for all levels of players. He is very friendly and experienced. I have played tennis for 40 years and he was able to give me a pointers that were very helpful. The clinic was limited to 5 people so we felt like we got a lot of attention. The resort is beautiful and very spread out. We never felt crowded even though we heard that they were full that week. There are 3 beaches and 2 pools and there were always chairs available.

  • Avatar CA

    Great overall facility, has it all, tennis, beach, golf, fitness / running trails, swimming. This could be your day: Start with great brekfast overlooking ocean, play two hours of tennis, refresh by swimming in pool or ocean, afternoon round of golf or work out in gym, back to courts for afternoon/night tennis, eat dinner at the beach restaruant – all on the Buccaneer property. Gayle, and Stan are super nice and make everyone feel welcome and relaxed. Would go back tomorrow,

  • Avatar PP

    This is our third time at this resort. We always had a great experience. The new pro, Roman, is very experienced, friendly and pays attention to your personal needs. He is running an excellent clinic for kids twice per week. There are adult clinics and tennis activities every day. The courts are in excellent shape and with a great view to the ocean. Gayle, Christine and Stan, the staff of the tennis club, are super nice. Overall an excellent experience and one of the main reasons we went back to this resort.

  • Avatar EY

    Really great tennis facilities, conveniently located on-premise, well kept courts, and great pro working there. We weren’t orginally going as a “tennis vacation” (more a beach vacation), but this resort has the best of both worlds. We’ve been to dozens of resorts, but very few where we say we must come back… Well, this was one.

  • Avatar EB

    Very friendly tennis staff and they went all out to make our tennis the best experience- introducing us to members, organising games & mixed doubles. Beautiful facility and would recommend.

  • Avatar RL

    VERY Nice facility- Neal Cassidy is a GREAT instructor- I learned a lot and had fun doing it!

  • Avatar TB

    The tennis facilities are great. Lots of courts, recently re-surfaced, easy to set up a time to play. Neal is a fantastic teacher. He makes the game fun, but is also super solid at getting you to improve rapidly. He was big reason we came down to the Buccaneer. Overall our family loved the resort. Spectacular setting, friendly, helpful staff. Only downside I can think of is the cost of the shuttle into town. With a group of six being charged by the person, it got quite expensive.

  • Avatar CG

    Very friendly and accommodating. We called for a last minute lesson and they were happy to adjust the schedule to make it work for us. The pro, Neal Cassidy, was also very friendly and personable. He was a true instructor. He was able to explain and demonstrate skills to our boys in a way that made sense to them. They were able to immediately implement the new techniques and saw immediate improvement in just a one hour lesson.

  • Avatar JG

    My husband and I took lessons from Neal Cassidy when we were at the Buccaneer over Christmas and at the beginning of March. He is an excellent teacher and an enthusiastic coach. He helped us both individually and in playing together. I was returning to tennis after a five-year hiatus arising from an issue with my vision, so Neal had to figure out what I could do and where I needed help. He was terrific at both.

  • Avatar TO

    The Buccaneer’s newly renovated tennis courts and pro shop make it a top-notch tennis facility, certainly among the top tennis centers in the Caribbean. Its tennis programming and management , led by Director of Tennis Neal Cassidy, is extraordinary. Neal is so welcoming and friendly and his instruction is superb, tailored to each individual. A wide variety of clinics and round-robins is offered so there’s something for everyone. We truly enjoyed our tennis at The Buccaneer.

  • Avatar LY

    First time at the Buccaneer in St. Croix and I don’t think it will be the last. We were there for a brief family vacation and used the courts a couple of times, once to do a lesson with the pro. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. The facilities are beautiful and the food was very good as well. All in all a great relaxing vacation with lots of things to do. We will definitely be making a return trip.

  • Avatar RH

    Great facility and easy access. Neil Cassidy is an exceptional teaching pro. I took several lessons with him and all were valuable. He is very friendly and was always available for follow up questions I would highly recommend this facility

  • Avatar AF

    My husband and I had the best vacation at the Buccaneer. We were celebrating our 25th anniversary. We hadn’t planned on playing much tennis but then we drilled together and Neal the pro there made it so much fun for both of us who are at different levels. We hit a lot of balls and improved our games. We ended up playing almost everyday. I love the location of the courts. You can see the ocean while you are playing tennis nothing better. The beaches and food at the Buccaneer are incredible too. The location was great for shopping and going to local pubs. I would love to go back.

  • Avatar GR

    Neal the new tennis director is amazing! Lots of fun, great player, and excellent teacher. Huge plus as the Buccaneer has 8 courts and is a gorgeous ocean resort. We love it!

  • Avatar MC

    The Buccaneer made a fantastic decision when partnering with PBI, a beautiful setting with a top notch director of tennis Neal Cassidy. The clinics I took were outstanding and I think I learned more from Neal than and any previous pro. Neal is amiable and really reaches out to all guests and members. He is personable and a pleasure to be around. He knows his stuff and shares his knowledge and expertise with everyone at all levels. His ability to coach different levels at the same time is quite a feat. I highly recommend The Buccaneer and the tennis program here. I can’t wait to return.

  • Avatar RC

    Had an amazing lesson with the pro, Neal C., who did more for me in a one hour than I thought possible. The staff is courteous and caring. The atmosphere and ambiance is as good as it gets.

  • Avatar KD

    This is a spectacular ocean side resort. The dinner was exceptional in the restaurant in the main lodge and once we ate there, we ate the rest of our meals there. It turns out that their chef is well known on the island and has a devoted local following. The resort was also exceptional in that they contacted me before our visit to discuss my dietary requirements related to my Celiac Disease. Gluten-Free options were available at the breakfast buffet every morning and Gluten-free pasta was available at dinner. They were very knowledgeable about the disease and there was no sign of cross-contamination. The tennis courts were well kept and the pro, Neal Cassidy, was personable, friendly and gave me excellent tips to propel my tennis game forward. I had no difficulty scheduling my lesson with Coach Neal. We were at the Buccaneer the week leading up to Christmas and due to the relatively rainy week, we did not have a chance to try out a round robin or group lesson.

  • Avatar JP

    I had a great experience with Neal in January, 2017. Hi staff was very nice and helpful. I attended the Ladies Clinic five mornings and found it enjoyable and great for my tennis. I am still thinking of some of his instruction now that I’m back playing at home.

  • Avatar MB

    Great quality courts, spectacular views, beautiful weather and great people! Would like to see a bit more refreshments and snacks to buy. Haven’t seen a better place to play tennis.

  • Avatar LB

    Great Place and Staff, Director of Tennis Neil Cassidy is very knowledgeable and professional.

  • Avatar MS

    Beautiful courts facing the ocean, friendly staff. Director of Tennis Neal Cassidy, a laid back, personable and highly skilled pro, made improving my game a joy. Lessons highly recommended. The staff arranged games and clinics, very smooth and easy.

  • Avatar SH

    Was there last month and met the new tennis director and pro. Neal Cassidy, who is taking over the facility after the last pro was there for 34 years. Neal was great, he arranged a foursome for me twice and played in with us. This facility is amazing, view out to the ocean and sandy beach, eight brand new resurfaced courts with two courts lit at night and the club house was being completely remodeled with the addition of a exercise area. There is a restaurant below right on the beach. The rooms at the hotel are first class especially a new set that are right next to the tennis facility that face the water and the beach. There is also a full restaurant above in the Hotel Lobby area and a Business Center plus the Hotel has a 18 hole golf course. The tennis facility is a perfect destination to get away from it all but still have the ability to find players to play with as it is also a membership club. The staff was totally focused on making you feel welcome and went out of there way to meet my needs to be able to play while I was in St. Croix.

  • Avatar WK

    St Croix is a wonderful island to go to for any vacation and The Buccaneer is a first class resort with all of the amenities. The tennis concession is operated by Don de Wilde and it is also first class. The competition is always based on your level of play, and there is always plenty of games to join in. The courts are in great condition and the Pro Shop is well stocked with the latest equipment. I would recommend this tennis resort to any level of player.

  • Avatar RH

    Don deWilde is the tennis pro and does an unbelievable job.He gives lessons,clinics, runs tournaments and sells quality tennis gear.I would highly recommend this facility.

  • Avatar MR

    It is one of the best clubs I have ever played at. Don, the Tennis Professional, is an exceptionally wonderful coach. My only wish is that they would add courts with a clay surface.

  • Avatar BR

    Had very good intro lessons to tennis for daughter with Don DeWilde. Very patient and encouraging.

  • Avatar BS

    The courts at the Buccaneer were in very good shape, and when there was rain, there were adequate squeegees to clear the rain off quickly. The pro arranged for us to get signed up for all scheduled clinics our first day which was wonderful. We met many other players from around the area who were very enthusiastic about getting us involved in other match play both at the resort, and off site. Many friendly people were there to make it a fun vacation with tennis! The pro shop had great women’s clothing and shoe selections. The men’s side was a bit sparse but still had basics for those who forgot things at home. We had a great time and hope to go back!

  • Avatar NL

    really nice courts in a beautiful setting. The mixed doubles round robbin is a lot of fun. A range of players from beginner to intermediate.

  • Avatar JG

    We’ve rented condos for several years on St Croix –always attend tennis clinics@ the Buccaneer. The pro- Don -is great—keeps us moving–drills are challenging, versatile, always something new, and fun. Adapteble so that all play levels are able to participate. Downside -clinics are only twice a week at 8am.–8am is tough when you’re on vacation!!!!

  • Avatar SW

    For any tennis enthusiast, I highly recommend a stay at The Buccaneer, a family owned hotel and resort in St. Croix, USVI, with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Eight beautiful hard courts, including several with good lighting for night play. The long time, personable, resident pro, Don deWilde, will help whether you seek a lesson, or drills or a cardio workout, or to match with partner(s) of comparable play.

  • Avatar KH

    Loved the resort, was very relaxing. Had a nice time hitting and taking lessons with the tennis pro.

  • Avatar SS

    Don is superb at connecting players staying at the hotel and on the island.

  • Avatar LK

    The Buccaneer has an exceptional tennis pro in Don De Wilde! He is the best tennis pro we have ever had the privlege of working with. As adults trying to revive the tennis skills we developed as teenagers, Don worked with us, patiently and enthusiastically to improve our abilities, form, strategies and games remarkably well, and in a ridiculously short amount of time! And, he was super fun to be with!! He deminstrated to us that he is very much ahead of the curve technique wise as he brought our game into the 21st century, clearly articulating how to use form to create power and energetically drilling our new form into us as he worked us back and forth, forward and back over the court to get us in fighting shape!

  • Avatar MM

    I recently visited the Buccaneer in St. Croix. Don DelWide was the tennis pro. I took a 1 hour lesson with him and thought it was the best instruction I have ever received. They also had group lessons that you could participate, which I did as well as tennis mixers. The also offered a free kids camp daily, which my kids absolutely loved. They told me was the best camp ever. The hotel is expensive but well worth the money and the views incredible.

  • Avatar DJ

    You’ll want to stay at the Buccaneer or close by, as you’ll want to be there everyday. They offer a “drop in” mixed doubles on Sunday where you can meet the local members and seasonal guests. This is the time to arrange matches for the week ahead. It was amazing. I’ve never felt so welcome and had so much fun. And if you need help, Don is there to help fine tune your game or find a match for you. And between matches you can play golf or stretch out on their beautiful beach and order your favorite drink. I’ll return.

  • Avatar JM

    A wonderful tennis facility for players of all ages and abilities. Don de Wilde is an outstanding and engaging teacher. I would strongly recommend the Buccaneer and its tennis facility for anyone considering a visit to the Virgin Islands.

  • Avatar IN

    We took a family with teenagers vacation at the Buccaneer Resort in St. Croix, USVI. The tennis portion of this vacation was wonderful and just what we wanted. We signed up for 3 tennis sessions: an instructional clinic, a conditioning clinic and a fun game morning. All three were exceptional, fun and great experiences. The clinics were well taught and challenging. The game morning was a 6-game, random co-ed partner match then rotate partner. WE had so much fun meeting new people and the tennis was exciting and challenging. I had fun learning something new from each different partner, and the level of play worked well since it was doubles. I had a great time. I think anyone, even expert tennis players, would find this a rewarding tennis vacation. Don DeWilde, the tennis pro, is accommodating, experienced and friendly. You’ll enjoy meeting him.

  • Avatar JC

    One of the finest resorts, with the finest tennis facilities, in the Caribbean. The tennis pros always seem to be able to set-up a good match – doubles or singles. Unfortunately, an injury prevented me from playing this year, but it was obvious that the program was as strong as ever.

  • Avatar KM

    Please go there ,it is a wonderful resort.Been going there for last 15 years and try to visit twice a year.It has been in the Armstrong family for over 50 years and is still owned and operated by them. The tennis professional is an excellent teacher and dedicated to his profession. He has worked their for over 15 years . He does a wonderful job for both young and advanced players. They have 8 very good hard courts.

  • Avatar JH

    This is a great (and fun!)tennis program, offering a multitude of clinics, round robins and private lessons. Don DeWilde is the very able and enthusiastic head of the program which draws both hotel guests and residents in for the many events and activities. The only distraction is the beautiful ocean view from the courts.

  • Avatar KD

    My husband, children and I stayed at the Buccaneer for a week in March 2013. We played tennis daily. The courts are beautiful and situated on a hill with a view,and a beautiful breeze cools you as you play. The Pro Don de Wilde was PERFECT. He provided excellent instruction to our somewhat unathletic beginner nine year old who made great progress after two 30 minute private lessons. During our week of play we observed him giving terrific lessons to adults as well. He was friendly and obliging (restringing two racquets overnight so we could optimize our time there), and the shop had everything we needed. There was no “attitude”, just a love of the game.
    We used many of the Buccaneer’s facilities; the tennis was a highlight. We have traveled extensively and played at luxury resorts (Four Seasons etc.), and this tennis experience was absolutely on par with those. The overall gestalt of the Buccanner is friendly, spacious,”low-key” and super relaxing. Hope to return!

  • Avatar NC

    Lovely setting with 8 courts, an affable and capable pro in a low-key venue.

  • Avatar KM

    The best of the buccaneer are the weekly clinics. Going to a resort for a limited time you are able to play tennis and meet other players for additional games. The clinics are filled with drills that are rarely repeated. Players of all levels are able to get a work out by participating. I stayed longer this year and was able to enter the century tournament. In march they will have the club tournament. After a good work-out walk to the beach and jump in the Caribbean. Then a drink at the mermaid. Cheers.

  • Avatar MT

    Beautiful facility, views of the Caribbean Sea from the courts. Great lessons with two pros and matches can be arranged for players of all levels.

  • Avatar EP

    Fabulous tennis pro. Great clinics. Courts in excellent condition. Night courts available. Met lovely ladies from St. Croix.

  • Avatar KF

    Our family of four just returned from a 10-day vacation at the Buccaneer. The resort is beautiful, with its own beachfront spotted with palm trees, so you can always find shade. The snorkeling is also excellent right from the hotel beaches.
    We enjoyed quite a bit of tennis on our vacation. The courts are immaculately maintained; the pro shop is well-organized and helped set up a couple of matches for us during our stay. Also, I arranged beforehand for our son to have a series of lessons, which worked out wonderfully. The instruction was first-rate.

  • Avatar LW

    We came to the Buccaneer this past February. We learned of it through TennisResorts Online. We wanted an upscale resort with a well established tennis facility offering instruction, clinics and game matching. Our expectations were more than fulfilled. The resort is just beautiful, with a magnificent panoramic view of the turquoise sea all around you. The icing on the cake was that at the center of the beautiful resort is an attractive and well maintained and managed tennis facility. Head Pro Don DeWilde is an excellent instructor. We had lessons almost daily for the week we were there, and even after years of playing and taking lessons along the way, we benefitted greatly from his perspective and mild mannered approach. He’s a dedicated professional, and puts a lot of effort and energy into maintaining a great tennis program for all levels, whether it be instruction or fun playing. We look forward to returning, and bringing our children here to enjoy the beautiful resort, and having a great place to play tennis overlooking the beach.

  • Avatar JW

    My wife and I arrived three weeks ago at the Buccaneer to find the tennis facility in a beautiful setting at the heart of the property. I had called in advance to arrange lessons with Don DeWlde hoping for a positive learning experience. Don was terrific in creating a picture of what we were doing and how to improve, and most importantly, a gentleman of the first order. We have taken with us what he taught and are implementing these tips and lessons in our play right now. In addition, the Buccaneer property is quite expansive, and you never feel crowded and always feel like you have your own private space, which is just what we were looking for.

  • Avatar KD

    Don is an excellent instructor. Courts are in great condition. Hard to find a game. Ball machine pretty always available. Setting, on a hill overlooking the Caribbean, is breathtaking .

  • Avatar EG

    Members of the Vieques (PR) Tennis Club visited St. Croix for a tennis weekend. While there we signed up and had clinics with the Pro, and boy did he live up to the title! Absolutely fantastic, and very highly recommended! Thank you Don!

  • Avatar JH

    Don DeWilde provided a fun filled three day tennis experience for the eight players in our group Everyone wants to return to the Buccaneer again

  • Avatar SH

    I went to this resort with 7 tennis pals and had private lessons with the Pro, Don DeWilde. I had contacted him before begging for him to sell me a serve! He responded with great cheer and optimism and he DELIVERED!!! I have a serve! He ran clinics for our group and we had a ton of fun with a mixed skill group, not an easy challenge for the leader.
    We also enjoyed the property itself, big breakfasts are included and we were hungry! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. There are really excellent restaurants off campus but close by. Cab drivers are knowledgeable and friendly. The on campus beaches are OK, we live on Vieques so are pretty fussy about our beaches!
    We have all agreed that we will return and especially look forward to more clinics with Don.

  • Avatar MK

    Don de Wilde is one of those great, classic instructors who have played long enough to know exactly what your doing wrong and fix it. Fast. Through simple and targeted drills, Don was able to diagnose and correct the issues with my forehand, backhand and serve. By the second lesson, Don had improved the consistency of my game tremendously. You can really tell he loves his job.

  • Avatar JN

     Not only is the resort great, but the tennis is as well. I played for fun and also participated in cardio drills and worked on some new strategies. Mr. deWilde kept the drills moving quickly and was a lot of fun! He was very helpful finding others for me to play with as well. The play was competitive and the courts/facilities were in great shape. The ocean views were out of this world-the prettiest spot I’ve ever played.

  • Avatar DC

    Great resort. Don dewilde was helpful in matching me with local players and other visitors. Would return and highly recommend. There were no junior clinics available which would be nice for the kids.  

  • Avatar EG

    great family resort, very easy, reasonably priced in relation to other comparable resorts, free day camp & 8 hard surface tennis courts
    Rooms were a little disappointing, we stayed in family cottage and there was 1-small bathroom for 4-people to share. Overall dining service was extremely slow even by island standards, no waitress or bar service on the beach  

  • Avatar GC

    I would definitely recommend this resort for lessons or to play. The facilities are great and the tennis pro on propeerty is excellent  

  • Avatar MC

    I was nationally ranked in the seniors up until 2 years ago when I had 3 back surgeries, the last about 10 months ago. At the Club I worked with Don de Wilde, top pro and manager on getting my game back. His instruction was excellent and I benefited greatly from our hitting sessions. I highly recommend the Buccaneer for all player levels. There is opportunity for men and women’s doubles, mixed doubles and singles play. A wonderful place!  

  • Avatar LC

    I must say I have really enjoyed playing tennis at The Buccaneer while visiting St. Croix. The location of the tennis courts offers an exceptional view of the resort’s beautiful beach and surrounding grounds. Overall the courts are in good condition. Windscreens are not torn, courts are clean with no debris in the corners. Nets well maintained. There are no holes or cracks evident on the surface to warrant any concern about footing while playing. It does rain in paradise and there is an adequate supply of squeegees to remove water and resume playing quickly. The sun has taken is toll on the courts and the surface is just a bit faded.
    It would be nice to see the courts re-surfaced with the US Open color scheme. The updated look would greatly improve the player’s ability to “see” the ball in day and night conditions. It would also set it apart from the other resorts in the Caribbean that do not utilize this color scheme. The pro shop provides a good selection of clothing, shoes, racquets, hats, strings, grips, and accessories to outfit any tennis player. An electronic stringer enable’s staff to properly string any racquet that may come their way. A cooler of beverages awaits thirsty players. Dressing rooms allows for the trying on of the many items of clothing offered.
    Don deWilde offers insightful instruction in private lessons and drills. Tournament’s and round robin play are a staple at The Buccaneer. There is plenty of depth and variety in the programs offered for those visiting on vacation or tennis players living on the island. The Buccaneer tennis facility is truly breathtaking in its setting. Don deWilde has crafted and organized a facility that easily meets the needs of all skill levels that visit The Buccaneer. So prepare yourself to come, play hard, finish and reward yourself by sitting in the courts shaded patio area while drinking a cool beverage and gazing out into paradise.

  • Avatar TV

    The tennis pro at the Buccaneer, Don de Wilde, is a fabulous seasoned instructor. I played with him at least an hour each day the week we were in St. Croix. Living in a small community with few indoor courts, I needed to rejuvenate my game after an injury last fall and the long cold winter that forced me off the courts. Don was great as we worked out the cobwebs and soon had me back to perfecting my game.

  • Avatar RH

    My wife and I have stayed at the Buccaneer twice and really enjoyed it. Its advantage over most other Caribbean resorts is that Don De Wilde helps line up games and also is available for lessons and hitting practice. I was pleased with all of these services.

  • Avatar RS

    Great Locationm for the courts, friendly people and staff. A very pleasant atmosphere to play tenis in the Caribbean. The lighted coourts a are real plus.

  • Avatar TV

    Program is quite good. Don is one of the best pros I have worked with. One the weakness side, it would be ideal to have more organized team play during peak times.

  • Avatar AG

    We selected the Buccaneer primarily for its reputation as a great family resort, with its tennis program as an added bonus. Both exceeded our expectations. The grounds and proximity to activities were perfectly suited for our 3,5 and 7 year old kids and the centrally located courts made it easy for them to check out Dad too. Tennis pro Don DeWilde was very responsive to my needs and set me up with singles matches with both a local player and hotel guest. I also took a private lesson from Don and took away some key pointers. Be sure to ask Don to tell you his Connors story!
    We arrived during one of the clubs annual tournaments. I was impressed by the caliber of play, some of which was under the lights with many folks cheering. You could tell immediately there was a real tennis culture here. The Buccaneer’s full service resort and tennis club met everyone’s needs in our family. We’ll definitely return.

  • Avatar IS

    Great getaway both on and off the court! Only one pro but he was awesome! Don DeWilde, the tennis pro, set us up with lessons for the kids, clinics for us, and match play. Great personality and very good with different skill levels. Kids (ages 6-11)loved him! We saw all ages playing throughout the day. Would definitely recommend this resort and will probably go back!

  • Avatar JH

    Great tennis facilities, Don is a master, lots of help setting up games.

  • Avatar LO

    The Buccaneer, located on the north shores of St. Croix, was a great place to vacation. The grounds are fabulous, and the room are spread out so that you feel very private. The tennis courts are in great shape…..and the pro is excellent. My husband, the tennis player, said it was the best lesson he ever had, and it was worth the travel time to just even do that! And Wendy, who works at the Club, was excellent at setting up games for my husband! A happy husband, who is having fun with tennis, makes for a happy wife, who likes to snorkel!

  • Avatar DB

    This is a really nice tennis club with eight well kept asphalt courts. The staff is very friendly and flexible and it was easy to get a court or change court times during the Christmas vacation week we were there. There is also a well stocked shop and ability to get rackets re-strung overnight on the premises. Don deWilde, the tennis pro, did a great job with a lesson for my son.
    This is all located in the middle of a gorgeous resort right on the Caribbean with lots of other island stuff to do for those who cannot play tennis non-stop. I highly recommend this spot for tennis and island/beach relaxation.

  • Avatar DR

    The resort and tennis facilities came recommended from friends who enjoy tennis. I have never played tennis before and was nervous about taking on a new sport. The location and facilities were wonderful and Don’s friendly and helpful way of breaking down the grips, swings and body movement were fabulous. He has created a new tennis fanatic out of me. I plan on visiting The Buccaneer again in the future for more refresher lessons.

  • Avatar AL

    Don is a superb coach. The program is simply outstanding!

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