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23 reviews
  • Avatar CF

    I booked this resort because it was advertised as having tennis clinics and programs on its website. Well, it seems that the tennis program is not available this summer. However, the program is still listed on their website. Don’t book this hotel if you’re looking to play tennis

  • Avatar BS

    After attending tennis camps for 4 consecutive years and wanting to continue going, we never received any more promotional material. We were extremely disappointed and could understand the reasoning. We had to find other camps to attend and have done so. My wife and I were so disappointed that it seemed they did not want us back. With regards to the tennis clinic: We were flexible with our dates and asked that we be advised when it was a good week to attend with regards to the level of tennis and the amount of people attending–we did not get a response.

  • Avatar CA

    I highly recommend this fun tennis camp. The resort is beautiful and most accommodating. The tennis is exceptional with outstanding tennis pro’s. I have been there several times and have never been disappointed. The spa is excellent, the culinary school and zip line great fun and I look forward to returning for another fun week.

  • Avatar GH

    We find that Rob Barr, the head pro, is just a terrific teacher. He has a perfect demeanor of being engaged, encouraging, committed, warm and full of energy. Those working with him follow suit. It is lovely that as part of the tennis package the instructors have lunch with you everyday.
    The rest of the place is very hard to fault, unless you are looking for a ritz/mandarin oriental experience (and why would you in Vt.?) 20 acres are lovely; spa/fitness facilities new; bikes to take out; in/outdoor pool; mountains and burlington minutes away; and really good (sometimes great) culinary institute food and generous portions. Accomodations are spacious and very nice.

  • Avatar CS

    I attended the tennis camp at the Essex last summer. While enjoyed the camp and the people I met I think it is important to mention that the week I was there was primarily geared toward doubles. I only play singles and was hoping to work on my top spin but given the class dynamics it was not till the last day that I was able to do so. I did end up with a private on my last day because there were no other registered guests.

  • Avatar JW

    The Pros are excellent, very well school in finding your weakness and working on improving your strokes. I was lucky to be the only one there the week I went, so I had a private for 2 days and only had 2 other guys the 3rd day. Anders was especially good in working my forhand and volleys. I would recommend for anyone lookng for a week of relax fun and great food. Also Burington, VT is close and worth a visit on your off days.

  • Avatar NS

    Lovely inn, great food, beautiful setting, small and intimate tennis program, and fabulous pros!

  • Avatar JW

    The tennis program at The Essex is exceptional. The pros are top notch, they cater the program to each individual’s needs, and they are a lot of fun. The Inn is comfortable, the food is excellent, the service is great. This has become an annual vacation for me and my friends and we couldn’t live without it! We’re hooked!

  • Avatar KS

    Great place to get instruction with excelllelnt pros and high level of individual attention. I would love to go back.

  • Avatar JP

    Wonderful tennis, wonderful pro’s. Beautiful. Near Burlington, VT.

  • Avatar RM

    Teaching staff is fantastic. The atmosphere is friendly yet professional and the instructors always make sure to provide personalized advice. The times we attended the group size was very small (2-3 people) which resulted in particularly individualized instruction. Dining is outstanding, although it was somewhat difficult to get a table at the restaurant at dinner time.

  • Avatar LD

    I really enjoyed my stay at the Essex. Rob and Anders are fantastic tennis instructors. They are very competent, patient and very nice persons too. I also really enjoyed the food. I would certainly recommend the tennis package, it is a very good deal!

  • Avatar NK

    Wonderful accommodations, staff does a great job taking care of ones needs. We (a group of 4 ladies) attend the 5 hour a day camp. There are drills, instructions, video taping and a 4-1 ratio. Rob and Anders are super and have a lot of tennis knowledge to share and teach, great pros and they work well together. The camp combines tennis,lodging, and food for a pretty good value.  

  • Avatar NS

    I love this tennis camp! I have gone with a group of friends for 3 years running, and my week there is a highlight of my year. The setting and courts are beautiful, the pros are great (both as people and teachers), the atmostphere is serious but also fun and supportive. I can’t say enough great things about this camp! Plus, you have beauty of Vermont, the pleasures of Burlington, the enjoyment of the spa, and great food at the Inn to enjoy. The owners of the Inn are very attentive and take a personal interest in the experience guests are having. Rob Barr does a wonderful job keeping the program running smoothly, and is a fabulous teaching pro. Also, I love being on the court with Anders and Dave. My only wish: bring back Matt and Frank!

  • Avatar AW

    The tennis clinics were superb and the ratio of coach to players was 1 to 4. There was a lot of individual attention and help. The coaches observed each individual player and emphasized form and skills that were appropriate forthe individual player.

  • Avatar AM

    The tennis program at The Essex is absolutely wonderful. The group of women I travel with have been going there for 4 years now, and each year the experience gets better. Rob Barr and his assistant, Anders (and associate pros) all are incredibly skillful at what they do.
    First, the teaching model is excellent. The skill is introduced and modeled, and then ample time is provided for practice and reinforcement. I must mention that Rob, in particular, takes many opportunities for one-on-one instruction as is needed by the tennis players.
    Then, consideration is given to tennis players for extremes in heat (water and towels provided) and rain (indoor facility available). Our 5-day stays have been outstanding especially when we factor in the beautiful new spa and the delicious gourmet meals. The staff at The Essex is marvelous and attentive. My only suggestion is that some of the rooms need updating.
    We hope to return next year. It’s a beautiful thing!!!

  • Avatar SH

    This was my second trip to Essex this summer. This time I took my 15-year-old granddaughter and she loved it. When she came back, she couldn’t wait to show her coach what she learned and how she improved. Rob and his staff are great with all ages. She wants to go back again and I hope to bring her next summer.

  • Avatar DG

    My wife and I are experienced teachers who play at very different levels. We experienced the exceptionally gifted and talented instruction of Rob Barr and our games are better for it. His personal and insightful suggestions hit the mark consistently. They help so much more than the standard one size fits all suggestions. Looking forward to our next tennis camp at The Essex. And yes, the food is just what you would hope for considering it is the home of the New England Culinary Institute!

  • Avatar LS

    My daughter and I did a mini half-day program for a couple of days. The tennis instruction was excellent and even more important the two pros we worked with Bob & Anders made it fun. The setting is magnificent and the resort recently added a first class spa. Tennis guests have access to the pool and whirlpools at the spa. Our half day program included lunch. I have stayed at the Essex before for other business. What we did not realize is that the meals that are included, come directly from the culinary resort menu. Needless to say this was an extra highlight to the trip. First class experience all the way!

  • Avatar MW

    I enjoyed the tennis program offered at the Essex. Rob and Anders were very professional and really know their tennis. They are able to take each individual and work on helping them make the most of their skills to improve their overall game, while still having a lot fun! I came with several other women from my tennis team and they worked with us a group too which was a real bonus for our doubles play. We all stayed at the Essex which was very nice and had plenty to offer for everyone. Lunch and (sometimes)dinner with the pros and other campers was a nice touch!

  • Avatar SL

    This was my first time doing a tennis camp. I was very impressed by the caliver of the instructors who helped me with improving my strokes, footwork and strategy. The key for me was getting concrete improvement that I can start using immediately. That was the case. It was also nice having lunch and dinner with the instructors. Overall, a great experience.

  • Avatar WW

    My wife and I just returned from a 5 day tennis camp at The Essex in Vermont. Beautiful weather, excellent surroundings, and great tennis! We did the five days to get thoroughly immersed in tennis…and boy were we! The day begins with breakfast, then three hours of drills and instruction in the morning. Lunch was served, and then two more hours of drill and instruction followed by doubles play. After a rest, a gourmet meal was served for dinner. The meals were exquisite. But most of all the tennis instruction was superb. Both Robb Barr (the director) and Anders Lundberg, the two pros, were both knowledgeable and encouraging. And both kept us laughing. I recommend to all players!

  • Avatar DL

    Essex provides a first rate tennis camp experience: excellent instruction, outstanding amenities, and great dining. Rob is a terrific pro, runs a superb program, and, along with Anders, is one of the many reasons I returned to Essex for a third time (2007, 2008, 2010). Indoor courts are easily accessible should the weather turn–a big plus.
    And the Essex is nicely situated: a short ride from the airport and downtown Burlington, with a number of quality shopping outlets nearby. The other amenities are exceptional. The new spa is a great addition: excellent pool for lap swimming, with hot tub. The gym was fairly well-equipped. I also took advantage of a two cooking classes while I was there this year (a first for me), and they were a lot of fun.
    In short, an outstanding experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to return and, in fact, know I’ll go back.

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