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366 reviews
  • Avatar LH

    We participated in the Platform Tennis program. The Lodge is exactly that, a Lodge. Clean, somewhat renovated, in the woods, beautiful location. It’s rustic which is what we expected. Nice size double rooms. Food is excellent, well prepared, healthy options, delicious. We ran into problems with one of the Paddle tennis pros…extraordinarily negative and demotivating. I’ve never experienced that in 30 years of racquet sports. He was terrible to us. And that’s why we were there as a team. The other pro was great. Anyway, just wanted to provide that feedback because it was a bad experience.

  • Avatar KT

    Excellent food. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff. The staff stayed late to welcome us in on our first night and saved dinner for us. The tennis was great. Loved the instructors. The accommodations were a bit rustic. The bed was incredibly uncomfortable. There were bugs in the room. Bathroom was very small.

  • Avatar JD

    We just returned to Total Tennis for a third time. We have 2 children and we all love visiting. The grounds are beautiful and serene. The rooms have been completely renovated since our last stay. While they are basic, they are very clean and comfortable. The resort now has free WiFi but I love that there are no TVs in the room because it really fosters socializing as a family and with other guests in the meeting areas. All meals are included and served buffet style. There are healthy options and everything is fresh and delicious. Total Tennis also cares about the environment by composting, organic gardening and solar panels. The tennis instruction is delivered based on your level as in our family we range from very beginner to advanced. The instructors are helpful and staff very accommodating. While we had our lessons separately for four hours per day, we had lots of time together, like in the new hot tub. The pool area is also new, but only open in the summer. Our daughter literally cries each time we have to leave, but we’ll be back again.

  • Avatar JD

    We just returned to Total Tennis for a third time. We have 2 children and we all love visiting. The grounds are beautiful and serene. The rooms have been completely renovated since our last stay. While they are basic, they are very clean and comfortable. The resort now has free WiFi but I love that there are no TVs in the room because it really fosters socializing as a family and with other guests in the meeting areas. All meals are included and served buffet style. There are healthy options and everything is fresh and delicious. Total Tennis also cares about the environment by composting, organic gardening and solar panels. The tennis instruction is delivered based on your level as in our family we range from very beginner to advanced. The instructors are helpful and staff very accommodating. While we had our lessons separately for four hours per day, we had lots of time together, like in the new hot tub. The pool area is also new, but only open in the summer. Our daughter literally cries each time we have to leave, but we’ll be back again.

  • Avatar CC

    What a perfect ladies weekend getaway at the end of winter or early spring when it is still too cold to play tennis outdoors. Maybe you can be lucky enough(as we were) to pick a warm sunny weekend in April to have our private lesson OUTDOORS! Our pros were entertaining when they weren’t assisting in correcting our strokes.The indoor courts were tops. The meals were again scrumptious. When our bodies were aching, we dashed to the hot tub for relief. Lastly, it was such a pleasure to spend social time with each other- women of all ages who love tennis…and life.

  • Avatar LM

    The tennis is fun. The lessons which are included are plenty of tennis. I was exhausted at the end of the day. The food was very good but I am not picky. The lodging is just fine. I spent most of my time out of the room. We played games in the lodge at night. I think that Total Tennis is a great value for a tennis vacation. I have been going for about 6 years.

  • Avatar DH

    It is a GREAT place to come together with old friends to play a lot of great tennis. Instructors are fun and energetic. They concentrate on your weaknesses or allow you to just practice depending on what you want. The food is to die for!! Fresh Farm to table, amazing choices and we all rave about the selection of wines and desserts as well. Ed is the owner and he is a bit quirky but lovable non the less. I highly recommend grabbing a few friends and hitting the courts. The rooms have all been redone and they are amazing. The new pool is now centrally located and feels great after a long hot day in the sun.

  • Avatar PM

    If you like an affordable, intensive tennis weekend experience close to Albany and not far from NYC-Metro area, this is a sure bet. The pro staff are excellent, and there is high retention, so the same pros are instructing us year after year, and get to know what we need to work on. The lodgings have all been recently renovated, the food is abundant and great, and overall the experience is so much fun for groups! What it is NOT – not great for solo campers, not great for anyone looking for any kind of night life, not great for a romantic getaway, not great for someone looking for uber-luxe accommodations.

  • Avatar CR

    Love this place, great tennis, food and players. Recently renovated new pool area – terrific

  • Avatar FS

    Excellent all around! Will be back this year

  • Avatar LV

    Overall great tennis camp….food is excellent, accommodations are adequate, tennis instructors are very good. You stay with the same instructor for the duration of your stay which could be a problem if you get one you don’t care for. Quiet, peaceful area in upstate NY

  • Avatar TF

    I love total tennis – great instruction, great food, all of the rooms have been renovated in the past two or three years, and best of all it is a warm and welcoming place.

  • Avatar DP

    Great place! Great instruction! Great food! Great bang for your buck. Great view!

  • Avatar SW

    I have been returning to this tennis resort at least annually for over fifteen years and even though I have always been enchanted by the high level of instruction, the sense of unity, camaraderie,and friendliness among the campers, (most of whom, like me, are return customers), and the great food, the biggest problems used to be the lack of anything to do beside tennis and the threadbare hotel rooms. While the former has been somewhat relieved by a new swimming pool, there really isn’t much to do in Saigerties. This is especially true since such a large number of guests are from NYC, making the contrast worse. However, the remodeling of the rooms has gone a long way towards improving the overall experience. Also, while the instruction is a little better for intermediate and advanced than for beginners, I believe that this too is changing.

  • Avatar BW

    Spent last weekend on the recently renovated courts at Total Tennis, just a two hour drive north of New York City. As a repeat camper, I knew what to expect and was not disappointed by terrific tennis and superb instruction complemented by three delicious meals. Luckily the weather cooperated and kudos to them for the new pool and surrounding courtyard. Very often I go solo but this time was accompanied by my wife. We play at different levels and a good time was had by all…Recommended to tennis players everywhere.

  • Avatar LO

    I love the all inclusive adult packages including 5 hours of instruction per day with small groups. There are 20 + outdoor courts (mostly clay) and 5 indoor courts in case of inclement weather. The included meals once again did not disappoint. This year, thee updates include a new in ground pool, updated rooms, and Wifi available throughout the properties. If you are looking for lots of tennis at a very reasonable price this is the place to go.

  • Avatar MT

    The two best things about Total Tennis are the food and the instruction. It is a wonderfully social tennis facility. The rooms are slightly less than luxurious but fully adequate. The decks are lovely to sit and relax. The staff are friendly and accommodating. The pros are very good at trying to group players at similar skill levels.

  • Avatar MW

    Although I have not been back for awhile..the time at Total Tennis with friends was a really fun three days. We enjoyed the clinics with our instructor…good tennis and good fun. Meeting new people was also quite interesting. We are from Canada and enjoyed meeting with our next door neighbours. Am looking forward to doing this again and soon!

  • Avatar RG

    The acomadations were very good the food was great and instruction was very good and conveniently located and price was reasonable

  • Avatar MA

    Total tennis is an amazing camp! I have now been 3 times with my friends and spouse. The teaching is great with enthusiastic coaches, the rooms are comfy, clean and spacious and the food is AMAZING!! We are going again in June and i am counting down the days!!

  • Avatar DC

    The scenery and food were amazing. The tennis instruction was very good and well organized. The accomodations are uniquely cool and comfortable.

  • Avatar KS

    I truly enjoy going to Total Tennis camp a couple of times a year. The tennis pros and drills are terrific and customized to your needs.. You can really up your play and enjoy the game more. I always learn something I can put into my tennis toolbox. The grounds are beautiful, so are the mouton views. Lots of friendly guests and staff. playing more . Great farm to table local cuisine.

  • Avatar NT

    Total Tennis was a great tennis experience! Superb pros, teaching on a personal level, isolating the elements of the game that need more work for each individual. The location is gorgeous, and the food is one of the best parts of the experience. I went there with friends, during a mostly rainy week, and the staff was willing to modify the schedule slightly, so as to keep the full instruction timetable with minimal indoor time!

  • Avatar SP

    If you are looking for great instruction, fabulous food and breathtaking surroundings at a very reasonable price…….Check out Total Tennis. I love it and keep going back.??

  • Avatar AC

    You can go enjoy tennis at any level from beginner to advanced. They are well organized and the courts are lovely and well kept. Food is fresh and delicious. I’ve gone many times over the past several years and still can’t wait to go again!

  • Avatar MS

    I recommend this place with ease to friends, acquaintances and business associates. It is a place where tennis levels are taught from novice to about 4.0 levels, so it makes it desirable for many people. The instruction was well managed and performed in a professional fashion. The outdoor courts are in excellent shape and in a very picturesque setting, which makes Total Tennis a desirable place for a tennis vacation, either on a short or long term. Another plus that I will extend within my review is the healthy food provided with each meal. The menu is simple but tasty and adheres to the essentials elements of good nutritional values. I attended a few times that coincided with major tennis tournaments and wished that the TV featured the tennis channel. Is nothing better than watching high level performance tennis at the same time with taking daily tennis instruction. And the short coming here was that the entire resort had a tiny TV room ( only a few people were able to be part of it) and only one TV set. The lack of a larger more spacious and relaxing room designated for lounging and socializing makes this place having a kind of lonely atmosphere.

  • Avatar CW

    I have been to Total Tennis twice. Each time I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The tennis instruction was fun. I found my game improved each time. The fast paced lessons left us with better abilities to react in a match. The assistance with strategy and technique just made my game better. The food is great. The lodging is good. I came with my team and we always had a space to meet as a group. That said it was among the other people at the tennis camp who were a lot of fun.

  • Avatar BB

    Strengths: On the adult summer weekend tennis camp, you play a LOT of tennis. The instruction was very good, and how they grouped us was good but could have been better. The food was very good. It’s served buffet style and attendees sit at tables in an open room. It’s closer to NYC than other locations I’d attended adult tennis camp. Weaknesses: The rooms/decor felt like being in summer camp. Too rustic, even given the price more affordable than other tennis camps. However, they advertised that they have renovated most of the rooms. This would make the experience more positive.

  • Avatar KS

    This was my 4th year at Total Tennis. It is an amazing experience from the tennis to the food to the staff to the views! I always take a large group with me and I have never had anyone less than thrilled with their experience. Just got back and I can’t wait to start planning next year!

  • Avatar KS

    Rustic, but clean and nice enough. Plenty of tennis courts. I suggest going with your own group because the groupings – you may get stuck with someone who’s not the right age/energy level you are seeking. I think they should try doing open drills for an hour or two to see how everyone plays, and then match people up.

  • Avatar ML

    If your looking first for great tennis lessons you will find it here! but what I loved about total tennis was the atmosphere and beautiful upstate Catskill back drop. Anytime of year upstate NY is beautiful and at Total Tennis you can play indoor and outdoors depending on the season! I loved that family style meals where you get a chance to meet all the people you are taking lessons with.

  • Avatar JL

    Terrific Tennis. Great food. Rooms are adequate, tvs would be nice..

  • Avatar KM

    I loved loved loved my stay at Total Tennis! It was all about playing tennis and eating satisfying meals and relaxing on the pretty grounds, using the sauna and sleeping deeply. The other people there were friendly and down to earth– we all are there for the same reason– to play more tennis. I highly recommend it.

  • Avatar SP

    I had a great experience at total tennis. The amount of tennis that is played is excellent. The rooms were nice and the food was awesome. It was nice that there was no TV in the rooms and everyone ate together. It was a nice change of pace. The one negative I have is I wish I got to play with more of a verity of players and different instructors.

  • Avatar KM

    Good overall instruction. A good places to get back into tennis shape over 2-3 days of extended group and private lessons. The food is wonderful. The rooms were dated when I was last there but I read a renovation has improved the living quarters. The evening entertainment depends on when you go. I love the fall when the leave are turning. You can sit out and sip wine and enjoy the scenery. I’ve been to Total Tennis three times and look forward to going again. I’m a 4.0 USTA active player.

  • Avatar KS

    One of the things I love about Total Tennis is that it really DOES have something for everyone–the adults in our family have had wonderful, solo restorative getaways there and our kids had a great time at the summer program. It’s really a special place.

  • Avatar BG

    Total Tennis is if you enjoy tennis, solid instruction and fresh mountain air. The atmosphere is quiet and the ambience is overall quite welcoming.

  • Avatar HM

    Fun tennis boot camp in the Catskillss. Great food.

  • Avatar EN

    Strength is in the well organized and professionally ran tennis program. Facility needs a little TLC though, but I know they have been working on it.

  • Avatar TL

    I love going to Total Tennis with my girlfriends. We have the absolute best times there. The tennis is fantastic. My passion is to play and I love playing all day. The instruction is great. The food is a bonus; it is absolutely incredible. I love being there.

  • Avatar TO

    Great tennis,lodging and food….friendly..great instruction, a huge fire in lodge after tennis. Masages,hot tub. Location in scenic Catskills near Woodstock..

  • Avatar SP

    Great tennis! Great food in a beautiful setting. Love Yotal TENNIS!!

  • Avatar CO

    This place is great. It is not fancy but it is very clean and comfortable. It’s a good place to come with a group of friends or team mates for training. The food is always top-notch.

  • Avatar MJ

    The instructors are excellent and you will learn a lot in the time allotted. The food is of exceptional high quality and very healthy. I have had the pleasure of enjoying g the camp several times.

  • Avatar DG

    I love, love love it here! The tennis is always fun with great instructors. The foods gets 5 stars*****! Dan the chef cooks from scratch, a lot of the produce is local, and the food is plentiful with a lot of choices and delicious! Also there are wonderful massages available. There’s a roaring fireplace in the winter, and wine and cheese are complimentary in the evening. Rooms are clean and comfortable. One of my favorite places ever!

  • Avatar FB

    They run a great tennis camp for adults. There is not much evening activity. The food is great. Just received email letting us know that the larger rooms have been redone. Looking forward to staying in a new large room.

  • Avatar DF

    Our team loved our trip to toal tennis! Our pro, Saif was outstanding! He helped everyone in our group improve their skills in one weekend. He was helpful, respectful, energetic and insightful. The food at total tennis is delicious. We loved every meal and had plenty to eat and a variety of foods to please everyone. Can’t wait to go back!

  • Avatar AS

    Had the best time at Total Tennis. amazing instruction, fabulous food and quaint living! Can’t wait to go back!!

  • Avatar JM

    Guaranteed of leaving Total Tennis a better tennis player than when you arrived. Lots of situational drills, personal tips and instruction, and plenty of play each day you are at Total Tennis. Group and private lessons included. Food is excellent. Overall a very comfortable environment and all personnel are friendly and approachable.

  • Avatar LB

    Total tennis is for the ultimate tennis buff, which I am. After two days of instructions I felt my game was improved. The instructors provided good feedback . I especially liked the one half hour of private instruction. The accomodations were adequate and the food was delicious. I cannot wait to back this summer.

  • Avatar MZ

    Probably the best food of any resort, and terrific tennis instruction. Havnt been there in a while, but remember having loads of fun with great instructors and and and really nice bunch of people.

  • Avatar AL

    Strengths are the whole experience (not necessarily each individual component). Everything is fun. It’s a pleasure to be at Total Tennis and I wish I had the time to make 2 trips a year. Unfortunately it’s once every few years. It’s a lively place with a lot of energy. The other guests are always fun and it is a very social environment. The last time I went I also took advantage of the spa. I can look up her name, but masseuse was hands down fantastic. My mom and I were both raving!

  • Avatar WW

    Excellent coaching-almost non-stop! The food was beyond anything I expected.

  • Avatar MM

    I have been visiting Total Tennis for about six years and really love it. The staff is friendly, the rooms are clean and the food is amazing. The pros are very helpful and encouraging. I always travel with a group of friends and we look forward to it every time.

  • Avatar DP

    A wonderful tennis experience. Lots of excellent drills. Insightful instruction. Great to be with people who love the game. Weakness: the room I stayed in was bare boned, though I understand that they have subsequently upgraded many of the rooms. And, by the way, outstanding food.

  • Avatar JN

    Total Tennis is my happy place. I have done 3-day programs there ~8 times over the past 15 years. The tennis instruction is perfect – instructors don’t try to radically change your game, but meet you where you are and determine a few key areas on which to focus. All of the instructors I’ve had, without exception, have been friendly, fun, and skilled at how to work with adult players. All the drills and games are appropriate and effective for the group. I appreciate that groups are with the same instructor for the whole program, so you can build a relationship with them and they can hone in on consistently reinforcing areas you are working on. The setting is stunning, with the courts in a valley with mountains and woods behind them. Accommodations in the past have been comfortable and adequate, most with beautiful view of the Catskills – from what I have seen in emails and their website they have done beautiful renovations of all their rooms. Every time I’ve gone I’ve gotten a massage, used their hot tub and outdoor pool. All of these amenities are wonderful, particularly the spa staff. In the evenings there are fun happy hours, games and socializing in family style dining. By the end of the three day experience you usually have met and chatted with everyone in the group and found people to be friendly. It feels like a summer camp with people who are all just so happy to be there and share their tennis passion. The absolute best feature of the resort though, besides excellent tennis, is exceptional food! The chef is outstanding, cooking healthy, locally sourced food that rivals any top rated restaurant. I haven’t been in a few years due to a tennis injury, but can’t wait to go back!

  • Avatar SB

    Fun tennis, great friends, delicious food.

  • Avatar GM

    Great weekend away for Tennis. Lovely surroundings and good facilities. Wish I had been in a group which was the same level as me, as the instruction did not push me. Would have liked the instructor to move me into a more suitable group.

  • Avatar BP

    My husband and I stayed at total tennis for a weekend. Wet found it to be a great camp with very nice accommodations, delicious food, a lovely setting and most importantly wonderful tennis instructors. We had a lot of fun and leaned a lot in a short time. We will definitely reopen!

  • Avatar MR

    Last year was our first experience at Total Tennis and we had a great time. The instruction was very good and we had a lot of playing time over the weekend stay. The tennis courts were in good shape and varied in playing surface. The food was very good and the accomodations were comfortable, but rustic. They had a fun barn dance with a dj. They offer massages and have a nice hot tub. The surrounding area is very picturesque. We are going back with a group of friends in 2018.

  • Avatar CT

    Total Tennis is a great get-a-way with friends and an amazing way to strengthen your game. The food is amazing! The instructors are really helpful as well. I highly recommend you treat yourself.

  • Avatar NR

    This tennis camp provides 5 hours of excellent instruction with 1 private 1/2 hour lesson which is fabulous. Great food. Lots of fun. A wonderful place conveniently located to provide a wonderful opportunity to visit with your tennis team or tennis buddies.

  • Avatar TI

    Great tennis facilities and instructions! Unbelievable 5-star restaurant quality food with lots of locally grown meats and veggies, including from their own organic garden. I also appreciate not having luxury accommodations, which help keep the cost down. All of this is only a 2-hour ride form New York City in the beautiful hilly setting! I love and highly recommend Total Tennis!

  • Avatar DM

    The program is awesome. It’s a great mixture of learning and experience while helping to challenge you to your ‘best potential’ . I particularly got the most out of the one-on-one feedback and the personal improvement objective, not to mention the ability to play on multiple surfaces in and outdoors. I’ve recommended to many friends over the years and would go more often myself time permitting.

  • Avatar EL

    Excellent camp. Exceptional instructors, 5 Star dining and a relaxed atmosphere

  • Avatar LD

    I love coming to TotalTennis, whether in the winter or the summer. The teaching is excellent, great fun and you get to play a lot of tennis. The food is amazing and the general atmosphere is very friendly and lively. The summer bbqs are a real treat. Beautiful surroundings and the accommodation is very comfortable.

  • Avatar NP

    I love total tennis. My husband and I go once a year.

  • Avatar BC

    I went to Total Tennis with my wife and a friend – we had an excellent two days of playing tennis. The staff were lovely, the food was generous and delicious and we met some really nice people there. We’d definitely go again!

  • Avatar AG

    Great setting, comfortable accommodations, wonderful food and most importantly some excellent instruction.

  • Avatar CM

    Total Tennis adult camp – fun and relaxing with tennis lovers. The facilities are in NY’s Catskill mountains, easily accessible from NYC. The rooms are cozy, clean and beds fantastic (all recently upgraded). The mountain air clean and refreshing. I never sleep better! The pros are friendly and instruction level high. There are clay, grass and hard surface courts so you get to play on every type of surface and see how it impacts your game. The food is delicious, nutritious and locally sourced. Meal times are like a family dinner. There is wine and cheese pre-dinner. Even if you come to tennis camp as a single you will have friends before you leave. There is a wonderful built in pool so after a hard day on the courts you can take a refreshing swim. Or sit in the hot tub. Always sign up early for a massage in the spa. While you are testing you can get your racquet re-struggle and re-gripped. And all this powered by solar! I go back at least once or twice a year. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

  • Avatar LE

    I have been to this camp multiple times and always have an amazing experience! The tennis instructors and courts are top notch. The food is amazing – they grow their own veggies in a garden on the property. My children have ask down the kids tennis camp while I’m there and had a blast. The accommodations were a bit rustic (which didn’t bother me) but they have just done a big renovation so I’m eager to see the improvements.

  • Avatar EF

    I have been to Total Tennis a half dozen times, and each time I return, as soon as I step onto the grounds I realize why I love going there so much! The setting is beautiful, the food is fabulous and the tennis instruction is first rate. There are always interesting people to meet, of varied ages, backgrounds and from different places; and of course different skill sets at tennis! The staff is welcoming and caring and the atmosphere is very relaxed. I can’t wait to go back, especially with the new upgrades!

  • Avatar PS

    I have gone to Total Tennis multiple times…..twice for tennis and once for paddle camp. All three times have been amazing, memorable, educational and fun fun fun! I cannot say enough good things about Total Tennis and the staff. The food is delicious, the tennis includes lots of instruction, the place is really nice and well run and the Saturday night barn dancing is the BEST. I am planning my fourth trip there in a couple weeks and am already looking into a paddle camp this fall. LOVE THIS PLACE!

  • Avatar EL

    The excellent tennis instruction alone is worth the price , but you get lodging and meals included. I got more improvement in my game in one weekend at Total Tennis than with months of lessons at the local tennis clubs. Accomodations were adequate but they just remodelled the rooms and they appear much nicer now, based on the pictures they posted on their website. Food was much better than I expected. Staff was very friendly and accomodating. Indoor courts were fine and have since been upgraded, but better to go when the outdoor courts are open to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  • Avatar AC

    Omg Total Tennis is a blast!! A little rustic but a super friendly staff and the food is phenomenal!! Teaching staff is knowledable & drills are current. All levels are welcome…great bang for your buck!

  • Avatar SS

    I have been to Total Tennis 6 times since 2014. The instruction is always excellent. Just one time my private instructor forgot I was almost 60 years old and ran me around so much I had to stop the lesson. That’s the only negative for instruction. It just taught me to speak up; the instructor can’t read my mind. Every other instructor I got was experienced, friendly, engaged, and knowledgeable. They offered lots of great drills. I’ve met so many nice people there in the group lessons. I always look forward to the amazingly prepared fresh, local food served in the dining room. Plenty of choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the accommodations are rustic, some are modern. They are in the process of a massive upgrade. The indoor courts were recently re-done, so that is a nice improvement. The front desk staff and office manager are very helpful. I book an on-site full body massage every time. They are fantastic! There is also a hot tub for apres tennis.

  • Avatar DL

    An outstanding place to go for a fun, little tennis vacation. Outstanding location for outdoor tennis, great staff and instruction, superb food, and just overall a great experience.

  • Avatar WC

    Love starting every outdoor season with going there to get a tune up. The staff is great, the pros are knowledgeable and they find ways of making the drills fun while teaching strokes and strategy. I also love the grounds, they are rustic, peaceful, and very nice and the food is very satisfying!

  • Avatar WF

    They were able to bring together a large group of people, offering a full range of experience levels. The tennis facilities were great and the accommodations were adequate, considering that you would use the rooms pretty much for sleeping. Good atmosphere and friendly staff

  • Avatar FO

    A fantastic tennis camp just minutes from exit 20 on the New York State Thruway. Near Woodstock NY too. Excellent instruction given on well maintained clay courts (which are so much less damaging to knees and ankles than hard courts). Comfortably inclusive group lessons create an inviting social atmosphere. Improved my game and had a great weekend at a very affordable price!

  • Avatar TR

    We have attended this camp in 2015 and 2016, yet unable to attend last summer because of foot surgeries. We plan on attending this coming summer again. We were extremely happy with the caliber of the lessons/drills that we received by the pros. The sessions were conducted in small groups and also included a private lesson as well. The food wAs incredible, all organic and “farm to table”. They have a nice loyalty program which is greatly appreciated. There were even some evening activities provided. The only drawback that can use some improvement is the bee problem by the drink tanks.

  • Avatar MW

    I’ve been going to Total Tennis once or twice a year for the past 8 years, and overall, I love it. Recently, they have begun an extensive program of renovation to the indoor courts, the swimming pool, and the guest rooms. I stayed in one of the new guest rooms a couple of months ago. It was cute and cozy, a small room and simple but warm and clean. The best parts of the place are the excellent and plentiful food, the beautiful rural location, and the first class tennis instruction. The lodge holds a cosy little bar and fireplace to hang out in. The downsides are the small rooms, a hot tub that has been broken on several trips, a lack of evening activities, and the inconvenience of having to rotate on and off the indoor courts when there are too many guest there to accommodate everyone at once. This is not a problem with the outdoor courts. The bottom line is this is not a luxury resort, but it does not charge luxury prices. I will continue to go as often as I can!

  • Avatar DC

    Our pro was amazing, the food was outstanding at every meal, it was fun and relaxing in the evenings and the tennis instruction during the day was as intense as you wanted to make it!

  • Avatar AD

    I tell my friends that it is the best tennis camp in the US. It is reasonably priced. The staff is great and the food is delicious.

  • Avatar AE

    Beautiful mountains, delicious food, spa services, comfortable rooms, helpful instructors, and well-maintained courts – all with a friendly and relaxed vibe. Really a tennis treasure in the Catskill Mountains.

  • Avatar JK

    I visited total tennis after having only started playing tennis a couple of years prior. I had taken lessons before, but none matched the quality I received here. Even in group settings, the instructors took the time to help each individual. Upon returning to my regular game, my teammates and opponents immediately noticed a drastic improvement in my game. I am looking forward to booking my next trip this Spring.

  • Avatar SA

    Went several times with different friends. Enjoyable overall but nothing that would rate extra marks.

  • Avatar DG

    What a fun place for tennis. We made the drive from Toronto Canada and it was well worth it. The facilities are wonderful, enjoyed the hot every night…. and the food was awesome. Would definitely return for more tennis.

  • Avatar SW

    Total Tennis is a wonderful way to enjoy and improve your tennis game, connect with friends, and take advantage of the beautiful Catskills setting. The tennis instruction is wonderful, and the pros take the time to learn about you as a player. My friends and I think of it like “Camp for Grownups,” and we look forward to going each year!

  • Avatar MB

    It’s a fun and easy get wknd getaway Food was fine , accommodation was fine for campstyle cant expect anything luxurious especially for price point. But there could have been more individualized tennis instruction. Some of the instructors where better than others. There was a lot of down time during instruction I should win the wknd Bc I have a large network and would be able to bring a nice group with me. I organize weekends for singles in their 20s and 30s and get 150+ Each wknd. Most are called camp Rosé all day and hosted in the poconos at a kids sleep away camp

  • Avatar CG

    Instruction was very very good pros seemed to genuinely want to make u improve and I’m an advanced player Rooms were old but I hear they have done some work on them

  • Avatar FC

    Love this place!!! I’ve been to Total Tennis about 5 times over the past 5 years and I can’t say enough good things about it. It has a rustic Catskill lodge feel to it – although I’ve heard they’ve recently remodeled a lot of the rooms, so that’s good. The food is DELICIOUS. If I could, I would go there just to eat. 🙂 The tennis instruction is good too of course, and you get a lot of attention, since the ratio is 1 instructor to 4 students. Overall, it’s fabulous, the people are super nice, and the prices are great as far as tennis camps go, especially in the Winter when it’s actually cheaper. It’s a great little getaway and I’ve met lots of nice people there every time…even when I go alone.

  • Avatar ST

    If you enjoy playing a lot of tennis, meeting new players and taking lessons in small groups; Total Tennis is a perfect place to go to in NYS. The accommodations are clean and comfortable, needed some upgrade, but I believe that they have been working on this over the winter. Looking forward to seeing the upgrades The food is always exceptional, perfect comfort food and really satisfying. Love the Meals!

  • Avatar DR

    This is an amazing tennis venue. Seasoned pros, gourmet organic locally sourced real food, beautiful serene setting with country furnishings…staffed by great people.

  • Avatar ES

    Great instructors, nice courts, excellent food. Really helped me improve my game. Cabins/bathrooms need updating.

  • Avatar MV

    It’s the best experience for an adult to get away and accomplish so much; such as, playing tennis for 6 hrs per day, quick way to lose weight, awesome meals, nice place to clear your head and have some me time!

  • Avatar TS

    A great place. Red clay courts!! In excellent shape. Go with friends every couple of years and we all love it. I’ve people who were skeptical and they left loving it. Watch out for the Disco!

  • Avatar RG

    Excellent place for tennis lovers. Good instruction, and wonderful food. It’s very low key which I loved. There’s nothing fancy about this place. The staff is very frendly – really nice people. Would like better indoor space, and an improved rec room.

  • Avatar GB

    Great time; good mix of tennis and social; one instructor was exceptional; courts in very good condition; good to have clay

  • Avatar AV

    I’m a regular guest at Total Tennis. I’ve brought friends, tennis league players, my husband and so on. I can’t say enough good things about this place! The pros are exceptional – I’ve worked with several of them. Lidia is my current pro, but Tony and Mike have also been instrumental in my development as a player. The food is exceptional. The CIA-trained chef prepares such a great variety and the communal-style meals allow for you to meet new people.

  • Avatar AF

    I’ve been to Total Tennis at least 10 times over the past few years and it’s always been an awesome experience. The Tennis pros are top notch and really know how to run a camp. The whole vibe is fun and feels like a summer camp year-round. The food is consistently good. The staff is warm and friendly. I’m glad they renovated the rooms as my only complaint would have been some of the rooms were a little dated. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get away with friends, as a couple, or with family and I will definitely be back!

  • Avatar DT

    this tennis camp is my all time favorite!! the food is fantastic and the instruction is right on point!! we also luv our massage therapists…great treat after a long day on the courts!! the new room upgrade will only improve this already wonderful place!! cant wait to go again!!

  • Avatar AK

    Strengths: Wooded, secluded setting, quiet and peaceful. Welcoming staff. Dining room is well stocked – hearty foods taking into consideration the hard work from playing tennis. As for the tennis – we loved our instructor Russ. We got to work with him for all 3 days, learned some practical tips, had a wonderful time getting to play 5 hours of tennis per day. Overall, if you’re looking for a tennis getaway, Total Tennis delivers. Weaknesses: One thing I’d recommend would be bigger ball baskets for the pros. That could increase the play time and reduce the time picking up balls.

  • Avatar KC

    Total Tennis is the best of both worlds – comfortable accommodations, delicious food and awesome tennis!

  • Avatar JM

    We have been coming to Total Tennis for years! We thoroughly enjoy the tennis instruction, food and accommodations!! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for thorough instruction with small groups and extra playing time after six hours each day. We have attended in both summer and winter and both were great!! Another big advantage is the price is extremely reasonable!

  • Avatar KK

    I’ve been going to Total Tennis for 7 years now, at least once a year. In winter, you have indoor courts. In summer you have beautiful outdoor courts. The instruction is excellent. I’ve been there with a group and by myself and will do both again. A plus is that you can stay onsite, be fed excellent and healthy and locally grown food, soak in the hot tub, and do it all for the cost for what so many resorts ask for just the price of tennis. Every time I go the tennis staff has improved my game (and I’m a 4.5) and everyone is easy and fun to be around. It’s located in a beautiful part of New York. My weekends there have always felt like an oasis from the world. (There’s one tv only for guests in a common room, and wifi is best in the lodge. And despite having to have wifi, I still go and make it all work). The massage therapists that are available are really good too. Rooms have been upgraded and I wish all rooms had a chair, but you’re not in them much and in the summer you can find a rocking chair to sit and relax.

  • Avatar DR

    Total Tennis is a tennis camp that is more accommodating then a resort. First class professional staff and the food is fresh and yummy. The people who all come to this resort to learn or improve their tennis games become friends and will return time and time again.

  • Avatar LV

    I have been going to Total Tennis for 7 years now. There are so many amazing things about it. The atmosphete is fun, light and everyone is super friendly and helpful! Everything is organic and green, which is a benefit in itself! The instructors are all great and really listen to what you need. My absolute favorite part is the food. You just cant get a bad meal, everything is incredibly tasty and you walk away full and satisfied at every meal, right diwn to the best scones and chic chip cookies EVER! Life is good from beginning to end including the fun DJ and his wife,,, just part of its decor! If i had a complaint, it would be to work on the rooms but you seem ti be working on this! I look forward to it every year!!!

  • Avatar FL

    Loved the professionalism of the staff and has wonderful tennis instructors. While this was the main reason we went to Total Tennis, my group had so much fun socializing. The food is great and glad to hear about renovated rooms. Looking forward to our 3rd yearly getaway in September!

  • Avatar DS

    Excellent combination of tennis,activities and terrific food make for a great stay.

  • Avatar JG

    The accomodations were OK-The food was OK- The after tennis instruction activities were OK-The tennis instruction, which is why were were there was great, and we all great a great workout-

  • Avatar LT

    I love Total Tennis. The grounds are beautiful, the food is always delicious and the instructors are the best. You can’t go wrong here.

  • Avatar MP

    I had a wonderful girls weekend a few years ago . The food and accomodations were great . The staff were friendly and patient. Yes the rooms needed updating , so I am glad that this was accomplished. I would like to go again.

  • Avatar LM

    Going to Total Tennis with friends is a blast! The staff are so friendly and the food is always great. The recently renovated rooms are comfortable and pretty. I’ve been going to Total Tennis for years and it is always a wonderful experience.

  • Avatar HC

    Set in the rolling hills of the Catskills, NY, Total Tennis delivers quality tennis instruction with comfortable accommodations and great food! It’s always a great time there

  • Avatar LF

    Total Tennis is a great place to sharpen your tennis skills. The instructors keep the sessions fun and interesting. They also challenge you to bring you to the next level . As far as the food and sleeping accommodations, you have delicious healthy food choices while dining there but, if you want peace and quiet while sleeping, I would recommend you choosing one of the outdoor units as opposed to staying in the main lodge.

  • Avatar BE

    I’ve been to total tennis during the summer & winter seasons. The summer is clay court play, with the backdrop of the Catskills. Winter is bubble hard court play. The food at the camp is always good, & they always serve vegan/vegetarian options. I love the salad bar during both lunch & dinner. The instructors I’ve had over the years have always been clear & helpful, never overwhelming me with details & instructions. The accommodations have varied. The newest eco friendly building has nice rooms, although small. I’ve stayed in the main lodge, as well as the building next door as a share. The rooms have a dated upstate New York vibe, but I’ve found the beds comfortable & the rooms clean.

  • Avatar KN

    Good instructions.

  • Avatar AH

    Excellent instructors and gourmet food!! So much fun!

  • Avatar KQ

    Great tennis get away. Solis pros. Great chef and newly renovated rooms make for an outstanding destination for a weekend trip or a longer stay.

  • Avatar AB

    The food was amazing, the staff are friendly and the fireplace chill area is fantastic in the winter months.

  • Avatar KD

    I have been going to TT for 10 years with a great group of friends. We were pleasantly surprised with all of the renovations of the courts, grounds & rooms. As always the food was great. Bravo chef Dan! The staff was very accommodating in scheduling our lessons & when then weather was predicted to take a turn for the worse we scrambled and got all of our tennis in & were able to leave early before the storm.

  • Avatar JS

    Total Tennis Strengths: Good tennis instructors, excellent meals, beautiful setting. Total tennis Weaknesses: WiFi is very spotty across the TT campus, hot tub doesn’t work, cost is too high per day for a family visit.

  • Avatar LC

    Excellent tennis instruction and play. Great food. Comfortable accommodations. Good value for the money.

  • Avatar BG

    Total tennis is a fantastic place to get away and just relax play great tennis and have delicious meals.The pros are fun and friendly and I always learn something new. It is definately worth a visit!

  • Avatar MH

    I love coming back again and again!!

  • Avatar BF

    No weaknesses! Great pro’s, great food, comfortable accommodations. Non -stop tennis instruction throughout your entire stay. Starting with it’s director, Ed, the entire staff is pleasant, helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend you give this facility a try if you are a tennis enthusiast.

  • Avatar TA

    I like the place. A+ camp food; the pros were hands on; very pleasant setting just off the Hudson.

  • Avatar CG

    Great coaches Like summer camp for grown ups!!

  • Avatar SA

    This is a wonderful place to go for tennis instruction and relaxation. It is rustic and charming, the beds are comfortable, the rooms are clean, the food is fantastic and the instruction is like none other. I have been a tennis player for most of my life and I love that when I come, I get critiqued, guided, and introduced to new techniques. I have the opportunity for ample play time and use of the amenities. The spa is lovely and the massages are great. Well needed after a day of playing. The entertainment is fun and meeting so many different people from around the world is a great experience. I have enjoyed my last several trips and look forward to going again.

  • Avatar JM

    Paddle instructors were spot on, though the first hour of sun is a bit blinding. The food was amazing, nutritious and wonderful variety even for someone eating gluten free. The evening games were good fun! The rooms were comfortable , maybe add some pegs to help air out our damp clothes fresh off the courts. I would recommend going to Total Tennis for tuning up your paddle game.

  • Avatar MG

    My husband and I had an awesome time at Total Tennis last summer and can’t wait to go back again this summer!

  • Avatar TD

    Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Total Tennis. Not only were the drills and games great but after burning so many calories we indulged in the fantastic food offered morning, noon and night. Have recommended this resort many times.

  • Avatar DM

    I attend this camp every Summer. The ritual is the same, yaer to year but it is the reason I return. Very few attendees aspire to being an International Tennis Pro but all are interested in getting better and having fun. There is no pretense at Ed’s place. I genuinely look forward to going and I always return with new skills to use. Instruction is clearly directed to appropriate skills and group selection for lessons is almost always accurate. Another strength is the location, not even 100 miles from NYC and the area is great. I go flyfishing after playing all day on local streams and the Esopus River. Saugerties and Woodstock are an easy drive and there is always something to do. What has impressed me over the years is the loyalty of the staff. They are gracious and helpful and welcoming. Mr. Fondiller and his family truly care about the attendees. The only negative thing to say is that the rooms are part of an old hunting lodge. Not too many creature comforts or outlets. The beds are small. Nonetheless, after a day of sun and tennis, most of us just want to sleep.

  • Avatar JA

    I enjoyed my experience with Total Tennis last fall 2017 and plan to return again this year. The instruction was very good although I’ll probably try a different instructor next time. I enjoyed food very much. The room was okay, small for 2 people.

  • Avatar SF

    Every time I go here, I have a very good time and my tennis game improves. It has a vibe of a relaxed, somewhat rustic Catskills resort, with excellent tennis instruction, and camaraderie with guests and instructors. The food is delicious and provides variety for those with vegetarian and gluten free wishes, as well as for those who are omnivores. Green & sustainability practices are important at this business.

  • Avatar LG

    Total Tennis always provides a great weekend away. It gives you the chance to relax from all the stress of work and meet up with people varied backgrounds with a love for tennis. During my stays ( prior to the renovations) I actually liked the “rustic” feel and simplicity of the rooms. It made me not pick up my phone and to go to the lounge to socialize or just sit on the deck to relax. Ed and his staff were always available and receptive to all requests. To offer comments on weaknesses, it would be a stretch. I was away, having fun, enjoying tennis and my friends. I will have to add special comment on the wonderful food. Nothing that was not well planned and prepared. I have missed going over the past couple of years but plan a return soon.

  • Avatar BA

    The staff and food were great. We stayed in a cabin up from the pool. Its was a little outdated but still charming. It was also more spacious then the main lodge rooms. Need a better bartender for the Saturday Dance. I remember having to wait a while on a few occasions.

  • Avatar CK

    I went for the 2-day weekend. You play about 5 hours of tennis each day so are very ready for a gourmet meal at day end prepared by the Culinary Institute of America grad-chef. I went during the U.S. Open so enjoyed the camaraderie of other tennis players while watching the open on TV in the communal area. The grounds are nice; tennis courts in good shape; my instructor was very skilled and friendly.

  • Avatar RK

    Great tennis instructors! Fabulous food and relaxing environment. I would highly recommend it!

  • Avatar CM

    I thought that the strengths were the food and the great tennis instruction. The weaknesses were dividing the students up into groups and the rooms need to be renovated.

  • Avatar MM

    Total Tennis has solid instructors. The facilities are adequate, beds not very comfortable (I visited before the rooms were upgraded). The food was good and plentiful. The setting was pleasant, the accommodations charmingly rustic/

  • Avatar SK

    I have been going to Total Tennis for the last five years. Almost every year, I am happy to say that I get a different instructor. Each instructor has different ways of teaching what you are do wrong and how to improve on what you are doing right. When I have finished my three days and two night stay, I bring home what I have learned trying to put it into practice. This is not always easy, but I try. I have met many new individuals who have come for the tennis, fun and socializing. You also see the people you know there. All in all, tennis players have a lot of fun gathering together to have a wonderful time. Only once did I complain about an instructior who was elderly. Although he spoke about the history of Total Tennis, he should have this discussion off of court. I paid for court time and not history time. History time could be after the lessons. The food is magnificent and healthy. I always look forward to having my three meals at Total Tennis.

  • Avatar RK

    A great experience. I go for the tennis. All I want is a bed to sleep in! I have been 3 times and each time have learned a lot.

  • Avatar SB

    Terrific instruction, delicious meals & a fantastic get away. My only complaint would be with regards to the accommodations. They were a bit too “rustic” for me. But overall a terrific weekend of fun!!! Would love to make it an annual trip with friends!!

  • Avatar LO

    The food is insanely good (that’s what comes to mind first). The tennis instruction was very good. I appreciated being “pushed” to play with strong players (grouped with 3 men) who were more advanced than I was. The experience was challenging but motivating. It’s an intense workout. My husband and I were literally wrung out after day one, but it was a terrific kind of tired/sore. Relaxing with everyone after dinner in the evenings, enjoying wine and great company, made for a great stay. I haven’t been in a few years, so hopefully the pool area has been refurbished by now. That was my only disappointment. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

  • Avatar CC

    Great instructions, fantastic instructors and outstanding food!. The place where tennis is happening

  • Avatar WM

    Value instruction, beautiful setting

  • Avatar TS

    The pros are amazing – focused and supportive while also pushing all players to work hard. The rooms are comfortable and cozy and everyone there is friendly and welcoming. The food is also amazing and plentiful. I totally recommend Total Tennis to all players!

  • Avatar CC

    Invited by friends to join them at Total Tennis a few years ago and now I’m an annual attendee. Well run schedule, skilled instructors and drills. Wholesome, healthy delicious buffets and pleasing yet simple atmosphere. I’m now encouraging tennis pals to go.

  • Avatar BP

    Food was great!!! visited two times success was totally dependent on the instructor!!!! Accommodations were comfortable Maybe have open tennis round robins in the evenig just for fun

  • Avatar AR

    I thought it was really great place for tennis lovers so focused on the game better than my experience at Amelia Island Drysdale resort. Pros are friendly approachable and expertly picking up on your learning needs tips given that stuck with me. Food was great nice relaxing environment off the courts. Loved it.

  • Avatar LJ

    I like their tennis lessons, friendly staff, clean and comfortable lodging and most of all good food. It’s like staying in a fancy 5 star hotel.

  • Avatar NG

    I visited total tennis on a girls weekend and had a wonderful experience. Instruction was great – i loved my instructor and playing all day was so much fun. All us girls had a blast. Some were in different classes but we got together for lunch and dinner every day. Food was delicious and the open happy hour and bar area was very nice..especially when the fire was going on cold nights. We took advantage of massages and hot tub too! Rooms were functional but a little worn. I understand theyve been upgraded which they should be. I spent 3 days there and had a blast…a girls weekend got us moving and laughing and feeling energized..

  • Avatar PW

    Fun and instructional tennis. You can up your game! Great atmosphere and terrific food. A wonderful tennis getaway.

  • Avatar NY

    Very basic amenities but fun place Great food but cafeteria and a bit cold in lodge No frills and very ” dirty dancing” type amenities Lots of fun and great staff

  • Avatar SW

    Teaching is great. Meals are excellent. It’s my third time at Total Tennis past three years. With recently renovated cabins-it’s even better. We are making plans to go back next year.

  • Avatar NB

    It’s pure tennis heaven. Not fancy but it has everything you need. Lots of good healthy food, great instruction, small groups and a fun vibe. Hoping to go back for visit no 5 soon.

  • Avatar BS

    I would recomend to single person and families to visit this very nice place and tennic complex.

  • Avatar KD

    Total Tennis is great! The pros, red clay courts, rooms, food, location are awesome!

  • Avatar BZ

    You get to play 5 hours of tennis each day and I always learn at least one new thing. The food is very good, but similar menu from weekend to weekend. Everything is paid for (except booze) and you are surrounded with tennis lovers. My favorite way to spend a weekend.

  • Avatar JS

    I’ve been going to Total Tennis for nearly 10 years, and it’s wonderful. The pros are enthusiastic and incredibly skilled; the food is amazing (lots of organic veggies grown on the premises); and the overall atmosphere is rustic in the best possible way – it really feels like camp for adults. And the pricing is very reasonable for what you get. Highly recommend.

  • Avatar NC

    Have been coming here off and on for 20 years and the enjoyable, fun and even some tennis is thoroughly first rate. The staff, chef, Ellen and Ed are gracious, helpful and totally behind the guests. Would not travel to another camp, first class.