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5 Reviews on “Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort”

5 reviews
  • Avatar JB

    Wonderful experience. Participated 2 years in a row for a tennis weekend. So fun!

  • Avatar CV

    I have been to Vail Racquet Resort for several tennis getaways and always love coming here. Staff is friendly, the units are spacious and the setting is amazing. I can’t think of a better place to getaway for some fun tennis!

  • Avatar GB

    Looking forward to our group setting up another event for 2023.

  • Avatar JV

    I took private tennis lessons with Greg, the Director of tennis. He was absolutely AMAZING! In 2 short weeks, I improved significantly. Greg loves what he does, is patient and has the perfect drills to help you make the most of your time. The tennis courts are also well maintained and it’s a beautiful setting. LOVED it.

  • Avatar JM

    They offer both clay and hard courts with amazing views of the mountain! Very quiet area and court time is FREE as a resort guest. No worries, I had NO problem getting a court!

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