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67 Reviews on “Wailea Tennis Club”

67 reviews
  • Avatar RS

    We participated in the daily clinics at Wailea Tennis Club for a week during April 2019. It was not a crowded facility during our visit, but the court conditions were excellent and the pro for the clinics, Anton, was excellent. Clinics were 90 minutes of hitting all types of shots and finishing up with some competition between the participants. Anton did a great job of keeping the pace quick throughout the clinic, to maximize the practice elements and minimize the stops for long breaks, picking up balls, etc. I found this to be one of the best 90 minute clinics I have attended at a tennis resort, all things considered. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar TB

    The best tennis experience in my life! The pros are all outstanding. The staff is friendly and very accommodating and helpful. I found this club 4 years ago when I was staying nearby and specifically came back to the same area so that I would be able to start my day off with a tennis drill each day before hitting the beaches or site seeing. Rudy has done a great job with his staff. I picked up a lot of great suggestions that have helped improve my game.

  • Avatar JH

    This Club was really nice, well maintained, and the staff were very kind and helpful. The prices were very reasonable and a daily rate, so you could play as much as you desired for that day.

  • Avatar MT

    Having spent at least 10 seasons (October/November) in Wailea, Maui I have nothing but positive reflections about the Wailea Tennis Club. The facilities are more than adequate and court time is almost always available throughout the day. But the thing that is exceptional about the Club is their staff. They have an excellent group of teaching pros and an office staff that is always friendly, supportive and efficient. We alway leave with a feeling that we wished we’d been able to extend our stay because of the memories we created at the Wailea Tennis Resort.

  • Avatar RG

    This is an excellent tennis facility, with excellent instruction. Patrik Ekstrand and his staff make this a very enjoyable tennis experience.

  • Avatar VA

    We spent 2 weeks over late January into Feb, on Maui.Staying in So. Kihei we had to find another tennis club to play after loosing Makena to private development. Well what a surprise the Wailea Tennis Club turned out to be. The facility has 10 courts and on stadium court as well as a separate area to hit against a wall. The restaurant and Pro shop are wonderful. Patrick Ekstrand and his staff in the pro shop are on top of everything. Mike and Paul in the pro shop kept us engaged with other club members, setting up singles and doubles play. Patrick along with Scott are great teachers. I rate Scott one of the best teaching pros I have had the pleasure of learning from over my 45+ years of tennis play. For the traveler who is also a tennis enthusiast, Wailea Tennis Club is not to be missed, should you find yourself in Maui. Thanks for all the play and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2018. Cheers!

  • Avatar AS

    Lovely facility with friendly staff. Great clinics.

  • Avatar DP

    As a permanent resident of Maui at this time, and belonging to the Wailea Tennis Club, as well as playing there several times a week, with members as well as tourists, I can attest to the fact that this is the tennis facility that, if you are a tennis enthusiast, you will be very . pleased with what they have to offer. The courts are all USTA approved, and the staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable! If you are looking for a club with a spa, fitness room, etc, you will not find it here, but the many hotels all around the tennis complex are all equipped with these amenities. This Club is strictly for tennis buffs! Best feature: the setting is breathtaking with the Ocean to the south and mountains to the north & west.

  • Avatar RI

    Friendly and always get a match. Great pros….Kathy sometimes likes to change your game too much instead of just working out one or two improvement type stokes

  • Avatar BO

    the great thing about the Wailea Tennis Club is when vacating in the area they will put together matches for you. Also, the teaching pros at Wailea are excellent.

  • Avatar SB

    I am just wrapping up another wonderful vacation in Maui Hawaii, which always includes the Wailea Tennis Club! What a spectacular club in a beautiful location. The pro shop is on top of any need you might request. Lessons, racquet stringing, and matches, to name a few. You are greated with the warmest of Alohas, followed up by “have a great hit.” If a great workout is what your looking for be sure and sign up for a clinic taught by the excellent pros. Yup, I’m hooked, I’ll definitely be back??

  • Avatar CB

    Chan, Kevin,Patrick Mike–the whole crew here is really great! Very personable and upbeat and I return every 6-8 weeks for a great time of teaching and match play!

  • Avatar RC

    There are 11 courts. All have been resurfaced in the past three years. There’s a ball machine available, and three good teachers. Private lessons and clinics are available. They aren’t particularly good at putting together players. Best to bring your own opponent or connect with one of the local members who schedule groups. This is a tennis court situation only… Plenty of local hotel space of various kinds.

  • Avatar CA

    My husband & I just returned from a magical week in Maui. While we were there, we took 2 morning clinics at the nearby Wailea tennis club. The first clinic with Cathy was the best one I have ever taken in 20 years! She was so fantastic at keeping us moving on strategy skills, for every level between 3.0-4.5. The next clinic a few days later with another pro wasn’t as fantastic. It was geared towards lower levels of 1-2 players and run slower. He was a nice guy and clearly a good player, so I feel badly reporting this. The club offered game arranging but we were so busy with other fun things to do like snorkeling, whale watching, hiking etc on the island that we didn’t take advantage of this. The club location was beautiful and loads of great places to stay and eat. I can’t wait to go back again one day!!!

  • Avatar AD

    I am a senior who, because of injury, had to convert from right to left handed if I wanted to continue playing tennis. My instructions at Wailea, and especially from Patrik were excellent. He was patient, stressed fundamentals, and got me back playing doubles again. The facilities are excellent and the staff most pleasant. I loved it.

  • Avatar MR

    Wailea Tennis Club is sporting paradise. Imagine walking down the hill to the Wailea Tennis Club and seeing the beautiful blue ocean off the coast of Maui. The main attraction at Wailea isn’t the view – it’s the instruction. Our family (myself, wife, and three young children) all take lessons from the pros there and we keep going back every time we’re in Maui. In fact we enjoy taking lessons at Wailea Tennis Club so much it was probably the main factor for buying our vacation home in Maui. The entire team of tennis pros are top notch. Whether individual lessons or clinics, you’re learning from the best. Just witness the number of top tennis players that visit the facility each year for their fantasy camp. Last year they had Lindsay Davenport, Michael Chang,Tracy Austin, and Tom Gullikson among others. These people come because they know and respect the pros at Wailea who can teach you at any level from beginner to pro. We’re just recreational tennis players but nothings starts our vacation days in paradise off better than taking a lesson at Wailea Tennis Club.

  • Avatar ES

    The staff and members are friendly and welcoming. There is plenty of accommodation ie 5 star hotels or condos, within easy walking distance. We vacation at Wailea every Jan/Feb and join as short term members. There is a good mix of age groups and playing ability. Also, there are lots of members that also play golf as there are several nice resort courses nearby.

  • Avatar AR

    This is a fabulous tennis club! Beautiful facilities, friendly staff, and great overall environment. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Maui.

  • Avatar JL

    Beautiful setting and great staff. I play there three times a year on tennis vacations.

  • Avatar JR

    We have been to many places for vacations, one of the primary reasons we return again and again to Wailea is to enjoy this club, its atmosphere and most importantly to advance our tennis games. Patrik and his staff are the absolute best we know for their on court coaching. They bring a warm personal touch to the club and to the court that has done wonders for our game. We definitely plan to return to this very special place.

  • Avatar BB

    Loved the staff and facilities. Went for the first time 10 years ago, and I have been back every year since, and it keeps getting better!! Lots of opportunities to hit with a variety of people and the clinics are so much fun!!

  • Avatar MP

    I had a great time. I learned lots during the morning clinics. And I always had the best customer service.

  • Avatar SM

    I have been coming to Maui and playing at Wailea for the past 3 years, over 3 times per year, and have recently made Maui my home and am now a full time club member. Here is the nice part, I got treated just as well as a guest as I do being a member. They have always been excellent and finding matches whenever I needed one, and now I am one of the people they call to play with guests. They are very accommodating, the facility is tops and constantly being enhanced. I played at another club yesterday, no shade, Wailea has tents and kiosks. The staff is tops, both the pro shop staff and the pro’s are the best, you will be well taken care of.

  • Avatar JW

    Staff is great – Patrik Ekstrand has been there a year as manager and has really made an impact – the activity level at the club has gone way up.

  • Avatar SS

    if you are looking for the best tennis in Hawaii you have to experience the Wailea Tennis Club. A stunning location. Tennis pros Cathy amd Scott are like family as we have taken so many lessons over the last 15 years. The always friendly pro shop staff will find you a match with a member or hotel guest. Patrik, the new tennis director, has made some very positive improvements to the club.

  • Avatar LV

    Wailea is a beautiful place to visit and so is the Wailea Tennis Club! Staff are friendly and very helpful – they will make you feel at home right away. They will go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and have the best tennis experience possible. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time player, there is something just right for you. The club offers clinics for every level, private lessons, ball machine and racket rentals and tennis-related fitness classes. They will arrange matches for you and connect you with others so you can get the most out of your stay on Maui. Fees are reasonable and affordable. Visiting Maui? Looking for a great place to play some tennis? Check out the Wailea Tennis Club. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Avatar SB

    I have been fortunate enough to travel to Wailea Tennis Club for many years and I love this place!! As you arrive at the courts, the view of the Pacific is breathtaking. The staff is very friendly and instructors are amazing. They have also assisted in setting up match play for me. I highly recommend this club.

  • Avatar AD

    Wailea Tennis Club has many active seasonal and year round members with the excellent professional staff available to arrange matches. The teaching professionals are outstanding whatever your level or playing style. The Tennis Club has many USTA teams at all levels and are always looking for new members. The Pro Shop is large and well stocked. Ten courts, clinics daily, exceptional instruction, matches arranged for guests, ball machine available, excellent accommodations close, many water sports (surfing, SUP, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, outrigger canoeing, …)and adventure activities (hiking, biking, zip lines..) nearby and awesome sightseeing.

  • Avatar AL

    I always enjoy playing at the WTC when I was a visitor to Maui and now a resident. I take multiple lessons each weak with a couple of their pros – they are the BEST on the island. The clinics are also well run and very productive and helpful. The pro-shop staff are always friendly but never pushy on their merchandize. They work hard to set up matches. Courts are always available between 11:30 am – 3:30 pm though during peak season the favorite hours (8 – 11 am and 4:30 – 6:30 pm) requires advanced reservation. Again, WTC is an excellent tennis club with professional staff for clinics, private lessons, and match scheduling while your are vacationing here or resident.

  • Avatar LO

    The Wailea Tennis Club has transformed itself into the club that it used to be. The resurfaced courts, the pretty new landscaping, and the new look of the pro shop are all welcome improvements. The only thing that remains is remodeling of the bathrooms. The staff is great. Wailea Tennis Club is the best place on Maui to play tennis for fun and for league play. Anyone who loves tennis should visit the WTC.

  • Avatar LC

    I went with friends and we had so much fun. I wish that we had planned for more time on the courts. The instructors were wonderful. Great energy and drills that I had not come across before. I would take a clinic with Kathy again, anytime.

  • Avatar KW

    The tennis club is under new management and looks beautiful, with new plants and re-surfaced courts. The staff is very friendly and helpful. One can rent equipment, buy balls and snacks. If you don’t have a partner, they will try to set you up with someone.

  • Avatar MV

    I had a great time playing at Wailea Tennis Club. They offered the perfect chance for me to play on my vacation to Maui. Stayed right next door at the Grand Champions complex so getting to the club was a breeze. I took three different clinics from three different pros (Patrik, Kathy, and Scott) All were great and provided a lot of ball time (clinics are limited to 8 people) I also was able to play matches (singles and doubles) after the clinics which was fun. They assist in finding you matches but this was not necessary as after the clinics I paired with another clinic taker for singles and pro shop staff asked if I could stick around and play for the doubles match.

  • Avatar RK

    excellent pros there. Courts getting a little dated though

  • Avatar MW

    My doubles partner and I just experienced a “bucket list” tennis camp at the Wailea Tennis Club on Maui, Hawaii. We were immersed in the “Aloha” spirit from the Director of Tennis, Patrik Ekstrand and Head Pro, Cathy Nicoloff as well as the friendly, helpful pro shop staff in the modest but well appointed pro shop. The level of instruction at the Wailea Tennis Camp is beyond compare. Lindsay & John, Tracey, Taylor, Michael, Mike & Julia, Tom, Chan, Colleen and Cathy were all so full of great energy, superb instruction and amazing one-on-one focus to each and everyone of us. It really was surreal just being on court with all these wonderful people!

  • Avatar JS

    As a member in the late 70’s and 80’s, and recently rejoining the club after a long lay-off, we think that the Wailea Tennis Club rates among the top clubs in the USA. The location is one of the most beautiful in the world,ten tennis courts amid a spectacular setting. Unfortunately, because it is in a resort in Hawaii, we need more members all year round, not just in the winter. Tell your friends and encourage them to become members.

  • Avatar JB

    Kathy is amazing. I never got so much from an instructor in such a short period.

  • Avatar GL

    After attending two fantasy tennis camps (2010 and 2012, missing 2011 because of injury) my wife and I WILL be at the 2013 camp barring unforeseen circumstances. Kathy and crew do an incredible job of making all levels of players (well, from 3.0 to 4.5) comfortable on court. The first day of 2012 was, perhaps, a bit crowded because of drop-ins from the Four Seasons, but that is rectifiable for 2013.
    The visiting pros change from year to year but mainstays have been Tom Gullikson and Lindsay Davenport. From the welcoming party on Wednesday night, to play, to the Saturday luncheon, to videotaping strokes,to the pro-exhibition you will enjoy yourselves and improve your tennis. Or else!

  • Avatar ML

    Cathy Nicoloff and her staff of pros spent an entire week whipping us into shape for our upcoming USTA Adult season. Their challenging lessons and clinics made us grow into the best players we could be…and the growing hasn’t stopped. Special thanks to Cathy for her “cardio tennis” drills and stragety instruction. A must for any tennis lover who visits the island of Maui.

  • Avatar PM

    This was our first tennis camp and we feel it was the best. The celebrity pros were outstanding. We were so impressed they knew all our names and gave us so much imput.We worked very hard and came away better players. We would love to go back someday.

  • Avatar JR

    I had a great time during our tennis fantasy camp at Wailea tennis club last Nov 2011. The pros were great in teaching and motivating us to improve. They covered all the fundamentals and made the drills as fun as possible. I am going back for sure.

  • Avatar KG

    Great location, great people who run it, just an awesome experience! Maui is truly a beautiful place and playing tennis there is a thrill!

  • Avatar DF

    I thought the instruction was excellent and instructors were very knowledgable also I had a excellant time

  • Avatar ES

    fantastic facility, with top notch coaching

  • Avatar KW

    This tennis facility is a really great facility because the people work hard to make your experience a good one. Courts are almost always available. You can pick up a match. It needs a shot in the arm of funding to do some of the much needed repairs but what the club lacks in superficial beauty, it makes up for in scenic beauty!

  • Avatar TH

    Beautiful tennis club. Great location. Excellent views. Convenient to shopping, dining, 4-star resorts.  

  • Avatar JR

    Absolutely phenomenal place. After 20 years of not playing regularly, I decided to bring my raquet to a vacation two years ago and have been playing regularly since — including taking more refresher trips to Wailea to practice and get some amazing instruction!  

  • Avatar SI

    Not only is the setting awesome, but the staff and pros at Wailea are the best around. Rates are reasonable and you can get in a lot of tennis as members really enjoy hosting visitor games and there’s always a special event happening, be it a league fundraiser, holiday round robin, or regular clinic.  

  • Avatar SM

    I would tell my friends the staff and teaching professionals are excellent and incredibly friendly. The pro-shop is well equipped and carries a wide-variety of apparel and shoes. The scenery surrounding the club is gorgeous and the court availability is very good. The weaknesses are that there is no drop-in round robin currently offered at the club. 

  • Avatar JK

    Friendliest staff ever. Awesome weather 355 days per year. Part of the finest resort in Hawaii  

  • Avatar BS

    Wailea Tennis Club is a wonderful place for members and guests to enjoy tennis–a sport that we all love. The staff is friendly and they are trying to make improvements to the facility.  

  • Avatar ES

    A wonderful facility with amazing views and helpful staff…The clinics, workshops and camps are top class all the way with pro’s that can bring the best out in anyone…I cant think of anything negative to say it is a big highlight for us…

  • Avatar SS

    excellant teaching staff. tennis shop staff very helpful in finding games I am a member of the tennis club

  • Avatar JM

    Beautiful setting, great instruction

  • Avatar RA

    Top notch club with beautiful setting. The staff is ready and able to help with any tennis needs. Daily drills of all skills, excellent private lessons, will find a competitive match for visitor, assist with recommendations for touring, lodging, eating.Celebrity guests participatng in clinics…it has it all plus!!

  • Avatar KR

    I attended Fantasy Tennis Campa at Wailea and it was incredible. The facility is top notch and the coaches were friendly and helpful. The location is amazing – and only a short walk from a number of incredible resorts (including the Four Seasons).

  • Avatar RL

    Great professionals and lessons/drills. Beautiful surropund and great hotels. Good opportunity to play with visitors and locals.

  • Avatar CY

    Wailea Tennis Club is fantastic. The tennis professionals are excellent. Don’t go anywhere else.

  • Avatar SC

    Wonderful weather, beautiful surroundings, friendly people, skilled pros, with marvelous ocean views. Free clinics for hotel guests and friendly office staff who will match you with playing partners. You could not ask for more.

  • Avatar PS

    The Wailea Tennis Club is truly one of the friendliest club I’ve had the pleasure to visit. The caliber of instructors can’t be beat and the club-house staff always willing to help. If you want to experience the spirit of “Aloha”, don’t miss out on visiting Wailea Tennis Club if you’re on the island of Maui

  • Avatar JL

    I love the Wailea Tennis Club. The staff is amazing. There are three teaching pros and all are competent, I use all three to improve my game. The pro shop features fabulous clothing and accessories. The courts are in great condition. A small feature is the staff uses slightly used tennis balls for all their drills and camps. This is very appreciated by me as I’ve had tennis elbow and never have to worry that this one small thing may set me back again.

  • Avatar BS

    Wailea Tennis Club is a beautiful facility. The staff is friendly,very professional, and excellent at what they do. I highly recommend the Wailea Tennis Club for your next tennis get away. Accommodations are lovely–ranging from condos to hotels.

  • Avatar LO

    My favorite thing about the Wailea Tennis club is they always find you a game.

  • Avatar DP

    If you want to experience one of the most beautiful tennis facilities in the world, with a majestic extinct volcano, Haleakala, overlooking the courts, and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, do visit the Wailea Tennis Club. The minute you walk into the Pro Shop, you will find a very welcoming atmosphere, the staff is genuinely friendly and helpful as is the custom on Maui.
    You can be sure they will do everything to make your tennis experience memorable–whether it is a private lesson, clinic or just matching you up with the correct level player if you request it. And you’ll find the well-kept 10 courts are always available for the time you reserve them.
    Because it is set in Wailea where the accommodations are exceptional, and the weather almost always perfect, you should enjoy the restaurants, shopping, and going to the beaches, besides playing tennis.
    I can honestly say, I’ve always had the most fun playing at the Wailea Tennis Club which to me should be rated among the best in the world!

  • Avatar CB

    The Wailea Tennis Club provides both social opportunities as well as exceptional Pro level Tennis instruction. I especially like the daily clinics that are offered to all levels including a Pee Wee daily tennis for 3-5 year olds. The club also has a wonderful Restaurant above the Pro Shop.
    The only downside to this is the Restaurant is only open for dinner. What a shame. If they had a light breakfast or even coffee bar what a way to spend the morning or afternoon. With kids playing or husband wanting to hit on the ball machine, I’d love to just have a coffee or glass of wine. As far as we are concerned the Wailea Tennis Club is a must do for guests who travel to Maui.

  • Avatar RH

    When my wife and I first visited the Wailea Tennis Center, we were greeting with a warm welcome and offer to play. We go to Maui twice a year, so the yearly membership and fees for the two months are a bargain for us. We love the tennis people we have met there. The instruction is excellent; instructors very approachable, and fees very reasonable.

  • Avatar BG

    The Wailea Tennis Club is beautiful as you walk down the view is breath taking. The staff and professionals are top notch. They have a fully stocked pro-shop….

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