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279 Reviews on “Wild Dunes Resort”

279 reviews
  • Avatar JJ

    The tennis and Pickleball staff were amazing! Enjoyed my stay and had the best experience. I am for sure coming back!

  • Avatar PB

    Great Pros love the clay courts beautiful resort.

  • Avatar ST

    I would highly recommend Wild Dunes Racquet Program. The pickleball and tennis clinics were great. The courts here are extremely well kept. I can’t say enough good things about the staff there. Shawn, Clayton, Jess and Josh are world class instructors. We will definitely be frequents here

  • Avatar EN

    Highly recommend.

  • Avatar KH

    It offers everything you need on a holiday. Tennis facilities highly recommend and well maintained. Pool area and food of high quality and service. Staff in all areas well trained and friendly. A definite high quality resort.

  • Avatar LH

    I have visited Wild Dunes for many years. It is a great place to vacation with numerous things to do, and the atmosphere great and pleasant. Tennis is the number one reason I go there. Clayton and Shawn are absolutely the BEST! They are very knowledgeable and they adapt to all levels of tennis players. Both have excellent personalities and are definitely the ones you want to take lessons from. No one is left out and they encourage everyone. They make all lessons/clinics very enjoyable. You never have to be embarrassed if you are in a group where everyone is better than you. NEVER !! Just in walking around Wild Dunes you can hear other tennis players talk about the wonderful experience they had at the clinics or with private lessons. ALL want to come back. When you have tennis pros that treat everyone the same and make the experience so enjoyable, you tell your friends and they will definitely want to visit the tennis courts at Wild Dunes. Great job by all the staff and pros, and thanks to Clayton and Shawn. A definite 5 STAR PLUS RATING!!! I did not take pickleball lessons/clinics and I just started with that and am not ready, so I did not put any ratings for that. I also did not use the spa, or have children, but from what I saw the Children have plenty to do!!

  • Avatar MT

    Peak tennis clinic was my favorite part of the trip. Instructors were fun and knowledgeable. Very organized and well run facility. Plenty of tennis clinics and fun pickleball socials!

  • Avatar EB

    I went for the tennis, and it was awesome! The pros and staff were wonderful.

  • Avatar LB

    Phenomenal place!

  • Avatar IS

    Great tennis/pickleball programming! They will customize instruction, beautiful lands-capping, spa and pool. Good restaurant options. From the minute you stepped into the tennis center the custom service and instruction for both pickleball /tennis were world class!!!

  • Avatar DK

    The entire racquets program at Wild Dunes Resort is unlike any other! I participated in both the private tennis lessons (Clayton rocks!), and also their cardio tennis which is great to get a high energy workout in. I must admit, I’m no tennis pro by any means and this was one of my first experiences with it, and the team was very understanding to my ability level. Of course, I had to also try the pickleball while I was there. Josh, the Director of Pickleball is also incredible. The clinics and camps were a lot of fun, especially for beginners. The resort itself is great! Lots of dining options and the spa was fantastic. Got a 60-minute massage during my stay and it was much needed after a day of tennis. Highly recommend Raymond! Overall, it was a fantastic stay and I can’t wait to go back again soon.

  • Avatar PM

    Wild Dunes surpassed my expectations in every way. Our typical day began with a sunrise walk along the ocean, finding sea shells while shrimp boats in the distance collected our meal for later in the day. A quick change into court shoes for an hour of pickleball lessons from certified instructors with a ton of energy. We also dropped into “open play” which introduced us to other resort guests and competitive games. After a delicious lunch at poolside cabana bar, we spent the afternoon on the beach reading, relaxing, and swimming. Along with eating at several of the resorts many restaurants, we also Ubered into IOP to grab dinner and listen to various bands. Rinse and Repeat each day….

  • Avatar RD

    Just a wonderful experience from start to finish. Wild Dunes Tennis is tops in my book. Great staff and programming always. My family and I look forward to returning many times over.

  • Avatar PN

    Had a lovely time at Wild Dunes. The private tennis lessons were outstanding helped me improve on the basics. Relaxing at the spa and drinks at the neat were other highlights.

  • Avatar MC

    The Resort is in a beautiful ocean front location with so much to do and enjoy whether you’re entertaining young children, or adult getaways, they offer a wide range of exceptional activities. I can’t say enough about this resort!!

  • Avatar JP

    Beautiful beach resort in SC. You can relax at the beach or if you want to go downtown to beautiful Charleston it’s on 20 minutes away. You get best of both worlds. The tennis and pickleball clinics are so much fun! Always get to meet some very nice people in clinics.

  • Avatar JG

    I absolutely love wild dunes tennis center and go back year after year. They have made significant improvements and continue to upgrade the facility. The pros are superb and everyone I interacted with at the pro shop was friendly and helpful.

  • Avatar TS

    The programming of the pickleball and its staff was exceptional. We would defiantly come back.

  • Avatar PM

    One of the best destinations I’ve been to in years. The accommodations and staff surpassed all my expectations. Clayton( Director of Tennis) and Damien (Head Pickleball Pro) provided exceptional service with lessons and clinics.

  • Avatar LH

    Tennis is the best. Clayton and Shawn are knowledgeable, and their personalities are perfect for working with all levels of tennis players. They adjust to your level and style, so you feel that you are learning something to become a better tennis player every time you work with one of them. I observed the other pros; all are very involved with their private lessons or groups of players. No one is left out! If tennis is what you are looking for, there is no other place to go!! I do not play pickleball, so I did not rate it. Wild Dunes is a great place to visit, with an awesome atmosphere and plenty of things to do and eat. I give Wild Dunes 5 plus plus stars!

  • Avatar ST

    5 star tennis program! Will be coming back with a group next time!

  • Avatar MT

    I attended the tennis clinics. All the pros were very friendly, knowledgeable and made the clinics fun. Will be back next year!

  • Avatar LB

    Spellbinding experience through and through!

  • Avatar JA

    : the tennis program and pro’s are awesome .

  • Avatar JG

    Incredible place for a couples getaway or a family bonding trip. So much to offer that you can find all to meet your needs

  • Avatar JQ

    Fantastic vacation, beautiful atmosphere, so much to do for the whole family.

  • Avatar MJ

    An amazing experience! The tennis was top notch! Food was great & the staff did everything to make our stay perfect. I would recommend Wild Dunes Resort to anyone.

  • Avatar PC

    Tennis facility and staff is outstanding. The resorts location is ideal excellent beach location Great for family vacations

  • Avatar JM

    Beautiful resort with easy beach access.The entire location is very well maintained. The tennis center is top notch with very professional, and friendly pros and staff members. There are tons of choices for all kinds all tennis players.

  • Avatar JM

    Wild Dunes is a great place. It is such a high-energy place with instructors who know the game very well and can teach it in a way that makes it very fun for the people learning. The facility has all clay courts and it is so much fun to play on a surface like that. The instructors are very knowledgeable who show compassion and a love for the game every time they are on the court. Very FUN environment!

  • Avatar JG

    Wild Dunes Resort is my fave. Their tennis is friendly and welcoming and high vibe. They have clinics every single day. Their core instructors are really good and go way beyond your basic tennis lesson. Shawn Jess and Clayton rock! They make it fun, inspiring, and a work out and I always learn something new. It is evident that ever since the new director, Clayton, arrived he has been making changes to upgrade the courts and the facility for the better.

  • Avatar MM

    Great tennis facility. They went above and beyond to match me other another player to play. Beautiful place and friendly people.

  • Avatar MM

    Wild Dunes resort is a special getaway. It provides so many dimensions and options for a vacation or business trip. One of the highlights for me is the tennis center. The staff and pros are so friendly and have a great culture. I have attended clinics and had private lessons. I left laughing and received great coaching.

  • Avatar WK

    My tennis team and I traveled to Wild Dunes for a weekend getaway but mostly to take part in the Wild Dunes Peak Performance Tennis Clinic. Words don’t do justice to how incredibly professional, knowledgeable and FUN the tennis pros were during our clinics. The new tennis director is an incredible asset to the Wild Dunes tennis program and he and his tennis pros taught us so much about our team strategy, match play, stroke assistance etc. All of the tennis pros kept the clinic moving and made for an incredibly fun and energetic atmosphere. We enjoyed shopping in the pro shop and sitting on the cozy bleachers watching others play! The Wild Dunes Tennis Program is a 10/10, we will be back and we HIGHLY recommend.

  • Avatar MO

    We stayed at the tennis condos and the location was great. 5 minute walk to almost everything. Beach. Tennis. Restaurants. We went on a girls weekend for tennis and the staff was extremely friendly, approachable and amazing at tennis. The prices were reasonable for a resort setting and we are already planning our next trip down.

  • Avatar AS

    Took a tennis clinic and it was beyond wonderful! Excellent instruction, great atmosphere and overall had best experience. All pros were very nice and very informative. Definitely will be planning another trip in near future.

  • Avatar JH

    Highly recommend! Our tennis experience, lodging, dining was wonderful. There is something for everyone and the staff is excellent. We will definitely be going back.

  • Avatar ST

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The tennis clinics and privates were a lot of fun and helped take my game to the next level. I’m already planing a return trip with my team! Excited about returning and doing the summer pickleball clinics too! The tennis director was very helpful and enthusiastic about their growing pickleball program. Can’t wait to return this summer!

  • Avatar LB

    Amazing destination for the entire family.

  • Avatar PB

    The tennis center has fallen on difficult times. Several of the clay courts were in need of new clay material. It was impossible to walk along the sidewalks between the courts without walking through two to four inches of water and washed out clay. There were no daily clinics for resort guests. Two of the clay courts had standing water on them. They had only two makeshift pickleball courts. There was no water on any court. There was no direct phone number to the pro shop. It lacked the energy of Palmetto Dunes and Newks. The resort is beautiful and the island is beautiful, but if you want an active and vibrant tennis resort with daily clinics, go to any of the resorts on Hilton Head Island or go to Boars Head or Newks.

  • Avatar JS

    We come to Wild Dunes twice a year at least and each time our kids can’t wait for their tennis lessons, They do look forward to lessons with Cadill each time. In fact, after our lesson this week, my son, age 6, said “You know it’s amazing that we remember everything we’ve learned even though it’s been so long since we were last here. It must be because Cadill is such a great teacher.” Indeed!

  • Avatar BK

    I specifically and exclusively came to the Wild Dunes Tennis Resort in March 2020 for my young 5-year old son Chris to train with their tennis pro on their immaculate Har-Tru courts. The experience was truly amazing and more than I could have ever imagined. My son trained with Asst. Head Pro Cadill Maharaj for one hour every day for five straight days in approximately 70-degree weather. From my initial call to the resort to schedule the private lessons until the very final rally of practice, Cadill was the most effective and professional instructor my son and I could have asked for. Cadill was remarkably able to improve my son’s groundstrokes by slightly altering his grip and wrist so that my son consistently hit the balls with a more closed racquet, generating impressive top spin for my son’s age to go along with his already impressive power for his age. Cadill also exponentially and dramatically improved my son’s volleying from both sides, as well as my son’s smashes and serving capabilities. Furthermore, he improved my son’s willingness and ability to recover after striking the ball so that Chris would timely and properly shuffle back to the “T” in his stance to prepare for the next incoming ball. Moreover, Cadill communicated exceptionally well with my son in explaining “why” he was instructing my son to do things the way they were being articulated to him. This impressive skill translated into my son not only being more focused and responsive to instruction, but to also concentrate for the entire hour of the practice sessions. Every day, Chris could not wait to go practice with Cadill. In essence, Cadill was able in 5 days to push my son to consistently be his very best for his age and talents, by instructing and motivating Chris to put everything together with great mechanics, excitement, focus and concentration, while also pushing my son just enough to reach this magical milestone for any father to watch. Chris not only tremendously grew as a tennis player during this wonderful experience, but also as a person and a “little man.” Perhaps most importantly, Cadill, the other tennis pros at the resort and all of the staff at the nearby Boardwalk Inn where we stayed were the kindest, most professional and most accommodating group of people anyone looking to enjoy a tennis getaway with the family could ask for. If you are looking to significantly improve your tennis game and/or your children’s game in a meaningful fashion on truly gorgeous and well-maintained Har-Tru courts under the South Carolina sunshine, I would VERY HIGHLY recommend that you visit, experience and enjoy Wild Dunes Tennis Resort and all it has to offer.

  • Avatar DR

    I’ve been coming to Wild Dunes for tennis instruction for years. I LOVE the staff. Carlos is a new addition this year and he’s amazing! Jess, Sean, Cadill and crew are the best. I was disappointed with the spa. My massage was incredible, but the facilities themselves are lacking. I came straight from tennis expecting a locker room with showers at a minimum and was hoping for a sauna or steam room. The current spa has none of those, but I understand the new hotel being built will have a new spa.

  • Avatar KR

    Amazing tennis instruction in a fun atmosphere.

  • Avatar JM

    Great tennis programs, the clinics for adults and children were a lot of fun. Good for both beginners and more advanced players. For 3.5 and above, I would recommend the private lessons instead of the group settings, but this is just me. I took private lessons with Carlos (director) and Jess, and they were both excellent. I would definitely recommend to my friends. It is a very convenient location, only just above 30 minutes from Charleston. There are also great restaurants, Target and laundromat within 10-15 minutes from the resort.

  • Avatar BT

    Took 2 days of clinics with Tory and she was excellent! Made the time fly with her humor, knowledge, and planned lessons. I HIGHLY recommend Wild Dunes for a fabulous tennis experience! I will return again and ask for Tory??

  • Avatar KH

    We have been going to Wild Dunes Resort for an annual ladies tennis weekend for several years now. It’s is always exceptional. Charlie and his staff provide a valuable, fun court experience. I always learn something new to bring back to my recreational game.

  • Avatar RS

    This was my first trip to Wild Dunes for a tennis weekend. I was part of a group of 24 ladies who drove from the Charlotte area of NC the weekend of 3/1. We had 2 days of clinics on 6 courts with outstanding instruction. Looking forward to making this a yearly event!

  • Avatar AC

    Love going to wild dunes! Both the staff and facility are excellent. I would highly recommend to any tennis player.

  • Avatar LL

    Love coming to Wild Dunes- Charly and his staff always do a great job with tennis clinics for our group!

  • Avatar LC

    Had a wonderful tennis experience! this is our 16th year enjoying our clinics with Charley and Shaun – and hope to be back next year!!!

  • Avatar DB

    My group has been co.ming to Wild Dunes for a long weekend doe 15 years Charlie AND Shawn very engaging and attentive to the l clinic participants. They are the best I have evey had the opportunity to work with. You as a participant receive a quality lesson not just your run of the mill hour with someone who is only there to feed you tennis balla.

  • Avatar RO

    Wild Dunes is the best tennis resort I’ve ever played at, led by Tennis Director Charly Rasheed and Head Pro Shawn Harris. Strengths: great pros, great facilities, great resort (golf, beach, etc.), great for families, and very close to downtown Charleston. Weaknesses: the free beer on Monday nights for the extremely high quality tennis pro exhibition is usually Bud Light (not my personal favorite).

  • Avatar JH

    Wild Dunes has a terrific tennis program with pros available for individual, group and daily clinics. Charley Rasheed, the head pro, makes sure all of the staff has a consistent teaching philosophy and style. My game grows with each visit! Very personable and professional staff. Most are former college players and teaching is their full time career. The pro shop is small but well stocked and the courts are kept on great shape.

  • Avatar OF

    The Wild Dunes Resort has been the host of two of our Racquet War events. The entire environment is outstanding! The courts are always in amazing shape, all the pros are extremely helpful, and even the viewing areas are perfect for those interested in just watching tennis! I look forward to coming back to Wild Dunes for many years to come!

  • Avatar RS

    Great beach, golf courses, and a tremendous tennis facility, Wild Dunes has it all! The tennis instructors at this resort are probably some of the best in the United States. The clinics and private lessons are a must if you vacation there, Charly, Shawn, Tory, Cadill, and Jessie have provided my family with many great hours of tennis. We have been playing tennis at Wild Dunes since the mid 80’s. Just recently Jessie and Cadill started running a very competitive Pickleball round robin to add to the total tennis experience. My family has been to many tennis resorts but Wild Dunes is the one we always go back to.

  • Avatar RV

    The facilities for tennis are second to none. The courts are kept in outstanding condition. The are options for players of all levels from Beginner to Expert. Above all else – the staff are welcome and friendly, but the coaching is on a different level. Very inciteful and committed to evaluating and improving your game and self confidence to improve. I travel the World and have lessons wherever I go, but nothing matches the experience and the improvement I achieve from my trips to Wild Dunes and working with Cadill.

  • Avatar LS

    Wild Dunes has the most fun loving tennis coaches. I had lessons with Cadill. He was so fun to play with. He was patient and encouraging. I just loved playing with him even if it was hot! Cadill taught me things you could not believe in 1 million years. I am nine years old and just beginning tennis. I could not do a backhand or forehand and in one hour after playing with Cadill I could do it great. The coaches are funny, they are silly, but most of all they are reliable. They can teach you lobs, forehands and backhands you name it they can do it all! They also have nice green sand court so you don’t roll your ankle.

  • Avatar D(

    It is a great resort and I recommend going out there everything there is great it is a great golf and tennis resort it also has very pretty beaches

  • Avatar SK

    Our family had a great time at the Wild Dunes resort. The location and resort exceeded our expectation in every way. All four of us were able to play tennis at the same time which was a big plus for us. Cadill was amazing with our kids and was able to quickly gauge their levels and tailor the coaching so that they were able to get the most out of the time we were there. We would go back in a heartbeat!

  • Avatar MA

    Great tennis coaches, amazing courts, and an overall awesome setting.

  • Avatar CW

    We are so very fortunate to live very near this facility. We have travelled to Florida to a couple of different resort tennis facilities. They were fun and very intense in the workout and number of balls we could hit. We really like it at Wild Dunes Tennis Resort. We found individual attention existed that was absent in the other places. Doesn’t matter how experienced you are or are not. Fundamentals are always important. We love the specific instruction we get there with the little distinctions to help improve our game and help to avoid injuries. Cadill has been our instructor now for about a year and we are absolutely thrilled to have him.

  • Avatar DO

    Cadill is one of the reasons we go to Wild Dunes every year. He hits with us (and our children) and is one of the most exceptional club pros I can recall. We actually rent a house in the resort, vs on the ocean closer to town, simply to facilitate playing with Cadill each summer. I’ve been playing tennis most of my life (including a D1 program) and now in my 40s it’s a pleasure to find someone as versatile as Cadill who can run me, my kids, and my wife together or separately while also improving my game and removing the rust. He’s a find and so is Wild Dunes. Thanks Cadill….

  • Avatar AT

    I play at Wild Dunes weekly and love both the facilities and great staff. In particular Charlie, Cadill, Todd and George are all first rate teachers, offering encouragement while pushing you to improve your game. Pro Shop has excellent selection of merchandise and quick turnaround on racquet stringing. No egos- just friendly, hardworking people in a wonderful setting. Alec T. Charleston January 2019

  • Avatar JS

    I’ve traveled all over to play tennis – from West Coast to East Coast, and Internationally (including several places on the “Top 100” list). Wild Dunes is the absolute best – it simply has it all. A great, welcoming group of Pros – who know how to play, how to instruct, and improve your game without re-making your game. Active, competitive, engaging clinics every day – and if you want to find a game outside of the clinic, the Pros are very willing to help make arrangements. The Charleston area adds great food, bars, and music – only 20 minutes away – and, by the way, the beach is across the street! As I said – it has it all. Enjoy it . . . I do.

  • Avatar SG

    This program is top notch!! Kadil is an amazing pro that provides thorough, professional instruction at all levels. He has a great personality and has the patience, professional experience and personality to teach all levels of players. This is a great program that I would highly recommend whether you are on vacation or looking for a full time tennis program.

  • Avatar CH

    Playing and practicing tennis here was a blast. I learned so much about tennis and teqniques about playing. Cadill is a great instructor and really knows how to teach and be a friend. Everyone there is very nice helpful. I would recommend this place to everyone that plays tennis and to families looking for something to do.

  • Avatar SS

    Wild Dunes Tennis is simply fantastic — fun! plus great tennis and instruction, all within a warm atmosphere. One goes home having learned something and totally enjoying the experience. My family includes teenagers who play high level tournaments and one who is more a recreational player and all have a great time and feel good about themselves. Each walks away having been taught in an enjoyable manner and the tournament players each pick up tips and technical advice that they respect and use thereafter. I am a 50 plus year old who plays and the pros always make it perfect for my level. We have been going to Wild Dunes for years and look forward to it every time.

  • Avatar SM

    I went to Wild Dunes this past weekend with 4 other friends for Racquet Wars Charleston. We attended a tennis clinic the day we arrived. Codill was our tennis pro. He did a fantastic job. It was one of the best clinics I have attended. The staff and all the pros along with Oakley and his staff from Racquet Wars did an amazing job!

  • Avatar DK

    As someone returning to the game after literally decades away, I cannot recommend Wild Dunes Tennis highly enough. From the front desk staff to the pro staff, everyone was friendly, helpful, extremely capable and clearly dedicated to giving players at every level the best possible experience while they were there. I had the delight and privilege to take private lessons with Cadill and Tory, and their impact on my playing was remarkable. Most of all, it was fun. The pros have an uncanny ability to zero in on exactly what an individual needs, whether they are a newbie, a seasoned player, or someone getting back into the game, like me. They accomplish this by listening, paying attention and enthusiastically sharing their profound knowledge and love of the game of tennis. I got racket recommendations, and even info on pros I could work with when I got back home. I simply cannot say enough good things about these facilities and, most importantly, the wonderful, committed folks who work there.

  • Avatar JL

    The Pros at Wild Dunes Resort are excellent instructors and the friendliest group of tennis pros you will ever find. If you have something in partiuclar that you need to improve, they will hit it spot on. After tennis, you are steps away from the beach and ocean or change clothes and play one of two golf courses. The tennis shop is always willing to help you connect with either guests or locals in Wild Dunes for a game.

  • Avatar JF

    The tennis experience at Wild Dunes is outstanding. The instructors are tenure, experienced pros that make it fun and competitive. They are a key element that sets this tennis resort apart from many others we have vacationed at. Charlie, Jess, George, Kadil and the whole team were great. The clay courts are in great condition, and convenient to everything there is to do at Wild Dunes. Well done, and we will be back!

  • Avatar DE

    What an unexpected surprise to have Cadill work with us and improve our game overall. He is a joy to be around, a professional with lots of patience & encouragement for our grandchildren. We couldn’t get enough of his teaching.

  • Avatar RG

    At age 46, i took my first lessons at Wild Dunes on Monday. I took my second lesson today (Thursday)! The facility is top notch. The staff is even better. I took a group lesson with my kids and we are all hooked!

  • Avatar EH

    Excellent tennis facility. Had a private lesson with teaching pro Cadill Mahara. Excellent. I would strongly recommend a visit to Wild Dunes, SC. Terrific vacation. Excellent facilities. Tennis facility is top of the bunch

  • Avatar DF

    Wonderful instruction in a lovely setting! The head pro Cadill and his fellow pros were superb – really attentive and thoughtful in their instruction. We attended the high performance clinics and the pros kept the movement fast-paced and fun. We also had private lessons with Cadill and Tori, both were excellent with great tips that have improved my game. We went for a long weekend and are already planning a return trip before year-end.

  • Avatar RL

    Just returned from a short vacation at Wild Dunes. The service was impeccable and our condo was perfect. Coastal Provisions was wonderful for dinner and we had an excellent server, Leanne. Our favorite part was the tennis. Cadill was the tennis pro that gave us lessons. He was an incredible pro. We will definitely be back!

  • Avatar RO

    Staff is exceptional… excellent teaching skills, motivates participants across all skill levels, very knowledgeable and very friendly and encouraging attitude. Applies to all pros. Charley, Shawn, Kadill, Jesse, Torry, Martin are the ones I can speak about from personal experience, but there are a few others who I would expect are as good as the ones I have noted. Beyond the tennis are the wide and beautiful beaches, two incredible golf courses, a variety of excellent accmmodations, great dining within and just outrside the complex; marina for boats and minutes from the best city on the South East coast, Charleston. What more can you want?

  • Avatar TW

    Cadill is a remarkable instructor. I have lived in Wild Dunes for many years and played a lot of tennis here and elsewhere. For a variety of reasons, I stopped playing twelve or thirteen years ago. Recently I decided to take the game up again, bad habits and all. I went to Cadill to get racket recommendations and asked him to have a look at my strokes. I knew by the end of our first session that I had found someone with superb instincts and unusually talented teaching skills. Cadill has found a way to build on what strengths I have while focussing on the weaknesses with patience and laser-like precision. I have learned more in the time I have been working with him than in all the years of match play and lessons I have had in the past. I think I am hitting the ball better than ever and am excited that, with Cadill’s help, I might be able to return to tournament play. He seems to me representative of a new level of sophistication and enthusiasm in a Wild Dunes tennis program that has always been strong, and I feel fortunate indeed to be part of it again, and under Cadill’s guidance.

  • Avatar CL

    Wild dunes tennis is one of the most remarkable places. The staff is friendly, eager and makes you a priority. I came to wild dunes tennis as a beginner player and have continued to learn more and more after every lesson. Cadill is an extraordinary teacher and makes each lesson lively and fun. Wild dunes tennis resort is a must on any destination list !

  • Avatar SH

    Wild dunes tennis is awesome! We have come for years because they have great instruction, courts are well maintained and the resort is beautiful. We love the boardwalk homes, the beach, the pools. We highly recommend Isle of Palms!

  • Avatar TJ

    Great instructors! Great facility! Cadill is best:-)!

  • Avatar JC

    Wild Dunes tennis clinics are an absolute joy to attend. I’ve been twice in the last three months and plan to return as soon as possible. Jessie and Cadill were able to meet the needs of every player in my group, regardless of our age or skill level. They were fun and helpful, and I would highly recommend attending their clinics! The resort is also fabulous! You have everything you need from a convenience store to food to an ATM to relaxation and recreation to a pool and the beach all right there! I went in November and February, so I obviously didn’t get in the the pool but it was still beautiful even in the winter! The scenery is peaceful and calming, and the walk to get around campus isn’t bad at all. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning walks each day of my stay. Charleston isn’t a long drive, and we had easy access to Uber and Lyft to make our getting there and back even simpler. We enjoyed downtown and the weather was perfect! I cannot day enough good things about Wild Dunes!

  • Avatar LK

    The pros at Wild Dunes are exceptional. The resort itself is spectacular including the tennis amenities. I would highly recommend tennis lessons at Wild Dunes Resort!

  • Avatar CW

    Fabulous resort with a wonderful tennis program. Our group of ladies has been coming here for several years for our tennis weekend. The tennis instruction is top notch and the facilities are great. We will be back.

  • Avatar JH

    We LOVE coming to Wild Dunes for our annual girls trip. We had 32 ladies this year and the weather and tennis clinics set up for us were amazing. Jess is my favorite instructor and so glad she is always there with a smiling face for us. The courts are always in great shape, we are able to walk to the shop multiple times a day. I also run when I’m there and it’s nice to have the 3 mile loop. Charly and his staff make our trip always so enjoyable, and that is why we return year after year.

  • Avatar AW

    Wild Dunes is a fantastic tennis destination. Charly does a fantastic job leading the crew there and their program(s) send out some amazing young players as well. With the recent addition of Cadill Maharaj, their program has only gotten stronger. His enthusiasm, instruction, and amazing personality will make anyone glad they have come to Wild Dunes. Kudos to the team there; and as a local to the area, it has become one of my favorite places to play.

  • Avatar AM

    The tennis facilities are fantastic and well-maintained. We took lessons with Cadill and could not have had a better time! He keeps you moving while helping your fix your form and strokes. Great workout and so fun! Highly recommend!

  • Avatar KG

    The staff and Pros are exceptional. The facility is top notch. Absolutely beautiful and so much fun!

  • Avatar SF

    Charly and Shawn are amazing. I would recommend their clinic and instruction to any level player. The combination of technical/positioning instruction and mental training is helpful from so many aspects on the court.

  • Avatar MM

    My tennis friends and I spent 3 days at wild dunes in Nov./21017. As part of our package we had several hours of lessons with Cadill . We all agreed that the lessons were an excellent work out as well as teaching experience.We had excellent doubles strategy clinics. I would highly recommend the facility and teaching staff.

  • Avatar JL

    The pros were impressive! They geared our clinics to be what we as a team needed. They were attentive and organized. Well done!

  • Avatar CC

    My family and I were here on vacation and decided to do some tennis lessons. Our instructor was Cadill and he did an amazing job. He was great at correcting our faults and helping us fix them.

  • Avatar SS

    Cadill was a fantastic tennis pro. Great instructions when requested. Went above and beyond to ensure an enjoyable experience.

  • Avatar RC

    Amazing vacation spot. So many amenities between tennis, golf, pools and restaurants.

  • Avatar JS

    As a whole, the instruction is absolutely 5 star. The teaching staff here is friendly and knowledgeable. The clinics and lessons are tailored to what you want and they use their guidance to prepare you for what your game needs. They make it fun and enjoyable. They can and will accommodate one player as well as customize a tennis experience for you as well as your group. I have visited Wild Dunes Tennis numerous times and will continue to go back. They remember me, my family, my friends and make you feel welcome each and every time. How amazing is it that a lesson can be beneficial to an 3.5 rated adult as well as a 13yr old at the very same time. When you’re here and you have worked so hard on your game; it’s in those moments that you know due to the brilliant instruction, the hard work and the fun you have had doing it… the pride on the faces of the staff shows and its all for you!!! A tremendous thanks to Cadill and Jess for keeping us wanting to come back as often as we can. Well done my friends, well done!

  • Avatar ZM

    Tennis instructor did an amazing job catering for all levels of players and integrating it into the most beneficial tennis workout and fun games which made us all improve and played to our best potiential

  • Avatar KP

    Outstanding tennis resort. Great pros, great programs , enjoyable experience. Nd and amazing facility.

  • Avatar CP

    Great pros, great program, and beautiful setting . My favorite tennis destination

  • Avatar SM

    Charly and the staff are amazing. I love the adult tennis clinics…. Jess and Cadill are top notch Pros. The pro shop staff is very helpful and friendly and the clay courts are always well maintained. I definitely will be back with my tennis friends.

  • Avatar JA

    I just went down and played past 4 days. Awesome instruction and fast pace clinics. Pros are very experienced, and knowledgeable. I saw a big improvement in my game in just a few days with the coaching of Tory. She was patient, encouraging, and pushed me to be a more aggressive player. I would highly recommend them for clinics, lessons, and camps. I have done several other locations and this instruction was the best!

  • Avatar DR

    I have been coming to Wild Dunes for over 25 years, but only started participating in the tennis programs the last five years and I regret the years I missed. The levels of clinics are varied for all levels including wonderful junior programs for the children. The staff is amazing and vary drills so when you participate multiple days you don’t feel it’s ever the same. They are accomodating to set up matches for you and make the time no matter when you want a private. Run to Wild Dunes.

  • Avatar AB

    Beautiful facility. Great staff.

  • Avatar JL

    Amazing weekend! I learn something new every time I come that I use in my very next match.

  • Avatar ES

    Charly and Sean are the best! We have come here as a group every Spring for maybe 7 years +/- and always get every cent worth of the price. From strategy to tips to mental focus, these guys cover it all. AND you get some free court time to practice what you’ve worked on during clinic hours. Perfect set up!

  • Avatar DM

    Participated in a weekend clinic/round robin that was exceptional in every regard. All was very well-organized , and the instruction was excellent.

  • Avatar CP

    I’ve been coming here with my family since I was 5 years old. I am an advanced junior player now and we keep coming back every year for the vacation and tennis experience.

  • Avatar GL

    I have been bringing my tennis, beach and golf loving family family to the Wild Dunes for the past 13 years. My sons are both hi level players and my husband and I are recreation players. There is something for everyone here. The coaching staff is fantastic!! GP

  • Avatar SC

    Clay courts in great condition. Friendly and super accommodating pro shop.

  • Avatar SS

    8 of us visited Wild Dunes and LOVED it. We did 2 peak performance clinics and a private clinic with 2 pros for the eight of us. The instruction was excellent and most of all in was BIG fun. I would highly recommend a trip to Wild Dunes…great facility and excellent pros.

  • Avatar RD

    Beautiful location, high energy tennis professionals

  • Avatar BA

    As a USPTA pro for over 40 years, I had my reservations about coming into this clinic setting, but I wanted to meet the new gals in my section and play a lot of tennis. To my surprise, the instructors were truly amazing and brought a lot of energy onto the court. I cannot say who I liked best as all were very knowledgeable and added something valuable to their court. I liked how a new strategy was introduced, how more was added to it, and how to incorporate the old with the new. I wish I could count this on my USPTA continuing education requirements, as it was just that. Thanks to all.

  • Avatar SS

    About 16 good senior players took a weekend clinic recently at Wild Dunes, and the experience was amazing. The staff was outstanding. We learned strategies and techniques that already have been incredibly helpful. The pros worked hard, and we worked hard. We agreed we would love to do it again next year because the experience was so valuable.

  • Avatar CH

    Just went to a GREAT weekend tennis clinic at Wild Dunes. We had 16 women and 4 pros. They did a great job teaching high level 5.0 ladies doubles. Just when you think you know it all there is more and great stuff by the staff at Wild Dunes. It was up beat and lots of good tennis. What a nice facility.

  • Avatar DB

    Awesome pros. So knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Avatar LY

    Charly Rasheed and his pros were excellent and ran clinics that were fast paced and informative. We had 5 courts of seasoned veteran players and we were all jotting notes to remember and take home to put into our games! Everyone was high energy and kept the drills and play high spirited. I had a great time and am looking forward to my next weekend at Wild Dunes.

  • Avatar CB

    Charley Rasheed put together a weekend clinic for 16 of us. He and his pros were on point and consistent in their message without sacrificing their own identities. We a learned a great deal from this clinic. We will be back!

  • Avatar BC

    Wonderful tennis facility with an awesome staff. Great golf courses as well — and the resort offers all types of accommodations. Beautiful beach and bike paths. Perfect vacation spot. Also, easy access to Charleston, SC.

  • Avatar NR

    Participated in the advanced clinic. Jessie and Jackson were great pros and the entire staff was accommodating and friendly! Pro shop seems to have undergone new changes with new clothes and a fresh coat of paint.

  • Avatar FW

    My experience is that Charley and Shawn and the rest of the teaching staff give people an excellent learning experience in a personable and good humored manner. The facilities are maintained very well. The Monday night tennis exhibition offers excellent play in a good natured atmosphere with a lot of door prizes and free beer as well. We are fortunate to have such a top notch tennis center at Wild Dunes.

  • Avatar KW

    Charly Rasheed, Sharon Harris and the tennis staff are simply the best. The drills were excellent and they gave individual players feedback and tips. Best of all are the private lessons. The facilities are great and well maintained. Can’t beat being at the ocean’s door and close to my favorite city, Charleston.

  • Avatar NA

    Love Wild Dunes for vacation and the tennis program is outstanding. My family has vacationed here for many years and love the location, close to the ocean, downtown Charleston. The staff at the tennis pavilion are very good, talented, and truly love and care about the tennis program. We have become very close and truly value their friendship.

  • Avatar SR

    Wild Dunes is a great place to stay and play. Our tennis group goes annually to enjoy wonderful rental accommodations, great restaurants , riding bikes, walking on the beach and best of all well organized, enjoyable, instructive tennis clinics.

  • Avatar BB

    Charly and his staff are some of the best pros in the business. We enjoyed the instruction, the fun we had while in the clinic as well as making some new tennis friends. Great place to visit and play tennis!

  • Avatar CM

    Wild Dunes was all that I imagined and more. The tennis pro was informative, professional, and gave great double strategy to my tennis group. I would recommend Charly Rasheed to anyone wanting to improve their game while enjoying a gorgeous tennis facility.

  • Avatar KH

    The pros who teach at this resort are friendly, articulate and make it easy to learn their unique approaches with drills that are fun and helpful.

  • Avatar MO

    I loved this tennis club. I can’t do it justice on this review, but the clay courts and all the pros that drilled us for the weekend where phenomenal! Charlie and his crew have great professionalism dealing with all levels (3.0-open in our group of 18 people). The energy from Nick & Jess and their corrections were spot on! The kept it moving and had our heart rates racing. That’s not an easy task with our veteran open players, so I highly recommend you check it out if you are in Isle of Palms, SC

  • Avatar KA

    The tennis was great at Wild Dunes. Charly and his staff are fantastic. We he really competitive and informative drills. I learned a ton, and can’t wait to go back next years!

  • Avatar KD

    What a great experience! Six indoor players from NH learning new strategies and playing at a remarkable facility! Head Pro Charly is the best of the best! We had a blast! We never stopped moving! So much fun!! The staff is knowledgable and friendly! The atmosphere is amazing! We can’t wait to go back next year!!!!

  • Avatar BK

    Great tennis resort! Loved the facilities and especially drill with Charley.

  • Avatar LG

    Fabulous clay courts and lots of them. Wonderful tennis staff. Small store and center

  • Avatar MH

    You will always feel welcomed at Wild Dunes Tennis Center The staff is top notch and lots of fun.

  • Avatar EF

    wild dunes tennis is the best! Director of Tennis is knowledgable, talented, great teacher and great player.

  • Avatar BR

    Beautiful setting, great instruction….fun, knowledgeable staff.

  • Avatar PM

    Love Wild Dunes! It’s on Isle of Palms and it’s very quaint and beautiful. Charly Rasheed is the instructor and he works with you very patiently, with a great sense of humor. We go back there every year.

  • Avatar TL

    I have attended Wild Dunes Tennis Resort three times with my tennis team from Charlotte, NC. My most resent visit was in Feb. 2016. Our team had a wonderful experience. The clinics focused on doubles strategy and movement and I love that we had one pro per four players. All the pros were very helpful. I wish my team could attend the Wild Dunes clinics prior to every season!

  • Avatar HB

    I’ve been coming to Wild Dunes to play tennis ever since I was a little. The facility is exceptional as always and the tennis pros and staff arre the best I have ever experienced at a resort. They are the reason my family and I keep coming back and will continue to come back for years to come

  • Avatar CB

    Top-notch tennis facility, but even better was the accommodating staff. Director of tennis took time out to personally meet us and even tweaked our clinic so we could work on particular strokes. We will be back for sure.

  • Avatar JW

    Just spent 3 days playing an event at Wild Dunes. Excellent courts, lovely people, superb hospitality and a gorgeous location.

  • Avatar LB

    We had a wonderful weekend stay at Wild Dunes. Our tennis team enjoyed the lessons. Most of us said they were among the best lessons we’ve ever had. We received tangible, practical advice to improve our strokes and game. And playing on all clay courts was terrific.

  • Avatar SL

    We love Tory! She does a great job with clinics and private lessons. We hit with all the pros, and she is our favorite.

  • Avatar LH

    Fantastic Tennis Resort. The Pro’s are excellent and very enjoyable to work with. They really want to improve your game – not only stroke production/skill but strategy as well. This is one of my favorite places to vacation and work on my tennis game!

  • Avatar SS

    Very professional but also seem to have more personality than most pro’s. It’s very apparent that they are extremely knowledgeable and do their best to help you understand their findings. I have been attending WD for the past 19 years. This program is consistent and never disappoints. I started bringing a group with me 9 years ago and we still plan a trip very spring. You will not be disappointed and you’ll leave feeling more confident in your camp.

  • Avatar AB

    Wild Dunes tennis has a great staff led by Director Charly Rasheed. My tennis teammates and I did drills with Tyler and Jesse. We were very impressed with their tennis knowledge, while being friendly and encouraging. The tennis center is beautifully set up. We look forward to returning very soon. I highly recommend taking a tennis trip here.

  • Avatar PA

    Great staff! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. Very fun place to play. Clinics and lessons are available for all ages. You can’t beat the scenery. A block from the beach.

  • Avatar LJ

    Shaw is amazing!!! Best tennis instruction I’ve ever had at a resort!

  • Avatar CW

    I go to Wild Dunes to enjoy the beach and play golf and tennis with my husband and 2 young boys. We love the tennis center here because we learn something from every clinic. We have to work hard but the staff makes it so much fun, even for our boys.. I have been playing tennis and taking lessons for over 20 years and Charly and Shawn are the best instructors I have worked with yet.

  • Avatar JW

    This is a great resort. The tennis pro, Charlie, is outstanding. He is very knowledgeable with the game. He also takes the time to get to know you and your other hobbies. For example, by asking questions, he learned I enjoyed other sports like baseball, football, and lacrosse. He was about to incorporate certain moves and technique from these sports into my tennis game. This tips definitely took my tennis game to another level. I would recommend to anyone.

  • Avatar LM

    Tennis, Golf and Beaches are wonderful.

  • Avatar TB

    Great facility with amazing tennis pros. Plenty of courts with availability. Well stocked and attentive pro shop. Friendly members.

  • Avatar JN

    Great Family Fun!!! Tennis is world class! Pros are amazing! So much to do!

  • Avatar WW

    Beautiful Resort. Enjoyed tennis program. Excellent instruction for all levels.

  • Avatar TW

    Absolutely beautiful setting. Tennis program is excellent. The pro’s are exceptional. Definitely top resort.

  • Avatar SP

    My family and I have been vacationing at Wild Dunes for over 10 years now and we look forward to returning every summer. We are a “tennis family” and love our time there. The tennis staff, along with the teaching clinics are second to none, while the overall hospitality at the resort is exceptional. It’s become our second home.

  • Avatar CK

    Our entire family, about 15 of us, look forward to visiting wild dunes very summer! We’ve been going for over ten years and one of our favorite activities while there is to play tennis, particularly, to take tennis lessons and join the clinics! The pro staff at Wild Dunes is exceptional! Charly Rashid, along with Shawn Harris and Nick Gaffos are extremely talented and wonderful to play with! We look forward to returning again next summer!

  • Avatar MJ

    Very nice facilities, clay courts only; Monday night exhibition by the staff with drinks and munchies. Game arranging or live play was lacking. Received excellent instruction and wanted to implement this with live play and was limited.

  • Avatar HS

    I have been playing tennis for a few short years. When visiting Wild Dunes each year, I have taken lessons from pro, Nick Gaffos. He’s always planned the lessons to strengthen my skills that need the most attention. Nick compliments the good shots and is always positive. I have gone from a beginner in 2012 to a fairly decent player who qualified for the state tournament in singles this year! I believe his lessons were a big contribution to my progress. The staff at Wild Dunes is friendly and welcoming. The facilities are outstanding and well taken care of. Wild Dunes has always been known for its tennis, and luckily I have gotten to experience it the last couple of years!

  • Avatar AK

    An awesome resort with extremely FUN and knowledgable staff that provide education and entertainment for all.

  • Avatar DT

    Charly and his crew are amazing instructors and the facilties can’t be beat. Not only did they focus on improving our tennis skills but they helped me better understand the mental and strategic aspects of the game.