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126 Reviews on “Boulders Resort and Spa”

126 reviews
  • Avatar HD

    Tennis courts are not in a good condition–dirty, cracks are widening

  • Avatar LR

    A BEAUTIFUL place to play tennis in Carefree Arizona. Small and friendly, it’s the best!

  • Avatar DS

    This is a wonderful club. Good competition, but at the same time, everyone is SO welcoming. Great pros, who give individual players superb support. And beautiful grounds, courts and views that create an outstanding atmosphere / experience.

  • Avatar TC

    We are residents of The Boulders and very much enjoy playing pickleball. The staff – Jheng and Cris, are very welcoming and helpful. They respond immediately to request for scheduling, equipment and after we play always ask if we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. They are very accommodating and provide a fun atmosphere.

  • Avatar AC

    The pickleball staff of Jheng and Cris is exceptional. They are very welcoming, accommodating, energetic and helpful. Each time I see them they remember my name, ask if they can help me and smile! Great team!

  • Avatar HD

    The resort is in a beautiful setting with great weather, the cuisine is excellent and the tennis courts are very well maintained. The tennis pros are also top notch.

  • Avatar RH

    If you play tennis, the Boulders is the place to do it. Great facilities and a great staff.

  • Avatar DE

    Staff is the BEST…always friendly, helpful. Courts in great shape.

  • Avatar BS

    Great tennis pros who are fun and give very good instruction Highly recommend the tennis clinics

  • Avatar DC

    I am a senior tennis player who appreciates being able to play at a great facility against good competition, for my age. The tennis pros are very busy, teaching all levels, which includes critical instruction, as necessary. The club is very busy during winter months. We start very early in the summer. Love the club!

  • Avatar PH

    Boulders excels at tailoring programs to individual needs and levels. It is a good community member and supports local tennis as well as visiting guests

  • Avatar KM

    The setting of the Boulders Tennis Garden is beautiful. The teaching staff of Dale Light and Jeng is excellent. They are patient, have excellent personalities, make their lessons fun and know their tennis.

  • Avatar HT

    The Boulders tennis pro’s and staff provide personal attention to your game, training needs and enjoyment of the tennis experience. My thanks to all involved!!

  • Avatar IM

    first of all, who would have thought nor dream of this wonderful place will offer us a great lesson with a very energetic teacher who spoke French. We were not expecting this kind of surprise. We LOVE Jheng!!! She was awesome in so many ways. We will definitely come back just beacuse of her.

  • Avatar LA

    This is an absolutely beautiful tennis and golf resort with beautiful vistas and a most welcoming staff. They have 2 excellent teaching pros on staff and are happy to try and arrange a game for you at your level and will go out of their way to make your tennis experience one you won’t soon forget.

  • Avatar TR

    You can’t beat the weather in Phoenix during the winter months and The Boulders is a beautiful tennis destination. Dale Light is the total package. He can work with children, league teams and could coach a player on the tour. If you are serious about learning the game of tennis, he is not to be missed. His philosophy is simple: “Has your game improved over the years? If no, why not?” The tennis shop is small but has a surprising variety of choices. The staff goes out of their way in finding you a game and providing racket rentals. Jheng in particular has a fun personality and is very knowledgeable. They converted one of the eight courts to pickleball. While it is probably good for business and the right thing to do, us true tennis players can find the sound annoying. All in all, thumbs way up!

  • Avatar JG

    2 pros with different and interesting approaches to the game. One Zen like, the other tells it like it is. But both friendly, caring and will do what they can to provide a wonderful experience. Our favorite for years. Shhh!

  • Avatar BT

    I have gone to The Boulders with a group of 3.5/4.0 Level ladies 3 years in a row. We could not be happier with every aspect of the trip. The Boulders tennis staff tailors a program for us based on our requests. The pros (Dale and Jheng) are exceptional. They work together to help us become more well rounded tennis players both as teammates and individual players. They are extremely positive in their approach and are great at honing in on what will help each individual the most. In addition, the tennis facilities are excellent and the court setting is breathtaking. We enjoy delicious lunches at the spa in between our tennis sessions and relax in the hot tub before cleaning up for dinner. The whole experience is something we all look forward to each year. I cannot wait to go back!

  • Avatar TR

    The staff ar the resort is very friendly. The tennis pros are amazing and fun. Have gone three years in a row and can’t wait until next year.

  • Avatar KF

    This visit has become an annual tradition for my tennis team. Dale and Jhegn are outstanding tennis professionals. Dale focuses on the whole picture: balance, movement, feel and emotion all while giving technical advice to improve your game. We are a group of women that range in age from 30s to 70s. Dale and Jhegn can instruct for improvement at all ages and levels. The resort also takes care of every need: they shuttle us between the tennis center, hacienda, spa and restaurants. The spa has incredible services, facilities and shopping! We’ve also enjoyed eating at every resort restaurant and highly recommend The Spotted Donkey.

  • Avatar CC

    The Boulders is such a gem in the Arizona desert! The Tennis Director, Dale Light has done a fantastic job for the past 3 years with our annual ladies Tennis trip. Every year we come back with new lessons for on and off the court. It’s hard to put into words his positive impact to our very diverse group. The Assistant Director, Jane brings the perfect balance of energy to Dale’s Zen and pushes us all on the court to get to the next level. The Hacienda accommodations work great for our group, we also love the spa lunch, workouts/stretching classes and a trip to the spa . The countdown til next year starts as soon as we leave. Thanks to the Boulders for creating such amazing memories for this special group!

  • Avatar SP

    Fabuous setting, beautiful courts, very friendly and talented staff.

  • Avatar RM

    This is a beautiful Resort in a stunning desert setting. The courts are in fabulous shape and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. It is definitely worth planning a visit here!

  • Avatar DS

    The Boulders is the best place I have ever played tennis. I have played for over 40 years and recently moved to Scottsdale AZ near The Boulders. I was worried that I would not find the quality of a resort I was looking for but was soon relieved of that concern when I visited The Boulders. I was welcomed by Jheng and Dale, the two top-notch pros running the facility. They are extremely professional and excellent instructors of the sport. The courts themselves are perfect, beautifully maintained. There is plenty active players at all levels to keep everyone constantly involved, and lots of social activities to add to the competitive tennis. When you are here playing tennis, seeing the views surrounding the courts, the atmosphere makes you feel like this is tennis nirvana. Love it!

  • Avatar EV

    The courts here are maintained beautifully, the staff is friendly and the pros are outstanding. The tennis facility at the Boulders Resort (which includes a superb golf course and clubhouse as well) is located in an area full of giant natural boulders and desert landscaping in the town of Carefree, Arizona. A great experience!

  • Avatar WJ

    Dale light provides a very pleasant place for scheduled or pick up tennis

  • Avatar RB

    Love playing on their tennis courts. They keep them in great condition, resurfacing when necessary. The staff and instructors were friendly and helpful. Dale and Jheng especially. Their tennis lessons are very helpful, and a great workout, whether in a group or single session.

  • Avatar MJ

    Best tennisinstruction and facilities ever. Great space and food is great.

  • Avatar BB

    The courts are in a remarkably beautiful desert setting. The pros are superbly qualified, and are excellent teachers. Their daily group drills are fun and great practice. Resort guests and Boulders residents provide friendly competition if one needs a partner or an opponent. A few of the courts need maintenance work, which management has agreed to accomplish this summer.

  • Avatar MU

    Great programs to improve both technical and game playing skills.

  • Avatar SP

    Beautiful setting. Great courts. Excellent professional staff. What more could you ask for?

  • Avatar HT

    Excellent ! I recently joined and have enjoyed the programs and plan to take advantage off the drills and coaching more as I have recently retired. Very professional and friendly atmosphere makes it a fun experience. My personal thanks to Dale, Jheng and the entire staff.

  • Avatar RB

    the tennis program is stellar. the two pros are gracious, fun and great teachers. They have clinics which are fun. They do the stroke of the day early in the morning for those who just want to practice early in the morning. Both Dale and Jeng are fun. the setting is beautiful and the courts are good and player friendly. You couldn’t ask for much more for a tennis getaway. I come every year.

  • Avatar SH

    Beautiful resort and excellent tennis program including tennis professionals

  • Avatar NG

    My review will be a dated one. I hope they have changed. No one arranged tennis games/ match up. Basically you were on your own. Thank goodness my husband played tennis with me and we bumped into a couple we knew from back East so we could play doubles. The accommodations were very nice. The food was above average but the chef was annoyed when I sent back my duck beast that was cooked rare. Being pregnant at the time, I wanted week cooked fowl no matter how annoyed the chef was.

  • Avatar KM

    The drills are a great offer for those that want to play tennis and have no one to play with

  • Avatar LW

    Jheng & Dale, great clinics & enthusiasm for the game & teaching. Courts are probably in need of an upgrade….. Spa pool is the best for food & relaxing experience. Yoga program in the a.m. Is very strong. Water fitness with Dolores is a particular favorite. Very good gym, steam/sauna areas are getting a look of tiredness under the Curio brand.

  • Avatar MH

    This resort is located on extraordinary grounds just north of Scottsdale in Carefree, AZ. This area is a lot more laid back than central Scottsdate–much less traffic and congestion. The courts are well maintained and beautiful views abound. The teaching staff is great. Dale is the head pro and is amazing. He can improve all aspects of one’s game. The assistant pro Jheng keeps drills lively. Limited hours during the summer heat so plan to play early or come back other months (Oct-May) for all day tennis.

  • Avatar VF

    I love the Boulders Resort! It’s such a beautiful place to play tennis. Everyone is so nice and every day there is a good day. Love to shop at the tennis center, too!

  • Avatar TO

    Our tennis team has Dale Light as our teaching pro. He is very professional, patient and all of our games have greatly improved. The setting is beautiful and all of the staff is very kind and helpful. We are blessed to have such a great facility and pro.

  • Avatar SL

    Strong Pro/ nice setting by the pool/ reliable and responsive staff/ Changing room could be bigger

  • Avatar LR

    Beautiful setting, wonderful people, courts are in tip top shape. Dale Light is fantastic; makes me feel as if I am keeping healthy as well as playing my favorite sport!

  • Avatar KS

    I live nearby full time and play on a team out of the Boulders. I tell people all the time, that it is so beautiful I feel like I’m on vacation…

  • Avatar VM

    I love Boulders. The desert setting is amazingly beautiful and the staff is wonderful. Instructors make you feel that they really want you to improve and enjoy tennis to the ultimate. I highly recommend going there!

  • Avatar ES

    Highly recommend. Beautiful tennis courts in a beautiful setting. The coaching is first class and even though I am not a regular at coaching sessions (live abroad) I am always made very welcome when I am able to attend, and come away feeling I have learned something. First class facilities.

  • Avatar MH

    This resort is surrounded by lush, native desert plants and outstanding million year old gigantic boulders hence the resort’s apt name. The tennis staff is friendly and professional. I take team clinics with the head pro Dale. He strives to help players with their mental game, position placement, footwork, among other instruction and is truly an extraordinary coach. This is our team’s home courts and our opponents are always complimenting the beauty surrounding the courts and the excellent condition of the courts and facilities.

  • Avatar JL

    This is located in a beautiful area. Courts (one sort of red clay.. others cushioned hard surface) are in excellent shape. Nice bunch of tennis pros available for clinics and private lessons.

  • Avatar JP

    Beautiful setting. Well-kept courts. And the best tennis instruction from pros Dale and Jheng you could ask for.

  • Avatar KL

    Excellent facility, even better Pro’s!

  • Avatar SM

    One of the best tennis resorts in the world! The staff are second to none.

  • Avatar CW

    Outstanding ambience: scenery is drop-dead gorgeous. The welcome from everyone is genuine and friendly. Excellent courts and amenities (ice, towels, water). Superb staff, whether you’re reserving a court or taking clinics/lessons. These pros care about you, not just your game.

  • Avatar KD

    Unique setting to play tennis with friendly staff (love Jheng) and great weather!

  • Avatar FD

    THE BEST MATCH ARRANGING Each year I visit The Boulders with my friends. I have always requested for some game matches for me and my friend while in the property. Jheng one of the Pro was always very attentive of our needs. She works her magic each time! Last month I walked in and she remembers me. Of course she knew that I was looking for some matches, she made some phone calls and the next day, we had our games match up and the next few days. We will continue coming back to The Boulders because of her and she shows a lot of effort and making our stay a very memorable one!!!

  • Avatar FS

    A gorgeous setting. Tennis courts in excellent condition.

  • Avatar RM

    Variable court surfaces; beautiful weather year round

  • Avatar NS

    Strengths: Experienced pleasant staff, beautiful setting Weakness: No lights, no backboard,cracks on some courts, fencing with holes, limited 3 of 4.0+ players

  • Avatar JB

    Beautiful facility in a beautiful setting

  • Avatar SB

    The setting is surreal – nothing can surpass gorgeous mountains and desert cactus, blooming in April. Dale, the head pro, is a master at his craft and his advice to me has been game-changing. He understands that high performance tennis requires more than the proper strokes – it calls for relaxed and mindful play..his coaching is a revelation – you must experience it!

  • Avatar TA

    Great location in absolute beauty with well kept hard courts and experienced, fun tennis pros. Especially Jheng Wekow!

  • Avatar YD

    Ask for Jheng Wekow!!! She’s awesome tennis pro! I went twice to see her. She remembered me right away even though some years had passed. First time I went with girlfriends (levels 3.5-4.5) and we did clinics and the second time I just got private lessons. She’s so fun, knowledgable and I can’t wait to go back – she is the first person I will call when I get back to the BOULDERS, in CAREFREE ARIZONA!!!!! HI Jheng!

  • Avatar TW

    I live in the Carefree area, and have played tennis as a guest at the Boulders facility dozens of time over the past 10-12 years. it is an absolutely first-class facility, especially with the recent rebuilding of the back four courts. The scenery surrounding the courts is exceptional, but it is the warmth and personality of the teaching pros, Dale and Jheng, which sets it apart. They put every visitor at ease, and share their expertise in a positive way.

  • Avatar RC

    We have played tennis and had instruction at the Colony Beach, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, Palisades, Saddlebrook, and Valencia to name just a few. I said that to say this. Dale Light and his staff take a back seat to no one when it comes to instruction and arranging matches. Dale has a holistic approach to this wonderful game of ours. He and his staff can make you a better player, and a rekindle your love for this game.

  • Avatar RS

    Playing tennis at the Boulders has been a great experience. Of course the surroundings are beautiful, but it’s the clinics that are really exceptional. While Dale does provide stroke development pointers, I believe my game has improved because of the insights he gives on the mental aspects of the game. Kathy, who works at the front desk, is very friendly and helpful. All in all, I know when I play at the Boulders I know it is going to be a great day of tennis!

  • Avatar CH

    Very informative and different approach to the inner game of tennis. Dale helps Teach the mental portion of the game. Beautiful resort & surroundings. Serene.

  • Avatar MM

    A wonderful facility with wonderful staff! What a beautiful setting. I highly recommend The Boulders!

  • Avatar PT

    Amazing place to play tennis!! All My grandchildrens takes lessons from Jheng every year. She is such a wonderful teacher with great personality, and fun on and off the court. Dale has a unique teaching style than anyone one I know. Both tennis pro’s are OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Avatar JD

    Love this place — the tennis staff is very accommodating and professional

  • Avatar MD

    Fabulous tennis staff surrounded by stunning views, our favorite tennis resort in the world.

  • Avatar MV

    I have been coming to this resort for a long time and it was so nice to see the same faces Jane and Dale. I know they have been there for quite a long time. Dale is such a great instructor, calm and have a lot of patience. Jane has always been so good in finding matches for me. She is probably the most efficient and hard worker that I have ever known. Best of all she is very friendly and full of life. I believe those 2 has been running the Boulders program for a long time that is why it’s very successful. The tennis facility is so beautiful and always kept clean. I am looking forward to my return this coming fall.

  • Avatar EM

    A beautiful setting for tennis. Excellent professionals and classes.

  • Avatar GS

    I think those of us who’ve stayed in other Waldorf Astoria Hotels may find The Boulders’ laid back rustic charm a bit disappointing. Rooms and common areas are in desperate need of renovation. However the Hotel’s natural setting, and the properties grounds are well maintained and quite simply spectacular. It’s as though you’ve arrived in the Flintstones’ Bedrock. We generally do not eat Hotel food as it’s often a disappointment so I cannot comment on The Boulders’ restaurants. The Hotels spa is apparently newer than the Hotel itself. We found our spa experience to be exceptional. My father played a round of golf and said the links course was quite challenging and very well maintained. Golf club ck-in was easy and the facility, although dated, was comfortable and clean. I took lessons from two of the tennis pros and found them both to be very beneficial. One pro focused on both technique and mental game, while the other was more a hitting coach. The tennis courts were in very good condition. Apparently several of the courts had been recently resurfaced. The staff was casual but respectful, friendly, very motivated and encouraging. I enjoy being pushed hard physically during a lesson and both pros saw to it that my expectations were met. The tennis pro shop is small, but it covered the basics; i.e. balls, racquets, restringing, cold drinks, etc. Finally let me add that the Hotel is in a fairly remote part of northern Scottsdale away from the more trendy downtown area which boasts lots of shopping, restaurants, art galleries and other amenities. Some may find this annoying, but if you are looking for a place to unwind and enjoy some unusual scenery, then The Boulders is place to go.

  • Avatar CG

    Courts are great. Personnel worked to please their guests. Food was great and located near a truly western town of Cave Creek.

  • Avatar AD

    beautiful area, perfect weather, great rooms. Many reaturants and activities in the area. Drills every day.

  • Avatar AT

    This facility was well equipped, courts are kept in excellent condition and the coaches who offer private instruction challenge you to the best of your ability.

  • Avatar GS

    The tennis at The Boulder’s is excellent. The pros offer great instruction, all are friendly, and there is a great variety of instruction and clinics daily.

  • Avatar FH

    Great staff of professionals

  • Avatar GD

    The Boulders is one of the places I highly recommend. Dale and Jheng are such great instructors. I keep coming back every year and I kept improving my game. The services they ooffer her is out of this world!!

  • Avatar PR

    Game matching…awesome!!! I came here alone on a vacation and took clinics everyday. I requested to play a lot during my stay and the staff gave me all the tennis game I needed. I had so much fun playing with the locals. The clinics were phenomenal!!! The Pro’s have different approach on their teaching skills which I enjoyed so much. Jheng’s Sunday drill was the best cardio tennis ever. Dale’s holistic style of teaching taught me so much as well. I highly recommend this place…

  • Avatar EM

    You get personalized in-depth attention to both the form and function of hitting the ball. The teaching is both instructive and deeply insightful. I got special attention to my weakest area, my backhand, and in just a few day, I saw improvement. Group classes with my children were also delightful, the perfect combination of work and play.

  • Avatar RF

    Dale was fabulous, and the courts are simply lovely. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with.

  • Avatar EW

    The personal attention that we received from Dale was unsurpassed, and helped us improve markedly just in the (sadly) very short time that we had. Our schedules were in flux during the week due to family commitments and it was always fast and easy to change around lesson times as necessary. Our eight year old son also has never enjoyed any lessons of any sort as much as he enjoyed his first tennis lessons here, and he is now an avid tennis fan!

  • Avatar ML

    I came to The Boulders in business and I wanted to play some tennis after my meetings. The staff was very helpful in setting up some game matches. I had a fabulous time playing with the members and other guests. WHen I told them I was a 4.0 level, they did match me to the right players. While I was there, I took advantage of the Spa and the fitness center. The restaurant was also good.

  • Avatar JL

    Great tennis program with a wonderful teaching professional staff!

  • Avatar MF

    My family has returned to the Boulders four times the week after Christmas. Dale’s coaching has always made lasting improvements to the technical and mental aspects of our games.
    Dale provides sound guidance on strategy. This year his guidance resulted in a major change in the the girl’s doubles play, which I credit as the reason they recently won a draw-of-32 match at a high school tournament in Texas.
    Dale and his staff also arranged matches for me with Phoenix locals. I’ve enjoyed these opportunities as well. He’s arranged the gambit of “ego-building-matches” to “teaching-moment-matches”.
    The courts are in ideal shape. They were recently renovated about two months before our last visit of 12/12. Mostly hard courts, one sand court.
    Having been a college tennis coach, Dale was able to offer an insider’s view towards college tennis–an activity that interests my daughter.
    Outside of tennis, the Boulders resort provides numerous other amenities. We enjoy swimming and use of the Golden Door Spa. Besides tennis, the main draws of Boulders for us is the presence of wildlife and the location of the resort just to the north west of Scottsdale.

  • Avatar EJ

    My family came here for Spring break. The weather was so beautiful. My daughter and son and niece, nephew took lessons from Dale and Jheng and they had the best time ever. Both of them were so professional and very attentitive to my family. Wish we could stay longer… but we are coming back next year!!!

  • Avatar KM

    Beautiful courts and views and great service from the tennis folks

  • Avatar MH

    My wife an I stayed just one night at The Boulders. We stayed on a spur of the moment decision, and were not able to book any tennis ahead of time. Having said that, the pro-shop guys were extremely flexible. We came in after the courts/pro-shop were closed, but they offered to leave the gate open & leave some balls out for us to hit. Further, they offered up the court before official open hours as well (we were leaving very early in the morning).
    I wish I’d had a chance to take a lesson. If they are half as proficient on the court as they are at accomidating guests ad-hoc requests, it’d be well worth the money.

  • Avatar DM

    Exceptional desert setting. Good variety of tennis activities. Always successful in finding a match with a few days notice. Dale Light runs a nice program, not as frentic as many tennis resorts, and very personalized. Courts are an easy walk from the rental casitas. Play very early in the morning between June and September.

  • Avatar DW

    Great tennis program

  • Avatar LF

    even as a beginning level tennis player i was motivated rather than intimated because of the style of coaching and program presentation at the boulders

  • Avatar MP

    Beautiful setting with an exceptional pro staff.

  • Avatar WW

    Dale was great teacher. Staff friendly. Courts in ok condition. But dale is totally worth the time. Excellent coach.

  • Avatar HQ

    strengths: beautiful dessert view, sunny weather,good stuffes, especailly for Dale’s unique coaching way, weaknesses:no lights on the court, we can not play in the evening

  • Avatar KG

    My family and I had an absolutely wonderful time at The Boulders. Every aspect was fantastic, but the tennis garden is what really made our vacation one of our best ever. The pros were all so nice and the setting was perfect. I would not hesitate to return.

  • Avatar RB

    Dale Light and his teaching staff are the best I’ve ever encountered. They are patient, professional, knowledgeable, attentive and observant. Their style of instruction is without peer- other teaching pros have a lot to learn from them. The facilites are terrific and picturesque. What more can one ask for?

  • Avatar PM

    The head pro, Dale, is really great. Courts were always avail.

  • Avatar AG

     I took their drills in the mornings and a few private lessons. Dale was such a great instructor and speaks about balance while the female Pro Jayne talks about foot work…boy o boy she got me going, I love it! What a great combo one is more melow while the other was more aggressive. They also set me up for a few games with their members.
    I’ll be coming back for more!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar JS

    Friendly helpful professional staff. Great courts Splendid amenities Tennis pro Dale? and staff were exceptional. My daughter improved her skills and attitude.

  • Avatar LS

    Strengths: tennis pros, facilities, weather, drills Weaknesses: none  

  • Avatar CJ

    Dale Light, the Director of tennis, has developed techniques to concentrate on balance and movement that are unsurpassed. No instructor that I have ever had has worked on these aspects of my game. No matter what your level, you will benefit from his clinics and private instruction. You need to try this one.  

  • Avatar JS

    The Boulders is set in a beautiful desert environment that transcends tranquility and yet orivudes a mulittude of opportunities for fitness and adventure. The tennisprogrammes offered are outstanding as are the pros that run them. The instructors meet individual needs and build on the client’s technique and work toward a better game. The Boulder experience is one that everyone should try!

  • Avatar ML

    The tennis program was the focus of our holiday and the instruction and facilities are world class.

  • Avatar BS

    Super staff. Sessions are relaxed, great fun, targeted to the level of those attending. The advice given is really helpful without being stressful. Of course the weather is great and the resort is something special.

  • Avatar RB

    The tennis staff is top notch.from the beginning to the end they were helpful in every aspect that u could imagine. Everything from customer service to instruction to match arranging etc.I would return anytime time of the year. Thank you Boulder’s Staff!

  • Avatar ML

    great Staff, nice courts and a lovely place to enjoy the desert

  • Avatar TA

    We worked with one the tennis pros there, Jheng, who was experienced, talented, enthusiastic and a great teaching pro. We did clinics and private lessons and she also arranged game play. We were a group of 5 players on a USTA team and we all loved it. We are planning our return trip already!

  • Avatar AR

    Beautiful resort with great facilities. Top tennis instructors. Really enjoyed the energey of one specific instructor. She was delightful to work with. Best resort I have been too. Cant beat the weather either.

  • Avatar BF

    First-rate tennis facility and tennis instruction. Dale Light knows all the technical aspects, PLUS he addresses the mental, psychological, and emotional aspects of the game in an unparalleled manner. It is rare to find an instructor that cares as much about you as a player as your tennis game. I recommend staying a few days and booking some lessons with Dale and his staff. You will come out with technical improvement and a renewed passion and deeper understanding of the game and why you play it. First-rate tennis facility and tennis instruction. Dale Light knows all the technical aspects, PLUS he addresses the mental, psychological, and emotional aspects of the game in an unparalleled manner. It is rare to find an instructor that cares as much about you as a player as your tennis game. I recommend staying a few days and booking some lessons with Dale and his staff. You will come out with technical improvement and a renewed passion and deeper understanding of the game and why you play it. The Boulders is a beautiful resort, an excellent setting with plenty to do at the resort and in surrounding areas. The spa is first-rate. The food is of outstanding quality and the dishes are quite tasty. The golf instruction is also outstanding.
    The Boulders is a beautiful resort, an excellent setting with plenty to do at the resort and in surrounding areas. The spa is first-rate. The food is of outstanding quality and the dishes are quite tasty. The golf instruction is also outstanding.

  • Avatar JF

    Great place. Quality teaching, relaxing and different perspective than previously presented on my game.

  • Avatar BU

    I was visiting fron Columbus Ohio and I am a tennis fanatic. I called at The Boulders and spoke to Jheng. I requested a few matches for me during my stay. She did a fabulous/awesome job setting some matches for me.When you call at The Boulders, ask for her. The facility was nice and the staff was outstanding and very helpful…LOVE IT

  • Avatar BM

    It was an incredible expeirience! Dale Light is a superb coach! The clinics were very practical,informative and personal gearing to each students strengths and recognizing weaknesses to improve on. Dale was very personable and motivating. The resort itself was beautiful and awe inspiring.

  • Avatar SS

    If you love match play and want some great competition at your skill level this is the place to go. My husband and I stayed Wednesday-Tuesday and the pros there arranged a competitive match each day. Everyone was wonderful and the pros were awesome to us.

  • Avatar IS

    One of the best of the best on game matching. I had called a week in advance to set up games for me nad my wife. We are 4.0 and 4.5 players. I spoke to a young lady Jane and she absolutely did a fabulous job getting us a game during our stay. The courts were so nice. Friendliness of the staff was outstanding!!

  • Avatar MD

    The Boulders property is simply beautiful. The lush desert landscape is truly remarkable. We enjoyed red tailed hawks, bobcats, various birds and lots of cactus blooms. The “tennis garden” is a clay court that is gentle on your body and a lot of fun to play on.
    The staff at the Boulders was more than expected. Dale Light teaches from the heart and doesn’t make it overly complicated. He and his staff are genuinely on the court to teach and serve your best interest. I would recommend The Boulders to anyone traveling to the Phoenix area.

  • Avatar JS

    Rustam , the kids tennis coach is AMAZING!!! The kids have a ton of fun while learning top notch skills!

  • Avatar JC

    I enjoy the tennis facility at the Boulders. The staff are wonderful and they are all very hospitable.

  • Avatar LC

    Great place to play tennis and such a wonderful and friendly staff !!!

  • Avatar MO

    Very nice resort.

  • Avatar HJ

    A beautiful, luxurious, impeccably-run resort with top-notch tennis facilities and friendly, extraordinarily skilled professionals who helped my game and that of my teenaged son. Excellent, varied food, relaxing spa. Absolutely no criticism.

  • Avatar AP

    I have never played tennis before. Since my boyfriend plays tennis, I decided to get some lessons during our stay at the Boulders. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional and courteous the tennis instructors are. Everyone was cordial and helpful. I had a wonderful time on the tennis courts. Jheng Wekow was especially fabulous. She was very patient and always motivated me.

  • Avatar NS

    Enjoyed my time at Boulder’s resort,beautiful setting at the Tennis Garden.Staff were very helpful and Tennis pro Jheng Wekow is the best!I will definately return.

  • Avatar DW

    Dale Light is the best tennis instructor I have ever had contact with,very helpful and patient.The facility is first rate,as are it’s employee’s.

  • Avatar EG

    Great teachers, Dale Light is as good as they get, Like taking tennis lessons from a zenmaster…..Facilities are great, people are real friendly and their match making services are also fantastic.
    No weaknesses

  • Avatar SG

    This was an absolutely spectacular vacation. The Resort was amazing. The tennis, especially the drills and private lessons with Dale Light, were among the best I have ever experienced. The weather was gorgeous in Feb, the spa phenomenal and the villas were tremendous. I wanted to stay forever and just keep playing tennis. Both of my sons are quite good players (17 and 15) and the instruction they received from Dale they loved. Best family vacation I have had in years.

  • Avatar AG

    I was there in a business trip and I was looking for some hitting lesson. Boy…this is one good hitting lesson that I ever had. The young Asian female Pro ran me around just like I asked for. She was so amazing that she gets to every single ball. She was like a “brick wall” I may say. I got a good laugh and lots of FUN. she is a very nice girl and very interesting, spoke many languages and traveled many places around the world.
    spaceAnyway, the rest of the staff was very nice and friendly. I had asked to play with someone and they found me someone who is almost the same level as I do. I would love to come back again and hopefully the Asian girl will still be there. Awesome place!

  • Avatar JP

    I came to The Boulders with 3 of my friends for a little get away and Jheng from the Pro Shop came over and hit with me for an hour which is fabulous. And then the best part was, she came down and hit with me and my other friends all the time that we asked her. She was great! The facility was very nice, great tennis courts and the Pro shop had lots of nice merchandise in.
    spaceWe will definitely come back and I hope very soon.

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