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187 Reviews on “Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center”

187 reviews
  • Avatar LG

    Visited Palmetto Dunes 2/26-3/3/2023. During that time I participated in two tennis clinics, took two private tennis lessons with Tennis Director Eric, took two private pickleball lessons (Nancy and Sarah) and participated in a pickleball round robin. The pickleball courts were a beehive of activity with 3-4 round robins throughout the day and wait lists to get in most of them. Instruction was outstanding from both pros in private lessons taken by myself and one by my wife. In contrast there was minimal use of the tennis courts during my stay. I thought the level of instruction and enthusiasm exhibited by Eric (clinics and private lessons) and Head Pro Patrick (clinic) was outstanding. Eric significantly improved my backhand return of service against pace and gave me a foundation to build on with the topspin lob. He used the ball machine in the first lesson but was perfectly willing to do live hitting in the second lesson when we worked on the above as well as my net game. I have taken lessons at several of the top 100 resorts and his instruction had the greatest impact on my game. Will see him for lessons any time I visit Hilton Head, even if not staying at Palmetto Dunes. Lastly, the pro shop selection of clothes, tennis and pickleball equipment was outstanding.

  • Avatar SB

    This is a pickelball resort that has tennis courts. Do not go thinking there is a large tennis playing community here. It may have once been a great tennis resort but they have paved over tennis courts to put in pickelball and some of the tennis instructors have converted to teaching pickelball. 2 times per day 100 people show up for the pickelball round robins, which are excellent – tons of energy. 1 time per day up to 12 people show up for the tennis round robin. Pickelball is thriving here. Tennis is dying here. The tennis clinics we did take were very good and the tennis instructors are good, but there just are so few people there playing tennis that it isn’t a lively atmosphere. One of the pickelball coaches told me that if my group wanted to play tennis on HH island, we should have gone to Vandermeer. So…that says it all !

  • Avatar RC

    Participated in a beginner’s clinic and at the end of the hour was allowed to take part in a social round-robin. The other players patiently helped keep score (it’s a convoluted system) and first reminded me, then penalized me (appropriately) for standing in the “kitchen.” All in all a very pleasant introduction to the sport.

  • Avatar KC

    Excellent pickle ball and tennis facilities offers g a variety of instructional programs and round robin playing opportunities 7 days a week. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Avatar JF

    I was part of a group of 10. We booked two units (four double beds each, plus sofa beds) for a week in April. The units (two bedrooms, two baths, living room, dining area, full kitchen at roughly $1,500 US per unit) were a two-minute walk from the courts. We were given two hours daily of court time per unit at the same time (10 a.m.) and then paid court fees if we wanted more court time (and if courts were available). Clinics were available, but we didn’t try them. For myself, I found the prices for the group clinics far too steep. The courts were in perfect condition to start each day. Later in the day, not so perfect, but playable. It would have been nice to have brooms and line sweepers available to use by ourselves. Off the courts I booked a bicycle one afternoon from the resort’s bicycle-kayak rental shop. That cost $30 US for a heavy, utilitarian, 18-speed (I think) bike. Captive market prices, I think. A few weeks later in England, I rented a very similar bicycle at a train station. Paid about $13 US to register (for a year) and about $5 US for the day. So . . . much, much less. Palmetto Dunes is a great all-around resort with a very good tennis setup. We could walk to the beach in 10 minutes. Note: Throughout the resort and much of Hilton Head there are signs warning you that automobiles and trucks have priority over pedestrians and cyclists. As a pedestrian or cyclist on the island, you learn that many motorists take this policy to heart.

  • Avatar PB

    The Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center is outstanding. I have been traveling to the resort at least twice a year for the last five years, and I look forward to returning each time. The tournaments are well run, the island is beautiful, the drill sessions offer a great workout, and the people are extremely nice. The deli across the street is always excellent too. Their weakness is that they don’t have one or two young pros right off the tour, or right out of a D1 program with a national ranking. They could use someone relatively young that hits a big heavy ball. I do hit with one pro who is a fellow 5.0 player so I don’t mean to minimize him in any way.

  • Avatar DV

    I went with 6 women for a custom tennis vacation and it was great. We stayed in a house close to the courts within a 5 minute bike ride. The beach was beautiful. The tennis instruction was excellent and lots of fun. Will definitely go back again.

  • Avatar NI

    Lots of Pickle Ball courts now at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort and they are full! It is great to see so many people out playing. I played tennis and, as usual, Tennis Pro Hank Iannuzzi was the best. His instruction is easy to remember after the lesson so I am able to utilize my skills in the game.

  • Avatar VW

    Palmetto Dunes offers a variety of programs for players at every level of experience. I arrived as an absolute beginner 3 years ago, and have taken clinics and private lessons with instructor Scott (Scotty) Clements every spring since. His approach is supportive, and doesn’t depend on a lot of technical detail. My level of play has improved quickly, so I can get out and really enjoy the game! Everyone in the pro shop is friendly and helpful, so that even a beginner feels special! Honestly, I can’t think of one negative! I have taken lessons and participated in clinics elsewhere in the last few years, and have not found the instruction nearly as helpful or positive as at Palmetto Dunes.

  • Avatar MC

    We’ve gone to Palmetto Dunes several times and have had an excellent time every time. The pro’s are experienced, knowledgeable teachers who always improve my playing. The setting is wonderful. I found the clinics really helpful and hard work. Be prepared to be very active.

  • Avatar CE

    Palmetto dunes is the nicest place to stay in HH. The tennis courts were the nicest (vs shipyard/Sea Pines/Royal). Intermed/advanced Clinic from 8-930 was very good. They also have beginner clinic right after that. Also did Serve clinic which was good. Return clinic was not that good. They have a round robin every day at 3pm where players can get together and play doubles. **Grounds are very well kept. Instruction was great but do wish it had the 5 hour clinic days that Saddlebrook has in Tampa.

  • Avatar PB

    I have visited Palmetto Dunes 8 to 10 times over the last several years. I have visited other tennis resorts at Hilton Head Island as well. Palmetto Dunes offers a beautiful setting next to the beach, with outstanding clinics and game matching. It is particularly good for the advanced player, which is rare for tennis resorts, as their are local adults and juniors available for hitting.

  • Avatar VS

    Great tennis center for ALL levels of play. No tennis snobs here! All Pros and staff make it work for your level of play, whether in clinics, round robin play, etc. Pickel ball has been a nice new addition to this center and good use of the hard courts.

  • Avatar DS

    I love PD, Palmetto Dunes. I come here 2 times a year. I have to get there before the season starts to get a head start against my fellow players. It really gives me confidence in my game. My girlfriend and I took up Pickleball 2 years ago and Mark really helped us learn the game. Monday night exhibition is a favorite… even though we have heard Brians jokes many times…. I laugh just as hard each time I hear them. Free beer/wine and some great tennis

  • Avatar JO

    Every year we head to South Carolina for our vacation we consider the tennis center at Palmetto Dunes a deciding reason we choose Hilton Head Island. The clinics are diverse and the instructors all top notch professionals. I always feel like a valued guest by the tennis staff. We like Hank and Scotty but there are instructors for everyone. Highly recommend!

  • Avatar GL

    I live in the area and take most of my lessons at Palmetto Dunes. Awesome tennis experience, lots of fun and exceptional learning.

  • Avatar ES

    The best tennis resort on the island and in the country! It feels like home and superior customer service and clinics and a full service resort with all the amenities. Beautiful!

  • Avatar KM

    The clinics are great if you want to get in some good tennis time but are not on HHI with a group. There were several levels of players in the Doubles Clinic but I thought everyone was able to benefit from the drills. Good exercise, good instruction- fun.

  • Avatar DU

    Another fantastic vacation at Palmetto Dunes with great tennis. The teaching staff is top notch and so easy to work with. Brian the head pro goes out of his way to make you feel completely welcome. Besides taking a clinic each morning, which was a great way to start the day, I had a couple private lessons that were very successful in helping a backhand that has been lacking. The facilities are fantastic and it was easy to find some competitive matches. the week was more than our family expected

  • Avatar PW

    I play a lot of tennis and have taken lessons from many pros throughout the country and by far the best of the best is Brian Kiggins, head pro at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center on Hilton Head Island. My tennis team goes down from NJ to HHI every spring for five days of personal instruction with Brian. We always look forward to this outing and come back each year with a new and improved shot or game. A great experience !

  • Avatar WK

    I enjoyed 6 round robin events in my week at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. There was a pro there to organize and assign your next match. Everyone played the same number of games and a shirt was awarded to the top scoring man and woman. It lasted 2 hours and it cost $22.

  • Avatar JK

    Great time at Palmetto Dunes. I worked with Tapi for 5 days and can honestly say my game has comprehensively improved. We were able to simultaneously improve my stroke mechanics while building in strong tactics for match play. It was such a great experience that I had Tapi work with my 4 year old daughter and she loved it. Great coach. Success! Also did the Grand Slam clinic a couple of times which was helpful as well. Can’t say anything bad about the experience…except for the humidity 😉

  • Avatar RD

    I completed another week of lessons with Tapi again this year, my 3rd year in a row. I’ve improved every time because Tapi offers fantastic tips that are simple, memorable, and repeatable. He’s helped me improve my strokes in every aspect of the game and offered sensible match-play tips. All of this while making the lessons both entertaining and a great work-out! Tapi is truly a fantastic coach!

  • Avatar MF

    My wife and I took tennis lessons from Tapi in June 2016. He used our strengths and made adjustments that we understood and saw immediate results. One of the best tennis instructors we meet. Hope he stays with Palmetto Dunes so we can always have him teach us.

  • Avatar SH

    We have come to Palmetto Dunes 3 yrs in a row and we always use Tapi. He simplifies tennis for levels and makes tennis really fun again!

  • Avatar LE

    I look forward to Cardio tennis with Tapi every year! He keeps you moving and reminds you of the simplicity of tennis with insightful instruction. The drills he uses increase your body awareness when it comes to tennis. And he is hilarious too!!! It wouldn’t be a HHI vacation without Tapi.

  • Avatar MK

    I love the Cardio Tennis program taught by Tapi Hayrinen. It is a fun work out but includes helpful instruction. Tapi is able to pick up small details in your form and can give a variety of visual and verbal cues to help.

  • Avatar TH

    Amazing instruction from Bryan, Keith, Lindsey, and gang! I would highly recommend Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center! Loved all of the doubles strategy! 🙂

  • Avatar JK

    My husband and I just got back home after a week of vacationing at Palmetto Dunes where we took private and semi-private lessons with Tapi Hayrinen. His coaching was phenomenal and we can’t recommend him enough. He added dimensions to our game that we didn’t know were possible. He’s highly entertaining, is a great teacher, and seems to really enjoy sharing his knowledge. If you’re interested in moving beyond the basics, Tapi is your guy and Palmetto Dunes is a beautiful and well-run facility.

  • Avatar BC

    Tennis at Palmetto Dunes is a wonderful experience that has kept our group coming back year after year since 2004. The drills are well-organized and well-instructed, energetic, and most of all fun. All of the pros are terrific, particularly Brian and Keith, who always make us feel extremely welcome and have us counting down the days until the following year.

  • Avatar SK

    I had several excellent lessons with Tapi learning the modern tennis game and how to de-clutter my strokes. He is a fabulous instructor with attention to technical detail and I left there with stronger, better tennis strokes! The clinics were a lot of fun and a great place to practice what I learned from Tapi. They also had a free demo clinic where we were able to try many racquets from all of the major manufacturers.

  • Avatar GB

    Best place around for tennis instructions, tennis matches and social tennis! Highly recommend! It will be the best tennis vacation you’ve ever had!!

  • Avatar SY

    The staff along with facility are extremely nice. I can not think of a bad thing about it.

  • Avatar DB

    Great clinics with pros who really enjoy being there. Good instruction for all levels of play. My wife is a 4.0 and I am a 3.5+ and we always pick up usable tips. The round robins are fun and competitive. It’s great tennis in a fantastic setting

  • Avatar RB

    Love the entire experience at PD. The setting can’t be beat, and the people are so helpful and friendly.

  • Avatar MB

    We’ve been coming here for 25 years…just keeps getting better and better!! Staff is the best!!!

  • Avatar DI

    Great time!

  • Avatar LO

    Brian and Keith are top notch, two of the best tennis instructors I’ve had the opportunity to play with. I highly recommend them and their facility!

  • Avatar AR

    This is an awesome place to play and learn the sport of tennis. It is absolutely beautiful with a lot of great amenities nearby. I live in the area and I HIGHLY recommend this as a SUPERB vacation!!

  • Avatar SJ

    Tennis with Brian Giggans is the best! Every year, a group of us girls travel to Palmetto Dunes and we do 4 mornings of tennis with Brian. After 4 days, we are tired and sore but well worth it. Brian works on every aspect of the game. I always feel Brian takes the to give each player some individual attention. Very enjoyable clinics. It would be awesome to have the opportunity to do the clinics more than once a year!

  • Avatar MG

    Great programs, lots of activities for all ages and abilities.

  • Avatar KB

    Awesome facility and staff! Our yearly tennis trip for 10+ years now. We keep coming back because of Brian and his friendly staff. Great lessons and clinics tailored to your ability.

  • Avatar GH

    Great instructors and facilities

  • Avatar MM

    We have been going to this facility for years. We love the people and instruction. We always have fun!

  • Avatar CP

    We have been 5 times to this beautiful resort in the last 10 years . The place ( Palmetto dunes tennis center )is beautiful and oriented towards family. Every 2 years, we go back with the kids to see Tapi at Palmetto Dunes. For my kids, going to see Tapi is like going to Disneyword. He gives special nicknames and smiley stickers to the kids which them relax and have fun playing tennis . He is still very passionate teaching this beautiful sport to kids and adults. What impresses me the most is that he has been upto date on teaching techniques. He is by far one of the best tennis teacher that we know . ( and we have met quite a few) He adapts well to the individual needs. Like my wife says, every time we go see Tapi, I want to play more tennis when we get back in Montréal!

  • Avatar MG

    I look forward to this tennis vacation every year. No matter your skill level Brian the head pro makes it fun and educational but most of all memorable.

  • Avatar KL

    This is a very nice tennis facility with great courts, pros and very family friendly.

  • Avatar LS

    Great tennis facility and equally great pros! Brian and Keith are amazing.

  • Avatar DB

    Great facility, pro shop and professionals

  • Avatar JC

    Great tennis facility. Strong pros who do a great job with instruction and arranging matches. In particular, Glenn was outstanding, going above and beyond in instruction and arranging matches.

  • Avatar RA

    Glenn was a great instructor! I never had so much fun on the court!!!

  • Avatar MT

    The best tennis resort I’ve ever been to. Courts are always well maintained and the pros are great. We took lessons from Glenn and couldn’t have been more pleased. He was the best! I would highly advise requesting him when visiting this resort!

  • Avatar FC

    Palmetto Dunes is fabulous! The very first time I went there, both Glenn and Brian made me feel welcome and part of the center. Glenn is a master of combining honest feedback and fun. His drills make you feel like its a private lesson. No customer tennis here…. Kudos for a well played point and positive coaching when you need it. A great place to learn and enjoy. Every resort has basically the same courts…Palmetto Dunes has Glenn and Brian. Game, Set, Match Palmetto Dunes!!

  • Avatar MA

    Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center is a truly exceptional, comprehensive tennis facility with very knowledgeable pros, outstanding facilities and a fantastic location by the ocean.

  • Avatar JD

    Great tennis facility. I have enjoyed working with Glen during many morning clinics. The tennis director, Brian makes frequent on court appearances and adds a unique dynamic to lessons. Palmetto Dunes utilizes the latest tennis technology and equipment. Whenever I am on the island I make sure to play at Palmetto Dunes.

  • Avatar GD

    Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center is outstanding, we have a vacation home there and my family will play 5 days a week there. There is a pro name Glenn Shaeffer who is awesome. He is on time, will video your serve and break it down. Will talk tennis strategies( after your time is up). You get a great value for your money. He is always happy and makes the group or private lesson a lot of fun and seems to really care about improving your game. Plus the Tennis Director ( Brian) is on top of his game, runs the groups, clinic & round robins with a lot of energy. All the pro’s make you feel like you are the most VIP tennis player In the county. We love it there

  • Avatar JS

    The tennis center is beautiful and the pros are fabulous. I will definitely be back next year!!!!

  • Avatar GS

    The tennis pros & staff at Palmetto Dunes are outstanding. The clinics give you the opportunity to improve your game while meeting new friends at the same time. I recommend this vacation to all my tennis friends and are group gets bigger every year. Hilton Head is great vacation destination

  • Avatar JT

    Great facility. Courts in superb condition. Helpful, knowledgeable staff. The tennis instructors are the best I have found in my 45 years of instructors. Brian, in particular, analyzes and then improves my game the fastest.

  • Avatar JB

    Best tennis vacation – ever!

  • Avatar RS

    Brian Kiggins, Head Tennis Pro at Palmetto Dunes IS a TRULY DEDICATED instructor of tennis. Coming from a professional LPGA teaching professional background, we can identify the assets of a great instructor, and Brian Kiggins IS ONE! Take a session from him and follow up with a series and you WILL see your game improve!

  • Avatar JK

    The best destination for tennis anywhere, we have been regular visitors for years. The enthusiastic and first class staff make the entire vacation better, and the resort offers so many amenities, especially the beautiful beach. We always seem to make new friends, and come away with a better tennis game. What more could you ask for??

  • Avatar PW

    I decided to refresh my skills by signing up for 5 half hour lessons during my three week stay in Hilton Head. My teacher was Tapi, who made the essentials of tennis playing easy to understand and implement. He was very patient and complimentary, which helped me to feel much more confident in my overall ability. Now, I can’t wait to resume playing more frequently when I get home!!

  • Avatar GM

    The facilities are excellent . More importantly the Pros teach technique and strategy in way that “makes sense” . In particular Tapi provided me with mental images that have easily improved my game not overly technical but make it easy to execute effectively. You would do well to take a lesson or 2 with him. Likewise the competitive doubles clinic is excellent.

  • Avatar RN

    This was a great tennis experience for the whole family! We have adult intermediate players and children beginners and it was outstanding for all. We highly recommend taking a lesson from Tapi. We also did his 8am cardio tennis workout and it was outstanding.

  • Avatar DP

    Tapi was an excellent instructor. After just the first few minutes he identified areas of my game and stroke that could benefit from small changes. The changes were accurate and effective and resulted in great improvements with little effort. I returned for several more lessons for myself as well as my daughter. Though she’s only 8 yrs Tapi was just as insightful and effect in showing her ways to improve her technique. Thanks SO much, Tapi!

  • Avatar LS

    Strengths – the tennis center and Tapi (the pro) – amazing pro. More knowledgeable than most pros, identifies quickly what you need to play the game better, everyone I spoke to who had Tapi as their pro thought he really knew what he was doing and was a great instructor. Will go back again just for Tapi! Weaknesses – the food if you like anything more than “home-style” cooking.

  • Avatar CC

    I go to PD for tennis instruction by Tapi Hayrinen. He really knows how to teach every stroke of tennis. I had never used a 2-hand backhand. He taught me the complete stroke in 2 days. Tapi has all kinds of classes and they are all good. This is a wonderful place to play tennis and enjoy the ocean. Only bad thing is it rains once in awhile.

  • Avatar EF

    Spent four days over Spring Break in Hilton Head with my family, including my 16-year old high school playing daughter. Sought out Palmetto Dunes due to its excellent reputation. The courts are in very good shape and were a pleasure to play. The setting is beautiful and easy to drive to, though even more enjoyable to bike to. My daughter, wife and I took both classes and private lessons. By far our most positive experience came from working with tennis pro Tapi Hayrinen. Tapi has a no nonsense approach to teaching that works very well for those who are serious about improving their game. He is extremely efficient and I clearly felt that he respected the fact that we were investing time, money and effort into getting better. Tapi is a gem and I will seek him out the next time I am in Hilton Head.

  • Avatar MC

    this was the first tennis resort i’ve visited but it makes me want to visit more. the experience was phenominal. vastly improved all strokes after taking the private lessons. everyone was exceptionaly friendly and the island itself is wonderful. already miss HHI

  • Avatar DM

    My wife and I turned the week into a camp by doing 4.5 hours of back to back consecutive am clinics. The teaching pros were excellent, especially Glenn and Tapi. We were in the intermediate to advanced group which meant that no beginners who couldn’t get the ball in play were there. We hit hundreds of balls during our four days and usually were too tired to do the afternoon mixed round robins. The resort is beautiful. We stayed in an oceanfront condo, which was actually pretty far back from the water which we could barely see through the trees and other objects, but the condo was clean and nice.
    Tip: Hilton Head Island has some great restaurants. So ask the tennis pros where they eat.

  • Avatar TH

    Tapi is a great coach. He has great knowledge about the game. After a short session, Tapi pin-pointed out my weakness and helped me to improve my game right away. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar SM

    January 2014. Our tennis team had a private clinic with Brian Kiggans. The instruction and drills were top notch. I highly recommend the experience.

  • Avatar SB

    Excellent location, accommodations and tennis facility. We have looked at and have played some at Sea Pines and Port Royal, but neither compare to the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. Entire resort is beautiful, easy to get around and offers a variety of accommodations.

  • Avatar MR

    A great tennis facility with a great location at Palmetto Dunes Ocean Resort in Hilton Head, SC. Excellent clay courts with a very friendly and helpful staff. The pro’s instruction was the best. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Avatar DK

    My family and I have been going to Palmetto Dunes for 34 years and absolutely love the area and the tennis facilities!! My husband, daughter, son, and I have all taken numerous lessons over the years. We always came away thinking that our tennis game had greatly improved and that the experience was first class!! My lessons last year and just recently were taken with the tennis pro, Tapi Hayrinen. He is amazing — suggestions are simple but so effective and helpful — all while making it fun. He has made a major difference in my tennis game!!! I can hardly wait until we return in the fall. I can’t think of any weaknesses — Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center in Hilton Head Island, SC, is a perfect tennis vacation destination!!

  • Avatar SO

    We have been to several tennis resorts, but Palmetto Dunes Tennis Resort was the absolute tops! Run by head pro Brian Kiggins, the daily drills are started on time, run at top speed with efficiency and all with humor and the utmost of teaching skill. The daily drills for Advance/Intermediate were the best drills for starting your tennis morning. Repetition was stressed, but it went so quickly and with such fun, the hour and half went so fast. We learned doubles strategy as well as accuracy.
    Scott was the best for overhead, Keith the very best for strategy and Brian for overall tennis…and don’t miss his daily jokes! And take a separate lesson on serving with Tapi. He got me so mad, but when I returned to my club, my serve was completely different and amazingly improved! Tapi has his own style, but he does produce “magic” improvements. Thanks to all at Palmetto Dunes for the great tennis.

  • Avatar EA

    I can’t think of anything negative about this resort. The office staff is friendly and on top of things, the amenities are top-notch. The entire teaching staff is excellent. “Tapi” is the best instructor I’ve had and I hope to get back to Palmetto Dunes for more great tennis lessons from him. My game has improved a level already. One “Tapi” lesson on serves and you’ll be acing your opponents!

  • Avatar CL

    I am a strong 4.5 player and took four private lessons: two with Scott Clements and two with Glenn Sheaffer. Scott has great hands and exposed some of my technical flaws with his slices, bumps, and bloops. Glenn enthusiastically worked with me on further modernizing my groundstrokes, and I am excited about my future path. Brian, Tapi, and the tennis shop staff are very friendly. Two restaurants, the beach, a golf course, and convenience store are within easy walking distance. The tennis shop has a lot of inventory; for even more choices Players World Of Sports is located a mile down the road.

  • Avatar DM

    The instruction was up to date. I learned some new techniques that enabled me to have more power on the ball. Tapi Hayrinen was the pro who I did lessons with. It was a good experience.

  • Avatar MM

    Every year we do a family vacation and always come back to Palmetto Dunes because of the tennis but specifically because of the pro Tapi. I call ahead and get a couple of lessons and he is by far the best pro I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He gives you some very basic things and know the right balance of giving you enough but not to much. Super smart, nice, and REALLY good at what he does….his remembers me every year (unbelievable given the amount of people he sees every year) and makes it such an overall nice experience. You can tell he really cares. He is your guy if you want a lesson.

  • Avatar DA

    Just came back from my third year of a five-day private tennis program for four friends with Head Pro Brian. He is an excellent tennis instructor and great guy, too. The pro shop staff is also terrific, all so welcoming and accomodating to our needs.

  • Avatar MK

    Great setting, well groomed courts, friendly staff and very strong Pros. Consistent, well organized and instructive clinics. Very good for privates as well. Staff very helpful in finding games. All around terrific venue.

  • Avatar TP

    We stayed at a house within Palmetto Dunes and had private lessons with instructor Tapi Hayrinen. He was an amazing instructor with excellent attention to detail. If any of our friends visit Palmetto Dunes we would absolutely recommend him as instructor for adults and children. He is affable and fun to work with.

  • Avatar JR

    I decided to put a group of friends together, for a little ‘guys get-a-way’ for tennis….both to just have fun but also to tune-up for Spring USTA seasons. I had stayed at Palmetto Dunes in the past with family, taken daily clinics/lessons, from Tapi Hayrinen and this time did something different. Since four of us went down together, we had automatic matches set for weekend. We booked a condo through Palmetto Dunes Rental Properties, and had a place right by tennis center. Each morning we spent a little more than an hour with Tapi for some competitive instruction and drills, then went into our first of two mathes for the day. We were very happy with Tapi and his style/professionalism.
    Originally, I had heard of Tapi from a teaching Pro in our area of North Carolina and his expertise. I refer Tapi to my tennis friends who are looking for insightful and technical instruction, and suggest their staying at Palmetto Dunes…since it’s convenient to Tapi’s venue of teaching. My friends and I would certainly return again next year about this time, to take in some great scenery, tennis instruction and some great times.

  • Avatar TS

    Great personnel with gracious service. Ther is a tremendous variety of tennis venues and they bend over backwards together your participation

  • Avatar BJ

    Fabulous resort. Tapi Hayrinen was best tennis instructor I’ve ever had. It was worth the trip to Palmetto just for his instruction!

  • Avatar ML

    Tapi Hayrinen is the best teacher that I ever had. Teaches modern tennis techniques and makes the game fun! I would reccommend him to anyone from beginner to advanced.

  • Avatar DS

    We stumbled upon the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center many years ago when we were vacationing nearby over the Easter break. We were impressed by the programs and instruction available – clinics, individual lessons, round robins. Brian, Keith, Mike, Tapi do an exceptional job. We now go to Hilton Head annually during the Easter break, and look forward to our time at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. It never ceases to amaze me that the pros and pro shop staff recognize us after a year of being away. The outdoor facilities are kept in very good shape, even allowing play shortly after a rain. I would recommend the tennis center & its staff to anyone who loves to play tennis at any level.

  • Avatar SG

    Tapi Hayrinen is an exceptional teaching pro fpr young and old. the only weakness the club has is no indoor courts if it rains

  • Avatar TS

    I took a couple of lessons with coach Scott Lumpkin. I was so impressed that I had my son join me for the second one. He is an EXCELLENT teacher. I would regard him as – where old school meets new school. His experience and methods embraced and incorported the modern tennis game and resulted in a delightful teaching style. I wish I had more days there and I hope to get some lessons from him some time in the future (me and my son and daughter)

  • Avatar FS

    Consistently outstanding. Excellent facilities, highly professional staff. Great for experienced tennis player and beginners.

  • Avatar PS

    We go to Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center every year and take clinics from Tapi Hayrinen. He is a great instruction and makes the clinics fun!

  • Avatar JL

    Great tennis experience for all levels of play.

  • Avatar AB

    I am a 65 year old who had not played tennis in well over 12 years. Decided to try to return to the game and took lessons from 3 instructors. ALL very good, however, Tapi is OUTSTANDING!! He had me hitting better than I ever hit in my entire life! Took a golf lesson from Doug Weaver, and again, OUTSTANDING! I would write weaknesses, however, there were none.

  • Avatar CH

    Just got back from 5 days at Palmetto Dunes. This is my 4th trip with the same group of women. This is easily one vacation I look forward to every year. The pros are always excellent. Brian is such a GREAT instructor and very fun. Tapi really simplifies tennis and has taught me so much — he is also hilarious. We had Robin, a new pro to our group this year — she was really great, offering great advice and being a fun presence on the court. The pro shop staff (Mary and Jackie) are always very welcoming and really organize a great visit. We drilled 3 hours every morning and then had the afternoons to play more tennis or relax on the beach or at the pool.
    My semi-private lesson was with Tapi — he changed my volley and now I don’t dread coming to the net and its no longer a weakness, but a strength. I always hate leaving the island and look forward to the next visit. I have recommended Palmetto Dunes to many friends. It’s really quite a jewel on a gorgeous island.

  • Avatar GW

    I’ve been to this resort for the past 8 years with several friends. We keep going back because we receive valuable tennis instruction and have a GREAT time getting it. The staff at the tennis center is outstanding, the grounds are beautiful, and the accommodations are clean and spacious. Brian Kiggans goes above and beyond to make our time at Palmetto Dunes memorable and a great value.

  • Avatar MK

    Strengths: great clay courts, great place to buy racquets, clothes etc., beautiful location (Hilton Head). Excellent instructors with plenty of drills available. Weaknesses: They have 1 round robin daily which mixes to many skill levels together, they should have round robins based on skill level. They don’t do anything about helping you setup a match other than putting your name in a book.

  • Avatar MT

    My family returned to Palmetto Dunes after a fantastic vacation in 2011. This year’s vacation did not disappoint!!! As a USPTR and USPTA tennis pro myself, I’m quite particular in what I want in a tennis program. Palmetto Dunes took care of all of our needs. My 14 year old daughter took a lesson everyday with Tapi Hayrinen. Her improvement was dramatic! Modern tennis at it’s best. I learned as much watching him teach as she did in the lesson. We will definitely be back.

  • Avatar MN

    Great instructors, especially Tapi. He is extremely knowledgable and very excited to pass on this knowledge.

  • Avatar MM

    Excellent facility, wonderful instructors and instruction!

  • Avatar DP

    great courts. nice area easy to get to. friendly staff at pro shop.

  • Avatar JF

    We love coming to Palmetto Dunes and we spend a good part of our vacations at the PD tennis center. My husband and I did Cardio Tennis and I and my son (12) and daughter (9) had individual lessons. Tapi Hayrinen was our instructor for all of these programs. Tapi is simply a delight. He made the lessons and programs a lot of fun, with simple, memorable instructions that are easy to bring home. Our kids loved his lessons and made significant improvement almost immediately. He gave us great drills and reminders to use with our kids as we continue their learning at home. We’d recommend him to anyone visiting PD!

  • Avatar MJ

    The tennis pros are fantastic. They are very friendly and they work very well with each level. They work hard and you can tell they love what they do. On Mondays they have an exhibition where the pros showcase their talents and it is super fun. I go every Monday night that I can. Very friendly and very knowledgable

  • Avatar FB

    Palmetto Dunes is a great resort for tennis and coaching. The best tennis coach of the team was Tapi Hayrinen. Tapi help me add pop to my serve with two private lessons. Thanks Tapi.

  • Avatar BR

    I absolutely love the Palmetto Dunes area of Hilton Head. I stayed in an oceanfront condo within a 2 minute walk to the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. The staff at the tennis center is very friendly. I did 2 sessions of cardio tennis which was great. The instructor could use some work. I could not hear half of what he was saying- he was blasting music to get us moving, and I could not hear his instruction to us. I also did some daily drills with another instructor, who overall was nice, but seemed frustrated with us at times. I would definately recommend Palmetto Dunes to anyone wanting a marvelous vacation.

  • Avatar CB

    Keith and Brian put together fast moving drills for our 3 days of team clinic with them. Each day developed a concept that complemented the day before. A bit expensive, but worth it.

  • Avatar FS

    Really good instruction from Hank Ianuzzi. We visited Palmetto Dunes for 10 days in December 2011 and liked it so much that we came back in January, February and will be back in March 2012. The courts are great and well maintained and the tennis center staff consistently friendly and helpful. My tennis has suffered over the last few years. Under Hank’s constant and patient coaching and encouragement I have rediscovered the enjoyment of the game and improved my capabilities.Both my husband and I have improved our skill and performance under his teaching.

  • Avatar LB

    I had a great 1-on-1 clinic with Tapi on New Years Day. In just 50 minutes he gave me some great pointers for improving my serve, volley and forehand without trying to totally redesign my strokes. Exactly what I was looking for to start off the new year!

  • Avatar GT

    This was my second trip to the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center with a group of friends. We enjoyed our daily clinics. We also had a private lesson with Tapi, who was exceptional. His lesson was fun and informative–helping everyone one of us. He is a very enthusiastic instructor. His modern teaching really made sense to us and helped with our strokes.

  • Avatar DC

    I thought the entire staff was excellent but my favorite was Tapi

  • Avatar RP

    Excellent facillities, variety of clinics for all levels 7 days a week

  • Avatar JD

    My tennis team had a girlfriends’ weekend at Hilton Head recently. We took private lessons two mornings at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis center. The instructors were friendly, helpful and patient with our group. Couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience!

  • Avatar AB

    The # 1 reason to go is to take tennis lessons/clinics/cardio with Tapi Hayrinen! I first met Tapi at the PD Tennis Center almost 3 years ago. He changed my game, built my confidence and increased my confidence in my tennis. I look forward to seeing Tapi whenever I am on HHI. He is a wonderful and very effective PRO/teacher/coach – the best!

  • Avatar RH

    Great adult and children clinics. Close to beach. Tapi is a fantastic pro for both kids and adults. Ask for him. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar AH

    Tapi Hayrinen is an AMAZING tennis pro. I noticed my game improving in just two private lessons with him. He’s enthusiastic, passionate, patient, kind — he’s awesome!!!

  • Avatar TS

    Strengths definitely lie in the pros there. They differentiate their lessons in order to apply to all levels of tennis. Brian Kiggans, the head pro, oversees that this is done in order to provide a fun and challenging tennis curriculum for all visitors.

  • Avatar SA

    Had been to Palmette Dunes many times before with the family for July 4th holidays; this time went with five tennis buddies for serious tennis workout. We did drills in the morning; then had a group instruction with Tapi; and then played doubles and singles in the afternoon. Tapi’s modern instruction was great; he is knowledgable and fun; each person learned something different and was able to apply quickly (volleys, serving, returning kick serves, etc.). The clay courts are easy on the body and the lodging was fantastic. It was the first of many future “annual” trips.

  • Avatar GD

    I love taking tennis lessons with Tapi Hayrinen at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. I have been able to go from never holding a racquet in my hand to playing at a skilled level. I have gained so much from his method of teaching, that my children are now taking lessons with him as well. We will be sure to come back for more great tennis.

  • Avatar ES

    Excellent instruction from Pros Keith and Tapi.

  • Avatar DR

    My overall experience @ Palmetto Dunes was excellent. From accomications,to beaches,to staff,and especially the tennis staff! Many of the teaching pros were top notch.Scott Lumpkin was my final teaching pro,he went above and beyond the call! This is my first time to Hilton Head and I definately want to return in the near future!

  • Avatar JL

    This was my third year going to the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center, on vacation. The Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center, in my opinion, should definately be ranked number one on The tennis facility is absolutely beautiful. The tennis instructors are both extremey friendly and skilled.
    My two favorite instructors there at Palmetto Dunes are Brian Kiggans and Tapi Hayrinen. Brian is the head pro there and he is honestly the best tennis coach I’ve ever had. He offers world class coaching. He is also an extremely friendly guy. Tapi is also one of the best tennis pros I’ve ever had. He teaches modern tennis (not oldschooled tennis like most pros teach). Tapi will get your tennis to look like the pros on television. I would certainly recommend going to Palmetto Dunes. It is my favorite place to go on vacation and take world-class tennis lessons with world-class pros.

  • Avatar BL

    We have Tapi Hayrinen teach our daughters every time we go to Palmetto Dunes. We would not use anyone else and recommend him to all of our friends.

  • Avatar JL

    We have been bringing our children to HHI for many years and the highlight of the trip each summer is the time they spend at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. Under the instruction of Tapi Hayrinen, my children really enjoy his Cardio Tennis sessions. He runs them like crazy for 60 minutes and they get a calorie count and body mass index at the end of the class, with the guide of a heart rate monitor. They love this instant feedback and Tapi makes it fun mixing in tennis instruction with a good cardio workout. My husband and I also enjoy the cardio tennis and appreciate Tapi’s approach to “modern” tennis strokes. Our children look forward to returning each year.
    In addition to Tapi’s class, they enjoy the Jr. Tennis Camp and the Jr. Grand Slam which is taught by Scottie. Overall the instruction and “fun” aspect for the children is fabulous.

  • Avatar MS

    Strength – very knowledgeable and personable teaching pros – Tapi Hayrinen in particular. Really understood how to teach my two 12 year olds. The cardio class was excellent.

  • Avatar JH

    Convenient to where I stayed so I could walk to tennis or the beach. The heat during the summer with the humidity can be extreme.

  • Avatar JM

    Palmetto Dunes is great. My wife and I both play recreational and competitive tennis and founds the courts great. While there I decided to take a couple lessons with one of the pros; ‘Tapi’was excellent, he watched me hit for about 5 minutes and immediately started correcting my forehand, backhand and serve. All was corrected with a few slight adjustments. After hitting with him for 1 1/2 hours I could get 20-30 balls across the net when in the past I was doing good to get 6-8… I then did a cardio tennnis sesson that was fast pace, motivating and fun…
    As far as the rest of the resort goes, it was laid back, we rode bikes to everything and as a bonus saw a wonderful fireworks display on the 4th of July. Based on the tennis alone, we plan to go back perhaps as soon as Labor Day.

  • Avatar LA

    Our son took lessons with Tapi Hayrinen at PD for a week and it transformed his game! So much so that we are going back in a couple weeks for another week with Tapi.

  • Avatar AB

    I thoroughly enjoyed my week playing tennis at Palmetto Dunes in Hilton Head, SC. The staff and pros were extremely personable and welcoming as well as giving solid, professional clinics and lessons. I took private lessons with Tapi Hayrinen and in only two lessons, he taught me valuable skills to augment my game. I am a more confident player at the net and Tapi taught me a wicked kick serve and modern tennis strategy. I can’t wait to go back next year!

  • Avatar BW

    I would strongly recommend Palmetto Dunes as a great tennis vacation.

  • Avatar SL

    I found a great instructor at Palmetto Dunes – Tapi Hayrinen. I was part of a women’s weekend last weekend and we didn’t know much about the resort other than it has a good reputation. After deciding that the regularly scheduled drills were not for us, we asked the desk about a private lesson for the three of us. Tapi was fantastic! He listened to us, gave us great feedback and made a real difference in game. I would highly recommend him and we plan to book him for lessons every time we return.

  • Avatar CE

    The instruction is supurb and the staff is very friendly and great to work with.

  • Avatar JL

    Tennis instruction is excellent at all levels. I had private lessons and attended the Doubles Clinics as I have done for the past 6 years and am always impressed at how much I learn and improve year to year.

  • Avatar CB

    Spectacular facilities and pros. Courts are well groomed, and the pro shop is one of the best. I’ve attended intensive clinics that past two years and my game always has a strong uptick based on the strong coaching.

  • Avatar EC

    The tennis instruction was some of the best I have received. The drills, the explanations, the presentation fromt the pro, all were extremely beneficial to me and my game. The facilities were excellent, the staff was welcoming and were very helpful. This is my favorite tennis resort, hands down. I do not have any weakeness to discuss. Outstanding tennis experience, the villas were convenient and had everything we needed, the extracurricular activities were great…plenty to do. I can’t wait to return.

  • Avatar MH

    Great experience — highly recommended.

  • Avatar AK

    I visited Palmetto Dunes with 8 members of my tennis team for the second year. Brian Kiggans, Head Pro, is an excellent teacher and coach. He kept the drills moving fast, fun and gave us a great opportunity to learn new things. I can’t say enough about him. Also, we rented villas onsite which were beautiful and so easy to get to and from the courts. We will be back for Year 3!!!

  • Avatar HF

    Strenghts are Facilities, Staff, Location, Clinics. Weaknesses are increasing prices year on year.

  • Avatar DB

    If you want terrific tennis in a spectacular setting, Palmetto Dunes is the place for you. From the moment you walk in the pro shop the staff seems to have the single minded goal of making your tennis experience a fun and exciting one. Brian Kiggins and the other pros are friendly, knowledgeable, an dpersonable. You will enjoy your clincs or lessons no matter who you draw as a teaching pro. Great round robins every afternoon so that you can try out what you learned in the clinics.
    All this in a resort that has a gorgeous beach, restaurants on site, canoeing and all the water sports you might want. They have an extensive bike path network that allows you to bike everywhere, even across the highway to the boutiques at Shelter Cove.
    Oh Yeah, there’s three golf courses too.

  • Avatar TF

    Strengths – Friendly staff, many options to keep busy (clinics, lessons, round robins, tournaments), and very well maintained courts. Many different clinics to focus on different areas and skill levels. Love playing in tournaments held there! Weaknesses – none

  • Avatar TK

    easy to find, easy to park. great pro, Tapi.

  • Avatar SG

    There is no friendlier place than the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. The Pros are all so personable and knowledgeable. I have been coming to Hilton Head for many years, and always look forward to returning to the tennis center for lessons. The front desk staff are personable, and always remember your name.
    I actually used the tennis center as an example in one of my school presentations, on the perfect way to run a business and the importance of solid team work. Everyone is happy, but work hard and are professional. Nobody sluffs off, or drinks coffee or on their cell phones.
    Each and every clinic is top notch and instructive with a true intent on improving your tennis game. This facility is A+ in all areas. It is also nice to see a place where staff stay and the same people are there year after year – a sign of a happy work environment.

  • Avatar SM

    Best resort for great enthusiastic tennis. The instruction is very clear and the pro’s are experienced and have see all levels of play. They are very encouraging. I would definitely go back to tune up my game. Robin Fulton was very helpful in giving me tips on positioning.

  • Avatar TA

    Our team visited Palmetto Dunes to help us reach the next level. We are a 3.0 team, but we want to be competitive and keep moving up. The lessons and drills were lively and fun, while teaching us the techniques strategies we need. The pros were very friendly and encouraging, while keeping us working the whole time. They were very knowledgeable about the game of tennis, but also shared great restaurants and views around the island. We mostly worked with Brian and Keith, but all the pros we dealt with were great. I would recommend this Tennis Center to anyone.

  • Avatar JR

    We have been visiting Palmetto Dunes for a number of years now and two years ago we decided to buy a property here. My two boys thoroughly enjoy the tennis camps here and always improve immensely. They have also taken advantage of some private lessons. The coaches really make the game fun for them whilst concentrating on improving their skills. My husband and I have also taken lessons with a number of the pros and found them all to be very friendly and extremely helpful at improving our strokes. The exhibition matches staged on a Monday night are always a popular choice too. The tennis facilities are second to none.

  • Avatar HP

    Tennis instruction is excellent. Time is taken to explain the “why”. Strategy is taught and discussed in detail and the tennis pros are extremely personable and easy to work with.

  • Avatar MS

    Great professional staff and staff at the desk. Level of play is excellent and there are endless clinics to improve my game as well as just to play.

  • Avatar KM

    I am five days on the road, and do cardio programs everywhere I go. Tapi’s cardio tennis was by far the best experience I have had in the sport. He’s an excellent instructor and the program was well worth it! I will never forget Tapi’s motto: “Baby bird, see the sound, and exhale”! I would recommend his cardio tennis to anyone looking for an upbeat, fatburning, fun hour of tennis.

  • Avatar KV

    Great drills and round robins. Every time I do the morning drills i come away with a new bit of knowledge that improves my game. Round robins are a great way to meet fellow tennis players.

  • Avatar TH

    High quality resort with a great staff.

  • Avatar DW

    Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center is the best I have ever visited. The facility is spectacular, the pros are the great, and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They offer many clinics for all skill levels. The pro shop is well stocked and reasonably priced. My wife and I have traveled extensively and visited many tennis resorts. PD is the best.

  • Avatar HM

    I took lessons from Robin, great instructor. She is very energetic and teaches with so much passion. She is well rounded and has so much knowledge about the game. She takes time to know all her clients and takes pride in doing a great job. You can tell she likes to play the game, but really loves to teach.

  • Avatar KL

    Took an advanced group of 4.5-5.0 players to Palmetto Dunes for the first time. Very good overall experience. They were able to work with us to create a custom program of 90 minutes of head pro-led drills followed by 90 minutes of doubles on our own for three days. Good mix of instruction and competitive drills within the drill session.
    Weaknesses – For our doubles play, several times we were assigned to a back court (Court 13?) that was, by far, in the worst shape of all the courts and had to asked to be moved. Great environment, enjoyable and we will be back, probably in 2013.

  • Avatar GA

    Friendliness, low key, non-hassling instruction.

  • Avatar PR

    The Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center is a superb facility with some of the best advanced drill clinics I have even taken. The tennis center is located in the Palmetto Dunes subdivision, so accomodations can vary, from private villas to the oceanfront Marriot or Hilton hotels. We stayed at the Marriot, which is a perfect beachfront location, but only slightly above average as hotels are concerned. I would rate the tennis center as one of the best out there, while the hotels in close proximity are nice, but nothing special.  

  • Avatar JS

    Rely heavily on ball machines which kept class moving but limited opportunity for individual instruction. Class size for some drills was quite large.  

  • Avatar TR

    Always a great trip!

  • Avatar KM

    I attended the Grand Slam clinic three times during my visit. It was challenging, but still fun. The pros, Keith & Brian, provided useful feedback on technique and game strategy. I will definitely come back again!

  • Avatar NT

    My wife and I recently had a fantastic weekend of tennis at Palmetto Dunes. Our pro Scott Lumpkin is probably the best instructor we’ve ever had. He immediately identified a few problem areas with my game, and I was playing better tennis right away. Scott has a clear way of explaining how to improve my footwork and follow-through which has eluded my pros back home. We’ll definitely be back for more of Scott’s excellent coaching.

  • Avatar DF

    My husband and I has a wonderful experience at Palmetto Dunes. The staff was very accommodating in tailoring a combination of clinics and private lessons given we were only there for a few days. Our pro Scott Lumpkin was one of the best instructors we’ve ever had – our game has greatly improved. He really understood how to correct our strokes and was extremely patient and pleasant. We’ll be back in the fall for more tennis!

  • Avatar DR

    I visited the Palmetto Dunes Resort for a conference. I was giving 3 lectures so I decided to get in a couple of hours of tennis lessons. The courts were immaculate. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. But most of all, the tennis pro Scott Lumpkin was amazing. I only had 2 days but he spent 1 hour each day working with me on all aspects of my tennis game. His knowledge and passion for tennis was evident.
    I have been playing for about 30 years (mostly weekends since high school) and he gave me some great pointers and advice on all facets of my game. I am looking forward to coming back to improve my tennis game with Mr. Scott Lumpkin. The resort should be proud of him.

  • Avatar WV

    I had never played on clay before and it took a while to adjust, but now I love clay! The pros we had were Brian and Scott and they gave us great instruction in all areas and I can already tell the difference in the times I have played since returning home. I loved their tips on understanding stategy and movement on the court for doubles, and their explanations about planning shots for high percentage of success. We also had a semi-private with Robin who was wonderful and gave great advice. It was a terrific week and I look forward to returning.

  • Avatar CH

    Tennis staff was very good. Schedules were set up well. Everyone polite and welcoming.

  • Avatar JK

    Palmetto Dunes is the gold standard of tennis instruction! The instructors are exceptional, special kudos to Brian and Keith. All the activities not only developed my skills, but also helped my point play understanding and abilities. I would recommend this tennis program to any lover of the game.

  • Avatar MO

    I just returned from visiting the Palmetto Dunes tennis resort. What a great time. The clinics are addictive. You get the perfect blend of instruction, drilling, and competition at the end of the clinic. I am a huge fan and would recommend Palmetto Dunes to anyone that wants good tennis to be a part of their vacation.

  • Avatar RG

    I have visited Palmetto Dunes several times vacationing with family and friends. I have never seen any other resort with the number of tennis programs available to guests. All of the pros were great and many have been at the resort for several years. I feel like I am at home at Palmetto Dunes!

  • Avatar RB

    Strengths: Brian and the boys put on excellent clinics to suit all levels. The advanced drills were at a high pace – just what the doctor ordered. Loved the ball machines because they simulate a live ball better than balls fed from an instructor.
    Accommodations were excellent. Having the Tennis Channel and high speed Wifi were added bonuses.
    Weaknesses: clinics with a greater than ratio of 4:1 ratio were too slow.
    Where’s the recycling program? Everything goes into the garbage – very disappointing when beauty is all around you!

  • Avatar CB

    My family just returned from a wonderful tennis vacation to Palmetto Dunes. We really enjoyed all of the tennis activities. There was something for all ages and was the highlight of the trip for my son. The resort offered far more than tennis. we played golf, played on the beach, rode bikes and kayaked the local lagoon system. What a great family getaway! We will be back!

  • Avatar DM

    Excellent instruction with drills that really work on both the fundamentals of the game, tailored to your specific needs, as well as fitness.

  • Avatar CC

    Palmetto Dunes is easy to get to and the staff is fantastic. The tennis center is well run with very good teaching professionals for all levels. Hilton Head has a great deal to offer, whether you have kids or not. It’s not a super budget vacation spot so be aware of that but there are plenty of way to cut costs.

  • Avatar MB

    2010 is the third year in a row we have been to Palmetto Dunes. This year, our group of eight from Atlanta stayed at a very nice home in Palmett Dunes, played tennis for three days, and even managed to sneak in a round of golf. Our pros, Brian and Scotty always give us a great workout and great tennis pointers. The best souvenier I’m bring home from Hilton Head this year is a much improved overhead. Thank you, Palmetto Dunes!

  • Avatar TM

    Went with Exploritas for 6 days/ 5 nights. The tennis instruction was excellent, Scott Lumpkin and Mike Uchno. Lots of instruction and afternoon doubles. Highly recommend the instructors and tennis center for fun, enlightening tennis located in lovely Hilton Head, South Carolina.

  • Avatar DL

    Instructors Mike Uchno and Scott Lumpkin are exceptionally good. They are perceptive, enthusiastic and adept at assessing needs and combining drills with instruction . And they are pleasant and fun to spend the week with. I would recommend them highly for your tennis instruction.

  • Avatar CA

    We just had an unbelievable weekend of fantastic tennis instruction. We’d played a match on the previous Thursday and could have used all of the great techniques they taught us!! Fun, smart, positive, effective – everything you could want in a tennis instructor. Keith, Brian and Hank were fantastic! I’ll be coming back soon!

  • Avatar JB

    I did 2 one hour lessons while vacationing in Hilton Head. The instruction I received was far superior to anything I have received at other clubs and in my hometown. The lessons were fairly intense so you felt like you got a great workout while improving your strokes. I definitely would have done 2 more lessons or participated in some of their many daily clinics but the weather did not permit it. I definitely will be returning!

  • Avatar KD

    Love Pametto Dunes Tennis Center so much that I have been coming to Hilton Head Island for six years and every year I look forward to seeing the tennis pros at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. The pros do a great job at making your vacation a success both on and off the court. Would highly recommend this resort.

  • Avatar JK

    Excellent tennis program. The instruction and the facilities are top-notch. I highly recommend everything.

  • Avatar PW

    the tennis Pro Brian is just wonderful. We have been taking lessons and clinics with him for 4 years. Each year gets better and the first year was fantastic. The tennis staff in the shop are all very nice and knowledgable. And the apparell available is huge. the food is really good and fresh. I would recommend them to everyone.

  • Avatar KH

    I’ve been tennis camps at Bollettieri, Saddlebrook and The Phoenician and this place is my favorite! There is a wonderful white sand beach nearby, and the tall trees and lush surroundings are spectacular. The drills and instruction at Palmetto Dunes is unsurpassed. Plus, the lodging was a brand new 6 bedroom house with a private pool and Jacuzzi. And the price was a fantastic deal! The only weakness is you can’t fly non-stop from Kansas City. But the Hilton Head Airport is small and easy to get in/out. I wish I could go back next week!

  • Avatar EM

    This was about the best tennis trip ever! Great tennis instruction (doubles strategy and refining skills). Loved the pros, Keith and Brian! Good workout every day. Amazing ball machine! Great weather every day! I will be back next year with all my sisters!

  • Avatar CD

    This was my first experience at Palmetto Dunes and it was outstanding. I fully intend to return. The teaching pros were among the best I have encountered at a resort; they were fun but gave us a workout and good instruction in the clinic setting. The courts were in excellent condition and the pro shop full of great merchandise. What a terrific tennis resort!

  • Avatar MD

    I was there for 3 days and had an outstanding experience. The facilities were great and the staff even better. We had three days of personalized clinics for our group and we all came away with new strategies that we are excited to employ. We were well taken care of and made to feel like special guests. I look forward to returning in the future and will recommend Palmetto Dunes to all all my friends.

  • Avatar SW

    This was an amazing tennis vacation! Everything was top notch…lodging, facilities, staff, instructors, food, etc. I am planning on returning!

  • Avatar VB

    Amazing tennis with an amazing team of tennis professionals. We experienced incredible tennis clinics and enjoyed the hospitality of the entire team at Palmetto Dunes. I am already booking for our next visit back

  • Avatar RF

    My children participated in a clinic. They were quickly broken into groups according to ability. The instructors were excellent. They moved them the entire clinic for a great workout and they were so much fun and energetic. My kids loved this clinic!

  • Avatar RS

    The lessons were great. Some of the best instructions around.

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