Tennis: Europe: 50 Years of European Summers

Travel and compete with a team-centric itinerary for junior tennis players

Summers in Europe are truly a special experience. Not only is the weather pristine, but the professional tours are competing week after week in some of the most unique and unforgettable locations. Whether it be the road to Roland Garros or the grass court swing, or every setting in between, European excursions complete with racquet in tow are some of the TRO team’s most cherished memories.

While the planning and execution can become a game in itself, once you’re settled and soaking in the scenic landscape of some of the world’s most effortlessly beautiful arenas, you’ll pause to recognize that the process was undoubtedly worth it.

In reminiscing on some of our favorite travel memories, we almost wish we had the opportunity to share these trips with friends, family, and coaches from an even younger age — during the years when we were just starting to be captivated by the swings and serves of our ‘idols.’

While we unfortunately can’t reverse the clock, we can pass along the insight that overseas travel is made possible by our friends at Tennis: Europe as they have created a program for youth players ages 13-18 to travel, compete, and experience travel an tennis abroad.

European Summer

Tennis: Europe is a tennis tournament circuit with their goal being match play, coaching expertise and feedback, and world-class travel all within a few weeks over the summer. Their team is focused on truly modeling a team atmosphere, bringing a group of individuals who play an individual sport together into a group setting to have the ultimate shared experience. While tennis camps and clinics will focus on teaching and drilling, Tennis: Europe’s approach is to focus on strategy, tactics, and the mental side of the game — skills that need to be leveraged while competing under pressure during tournament situations.

Led by Founder and Director, Dr. Martin Vinokur, Tennis: Europe is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2024. Throughout his years leading Tennis: Europe with his team of trained coaches and staff, Vinokur has shared his passion with over 5,700 participants, many of which returned for multiple trips or even registered their children as the years passed. Some of his past participants even went on to compete professionally, including the likes of Mel Purcell, Luke Jensen, Audra Cohen, and others. Others went on to take roles within the tennis industry, including organizations like the WTA and ATP.

European Summer

This summer, the itinerary includes a trip taking on Wimbledon during the professional tournament, Prague in early July, Castelldefels and Barcelona, Spain in mid-July, followed by either the Netherlands or Switzerland and ending with an optional leg at the Paris Olympics.

European Summer

If you’re interested in learning more about this summer’s trip or about Tennis: Europe in general, visit this link.

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Jordana has blended her passion for racquet sports with her on-court skills as Tennis Resorts Online's Travel Editor. After competing at the Division 1 collegiate level, Jordana's journey led her to hold marketing positions with organizations such as the USTA, IMG's Miami Open, and IMG Academy. She continues to share her love for the game across TRO's network and on tennis and pickleball courts in the Tampa Bay area.

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